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  1. dr25 added a post in a topic [Drama 2007] Time Of Dog And Wolf 개와 늑대의 시간   

    Ode to Kay's most amusing cockiness. NIS agents or not, he doesn't give a $hit hehe
    Episode 9
    I’m devastated! You might as well rip my heart out and trample all over it show, HUH!? There are no boundaries! Everyone is sacrifice -able for the story to get even more and more intense! I love-hate this! Get me a boring show that doesn’t mess with my emotions instead T______T
    SH’s father died while trying to get his son out of the gang. What a honorable death at that. Stabbed, he was pushed off an escalator going downwards. What does he do? He still has things to say to SH. SH doesn’t know who he is yet. So the camera leaves us with Kay who for some reason he doesn’t quite get didn’t flee the scene. Seconds later, we see daddy emerging from the escalator going upwards. Struggling with his breathing still trying to tell So Hyun-aaa something. My heart! He wanted to help his son get his identity back so badly! Although another gangster killed him, it was pinned on Kay who stood there watching the old man. Before he could lean down to hear what he was striving to say, MG CAME! The latter jumped at Kay, beat him as hard as he could without taking a second to look at his face. Maybe he did look at it but, blinded by anger, he didn’t see his brother in the gangster who killed his dad. Same thing happened at the NIS HQ when MG stormed in saying he’ll kill Kay for killing his dad. Although I’m positive Kay doesn’t have any blood on his hand from this one. The one who stabbed Mr. Kang was the other gangster, and the one who I’m sure did something to daddy after he was admitted to the hospital was the general manger. The camera zoomed in to his face in that revealing old times way. Plus, it’d be easier for him if he’s the only one who knows the whole story. I suspect Roadrunner is in danger too now.
    Before the unfortunate incident, MG finally  introduced JW to his parents but daddy didn’t approve of her cuz her blood connection with Mao will make MG lose his job. Of course with MG jealousy of his supposedly dead brother, he didn’t even try to understand. I don’t like how narrow-minded this makes him look.  Sigh. Again and again he’s competing with a ghost.
    JW also got to meet SH as Kay and even sit with him at the same table they sat at 2-3 years ago. This time however, she thinks there’s no way a low-life who considers her criminal father his father can be her beloved righteous SH. Good, now let’s see on episode 10 if the NIS would share the same opinion upon interrogating Kay.
    I admire MG’s mom resolve. She was stronger than MG when things got tough.
    Episode 10

    This is unfair! I’m dying with excitement although not much happened. Only that those a few things were of great significance.
    We got to know for sure, Roadrunner sold information that lead to SH’s mother death 15 years ago. General manager/Chief Jung used this piece of info to threaten him not to tell everyone that Kay = SH + memory loss. *sigh* I don’t know if I can trust Jung. It says how well-written/well-performed the character is. One can’t expect the head of NIS to be readable. Tension point number one. Is he getting SH back or is he not? What will happen if SH committed unforgivable crimes, even for a black agent, before he does? Will he hold him responsible? How? Kill him and add a star to the monument? That’s it?
    Tension point number two, MG. God! I feel for his loss but his rashness is adding insult to injury. He doesn’t even know what he’s getting himself into. I hate this. MG is in the dark SooHyun-aa, help him! Find your memories fast and go back please.
    That leads us to tension point number three. AHHAHAHAAHAHAH all that time spent next to JW. I was like…he might have the traditional memory back flashbacks at any second now. Darn it. AAHAHAHAH. And no he didn’t even when he stood in front of that Sharingan painting at her foster father’s resort. Or, I thought, maybe she’ll notice the tattoo on his arm as he treated the injury he got protecting her from those thugs. I could hardly care before about their dates or sweet time together. Now, however, I do. If anyone can bring back the SH in Kay, that would be SW. I wasn’t worried about Mao, he’ll live. Too early for the main villain’s exit . BUT STILL… I didn’t know how he was gonna make it, or at what cost. That was tension point number four.

