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Sitcoms/Variety Shows/Reality Shows

100 Points Out of 100 (Variety)

A Bit of Love / Remaining Love / Pure Love (Sitcom)

Brain King Einstein (Variety) 

Can Love Be Refilled? (Sitcom 2005)

Choi Hong Man - Strong Friends (Variety) 

Conduct Zero (Variety)

Deep Talk With Park Jung Hoon Show (Talk Show 2008)

Delicious Quiz (Variety)

Gag Concert (Variety) 

Gag Star (Variety)

Global Talk Show (Variety)

Happy Birthday (Variety)

Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 (Variety) 

Happy Together (Variety: Kim Jae Dong & Yoo Jae Suk)

Happy Together Friends (Variety: Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori)

Happy Together Season Three (Variety) 

Happy Sunday - 1 Night, 2 Days (Variety)

Happy Sunday - 1 Night, 2 Days Season 2 (Variety)

Happy Sunday - 1 Night, 2 Days Season 3 (Variety)

Happy Sunday - The Qualities of a Man 

Hello Baby (Variety)

Hello Baby Season 2 (Variety)

Heroine (Variety thread closed)

Heroine (Variety Happy Sunday)

Hi Five (Variety)

Human Condition Season 2

Idol League (Variety)

Immortal Musical Classics On Happy Sunday (Variety)

Invincible Saturday (Variety)

Invincible Youth (Variety) 

Invincible Youth Season 2 (Variety)

Invisible Man

Kko Kko Tour (Variety)

Kko Kko Tour Single (Variety)

Love In Asia (Talk Show About Marriage) 

Nal Ah Ra Shoot - Dori (Variety)

National Heroes / On Your Command, Sir! (Variety)

Night Star (Variety)

Old Miss Diary (Sitcom 2005)

Our Neighborhood Variety Sports (Variety)

Rose War (Variety: old game show) 

Sang Sang Plus (Variety)

Sang Sang Plus Season 2 (Variety)

Saturday Freedom - Immortal Song 2 (Variety)

Saturday Freedom - Secret (Variety)

Schoolympic (Variety)

Show Power Video (Variety)

Shut Up Family (Sitcom)

Song Battle (Variety)

Sponge (Variety)

Star Golden Bell (Variety)

Superman is Back (Variety)

Sweet Night (Variety: Previously known as Champagne) 

The Clinic For Married Couples: Love And War 

The Golden Ladder / Road Show! Quiz Expedition (Variety)

The Unstoppable Marriage (Sitcom 2007) 

TV Exploration, Great Friends (Sitcom 2007)

Win Win (Variety)

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Sitcoms/Variety/Reality Shows

1danUPgo (Variety)
8 vs 1 (Variety)
Barefoot Friends
Beating Hearts / Heart Is Beating
Challenge 1000 Songs (Variety) 

Change (Variety)
Diamond Girls (Variety)
Explorers Of The Human Body (Variety)
Family Outing (Variety)
Family Outing Season 2 
Goguma (Variety)
Gold Miss Is Coming Or Here Comes Gold Miss (Variety)
Good Daddy (Variety)
Good Sunday
Good Sunday - Heroes (Variety)
Good Sunday - Running Man (Variety) 
HaHa Mong Show (Variety)
Haja Go! (Variety Replacing XMAN)
Heyheyhey Season 2! (Variety)
Home Sweet Outing (Variety)
I Need A Fairy (Sitcom)
Incarnation / Strong Heart 2
Inki Gayo (Music)
Intimate Note (Variety)
Itta Upda! (Variety)
Jiwhaza (Variety)
Jung Jae Hyung and Lee Hyori’s You and I
K-Pop Star (Variety)
K-Pop Star Season 4 (Reality)
Law of the City
Line Up! (Variety)
Love Choice aka Selection Couple (Variety)
Loveletter (Variety)
Loveletter (Variety thread closed) 
Kim Byung Man's Law Of The Jungle
Kim Suh Bang Express (Variety) 
Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry (Reality 2011)
Miracle Audition
Miraculous Victory And Defeat (Good Sunday Variety) 
Need for Speed 300 (Variety) 
New* X-man (Variety)
Night After Night (Variety)
Noraebang (Choi Soo Jong Variety Show)
Oh! Brothers (Variety)
Old Days TV (Variety Replacing Haja GO!) 
Oot Chat Sa (Variety) Roommates (Variety)
Sixth Sense Quiz (Variety)
Shin Dong-yup And Shin Bong-sun's Champagne
Shin Dong Yup's Sarang Ee Wee Tahk Moh (Variety)
Star Couple Show 'Honey' (Variety)
Star Junior Show (Variety)
Star King (Variety)
Strong Heart (Variety) 
Super Junior Full House (Variety)
Superstar Survival With Jyp (Variety)
Super Viking (Variety)
Truth Game (Variety)
Welcome To The Show (Sitcom 2011)
X-man (Variety)
Ya Shim Man Man Season 2
Yashimmanman (Variety)
Yashimmanman (Variety) (Closed)

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Sitcoms/Variety/Reality Shows

