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  2. Actually I feel she regained her sight far too early in the show. I was expecting at least 2 more episodes of her being blind. I almost forgot about that scene. I also hope it is going to be shown in a flashback though I cannot imagine how. This drama is beyond my imagination because I can't predict how it's going to be
  3. Can't get enough of them really.. I am re-watching the TYH for the nth time.. Today I just realized in the 4th episode that even OYS/OJS's doctor is also named Kwon.. It's so funny how she chose Atty. Kwon over Dr. Kwon.. HAHAHA XD To think of it, LDW has portrayed being a doctor for several dramas and OYS/OJS still chose to go with Atty. Kwon over her personal health having insomia. Maybe she was thinking she doesn't want the character of LDW as a doctor because he was paired with many actresses already and she chose the Atty Kwon portrayal of LDW because she knew he has never been dated anyone in that character portrayal.. HAHAHAH XD
  4. "Am Saja" "I'm Lion" KJW so gonna update with all his Instagram ending with lion at the back!!
  5. I think if I have time and idea, I will keep writing about ABF. hehe... So, here are my 9oo's thoughts for Eps 3 & 4. 1. Diana Finally we could see Diana...the Owner of our Y9....n she's so creepy . There is always a reason why make someone behave like that. But based on 07's words..."Diana is a good person"...So, I'm looking forward when our Y9 is on her hands n how Y9 could change her. 2. Stalker OMG...We have a mystery to be solved from this drama...hahha...So Wang Joon really has his Stalker. It's so scary when the "gift" is from scratch Da-da's face into a word in blood. I'm worry that something could happen to Da-da... So far we only knew that Yeo Woong is the only one who knows about WJ n DD's relationship. So Who is the Stalker? n was it really a reason why WJ made a 'joke' about they should break up? 3. Morning Call LMAO...These scenes.. ...What a lovely to get a morning call like that. LOL From the 1st Morning Call, we get a peaceful Y9....its like he absorb the energy from the sunshine. Haha....n the shocked Da-da is understandable...hahaha.. The 2nd Morning Call. Sometimes a repetition scene could be not as funny as the 1st one coz we know what will happen but this time it's even more funny. ....Our Y9 is only in with an apron. .....n we got certainty about it coz Da-da said he was completely nude... n its hilarious even though Da-da has told her about the reason...he still keep saying 'You shouldn't be ashamed of your taste, I will respect it."...LOL.... I'm looking forward for the 3rd one. ....Probably it won't be a funny one but instead the romantic one....n Da-da is no longer afraid about it. Hahaha.... 4. Who is he? So far Da-da has stated 2 versions of who is Y9. Both had the reason behind of it n both didn't answer the question. Coz both didn't come from her heart. Just from her mind. So, I hope when she get that kind of question again, she will give her answer from her heart. 5. Fluttering Heart It's interesting to see Da-da's reaction (her shoulder's movement ) everytime Y9 is so close to her. Hahaha...N the way Y9 describe about her body reactions...lol.. So, we'll see whether could see it again or not. Hehe..n from those 3 scenes...the last one was the scene that I could felt his "feeling"....The one that he didn't say anything but we could see from his expression. 6. A++ I like that Da-da gave him that A++ sticker instead just A....Love to see Y9's expression. It's so Human....Being acknowledged feel really good. N the sticker is precious for our Y9. So, whether the sticker will has important part in the future? 7. Shutdown Ouch...Is this a vision about the ending? Shut down without a word before or he will say goodbye? But I don't wanna think about the ending yet. I like that after he awake from his 1st malfunctions, the thing that he did was grab her hand. When touch is more powerful than word. It's the same when he stop her to tell her about his situation. 8. Get Out/ Leave 3 times when Da-da ask him to get out...He always say Okay with smiles on his face. But on the next 3...not a word from him. Just from his gaze we know how he feel. The 1st one....When Da-da angry n saying bad words to him. I like that he didn't take it to his "heart" n just listen. N even though Da-da ask him to get out. He still stay at the location. Because his main purpose is to protect her from the rain. The 2nd one ...When Da-da ask him to leave...I like that he leave without a word but from his expression we know that he understand n give her time to talk with WJ. The 3rd one is My FAV...n once again without a word n made me want to cry. She only said "I'm Sorry n pulled her hand. N he understand it n tho I think he's sad but he could gave her a subtle smile with his lips n his eyes n then walk away n seriously its very sad. 9. The Turquoise Umbrella Umbrella scene usually has important part in Kdrama n I still remember that I wrote about the meaning of Jin Goo's Yellow Umbrella scene in I Miss You. N now I love that I could meet this scenes again. N this time is Turquoise n the meaning of this colour in Y9 n Da-da relationship. For the 1st scene...I think the meaning is more for Y9. It's increase his charm ...He came for Her n together walking under 1 umbrella. For the 2nd scene, this time it was Da-da who came for him n gave him the umbrella for him to use. But it has no meaning yet coz both were not under 1 umbrella. N when finally Da-da lost her yellow umbrella n then they were under 1 umbrella...there you go. Now it has a meaning. It's Advance the relationship between two people. For Da-da herself...It would make her mind honest and help to face herself correctly. Tho I think she doesn't understand it yet. What kind of feeling is that. So from "Shut Down" then in split second change it into "Don't shut it down"... So far until 4th eps...I love this drama n so looking forward for the next things that we will get from it. N the LOVE' s lesson from these eps is.... "When You Give Someone Your Heart, It's Only Natural For You To Keep Looking For That Person. That is....LOVE"