    Speaking of the Sharingan painting, here's another shot of the sunset.
    To conclude they have to make it to the special number five. That is the cliffhanger—Kay is face to face with MG at the Thai restaurant. The latter heard the former asking JW, who was there too cuz Thai restaurants are where people go when injured, if he can take her handkerchief as a token. Ooops!
    That obvious huh? XD I had this post-posting realization. Maybe my question should've been "When wasn't he brave and reckless?". In Ep 3 he dumped the mission assigned to him by the NIS to attack Mao alone as if great gang boss wouldn't have the necessary protection; in Ep 4 he thought leaching onto some random Mao subordinate would lead him to Mao. Which is not only brave and reckless but dumb as well. Had it not been for MG, JW, and Roadrunner's help, that move might've killed him. The list can go on...
    Quoting just to point out my favorite part of your commentary this week.
    This is the part I went back to Ep 9 for. I'm pretty sure they meant it in a general sense because I don't think his training instructs him to keep a copy of his fake identity info on him in whatever form. (Plus, after 2 years of living as Kay he must memorize that file by heart so no need to keep it). Even if he had something of the sort, he wouldn't leave it in a place where anyone can find it. So either they meant it in a general sense therefore Kay doesn't have such thing now. Or he actually has something of the sort but doesn't have access to it since he lost his memory. Either ways, he didn't/can't read/watch it.
    The show didn't walk us step by step thru the process. We got to see, however, that Kay got himself acquainted with the necessary info one must know about himself. I didn't think he invented it, I thought his roommate Ah Hwa filled him in. He was with him back in Thailand so SH must've told him the invented background story back then. Now Ah Hwa just told Kay what SH told him before (what goes around comes around awesome cycle *_*). Since Mao advised both of them to keep his memory loss a secret, I'm sure he's believing and endorsing such story as a defense mechanism. He can't say something like, "Well, I'm not really sure but I was told so and so about myself". That might be the reason why we don't see him showing many expected signs of confusion; he can't afford showing weaknesses in his current surrounding nor falling into self-doubt.
    Like suspicious of himself that he's actually an undercover NIS agent who made himself a place next to the man he now respects and consider his father only to destroy and kill him? Even thu he knows he's different now, what can he do about it?! He can't remember how he used to act therefore he can neither fake that nor worry about it. It's useless to worry about things you can't change. And of course one would act differently if he has amnesia so why get suspicious?
    Is it a good thing? To expect such plot twists from a show?
    Welcome to the thread I've watched all four. Real spoilers ahead.
    You hit the nail on the head. Although for me, following LJK's career was in the reversed order (latest to older dramas) I second this. I've known him to be a decent actor after I watched Two Weeks but I kept my distance. I'm following him on Instagram so he's been in my almost daily newsfeed for sometime but I only considered myself a fan after watching TBWD. Like before, I wouldn't check the ratings of his current drama to see if it's doing okay even if I'm not watching or read every line Wikipedia has on him XD Haven't left a post/note of appreciation at his Soompi home yet but I'm intending to. Gonna watch Virgin Snow and the King's Clown soon too. I knew about these two movies before but I didn't care enough to watch them. Now I do
    Honestly, at such scenes I end up assuming the writer's perspective. Following their line of thought through the way they choose to lead the drama. It kept me amused throughout the show. Like when MG didn't freeze or recognize SH when he saw him I was thinking, "So writers chose to pass on this golden opportunity for a reunion. Ummm let's see if you can create a better one". Doing that often made it easier for me to find excuses for them all the time No idea why I can do such thing with certain writers but not with others. I guess you could say the writers won me over 100% which made me quite forgiving
    This is perfect. LJK posted this to his insta today. Universal signs much? @Ecs-shi cover your ears
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  2. dr25 added a post in a topic [Drama 2007] Time Of Dog And Wolf 개와 늑대의 시간   

    This episode doesn't have a header capture because as it turns out I haven't taken any during my marathon. Apparently I was too eager to see what's gonna happen next, pausing to take one felt like. too. long. a. delay I couldn't afford XD Anyhow, I scanned thro Ep 7 and took 3 captures none of which fits here
    Episode 7
    I haaaait this! I keep on watching one episode after the other. I can’t stop. I lost control. This ONE is my favorite so far. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. It gave the full story on what caused the opening scene. JW saw SH while he was rescuing her! *AAAAAAAA*
    *Takes a deep breath*
    The chain of big event(s) started with SH discovering Mao’s work plan at last. Upon that he decided that it’s his last day as a subordinate of his. Before he got the chance to shoot Mao, Mao asked him to protect his daughter, Ari. The shocking truth about his mother’s killer being his lover’s father whom he was introduced to before rendered him crazy. Really.. seen the look on his face ? Wanjun michusoo. One point counts for the writer is that SH never recognized Mao’s face as Ari’s dad before. Who remembers the face of their (short-term) childhood friend’s father? So thank you for being sensible writer-nim.

