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2NE1 Sub Forum Rules and Guidelines

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PLEASE READ, before you post. Open for feedbacks and suggestions.
Sub Forum Rules and Guidelines

1. All General Rules and Korean Music Forum Rules apply to this section as well.

2. Opening a New Thread must be legitimate and important such as an event, concert, album, single, etc. See rule #3 for legitimate thread topics. (Unnecessary threads will be merge to its respective thread.)

3. Thread topics must be TAG properly.

[OFFICIAL] - For 2NE1 Main Thread and Individual Threads only

[TV] - For 2NE1 shows, varieties, etc; guesting is still included on the MAIN THREAD (or individual thread)

- For 2NE1 movie (future reference)

[RADIO] - For 2NE1 radio show (future reference); guesting is still included on the MAIN THREAD (or individual thread)

[ALBUM] - 2NE1 Album or Solo Album (weekly shows, album jacket, photos, songs, discussions about the album itself)

[sINGLE] - Digital Single with PROMOTION (weekly shows, album jacket, photos, discussions about the song itself)

[CONCERT] - For 2NE1 Solo Concert; concert participation goes to EVENT

[EVENT] - Fanmeeting, University Events, KMF, Dream Concert, Gayo Daejuns,YG Family Concert and other concerts/events 2NE1 participates.

[TUT] - Tutorials on how can we participate on supporting our girls.

[bIRTHDAY] - Birthday Project and Greetings for 2NE1 members. Only one official thread will be open for each member.

EVERYTHING ELSE will be put in either the MAIN THREAD or member's individual thread.

4. If you decide to use another language to comment/post, translate it. English is our universal language.

5. Post news, pictures and videos with proper credit.

6. DO NOT share illegal downloadable links of 2NE1 songs. Be respectful to 2NE1. They work hard for it.

7. No Obvious Shipping or No Shipping at all in the MAIN THREAD. (This topic is sensitive to BlackJacks, so as much as possible avoid it. You may use individual thread to spazz but still be sensitive to other forum members, rule #8 apply)

8. NO BASHING. Be respectful of one another's opinion. But still be responsible on everything what you say. And most of all DO NOT BASH 2NE1 members.

9. LOVE 2NE1 as ONE. 2NE1 is composed of 4 members. NO 3-member only pairing combination, then left out the other. And 2NE1 is not a one-man team, do not disregard other members. It's inevitable to have a BIAS, if you really want to spazz on your favourite member, individual thread is much available but rule #8 still apply. LOVE & RESPECT.

10. Spazz all you want of the AWESOMENESS of the girls! Be friendly and welcoming at all times. Enjoy! But still please do take note of the RULES!

This SET OF RULES is here to make our 2NE1 soompi community more organize and friendly. We encourage you guys to participate and give us great ideas and things that we mods will implement in 2NE1 Sub Forum. This thread is open for discussion. Participation of everyone will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks to our FAMILY in Big Bang Forum for helping us to come up with these guidelines. Thanks leslie_lei, for taking care of the mods! kekeke

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