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  2. Muahhahhahaaaaaaaaa..... Just dropping by for adding some juice on our big oppa's thread!! It's said to be one of his movies!! https://daegorr.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/kmovie-review-차형사-runway-cop/ My dear friend, don't worry about him too much!! He will be back looking hotter than ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybvEpvSQP4w
  3. Since its the same writer, can we have a FP and Chief Kim crossover? I don't know if I can handle Hae Il, Chief Kim, Hwang and bobby on my screennnnnnnn!!! I envision Chief Kim and Hae Il will butt heads often. Det Goo will try to be their peacemaker. If Junho and Kim Sun Ho(dimples) can join it would be awesome. Hahaha
  4. Thanks to the fan-highlight on twitter: Byunghun & Minjung seen at Paradise City Gala Dinner Party (4/20?). Not a clear photo, though. Source: Pyung Yong Park
  5. @sushilicious @triplem if I do Hwang egg , would take me next year to finish it kang & scary face for my cat
  6. Thanks to the fan-highlight on twitter: Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung seen at Paradise City Gala Dinner Party (presumably 4/20?). Not a clear photo, though. Photo: Pyung Yong Park
  7. with quite shocking and devastating news coming out of the kpop industry im somewhat glad that YEH slowed down. I came to realize that maybe she chose to live a life that is of her own choosing and a career that is built on talent and not connections nor power. Just speculations on my end so nothing serious but nonetheless I am happy to see her in whatever way she chooses to share her life and be seem by her fans. That being said..I do miss her a lot in dramas. Hope to see her real soon.
  8. What an ending for ep 6. Another dirty player was revealed.. The school security ex police who probably took the diary and the phone Preview for ep 7 Hoho's parents are talking at night and Soo Ho is eavesdropping on them. The mother said they have to be strong and happy so that their children will happy too. Every action that they did while Seon Ho is still in com will be talked by others. The security told JS's mother that he has wiped all her traces from CCTV. Shr asked if he has a copy of the real one In another scene it was seen he gave it to JS's.father (?) KC since being shunned by his other friends started to speak freely about what happened between them and Seon Ho. Soo Ho starts her own investigation and become suspicious about the ghost (the outcast girl). And Hoho's mother meets with the said girl..
  9. Yes! I'm from Singapore What about you? By the way, I really love reading everyone's analysis and comments! I analyze a lot in my head too haha but it's all a mess to pen down in words. I love this version the most for most of the reasons shared by those who like this version too. My first was the 1994 version (LOLLLL) and second was 2003. I like Ady An but I could not watch the 2009 version (I tried).
  10. @triplem lol I can give it to you +2 @ktcjdrama did you managed to do it?
  11. Helloo , remember banana here . Can’t read or write Chinese despite looking like one . Funny story - Soompi had this quiz Long time ago about how good your Korean & Mandarin was for drama lovers. I totally flunked the latter. My Korean was better i need to find the pic of the egg DP! I’m loving new acquisition. I will have a date with him shortly , if I don’t fall asleep 692
  12. Do you remember this IG story video ? that a fan of SHS put a caption as '절묘하다' which means 'exquisite'. Just a coincidence. ** Note - I didn't want to compare or make any expectation because if you watch just the opening dance scene in 'Black Swan' and see how Natalie Portman danced and see her arms, shoulder and back muscles, you will realize what you can expect or shouldn't expect (and shouldn't compare) between SHS vs Natalie Portman or professional dancer. But somehow, I still hope to see some surprise from SHS (I mean on the dancing part, because I know on acting part she will never disappoint us).
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