    Kay/SH breakdown near the Han river
    While he was watching over JW, something he’s been doing anyway ever since he came to Korea and found that watch on his grave (what a weird thing I just said XD), a gang opposing both her fathers attacked her in an attempt to kidnap her. Who was watching? Right, uri SH/Kay. So he of course rushed to her rescue and while doing that his car fell into the ocean AND JW saw his face. Attending at the scene was MG who came too late for the fun. Thus missed seeing any of that and just embraced JW before she fully lose conscious.
    Wait! The excitement isn’t over yet. What happened to Kay? Nobody knows but everybody cares. Mao was looking, Daddy was too, the Korean gang he encountered third. So…where is he? What happened to him? It is a truth universally acknowledged that every LJK drama has a scene where he drowns into deep waters, wounded. Still… despite it being a repetitive act my heart sank as he drowned. I might’ve even joined my hands in excitement and agony here and there throughout the episode
    [Intersection before I mention the current shocking situation]
    I was wrong. MG wasn’t the one meant for a heart break but my poor SH. He’s the tortured first lead AND the third-wheel. Ouch! This is too much! T___T Yet he brought it on himself. What did he think? She’ll wait for him til he gets back? Even if she did, would she trust him? Would anyone? He lied about a ‘life or death’ situation as we know . I wouldn’t trust him.
    [Back to what happened to Kay]
    He was treated by old halmonies who found him by the seashore. The next morning, we learn that he…wait for it…remembers nothing! Tada! I wholeheartedly forgive this major cliché because: most of those around him think he’s a gangster and those who know he isn’t think he died long time ago. This leaves us with an identity problem. That could get philosophical at any moment and I love that. The Korean gang (Spider gang) came to the old lady’s house and took him for a ride on their average gang torture storage. They’ll treat him as Mao’s right-hand man, will he live up to their expectation? If he believes he’s a gangster would he become one for real? Would he develop feelings of gratitude, during his state of memory loss, towards Mao if he saved him from the Korean gang before his father does? Can’t wait.
    Lastly, allow me to pronounce a director crush. After the (relatively) realistic excellently-executed car chase I fell for the directing. Period. Bear in mind it was shot 8 years ago. The plane crash in 2006 Nodame Cantabile was a disgrace. 2014 Blood car hit scenes are forever a shame. Therefor, applause to old but gold.

    You can tell he was rescued by some granny from the way she hanged his Samsung phone alongside his belt and pants. And look, she took extra care of the battery
    Episode 8
    [Marathon spree Day 4]

    “Even if you lose your memory, I still remember you. You’re my son, Kay”, said Mao.
    I was right! Writer-nim is so after my heart :D. Now.. how did we get to the conclusion above? The Korean gang that took Kay forced him to call his boss into their trap which he had no problem doing since he doesn’t remember this Mao guy anyhow. Mao knew it’s a trap but came still cuz he owes Kay two big favors. At the trap, an encounter took place and Kay killed the Korean gang president in defense of Mao’s life. On their way out Ah Hwa told Mao about Kay’s memory loss condition. To which he responded as mentioned before. YAAAAAY! Oppa got a promotion. Daddy was watching the friendly conversation between the two. It reassured him his son is safe and sound and so is his cover but he still doesn’t know about SH mental state. Excitement is killing me. We are left with two things, SH believing he’s a hardcore gangster thanks to muscle memory and current surrounding. The other thing is Daddy worrying about the lack of contact with his son. These two factors combined will lead to NIS doubting SH’s loyalty among other unexpected awesome complications I’m sure. The question is…what does the NIS do to those hold as traitors?
    Let's take a moment to appreciate LJK's eye acting, shall we? This is the moment when Mao announced him second in command. The way he looks at Mao is different from before. He's still evaluating the situation since he remembers nothing but he's starting to genuinely like this man nonetheless. How he apparently cares for him, as he claims. The new gained status. The tabula rasa SH is allowed him some new opportunities his old self would've loathed. I love this! And of course he was given a new hairdo denoting the change. He's Kay now. Even between him and himself.

