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Soul Company

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Hip Hop Label
Soul Company


Founded : 2004

Artists : Kebee, Minos, Fana, The Quiett, Rhyme -A-, Make Sense, Jerry K, D.C, Mad Clown, Smooth Tale, DJ Wegun, Loquence, 화나, Loptimist, Mad Clown, Crucial Star, Pento, DJ Dopsh, Vida Loca, Elapse, G-Slow, Prima Vista

Site : [Website] [Youtube] [Twitter] [Facebook] [Cyworld]


Soul Company was founded by Kebee, The Quiett and their fellow hip-hop artists in 2004. After the massive influx of hip-hop culture in the mid-90s in Korea, hip-hop has been the hottest issue throughout the teenagers. Soul Company artists, who were tennagers around the new millenium, they have been training their skills in their rooms. Around 2002, Soul Company artists came out to the world through MC Meta's hip-hop class and became a crew based on their mutual respect and fellowship.

Kebee and The Quiett, gathered the young artists from MC Meta's hip-hop class and founded Soul Company. Simultaneously, they released <The Bangerz>, which is their first album from Soul Company. <The Bangerz> showed the young artists' fresh musical vision to the scene and gained great recognition from the musicians and the fans. Not so far from their first release, Soul Company released Jerry. K's first album <Ilgal EP> and Kebee's <Evolutional Poems> and became the hot rookies of the scene. Many members had to leave the company for few years to serve for the country, but Soul Company kept moving on. In 2005, Soul Company released their bootleg album, <Official Bootleg Vol.1>, The Quiett's <Music>, Fana's <Brainstorming EP>, and etc. Not only providing records, but Soul Company also have been working for the concerts for the hip-hop scene.

Soul Company artists' role in the scene kept on growing. In 2006, The Quiett released his second album <Q Train> and it was awarded by the "Korean Pop Music Awards" as "This Year's Hip-hop Album." Moreover, Eluphant(Kebee & Minos) and P&Q(Paloalto & Minos) continuously provided their records and started to gain acknowledgement from outside of the indie scene. Loquence, Planet Black, D.C, and many other artists were discharged from the army in the late 2006. A little bit after, a star MC, RHYME-A- and a skillful DJ, DJ Wegun were scouted. With the two new artists, Soul Company started its second life. <Official Bootleg Vol.2>, which was released in 2007, set a record on the sales in Hiphopplaya store at that time. Moreover, the albums that Loquence, Kebee, and The Quiett released were enough to show the listeners the diverse style of Soul Company.

In 2008, Soul Company scouted Loptimist who is a well-known producer in and outside of Korea and released his album <Mind Expander>, which was jammed with bigname line ups. Soul Company hosted an open audition titled "Microphone Fiend" and signed Crucial Star, a young prodigy with trendy taste of music. After on, Soul Company released handful of records including Jerry.K's <The Eriking>, The Quiett & Makensense's <246>, Fana's <Fanatic>, Kebee's <The Passage>, and RHYME-A-'s <Hommage>.

The Quiett and Loptimist were the head of the producers in Soul Company, and the young producers Vida Loca, Prima Vista, and Elapse provided high quality tracks for the scene under the care of the two elder producers. G-Slow, who is a producer scouted in 2009, released his first album <High Frequency>. DJ Wegun released <Atomic Anatomy Vol.1> and <School for Dummies> which showed the scene his skills as a DJ.

In 2010, The Quiett released his masterpiece 4th LP, <Quiet Storm: a Night Record>, which gained great attention due to the participation o star producers Jake One, Mitsu The Beats, and etc. Pento, who was scouted in the summer Soul Company Show, released <Microsuit>, which is showed great blend of hip-hop and electronic music. In late 2010, all of the Soul Company artists released an digital single album under the name of <Athletic Mic Leqgue> digital album series.

The Quiett, who was one of the main foudners of Soul Company announced that he will provide his art independently. Other Soul Company artists respected his decision and prayed for good luck. They also released a digital single <Still A Team>, which contained two tracks talking about their brotherhood and friendship.

In 2011, Soul Company has been through numerous changes, but is still showing great influence in the scene. A young promising DJ, DJ Dopsh was scouted by Soul Company, Crucial Star and Loptimist released their albums. Moreover, Eluphant, Loquence, Fana, Mad Clown, and more other artists are working on their records.


# The Bangerz (더 뱅어즈) (Album, 2004-06-15)

# Soul Company Official Bootleg Vol.1 (Album, 2005-03-11)

# Soulful Christmas (Digital, 2006-12-19)

# 아에이오우 어?! PT.2 (Single, 2009-08-21)

# Still A Team (Single, 2010-12-16)

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