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  1. kimbee added a post in a topic: Kim Tae Hee 김태희   

    Woooww.. Kimmy will make a comeback… Yeeaaayyy!! too excited.. but Joo Won~!!? N the storyline bout doctor~ Hhhhmmmm i dont think it will work.. since the last time Joo Won became a doctor also… i hope kimmy eonnie will decide it wisely~!!
    My delulu mind... want to see kimmy get pairing with so ji sub.. Yoo chun.. won bin~!! <3 <3 <3 but still i eagerly wanna see her Back to the small screen~!! ^^v
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  2. kimbee added a post in a topic: Kim Tae Hee 김태희   

    Hahahahaha lub u.. lub u.. lub u.. eonni~
    I eagerly wanna make it one… what it call with.. pictures luck or anything…!! but hhmm still dont have a spare time… i hope i can bring them as soon as posible… ^^v
    Do you remember one of ads where kimmy eonni wore wed gown… i cant remember clearly… i lub that.. kimmy eonni looks so stunning…!! <3 <3
    Ooooohhh yea… a month~!! Wooww.. its a rare~!! Just realized that i didnt seen xtaeheex eonni around~ where is she gone actually~??
    Lets shout out.. xtaeheex eonni-ya miss you tons… please comeback home~!! *Smoooches*
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  3. kimbee added a post in a topic: Kim Tae Hee 김태희   

    Thank tons eonnie … you're Jjjjjjaaang~!! *Smooches*
    Im just not used with my phone… i want to keep post something with my phone.. but end up failed~ so irritated me.. hope i'll get use to these~ fiiuuuuhhhh..!!
    Miss uri taehee unni.. but she is too low profile.. there are no news about her~!! I read news bout taehee unnie married.. but it was just gossip.. gossipp.. gossiipp...
    I wanna see her wearing weddress~ lub it..!! 

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