    In addition to the previous important development we have another one with what JW saw the other episode, SH’s face. Her boyfriend thinks she’s delusional and that she longs for him too much to the point of seeing him in everyone she meets. Would’ve Awww-ed at this had MG not been so angry about it. She doesn’t buy his assumption immediately but she did eventually. However before she did, she tried drawing her savior’s face then, feeling like she can't take it anymore, she called (real) daddy to make sure who was the guy he sent. Daddy knew it was her on the other end although she didn’t say a word before hanging up. Missing his daughter, I guess, he drove to her house. Conveniently, he asked Kay to drive him there cuz, I assume, he doesn’t want new lads around his weakness and Kay he can trust her with. Thank you show for trying your best not to make things total coincidences. When he arrived Ari reluctantly agreed to talk with him for a second. She told him she gets what she couldn’t understand  as a child. His long trips and her mother’s worries. So what if she asked him to leave the organization, will he do it for her sake? Cuz it’s how he could become a good father to her. Of course the answer is…no. Therefore she has only one father, it isn’t him. What we get from this episode mostly can be summed in one sentence. Humanizing the villain.
    He’s not an ungrateful $hit who would dump someone who served him as loyally as Kay did cuz he got hurt in the process. He accepted the Korean gang members into his gang after they became lost without a leader, without humiliating them or cutting their fingers (really?! XD). An entrance fee they were more than willing to pay. Also with his daughter. He isn’t calculating when it comes to her. He’s not the gang master, he’s just an ordinary father. He welcomed her with open arms after her 13 years of not-fully explained absence, then he respected her wishes to keep on living away from him while he could’ve forced her. Furthermore, he still protected her after she told him she wants nothing to do with him. And now…a phone call I’d personally consider insulting made him come running to her cuz she’s his daughter. No more no less. He’s like most of us in a that sense. Most importantly, not a total trash as we’ve thought all along. All that happened under Kay’s eyes, who btw smiles more often now. He had this (kyia-worthy) look in his eyes when JW saw him getting into the car as gangster daddy’s driver. If he doesn’t regain his memory soon I think I’ll start rooting for the baddie Kay over SH myself.

    I shall note how Thailand wasn't chosen haphazardly. I'm not a Thai citizen therefore I tried my best not to base my opinion on whatever stereotyped image I might've subconsciously picked up. TBWD lead me to do some reading on human and drug trafficking in Thailand and the end result was that it ain't a lie as per Wikipedia, 1, 2, and many other sources. Kay's work during his time in Thailand was chosen based on that image. Big well-rooted Cheongbang gang headquarters as well. In 2003 the PM of Thailand announced a War on Drugs. If that says anything, it says there is a drug issue and everybody acknowledges that. The articles I listed gave plenty of reasons why. You may read them if you're interested but all I wanted to point out here is that Thailand wasn't chosen randomly or to gain We Shot Abroad boasting rights. In addition, the drama didn't just paint Thailand as a scary heaven for criminals. It gave a fair depiction. Thailand is where the love story in the show started. Where the hero spent his childhood. We've seen those beautiful places in which the shooting took place. 11 year old SH would ditch school to go play with his friends in the river. Nothing bad happened to him then. It's safe enough. All in all, I think the dram gave a balanced realistic image of Thailand. And heay the gang in Thailand consists mostly of Koreans XD How is that for a we-are-in-this-together message?
    I think there's no difference between MG and SH in being Mr. Kang's own sons. True, for us they are a family that came together over a night, but for the 3 (or 4 if we include the mother) of them they have been a real family for 13+ years. What makes an adopted child more of a real son than the biological one?! And if a person has a heart kind enough to take a stranger as his own flesh and blood imagine how much love his heart has for the one who has always been his son?

