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  2. Totally. Hi5! I guess your reply is meant for @thistle hehe. I haven't watch episode 1 properly with subs yet but I'm already hooked and eager to find out how Dan and Yeonseo will grow close . I'm not sure if I'm being bias though Yes!!!! Together again
  3. Oops it started earlier tonight. RG is crying and his mother is seated on the floor outside SA's place, crying. He calls DM and DM asks him if he is alright. She asks him where he is but he says something and ends the call. SA's mum is sitting in the park and SA joins the mother, with coffee in hand. He is there to comfort her, and puts his arms around her. No words are exchanged. DM finds RG in the art gallery. She scolds him for not telling her (?) anything and she hits him in anger. He hugs her and she forgives him. She asks him to go home but he says he can't sleep. He tells her that the person he has been curious about his whole life....(transmission lost). He expresses how he feels to her about his mother. She consoles him and tells him to sleep, and that he will feel better after resting. [She caresses his hair lovingly as he lies down on the sofa, resting his head on her lap.]
  4. Ryan is sitting alone and sobbing in his room after confessing to his mom OMG MY HEART IS BREAKING TOO T_T Lee Seol is outside the room door, crying. SiAn is there and sees everything. Deokmi is contemplating whether to call Ryan or not, but decides against it. Convinced that he'll call her if she's ready. He does call, "R u ok?" Ryan tells her it went well and why did she not sleep... He suddenly pauses and Deokmi senses something wrong. He goes back to the art gallery, it seems. Staring at the painting. Lee Seol is outside, crying. SiAn brings her a cup of coffee. This kid is so sweet ^3^ He says nothing but hugs his mom anyway. Both mother and son take it the hard way. Deokmi comes over to Ryan...hitting him hard for suddenly hanging up, "I WAS SO WORRIED!!!!!" He chuckles, she scolds him for laughing when his face is crying. He is laying down on Deokmi's lap...refusing to go home cuz he feels weird knowing that his mum living downstairs, after wondering who's him in all these years. He then asks how does she know he's here. She jokes that she installed GPS in his body lol. Then he tells her about his foster parents, who are very kind and treat him well. DM advises him to sleep, "It'll be OK once you wake up." She gently strokes his head.
  5. The father goes to the surgery. The police interrogates SH, OH and NJ. it seems Namjun will confess that SH had nothing to do with what happened
  6. Least favorite I don't have character of like that.. I like soo jung it was one hell of a different character.. I liked her in every shades.. My favorite would be Empress ki n Hang Ah!! @drakelaw I really hope she has a life partner to accompany her for her lifetime but I would still like to give her space to decide it!! Anyways we all want her to be happy!! I m looking forward to chocolate!
  7. Dude had an other memory relapse, that's why he saved them. Otherwise, he won't give a Sh-it. Unfortunately, I also have no sympathy for him. You cracked me up with your crooked brain theory lol. Even a metal won't change him at this rate.
  8. I feel so bad for SH. And NJ... I'm starting to have some sympathy for him too? I still hate Esther.
  9. I agree but PSJ is called Bulldozer Boyfriend in Korea. The one they call as Nation's Boyfriend is BoGum.
  10. Or maybe because due to Catch Yooryung (they had script reading, right?) he had no time to do his interview? T.T I'm just assuming thay they're planning to give him one that includes both of his dramas, a week after their Waikiki wrap-up party is so short for him. Interview, shooting etc.
  11. We need a bed scene , a bathroom scene , a shirtless scene so he can brag that he good with everything with out any guilt
  12. Does that mean we’ll see a lot of laughter on the show? It’s nice that he’s taking a break from all the dark/intense genre. I mean he played 3 dark characters in a row and can still laugh and smile off set. He’s definitely a great actor. I’m still trying to move on from Kill It so I’m really looking forward to this drama.
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