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;-👑 [NEWS] Kim So Hyun to star in a sageuk movie (historical movie) entitled ‘The Last Princess’ as the younger counterpart of Son Ye Jin • Princess Deokhye depicts the story of the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty, who had to live a misfortunate life as a daughter of Gojong, the Emperor Gwangmu. • Kim So Hyun plays the younger period of Princess Deok-hye who was born the only daughter of many sons to Gojong and sacrificed herself to fight to reclaim the country that was taken from her. • She was the apple of Gojong’s eye until one day when she witnessed her father being killed. She then changes completely to reclaim the country along with the people that she loves. She doesn’t lose hope and survive till the end. • Kim So Hyun is going to express the determination Princess Deok-hye had when she decided she was going to get her country back and keep to the will of her father. (cr: Hancinema 💫) • And yes, the best part of the news, if Kim So Hyun plays as the younger Princess Deokhye, the older Princess Deokhye is going to be portrayed by her look-alike and her role model Son Ye Jin. ❤ Other confirmed casts include Park Hae Il and Yoon Je Moon. The filming will start this November, actually it was supposed to be on October but they postponed it probably because the whole production team was not yet ready and Sohyun was still filming Nightmare Teacher at that time. “The Last Princess” (a.k.a. Princess Deokhye) is scheduled premiere next year 2016. • • 2016 seems to be a great year already for Kmovies. 2 movies of Sohyun will be premiered next year. Wow. Fighting and good luck @wow_kimsohyun unnie! You have my fullest support all the way. Plus I'm so excited to see you wearing hanbok again. hope you’ll have a great movie comeback and I hope you’ll also win movie awards. Fighting! 👸💕 • PS: Typo on the pic. It's "version". 😂 Sorry for that. 😭 - - - - [#KimSoHyun #Sohyun #김소현 #SonYeJin #손예진 #korean #kactress #kmovie #TheLastPrincess #PrincessDeokhye #덕혜 #덕혜옹주 #Sageuk #2016 #likeforlike]

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