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    You can't go two months on a program and expect results of a years worth of training.  It doesn't work that way for most people.  When you have decided to make exercising and being fit your priority that's when the results will show quicker.  Being fit should never be a trend.  Being fit is a LIFESTYLE change.  It's a lifelong journey in which you must be committed to.  Listen to the guy above me.  He knows whats up!
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    It may make them happy, but what of their children?

    Why is having a flat nose considered ugly?  You people do realize that's how people were born, right?  It's a major something called genetics and heritage.  Changing an aspect of your body doesn't necessarily mean you're becoming more beautiful.  You're only changing yourself to appease those who have an unrealistic ideal of what beauty is.  If you're asian and you go under the knife to make your nose more narrow and tall then that means you're ashamed of being asian.  You might as well consider your lineage ugly, and by that i mean your great great great grandparents were probably ugly according to your standards.  Then, when you have children, and they see that they're not as "beautiful" as their parents, they're going to ask why were they born ugly.  The cycle will never end.  All that heartache and hurt out of someone's pursuit of unrealistic ideal beauty.  Accept who you are the way you are.  That's what makes you...  you.

    Edit:  By the way, ever heard of the case where the man sued his wife for producing him an ugly child?  He blatantly called his daughter hideous.  He said had he known his wife went under the knife that many times, he would not have even thought of marrying her much less know her.  So, what about that poor girl that's born "ugly?"  Her mother is beautiful thanks to the knife, but she has to live with the knowledge that her father gave her up because her mother deceived him into thinking she was beautiful.  He doesn't claim his own daughter cause she's ugly.  Sad, right?
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    Simple.  Portion control, higher reps, moderate weights.  
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    When I work out I imagine myself at peace.  Most people work out to high energy music, but that's just a bunch of noise in your head.  If you want to focus on your workout, you need music that helps you keep focus.  Most people go to the gym and lift weights without thinking.  You will gain more by focusing and concentrating on your posture, movement, and form than just going with he motion.  I train differently from most people at my gym.  Those guys may have all the bulk on their body, but that's all in part to the supplements they take.  Go with music like this and you'll enjoy your workout even more.  

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    The easiest way to get fit being lazy is by keeping your body tense for periods at a time.  When you walk, suck in and tense up your abs.  Don't just walk like you normally do.  Walk as if you're walking in water.  Use your heels when you walk to sprint you forward.  When you pick up a cup, lift it as if it was 10 lbs.  Use isometrics to eliminate fat and tone your body.  If you do that, you'll condition your body to work even when you're at rest.  Believe it or not...  I lost 10 lbs just by sleeping.  
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    This was taken at a bar with friends, and possibly one of my craziest nights, lol!  Why?  I was teaching drunk girls how to fight in the bar, and people were recording it calling me Bruce Lee, Goku, or Jin, lmao!  Taken by a girl at the bar with her iPhone.  by the way...  iPhone = crap.  
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    People, people, people...
    You have to realize that racism only gain its power from those offended by it.  I've shown to many in my time that they ought not to let racial remarks affect them and they've since lived happier and healthier lives.  I grew up facing racism quite a bit, but I never allowed it to affect me in a way that angers me.  What's the point of getting upset over words?  Remember, words only have meaning and impact if you allow it to.  That's why racism still exists today in our world.  You give the offenders power when you take offense to their remarks.  It feeds their ego that they're able to have that kind of mental and emotional control over you.  I see people get upset over petty things like this so often it saddens me that there's that many people in our world that lack control.

    Hate begets hate
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    I like BIG BUTTS and I cannot lie
    Well. . . 
    Big Butts and Thick Thighs  
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