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Makeup in Horrible Lighting

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Dim, yellow lighting >___< Also, makeup for clubbing
Help~ Does anyone have any tips for makeup that'll look good in HORRIBLE lighting? Most of the soompiers here seem to major in the "flawless, daytime" look, but in yellow lighting, it just looks so..blah. <_< I look like everyone else. I'm going to attend an event indoors, and I can describe the lighting as....YELLOW...very...dark yellow, and dim. Actually, the lights are like, "dim yellow", "faint white", "dim yellow", "faint white" = the lights alternate across the room. EVERYONE LOOKS JAUNDICED. :crazy:


Seriously. My skin looks like that in the lighting, everyone's skin looks like that, but imagine that in dim lighting. Is there anything I can do to look..better in the lighting? :phew:

Also, what kind of foundation looks flawless in pictures at night? Like, I know a lot of girls who go clubbing, and when they take pictures in flash photography, their faces look so....flawless. And it's not even ghastly white. Their skin looks like porcelain. If anything, please do include a setting powder. =) Clubs can get...sweaty. :crazy:

However, I did google up something and I got this:

Lighting plays a very important part in stage makeup effects. In theatre, coloured filters are placed in front of incandescent lights to produce a range of differenct colour tints and shades. These colour filters will absorb all the colours in the spectrum except their own. E.g., a blue filter will allow only blue light to pass through on to the stage. Below is a rough guide on how makeup colours change under various coloured lighting.


- Red makeup fades, Orange becomes lighter, yellow becomes white, green, becomes much darker, blue becomes dark grey, violet goes black


- Red makeup remains red, orange fades slightly, yellow fades & disappears, green becomes dark grey, blue becomes dark grey, violet becomes nearly black


- Red makeup becomes much darker, orange darkens, yellow darkens, green becomes very pale green, blue turns dark green, violet becomes nearly black


- Red makeup darkens, orange becomes much darker, yellow turns light mauve, green lightens, blue turns pale blue, violet turns light mauve


- Red makeup becomes pale red, orange lightens, yellow turns pink, green becomes pale blue, blue darkens, violet becomes very pale

So you can see very clearly the strong affect coloured lighting will have on makeup colours. If you are planning an event requiring coloured lighting filters keep these tips in mind when selecting your makeup colours. E.g. What may look attractive on a dancer or performer, can markedly change on the stage to a not-so attractive makeup and changed colours can bring unwanted shading, almost ghoul-like.

If anyone's curious as to why the lighting is like this, it's an evening event inside a convention hall. :mellow:

Please don't suggest changing the lighting. It came with the room. :w00t:. They're attached to the walls..and the lighting has been agreed on already.. :wacko: Please help me fellow soompiers! T___T

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Woah woah, big post XD That means you're pretty excited about this event :P

To start, it's a good thing you did your research since that's pretty much a summary of the (lighting) color wheel!

My advices

- Foundation: Definitely no spf in it. You said how many girls look like they have porcelain skin without looking ghastly. That's either because they are naturally pale, or use a lighter shade of foundation. DEFINITELY don't use foundation with sunscreen. It's called a sunSCREEN for a reason; it reflects light madly. Shimmery foundation isn't a bad thing actually, as long as it's shimmer and not glitters. The dewy look foundation looks pretty in person and in daytime, but not at night when you have big chances of taking pictures with flash. Go for a matte foundation or make sure you set properly your face with loose powder. Personally, loose powder seems to keep the face matte longer than powder foundation. But that's just for me.

I suppose those blue or purple face primer can help "neutralize" the yellowness of your skin, but never tried it, so I don't know if it's worth the investment. Beside, if they are silicone based, you might grease up pretty fast.

*You seem to really insist on picture perfect skin. Exfoliating a day or two and using a moisturizing mask before the D day is probably a very good idea ;)

Eye makeup

As for as I'm concerned, the lighting probably will be yellow... or orange. So a smokey eye, despite how beautiful it looks in normal lighting, is gonna appear mostly dark gray or black. You probably won't do a smokey look with red, so I suggest you don't apply shadows with a heavy hand; just define your crease with a medium-dark shade to add more definition, but it should be enough. Beside, why use tons of colors if blue, purple and green become gray? -_- Therefore, keep it simple, but it's probably a good idea to have your eyeliner a big thicker. Adding a touch of bright eyeliner or eyeshadow in the inner corner is never a bad idea.

*If you didn't get enough sleep, it's probably a good idea to put tear drops in your eyes in they are red. Those tear drops are not good for everyday use, but once in a while should not be a problem.

*Don't forget the eyebrow. Lol, please define them :P


Red shows up well, so why not! If red is too bold, hot pink or simply a shade of pink will do. Because of the lighting, there probably won't be a lot of color varieties on your face, so adding a pop of pink/red can be pretty. Peachy and coral tones are pretty, but they probably will be washed out.

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^ I'm sorry for the long post LOL :sweatingbullets: . I was just trying to save anyone from googling yellow lights and makeup. Just in case someone posts it, and hopefully, someone will learn from it too :D . .

Would MAC studiofix be good? :D It's the only liquid foundation I have atm. :( Thanks! I forgot about that! ^_^ I heard purple bases make your face..paler...or something. I forgot really. All I know is it makes yellow skin look better. I'm not sure if I'm yellow toned, but I am asian, NC20, the NC20 studiofix on my face...I look...pinky..My face looks like it has pink undertones, but NC20 perfectly matches my chest, arms and legs. O_o.. I forgot who said it, but apparently, even if your face is pinkish, check the chest to see if it matches the undertone.

Well, TBH, my skin isn't problematic, I really can't tell the difference when I put on foundation...even with a brush. @___@ . . the only reason why I do, is because I look even toned in pics if I have foundation. My skin looks.."pretty" actually, but I get jealous of the ones with average skin, and wearing foundation, and their skin looks better than mine fury.gif haha I end up having ...shadows..or like, forehead is darker, cheeks are lighter..and they skin tone in pics :angry:

Thanks for the eyemakeup tips. I think I'll go shade my double eyelid with a dark shade, and create a winged eyeliner :D And pair it with lipstick.

Thanks soiia! ^_^

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