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New rules as of January 24th, 2010!
General Rules

Main forum rules still apply.

Please remember to follow them at all times.

Label your topics correctly.

Follow the way you should label your topics as instructed below.

If you fail to do so repeatedly, I will warn you.

Do not make multiple topics for the same lyrics.

If this happens, I will either merge the threads together or close one of them.

Please give credits when posting lyrics or taking them out.

People took their time to post the lyrics and deserve to be credited.

Topic Labels

All topics should be tagged accordingly: [Track/Single/Etc][K/J/C][R][T]

[Track/Single/Etc] must be included ALL THE TIME, but not necessarily [K/J/C][R][T]

Following the tags should be the ARTIST'S NAME and SONG TITLE.

[Track] - One track

[Tracks] - 2+ track

[single] - Single

[Mini] - Mini Album

[EP] - Extended Play

[Album] - Full Album

[OST] Original Soundtrack

[K] - Korean

[J] - Japanese

[C] - Chinese

[R] - Romanization

[T] - Translation

Lyric Requests

We will no longer be using the [REQ] tag.

All requests will be posted in the [K/J/C][R][T] LYRIC REQUESTS thread.

More information can be found in the first post.


Not everyone posts all [K/J/C][R][T], so not all the lyrics will be in the first post.

No one wants to have to scroll and search pages because the lyrics are posted separately.

When another member contributes a different form of lyrics,

please update your 1st post with the links to the posts.


[Album][K][R][T] Younha - Part B: Growing Season


[K] - All

[R] - All

[T] - 1-4

If you have any questions, please PM me. (:

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What is Romanization exactly?

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