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  2. NCT 127 Japan 1st Full Album ‘Awaken’ Jacket Making #TAEYONG
  3. episode 29 to 32 even though I looked at these as fillers after re-reading @bebebisous33review, I just realized the significance of these episodes. My expectations of these as psychological thriller/suspense drama were based on my comparison of these drama to the original J drama and the movie Sleeping With the Enemy. The movie was a 2 hour watch and the J drama a short 10 episodes. And the emphasis of both movie and J drama was the suspense of the chase of the runaway wife from the psycho husband and the eventual triumph of the wife in freeing herself from the psycho husband and the tragic endings of husbands. But in both the movie and the J drama, the story or the beginnings of social conditioning of both husbands were never explored since the force of both movie and J drama was suspense/psycho thriller. However, from the start of this 40 episode drama the abusive family relationships of the "bad guy", KIW has been delved into and therefore KIW is not just that scary man trying to kill the wife but he is given a face of a piteous child abandoned and abused. The writers managed to arouse understanding compassion and pity for the child but not condone the actions of the adult who abuses and imprisons his wife prompted by the childhood conditioning of his mind and knows no other way to behave or act. All through the drama, KIW's story is revisited. As a viewer, I wish that someone will knock him down and take him to therapy at a mental facility, but as the finale draws closer it appears that his ending is looking bleaker. That is why I am hoping that he will be saved by the 3 friends who seem to care about him, the dog, the secretary and the detective other wise he will end tragically or behind bars and for KIW that will be worse than death. to be continued @juli®... I have to see the doc and I will finish review when I come back
  4. I hope that Tiffany will come back before the end for Chan, and that she will have grown and settle the majority of her problems I would be very disappointed otherwise. I can not believe that we can abandon a child so easily after 5 years, writers are really killers
  5. @Lawyerhlol. Sushilicious was never my first choice. FYI Kimchilicious was supposed to be my first lollll. But someone took it. 992
  6. Preview translation Sindy: It seems that no one had known, that you were dating. EG: Even if I immediately reveal everything, I’m going to set things right. Ryan: Director, I want to learn some judo. (so the title that Ryan uses refers to EG as the Director of the judo dojo) EG: What is this with the judo? Ryan: Do you like it? DM: A lot more than Director may know. DM: An adult man, if he does something that he should take responsibility for, then he should take responsibility until the end! No matter how embarrassed and ashamed he may be. Sindy: There is something… (meaning something fishy) I will definitely find it out. SA: She’s not the type to take a picture like that. (referring to DM the fangirl persona) DM: I’m looking at the person whom I love. It seems that DM is becoming aware of Ryan as a man and may have even had some expectations of their closeness? However, Ryan is probably still working under the impression that DM is in a lesbian relationship and may have restrained himself. Anyway, their push-pull is definitely cute, and even cuter how Ryan is trying to "protect" DM, even from himself.
  7. Hello Kang JI Hwan lovelies, @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 & @jinkzzmec friends!! This is from me for you all!! I really hope you will like my edit!! And dear @jinkzzmec chingu, is it possible to include my edit in the 1st post of this thread..??!! I will be so honored to see my love & affection for him there!!!
  8. Def love this version. Don’t know how many times I have watched it. Of course there are some cons but the pros outweigh the cons big time. I ship them so hard. What am I to do now? I don’t think he kissed her forehead either. It looks like he just turnt his head a little but it’s super close to her forehead so it appear like he did. But I could be wrong.
  9. @lu09 & @newyee don’t u find SH & LSH living in NJ house that he could throw them in to a street anytime weird , if I am them I would use the money to get home but magically they find money for store for the money they didn’t have to open store , for a woman that didn’t know anything about clothes , or how to run business - way to go I need to make my mom watch with me , she may spend money on me , rather than ask me to work for it tell me @newyee everyone get used to his new family quickly, the way LSH respect his in-laws u will think he remember them for years so it’s all right for a child 5 minutes ago was scare of men to except to live with two men , end of the day one is crazy can’t remember what happened, one is blind and he can easily floor the woman with his cute eyes so no problem at all right
  10. Yup, you are right, if it won't developed to anything, it's better this way. So for now, I think I am more dismayed about the lack of Yeoji's development, backstory wise. However, her being there in the palace and her giving courage to YN compensates for that. I am just thankful that despite Go Ara's injury, I admire her dedication to be on the set and film because she knows her fans are waiting for her (me included ). All the best for the remaining episodes!
  11. Wow comfirmed? Omo.. we should get our @shjfan23 to create the drama thread heee (ok ok shjfan23 - juz pulling your leg ya - no pressure). Oh i have juz check Soompi news but there r no updates yet? *whisper* ah.. o..kay...u sound like ...my fan hahaa... ops...juz teasing u ..don vomit ya (mmm.. me too.. miss my gifs hahaaa... ) Oh @LifesLikeThat don tell me u didnt take notice coz ..the actor is not hot enough *sigh*
  12. After looking at those videos of them feeding each other, looking at their chemistry, how they joke around, how they enjoy each other's company (basically how they interact with each other on screen and off screen, really) it would be unfortunate if they dont go out for real. They clicked!
  13. @Lawyerh it is the KJH magic I really like your description " already came here by herself"
  14. Source: Soompi On April 18, the 72nd Cannes Film Festival unveiled its lineup of films for their annual event. 19 films have been submitted for the competitive category, with several other films being invited to the festival in categories such as Un Certain Regard, Out of Competition, Midnight Screenings, and Special Screenings. Director Bong Joon Ho’s new film “Parasite” has been submitted in the In Competition category. This is the second time that Bong Joon Ho has been in the competitive category at Cannes, with the first time being for the 2017 Netflix film “Okja.” “Parasite” tells the story of Gi Taek (Song Kang Ho) and his family, who are all unemployed. When his eldest son, Gi Woo (Choi Woo Shik), begins to take private lessons at the house of a man named Park (Lee Sun Gyun), the two families start to interact in unexpected ways.
  15. WXY_JS89 Last comment 36 minutes ago from iPhone 8 Plus  Li Zhongshuo, Li Zhongshuo doll, today, with his daughter-in-law to see Dad~ @ 李钟硕 In Korea, don’t miss it. Oh, there are still limited edition postcards and stickers~ Appearance: Li Yuanyuan https://storgram.com/post/BwZr-JdAt_X
  16. Haha @gm4queen already came here by herself and talk about Lie to Me. I can't help but need to promote a bit lol. It's a habit. And this drama is quite light & easy to watch.
  17. @Lawyerh you are promoting all KJH dramas to all your friends
  18. I brought my mom to meet a boyfriend who is a ghost and he is my ex again. #Tears #readLook at him coming to cheng meng next to my hole. EP. 7: https://tv.line.me/v/6010698Follow him to cheng meng next to my hole. "the end" Thursday, April 25, 2 PM. Directly on line TV.#เชงเม้ง#LINETVoriginals#GMMTV You think about it again and you will know that you died because... #who killed Aries #kill
  19. thank you Lauren. I love reading your post and thank you for posting. i was hope the same that they put it on youtube so we can dl it. I tried to save it on my phone but not sure if it will delete.
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