  6. Yeah, i was leaning on like maybe..Just maybe, he is Kousuke brother. Just maybe. I hope though. Because it's a logical explanation as to why Wire Shun did not kill Kousuke
  7. I also thought the same. How BJS know so much about Kousuke whereas information about KW was not revealed much. I'm thinking maybe his father or brother is still alive. But the guy who is the killer they have not shown his face right?
  8. 2019.05.25 #Mamonde China Weibo #마몽드 #梦妆 #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ
  9. May 26, 2019 Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” Becomes 1st Korean Film Ever To Win Palme D’Or At Cannes Film Festival Source: Soompi by E. Cha Director Bong Joon Ho’s new movie “Parasite” has just made Korean film history! On May 25 local time, “Parasite” won the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, making it the first Korean film ever to snag the historic film festival’s top prize. According to Cannes jury president Alejandro Inarritu, the nine-person jury’s decision to award “Parasite” the Palme d’Or was “unanimous.” The film, which marks Bong Joon Ho’s second film ever to be featured In Competition at Cannes (his first was the critically-acclaimed 2017 film “Okja”), tells the story of Gi Taek (played by Song Kang Ho) and his family, who are all unemployed. When his eldest son Gi Woo (played by Choi Woo Shik) begins tutoring the daughter of a wealthy man named Park (played by Lee Sun Gyun) and his wife (Jo Yeo Jeong), the two families start to interact in unexpected ways. While accepting the award, Bong Joon Ho remarked, “The film ‘Parasite’ was a surprising risk. The reason that I was able to make this movie was the artists that worked together with me.” He added, “Above all else, I would not have been able to film a single scene without these great actors. Thank you to the actors.” Jury president Alejandro Inarritu later commented, “Cinema must try to raise the global social conscience. We shared the mystery of the unexpected way this film took us through different genres, speaking in a funny, humorous, and tender way of no judgment of something so relevant and urgent and so global.” Congratulations to the film’s cast and crew! Source (1) (2) (3) Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews
  10. Sharing this fan-made clip combining their recent magazine video shoots (separate ones). They really should do another drama together, a modern theme one. U can switch off the on-screen comments by toggling the blue round button just under the video window. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av53521515
  11. Hi @meechuttso and thank you for translation of nail salon IG (too difficult for me ) Seeing the photo that she walked on stage reminds me of this one Sometimes I have a feeling that the height that she told everyone (171.8) is shorter than her real height because she always did stooping. But in this ALML drama, she looks so tall. About the comments, I also found (with delighted) that the rating of this drama in Mydramalist is so high and almost 100% comments praised her acting (and also the drama which I haven't seen much of this all-positive comments from this website) All twitter, facebook, IG are the same, praised her acting that she nailed it just only 4 episodes started. I love this comments from Dramabeans, allow me to quote here "Shin Hye Sun stole my heart in the second half with that gorgeous dress and headpiece she had on as she performed for herself in that little corner of the concert hall. " "It was a special treat to see her dressed so beautifully. She is a very beautiful woman but in her previous roles she has usually been dressed in a way that hides it. I thank the designers and director for not making that mistake this time" I think it's quite true for the non-fan that always comment negatively on her appearance in other drama. Because she always played the role of poor girl, so it's not possible to see her in elegant dress like and beautiful makeup in ALML (except only one time for LOTBS that she wear expensive dresses but she is antagonist then the dresses and the makeup gave more richard simmons feeling). I read a lots of non-fan comments that they just realized she's so beautiful in this drama (which I read and smile to myself thinkging 'ah..you just knew that things that we knew for long times' ). I want to post this photo again This Yeon-Seo character is epitome of all her works and her actings. As I mentioned earlier that this is the combination of all her past roles. She is elegant, artistic, strong and bad*ss and ready to fight , but heartbreaking and pure inside. Have a nice SUNday everyone !! If the weather is nice, why don't go out sitting in the park ?, probably you might find angel of yours
  12. seems like all the seats were occupied.. other visitors, Bora, PSJ, Gummy and maybe YSJ.. since he's the MC, he is seated at the corner table. If you would look at the other pictures, all the seats are occupied by other guests. pretty sure PMY would attend if she could but given her schedule, and HPL finale almost here.. she's really busy.. Maybe they would have another reunion dinner to celebrate?