3 Guys 3 Girls (Sitcom 1996)
All My Love (Sitcom 2010)
APink Showtime (Variety)
Bouquet / Flower (Variety)
Chun Sa Deul Ae Hab Chang - Segment On Sunday Sunday Night (Variety)
Come To Play (Variety)
Cover Dance Festival! KPOP Roadshow 40120Dad! Where Are You Going 1? (Variety)Dad! Where Are You Going 2? (Variety)
Dancing With The Star (Reality 2011)
Echo House (Variety - Hunters 2)
Elephant (Sitcom 2008)
EXO's Showtime (Variety Show)
Exploration of Genders (Variety)
For the First Time (Variety)
Four Sons and One Daughter (Reality Show 2013)
Geomsaekdaewang - Sunday Sunday Night Segment (Variety)
God Of Cookery Expedition (Variety)
God Yookailgi / God's Babysit Diaries (Variety)
Goldfish (Variety)
Happy Shares Company (Variety)
Happy Time (Variety)
Hello, Franceska (Sitcom 2005)
High Kick 3 (Sitcom 2011)
Highkick Through The Roof (Sitcom 2009)
Horror Movie Factory (Variety)
Hot Brothers (Variety)
Hunters (Variety)
I Need Family Season 4 (Variety)
Infinity Challenge
Infinity Girls Season 2 (Variety)
Introducing A Star's Friend (Variety)
Jin Ho Yah, I Love You (Variety)
Jipijigi Aka Gipizigi (Variety)
Kimchi Cheese Smile (Sitcom 2007)
King Saturday (Variety)
Learn Word (Variety)
Lee Kyung Kyu’s Hidden Camera (Variety)
Love Chaser/Pursuer (Variety)
Midnight Idols / Children of the Night (Variety)
Mom Is Not Around (Sitcom 2012)More Charming By the Day / Cutie Pie (Sitcom 2010)
Music and Lyrics (Music / Variety)
Nonstop 4 (Sitcom 2003)
Nonstop 5 (Sitcom 2004)
Nonstop 6 - Rainbow Romance (Sitcom 2005)
Oppa Band (Variety)
Pkl's Wonderful Outing (Variety)
Quiz That Changes The World (Variety)
Real Man Season 2 (Reality)
Real Man Female Soldier Special (Variety)
Real School (Sitcom 2011)
Show Survival (Variety)
Sleeping Over / Lets Us Stay Tonight (Variety)
Soulmate (Sitcom 2006)
Splash (Variety)
SS501 Hyungjun Becomes a Pro Gamer (Variety 2010)
Stand By (Sitcom 2012)
Sunday Night - Enjoy Today (Variety)
Sunday Sunday Night - New Recruit (Variety)
Super Duper Saturday (Variety)
Survival I Am A Singer (Variety)
Thank You For Waking Me Up (Variety)
That Person Is Coming (Sitcom 2008)
The Actress' Butler (Variety)
The Birth of a Great Star (Varirty Singing Contest)
The Night the Memories Shine Bright (Variety)
The Secret Of Coocoo Island (Sitcom 2008)
The Unstoppable High Kick (Sitcom 2006)
We Are Dating (Variety)
We Got Married (Variety)We Got Married Global (Variety)What The Heck Is A Mom? (Sitcom 2012)
Wonderful Outing 2 with So Nyuh Shi Dae (Variety)

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Blue Tower Series (Sitcom tvN)

Cheongdamdong 111 (Reality tvN)

First Day of Work (tvN Variety)

Grandpas Over Flowers (tvN Variety)

New Journey to the West (tvN Variety)

Noonas Over Flowers (tvN Variety)

Potato Star 2013QR3 (Sitcom)

Problematic Men (tvN Variety)

The Genius Season 2 (Reality tvN)

The Romantic (Variety tvN)

Three Idiots / Three Fools (Variety)

Three Meals In A Day (tvN Variety)

Three Meals A Day - Fishing Village (tvN Variety)

Tvngels (tvN Variety)

TvnMad (tvN Variety)

Winner TV (Reality)

Youth Over Flowers (Variety)

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Other Stations 
Sitcoms/Variety/Reality Shows

20th Century Handsome Boys (Variety QTV)

Beat The Game In One Sitting (Ongamenet Variety)

Deduction Game: Crime Scene (Variety jTBC)

Get It Beauty (OnStyle Variety)

Homey Korea (ArirangTV Sitcom 2007)

Kitchen Road (ArirangTV/TrendE Variety)

Km Idol World (KMTV Variety)

Mission... Complete! (Variety)

Off to School (Variety)

Potato Star 2013QR3 (Sitcom)

Pretty Boys Co. (ystar Variety)

Project Runway Korea (OnStyle Reality 2009)

Super Junior Show (KM Variety)

SS501 Princess Diary (KM Variety)

Taking Care Of A Pet Male, I'm Your Pet (ComedyTV Variety)

Ulzzang Generation (ComedyTV Variety)

Unbelievable Outing Season 3 (ComedyTV Variety)

Where Is My Friend's Home? (Variety jtbc)

W.I.S.H (OnStyle Variety)

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