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Kim jong un, His idolization campaign is getting severe

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Ever since power has been passed down to Kim Jong-Un, a leader lacking both experience and knowledge, many are concerned about the future of North Korea and its regime. North Korea has been putting the young Kim in the front-lines to bring stability to its regime, but power struggles between military big shot, Li Young Ho, Kim Jong-Un's uncle, Jang Sung Taek, and Aunt Kim Kyung Hee, may happen at anytime.

It is also notable that in order to conceal Kim Jong-Un's incompetent leadership, North Korea are working to shift the focus to the idolization of Kim Jong-Il, and Kim Jong-Un. The Kim Jong-Un's idolization efforts emphasize the leadership bloodlilne from Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il. Propaganda of Kim Jong-Un's legendary acts and mythical birth is repeatedly used for idolization.

Recently public institutions like the State Security Department and the People's Security Department are ordering the placement of Kim Jong-Un's portrait on all buildings, and some institutions are already producing 'Kim Jong-Un Badges' to idolize their leader. However, due to the fact that some are expressing complaints on the idolization of their inexperienced leader, Kim Jong-Un, considerable amount of resistance is expected against the idolization. The people and military authories of North Korea, and the international society will no longer tolerate the hereditary power successions and the idolization of 3 generation and 60 year worth of dictatorship.

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