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Is there some who could help me with....

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I'm an Insulin dependent since I was 12 years old. 

I'm writing this request as a member of a small organization called, DiaCare.

It's members are mostly children with Type 1 Diabetes or Insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus. 

And we are desperately looking for sponsors for these children who couldn't afford to buy their medicines. 

As many children who already died because they can't afford the cost of living on having this kind of illness.

Please.... please if you could also help us with medical assistance,

it would be greatly appreciated.

Or if you knew someone who could, please email me:


DIACARE: A Brief History

    The Diacare Association of the Philippines, Inc. (DIACARE) was formed in August 1990. Its first name was the Diabetic Care and Assistance Foundation of the Philippines, Inc., also called “DIACARE” for short. The Idea to put up DIACARE actually started with a proposal to put up a southern chapter for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of the Philippines (JDF-P-). Several members of the JDF-P who lived in the southern part of Metro Manila (Parañaque/Muntinlupa) as well as the nearby southern provinces (Cavite/Laguna) thought this would encourage more diabetics in the area to sign up. Unfortunately, things did not work out with the JDF-P and the group decided to put an entirely new foundation. Thus, DIACARE was inaugurated on August 19, 1990, with then Secretary of Health Dr. Alfredo Bengson as the guest of honor. One of the charter members of the foundation was Mrs. Angeli Pangilinan Valenciano, wife of the well-known Type 1 diabetic singer/actor Gary Valenciano.


    The Principal objectives of DIACARE are:

a.)    To offer cheap or free supplies to its members who are mainly children with Type 1 diabetes and

b.)    To give them and their families continuous education and professional consultation about their condition.

In order to achieve the first objective, DIACARE engages in various of fun raising efforts like raffles, movie premiers, concerts, etc. The proceeds of those fund-raisers would then go to the purchase of insulin and other supplies to be made available to the members at a much lower price. It also tries to solicit help for various pharmaceutical companies and international organizations. An example of the latter was an Australian donor organization headed by Mr. Ron Raab, who regularly sent insulin, syringes, and other diabetes supplies until 1997. More recently, a Japanese group also been sending regular donations of insulins and syringes.

    Meanwhile, DIACARE addresses its second objective by holding regular meetings for its members. During these meetings, speakers are usually invited to talk about various aspects of Diabetes Mellitus. In addition, the foundation occasionally arranges for various doctors to give free check-ups to the members. The more common ones would be eye and dental check-ups to the members during every meeting.

    In May 1996, DIACARE joined forces with the Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation (PCDF), Inc. To organize a summer camp for children with diabetes. The camp is called Camp C.O.P.E. which is an acronym for Children Overcoming Problems Everywhere. Its purpose is to bring together children with Type 1 diabetes in order to show them that there are others with the same condition and that they can still be involved in so many different activities. At the same time, the camp’s medical staff educated the kids about diabetes.

    In August 2000, the foundation underwent a change in name to Diacare Association of the Philippines, Inc. but retained its main and objectives.







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