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  1. kimbee added a post in a topic Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キム・テヒ、   

    @Nancyzak Eonnie.. Am so sorry i cant join you.. whats wrong with soomp, its terrible bothering me since i got difficulties to load into the thread..!!? even using my pc.. Blank.. blank.. blank..!!!
    i saw the preview and finally.. our OTP intense eye contact and skinshippeu.. skinshippeu... got you~!!! the chemistry~~~ *Nosebleed" miyanhe Rain Oppa, I ship them now for YONG PAL~!! *Grin*
    uulalaa cant wait for the next stage.. correct me if am wrong..!!? cuz i saw tae hyun got shoot or whatever it is~ definitely tae hyun injured~~~!!! *Surprised*
    btw, am curious... aren't beast n 4minutes same label as rain, are they~~?? if its true... then~?? <3 <3 <3 Hahahahaha
    i'll catch up next.. Jalja Eonnie~~ *Smoooooches*
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  2. kimbee added a post in a topic Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キム・テヒ、   

    its no a big problem @Nancyzak eonnie.. i already knew that we are in busy time~ so dont take it to your mind~ *Smoooch*
    I thought its not just 2 dolars but 2 billion dolars that what i assumed was all true~ LOL
    Nadoo i'll watch with eng sub first, but im still courious want to watch it now eventhough still raw~ hihihihihihi
    I'll try to studying about new soomp rules~ #HeavyThough
    Ooohhh you experienced it also~ hhhmmm
    Hahahahhaaha got me by you~ make some execuse to change in new avatar.. LOL
    Of course i still remember bout how i spazzing in JOJLIL bout concubine.. now i dont know either.. to be continued.....
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  3. kimbee added a post in a topic Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キム・テヒ、   

    Woooooaaahhhh kim tae hee looks difference~ she nail her character so well n the sadness is more deeper in those pics~ extremely out of patient~!! Oooohhh please the raw come out faster~!! #Depressed
    They are cool.. cool.. cool~!! #DancingOutOfNowhere
    Ps: why my avatar is blank~!!?? Do you know something eonni~!!?? You know so well that i love that avatar badly eventhough i dont know who made it~ is it because i didnt put on a source about my avatar or~!!??
    Since my avatar was gone, now im looking forward for hotty kisseu kisseu kisseu scene between Han Yeo Jin and Yong Pal~ then i'll put it as a my avatar~ LOL #DevotedOTPShipper
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  4. kimbee added a post in a topic Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キム・テヒ、   

    i dont know what to say.. i just wanna spazzzing about her all the time~ she is truly goddess, angel, gorgeous or whatever it what~!! 
    In this drama tae hee did alots of wire scene~ Daebakkk~!! Keep a good work tae hee-yaa...
    Waitiing patiently for the raw~!!   hope the rating keep higher n higher~ Fightiiing~~~!!
    its not just romantic eonnie @Nancyzak but deathly romantic~ i just think that Am in her shoes~ ♡♡♡ #Heartbreaking
    I think, The lyric was described how Han Yeo Jin feeling towards Kim Tae Hyun~~  #Touchy
    Couldnt resist to see our OTP lovey dovey.. ooohhh my delulu mind is going to roof~!!  Poor of My delulu mind~~!!
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  5. kimbee added a post in a topic Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キム・テヒ、   

    Im Home Eonni @Nancyzak..  *smooch*  Im so sorry i cant join you frequently.. oooh i didnt know that there is other Kimbee in here~
    I am tooooo Laaaaaaaaatttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,, terrible~!!! but i couldnt hold it anymore to not give my two cent~~~
    Lets start with my thought.. ^^v
    My first Impression after watched this drama, i felt kinds of watch a movie..!! especially the background music.. it was great if i can used home theater~~ hihihihihi
    Episode 1
    ð  The time when Yeo Jin and her boyfriend “Andre” involved the  car incident, it was after the party.. we already knew  that YJ and Andre was hid their relationship cuz of their family.. maybe HDJ pretending to help YJ and let her go with Andre..
    ð   We can see from Andre’s reaction  when the cars chase them and order him to stop but Andre just smile and wink.. maybe someone who try to stop them is his bodyguard or  etc..  because of the car brakes damaged (HDJ did it) and finally Andre lost his balance and they got hit by car~~
    ð   I love when Tae Hyun said “I really love VIPs”, then i just wanna say “I really love you,Tae Hyun”..  and the scene when TH asked Dr. Lee for giving his money back~  and making Dr, Lee Speechless.. absolutely TH is a money Grabber~!! Wkwkwkwkkwkwkk
    ð   I really envy Tae Hyun sister “So Hyun”, i wanna have brother like Tae Hyun since I dont have one.. Touchy~ touchy~~ n_n
    Episode 2
    ð       Hows cool YP.. !! How he holds epinephrine is, then injected them~~
    ð       I think the head of gangster fell for him as I do~ kekekekekeke
    ð  Aaaaaahhhh KTH/HYJ.. i just speechless.. love her so much what is she to be!!.. her actiing is more deeper.. <3 <3 <3
    ð  Oooohh my heart broke~~ anger.. how could the doctor leaves patient in critical condition in the surgery room~ they’re playing someone’s life~!!?
    ð  HYJ already cut her artery since blood keep dripping from hers~

    Preview Episode 3
    ð  I think its still in her dream/I mean she’s still unconscious, because of the last time she cut her artery and be in comatose state again,  we already knew that eventhough she is in comatose but she can heard anything~
    TO BE CONTINUED~~ (Sleepy.. actually alot of things i want to discuss but its already late in here~ *tired)
    PS: Eonni please help for all of this new soomp, im not get used to it.. so confusing.. how to put a video from facebook~?? i have a couple of video to share in here
    Thanks ton eonni @Nancyzak Jalja... *Smooocheessssss*


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  6. kimbee added a post in a topic Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キム・テヒ、   

    Annyeooong Eonni @Nancyzak~ *Hugs*Hugs*Hugs*
    You've been work hard to keep this thread alive~ lub yaa ton.. #Touchy#Daebak#Awesome
    Beyan for not accompanied you all along~ n_n
    Now, i want to see tae hee's drama #YongPal the teasers and all are awesome.. want to join camp since i cant watch stream because of my wifi~ n_n Am more excited now~ couldnt help..!!
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