  13. Ok So the show is done, all the loose ends got tied up pretty neatly. Da Hee's case remains the only thing that stood out badly. First, it doesn't make sense for Oh Jin Pyo's character to do something like that. He's all about staying out of unnecessary trouble, and if he really were such a person, then he would have committed other such vile acts before. But the locker of evidence only had this one thing which showed him to be a sexual predator. All his other acts of villainity were related to the school, which is basically all he cares about. I think the writers just wanted to show how parents deal with the possibility that their child might be a rapist, and it was very beautifully portrayed. But I feel that it would have made a lot more sense, if the other three involved in the bullying had somehow scared Da Hee(not actually assaulted her) for making fissures in the friendship between Joon Seok and Seon Ho. They just wanted to finish it up quickly and neatly, by making Oh Jin Pyo out to be the evil incarnate. I'm not saying that he isn't evil, because yes he is(he murdered a living, breathing person). But he's also someone who makes completely business oriented decisions. It doesn't make sense for him to forget all that upon seeing Da Hee. Another thing I didn't like was how Eun Joo gets off scot free. Joon Seok was a kid, he made a mistake. But Eun Joo,...she made an informed, calculated decision in not calling for an ambulance, and instead staging the scene to make it appear like a suicide. She is directly responsible for Seon Ho staying in a coma. It's a drama, so he woke up. But in reality, it is very likely that he would have stayed in the coma forever. She might live in guilt for the rest of her life, and lost all her former standing in society. But she doesn't really get punished, nor does she actually repent. Aside from all that, and being the eternal romantic that I am, I have a feeling that if these characters were real, then there is a very strong possibility for Joon Seok and Soo Ha to end up together, (after they've adults). He needs a no nonsense person like Soo Ha. (I loved the way she'd kneed him) If this were a story, that is. And I think that would be lovely and complicated. Anyone up for writing a fanfic?
  14. Just a random fleeting thought... What if the drama ends not with a wedding but a double art exhibit for Ryan and Deok Mi? And Deok Mi earning herself her own fans? That would be nice.
  15. 886. @sushilicious Haha ya im going to watch with my lunch lol... Surprisingly I still have appetite
  16. Yes, you mean like almost 100% of the comments here http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/angels-last-mission-love-episodes-1-2/ thanks to @immorethant for pointing that one out. Changing topic a bit, look at the noticeable improvement in her physique, too. thru ballet and training. Look at the definition on her back and shoulders! One of the things mentioned in the radio hour that wasn't translated is how she always walked with her shoulders sloped forward to look a bit shorter from self consciousness about her height, then thru ballet she started walking like a dancer (as well she should) and that is clearly what we and everyone notice! But I guess she's not spending as much time doing now (possible plot clue?) and she started stooping again, she noticed. But she said she'll continue doing pilate although not sure about ballet itself becoz it's so darn hard.
  17. Apologies for the anxiety and confusion caused. Just ignore whatever I wrote . I myself not in a sound mind.
  18. @Lawyerh once you reached EP 5 you tell me. Hahahaha. Would love to see your take on this episode 884
  19. Warning: discussion of suicide. Goo Hara was rescued after an alleged suicide attempt. On May 26, YTN reported that Goo Hara attempted suicide in a room on the second floor of her house in Cheongdam neighborhood, Seoul. On the previous night, she posted an image with the word “Goodbye” on her Instagram, leading her manager to […] The post Goo Hara Reported To Be Safe After Alleged Suicide Attempt appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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