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Edit : results of the shippers contest is out and we didn't make it ,anyway it was great fun preparing for the contest. We #TeamCheesyBriegade thank all fans that has voted for our Cheesy Couple 😘😘. Hi fans of Cheese in the Trap and Cheesy JungSeol couple, we have reached the final round of Soompi Shippers Contest. This is it, the final round of voting, link below and in my bio . You can view the awesome fanvid by @ lorac529 here too. You can vote anytime for 4 times per day or vote 4 times in one sitting from today until 27 April (12am). Cheesy Couple Fighting !! Thank you to all that has voted for them since Round 1 , we need your votes now, one final push, we can do this ! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ#teamcheesycouple #jungseolcouple #cheesycouple #CheeseintheTrap #teamcheesybriegade #ε₯Άι…ͺι™·ι˜± #ParkHaeJin #박해진 #朴桷鎭 #YooJung #KimGoEun #김고은 #ι‡‘ι«˜ζ© #HongSeol Voting link : Please credit me @ahpheng8 when re-posting this c-strip.

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