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  • TeriC

    LMH said his never date openly.  But even before then with just 2 sightings, knowing that actor/actress often work for hours on 1 script.  The first thing I thought is TROUBLE is forming.  Because of being in the public eyes, there is bound to be a scandal.  So I figured this is it.  I mean, here they are filming obviously she likes him, so I thought that like every women who are in love sort a speak is going to do what ever she can to get her man.  It didn't take long before the rumor surfaced.  I (ME) thought, here we go.  Questions was forming in head, will he admit he made a mistake, how did she frame him, what will GHS do.  When watching Take us home Captain, there was a scene play with GHS, adassi and GSW, I didn't understand it cause why LMH's name mention in a form of child's play.  LMH at this point was filming Heirs, I didn't understand the connection especially cause there was music video with what was play in Heirs. GHS was sitting on the floor and LMH was laying on the bed.  I was so sad for both of them.  Then there was that little comment LMH said, I rather be kissing you then missing you.  Boy was I totally CONFUSED.  I started to do some research.  Sometimes I would make a comment but then took it off.  Times when I wanted to ask LMH myself, how could this happen, because I read it some where during my research that this was going to happen.  I just waited it out to see what happens next, BUT while waiting know a little bit of PMY motive. I (me) started to dislike PMY.  When ever she would say we were in love or dating, I'd post LOL, times where I wanted to curse her out.  A FAN who idols a person, you all must understand one thing, the people we idolize, the last thing we want is for that person to be hurt in any form.  I will forever fight or back her up!!! <3 <3 <3

    August 31
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    June 2
  • cari007
    helloo umm sis
    I was looking for the bts of CITY HUNTER, looking the part where lee min ho had a double and I found it .. 0:48 is really like GOO HYE SUN Noona 
    waaaa maybe I'm crazy, but it looks goo hye sun awwww
    January 26