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  2. The next morning. Hyojin is going to work by bus, Secretary Kim and her mom are tailing her...hmmmm... Her mom doesn't believe what she sees lol. The employees found DM and Ryan fell asleep on the couch and yell at them LOLOLOL Hyojin scolds them for 'tainting' the holy museum...they awkwardly excuse themselves =)))) SeonJoo is busy at her cafe. Joohyuk tells Seungmin about what she did to him as his 'fan'. He suspects that SJ likes him as a man =-= SJ finds them out, she's upset and tells him that he likes Joohyuk;s music. He surprises them by giving a name card of a producer he knows so that they can introduce Joohyuk. He continues apologizing, "I like you when you smile." SJ tells him she doesn't forgive him, but giving him another chance. He's so happy and hugs her from behind. Ryan is back at work (without changing his clothes LOL). Sian calls him to meet. He agrees...they meet outside the gallery. SiAn smiles at him, confessing that he's always been curious about him and wanting to get close to him, "After all, my guts were right, hyung?" He still calls Sian formally. Sian cuts him off, offering their mom's phone number so they can talk about it all over again. Deokmi is at work, beaming at an email (I couldnt see it). From her phone convo in English, she has found more Lee Seol's paintings and offered to pay extra so they can sell it to them privately. She stares at the painting's pics, seems to think about something... Then she goes to see Ryan to tell him about the painting. She seems to find a hidden picture inside the painting and tells Ryan about it. Seems like the bubbles filled with toys and things children like...things that Yoon Jae liked. She then tells him to go meet his mom, "She must have been waiting for you."
  3. I’ve just finished watching Eng Sub of Ep 1-2. With no sub I cried at the scene almost the end. But when I understood more from watching with sub, I cried since the first bridge jumping scene. Five min left, got to go before the bell rings 12 times.
  4. I am glad the bff and husband made up! Marriage is challenging, but only the brave fight and move on! Thanks to our life recap chingus
  5. Yesssss, in my family my brothers sound similar to my dad's likewise my sister sounds like my mum and i used to get so confused on who's at home and talking lol. It takes time for your brain to discover and rewire the slight differences Creds: Twitter I have a feeling that the first sentence is foreshadowing the future angst fest. but huehue her presence is paradise to him <3
  6. Right there is some dissension in naver news too. I've found finally the webtoon. It's in korean https://m.novel.naver.com/webnovel/list.nhn?novelId=494453 It's also the first time for me too. I don't know if the pleas will work but we should never underestimate the power of angry fans,especially korean yoopies. His korean fans were able to dissolve his previous official fanclub, Talk To U, in the span of 5/6 days. Sometimes casting news get leaked and koreans get really angry, the casting team then takes into consideration the feedback and changes actors. If the deal is sealed, nothing can be done. If YSH is really into talks, there is some hope left and in any case it will look badly on him to have ignored his fans pleas if he accepts it. I don't know whether it's BS guiding him to choose this romcom or if he really wants to film another romcom.
  7. San Ha gets released because PSH submitted evidence. He has become smarter to prepare for this lol. Gun took the wrong container and thinks it belongs to his grandfather lol. Said he will return it after the surgery. HY and NJ got arrested and it seems like from the preview, they get released again. The gangster chairman wants something from AR and she ends up at the Park's household. Whoever said Granny will open the door to anybody, was indeed correct lol. The gangster chairman makes himself at home at the Park's and the grandpa is back to his usual trait mark which was "What did you say?". It's funny how granny is throwing salt on him in the preview lol. That entire house needs salt therapy. @chococarmela I feel sorry for the main OTP because they had to suffer because of these morons. Unfortunately, I have no sympathy for NJ because if it wasn't for the metal in his head acting up now, he would have still continued his evil deeds. @newyee made a good point in her previous post and like her, if I was in San Ha and PSH shoes, I won't be able to forgive him.
  8. Director Eom is in her car and coincidentally (or not?) the daughter is in a bus, they travel on the road side by side, in different vehicles. Next scene, the staff are standing at the gallery looking at them sleeping on the sofa, they are speechless. But it takes Sindy to break the silence. SJ is working at the cafe and there are many people today. She catches the husband talking to her staff. I think he is trying to get brownie points with the wife. Ah, I think he is here to pass a business card to the staff, someone who can 'feature' the staff in the music industry. The wife asks why he bothers and I think he replies that it's because she is the staff's fan and he wants to help. She tells him that doesn't mean she forgives him, but it looks like she does as he hugs his wife and she doesn't seem to mind that much. SA calls the 'hyung', to meet up outside the art gallery. I think he is telling the hyung how comfortable he feels about him, eversince they first met, and that they even have the same tastes in art. He then calls him 'hyung' in a way that sounds as if he knows that they are half-brothers. DM is speaking in English to someone (transmission lost). After that, the staff are excited at some really good news. DM goes to talk to RG. She shows him the Lee Sol paintings, printed on an A4 paper. Ah, it turns out that in some of the bubbles, there are items depicted within. I suppose those are the things that he played with as a child? RG calls the mother - she is in a park, looking forlornly at some children playing. He asks her to meet up at his place and offers the mother coffee or tea. She says she prefers tea and thanks him for telling her (?). She says she misses him, even if it means that she is shameless about it. He says he remembers the mother painting (?) and asks why she let go of his hand, i.e. abandoned him. She said she didn't abandon him.
  9. [Magazine] 2019.05.23 A Peek of High Cut I am liking what I see already...
  10. Totally. Hi5! I guess your reply is meant for @thistle hehe. I haven't watch episode 1 properly with subs yet but I'm already hooked and eager to find out how Dan and Yeonseo will grow close . I'm not sure if I'm being bias though Yes!!!! Together again
  11. Oops it started earlier tonight. RG is crying and his mother is seated on the floor outside SA's place, crying. He calls DM and DM asks him if he is alright. She asks him where he is but he says something and ends the call. SA's mum is sitting in the park and SA joins the mother, with coffee in hand. He is there to comfort her, and puts his arms around her. No words are exchanged. DM finds RG in the art gallery. She scolds him for not telling her (?) anything and she hits him in anger. He hugs her and she forgives him. She asks him to go home but he says he can't sleep. He tells her that the person he has been curious about his whole life....(transmission lost). He expresses how he feels to her about his mother. She consoles him and tells him to sleep, and that he will feel better after resting. [She caresses his hair lovingly as he lies down on the sofa, resting his head on her lap.]
  12. Ryan is sitting alone and sobbing in his room after confessing to his mom OMG MY HEART IS BREAKING TOO T_T Lee Seol is outside the room door, crying. SiAn is there and sees everything. Deokmi is contemplating whether to call Ryan or not, but decides against it. Convinced that he'll call her if she's ready. He does call, "R u ok?" Ryan tells her it went well and why did she not sleep... He suddenly pauses and Deokmi senses something wrong. He goes back to the art gallery, it seems. Staring at the painting. Lee Seol is outside, crying. SiAn brings her a cup of coffee. This kid is so sweet ^3^ He says nothing but hugs his mom anyway. Both mother and son take it the hard way. Deokmi comes over to Ryan...hitting him hard for suddenly hanging up, "I WAS SO WORRIED!!!!!" He chuckles, she scolds him for laughing when his face is crying. He is laying down on Deokmi's lap...refusing to go home cuz he feels weird knowing that his mum living downstairs, after wondering who's him in all these years. He then asks how does she know he's here. She jokes that she installed GPS in his body lol. Then he tells her about his foster parents, who are very kind and treat him well. DM advises him to sleep, "It'll be OK once you wake up." She gently strokes his head.
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