    I went back to Ep 5. Scapped this just to show you that he did hesitate. You of all people should've noticed the look in his eyes lol. Also, I forgot that he offered his own job on top of MG's. If it's a matter of who favors whom then I guess he favors SH over himself. Like a real parent would do. Awwww
    You're invested in this That's the show's doing not necessarily the characters'. Therefore I don't hate dad. As I said before, since very early in the drama the two brothers are meant to be set against each other. This is just that piling up. The writers are smart. Very smart, with this one subplot at least. They created the most perfect situation for such bitter feelings to grow. They used the ironic dead/alive brother info skillfully to make us feel bad for MG because we understand his feelings, "competing against a ghost" that is, yet be somewhat okay with it, unless you're MG bias lol, because on the other hand father knows SH is alive and in constant danger so how in the world would he act as if he were not. I see what you mean. I totally feel for MG, it's absolutely justifiable and yes dad has been more attentive to SH ever since the undercover topic surfaced but still. That 'but still' feeling is what makes this story worth while.
    The thing is...MG isn't proving them wrong, sadly. Even if it weren't the case at start, him misunderstanding/misreading the situation as constantly comparing him to SH makes it worse. I think it's partly his fault. Why follow your brother into the NIS when it isn't your passion? God didn't create girls in the world but your brother's ex? And you thought your brother's department is awesome now that he died? I don't see how I can't compare him to his brother when he keeps following his brother's steps. I'm not saying he's a non-character or anything. I wouldn't dare! I'm saying it's too late now to ask for that MG.
    See? It's his love for his brother that made him hang on to those parts of SH. That very way of expressing his love lead people to misunderstand his motives and eventually it's starting to lead him to misunderstand theirs too. I feel like he's not trusting Mr. Kang enough to be the loving father I think he is. I don't blame him but but but...
    I think it's her current state of mind that prevented her from thinking, "Oh! SH's voice. It must be him". After all, MG talked some sense into her near that gallery, then again in the car. I doubt she'd give in to such thoughts. I was waiting for her to recognize his voice too but then I thought, even if she sensed the similarity, she'd probably think, "Oh it's my imagination again. This time I'm hearing SH everywhere". Twisted! Writers writers!
    For me, the elephant simply stands for SH's old self. When that drowned, weighed by the chain or not, he lost his identity. That was our last time seeing SH as we know him. The one we saw from that point on is Kay. Even Kay doesn't know he's SH. Ha!; He wouldn't recognize the elephant if he saw it.
    Gonna write this now but don't see it till you're through with the drama. I feel it's somewhere between spoilfic and nonsensical if you read it now.
    What are you talking about? SH has always been brave. When was he reckless? I don't remember. Didn't that shootout kinda forced itself on him? Kill or be killed kinda situation.
    I had the same doubts as I was marathoning. Hehe another (does he know or not?) moments. I promise another character will make for yet another source by next week. I won't say who but I bet a billion won s/he will.
    I don't recall. I'm too lazy to go scan thru the 3 possible episodes where I think they said it but I have the second-best answer. MBC's official translation says cilantro too. I don't eat food with cilantro in it. I'm staying with MG-oppa in the light.
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  3. dr25 added a post in a topic [Drama 2007] Time Of Dog And Wolf 개와 늑대의 시간   

    @ecs707a The thing is... I wasn't sure if 'more fun' to you meant more laughable moments. You said it's fun, when I kept reading to see why, I found that it has more funny moments in relation to the previous ones. And laughable moments were good signs. My bad. Although bashing isn't necessarily used in its most negative sense here either. I know you're not someone to point things out without good reason. That's why I laughed too. I thought, 'she has a point, it is funny, sadly'. So the bashing I used meant making fun, with a good reason, of some of the drama's most serious moments.
    You know what legit statistics say, "7 out of 10 women fall for MG's charms".

    Maybe uri MG is a first piece in a domino   
    As I was writing this my sister sneaked a peak at the folder where I keep my TBWD scaps. She made fun of MG's glasses looks, then of agent SH's hair. Now there's you and my sister 'bashing'.
    I've been meaning to say this for some time now. MBC's Official Youtube account has uploaded the full drama with English subs in full HD as of 2012. So we can legally stream this and share its links here without feeling like we're doing something wrong or endangering beloved Soompi. I love how it's been given the privilege of a classical along with shows like Queen Seondeuk. 
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  4. dr25 added a post in a topic Park Bo-Gum - 박보검 - 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom Pak Po-kŏm   

    Hi @vannie05 @dahae2006 @mymilkysu @fleurofjasmine @ilchul *shakes hand with you*
    Welcome to the thread! And thanks for the goodies.
    I'm following the thread therefor every time someone posts something here, Soompi emails me their post. I was happy to be receiving so many notifications from the Bugummy house over the last week. Some of you guys mentioned his role in HM calling it creepy. You got me curious enough to watch the drama. I have it on me. As I have been planning to marathon it soon as it's over. Was waiting for the mood to start a new drama. Thought I just drop by, say hello to everyone with a bugummy smile before I do. It won't take me more than a week to finish it XD If he can pass as a creepy murder suspect or what not, I'll be forever in owe to his acting skills as I currently am to his smiley face. He can pass as a happy young brother with a bright future like in BM, a handsome conductor in pain/with a crush like in NC but a creepy character?! I have got to see that.
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  5. dr25 added a post in a topic [Drama 2007] Time Of Dog And Wolf 개와 늑대의 시간   

    Hi @evie7 @TTXFYoung @astrantia       greetings the LJK way  
    I couldn't have put it better myself. It's the heart attachment this drama accomplishes that made the difference to me. I don't care how many cliches it has, it made me care for the characters and its plot entertained. A classical gem indeed. It was ahead of its time at certain things too. The set, and (god!) the thrills. Aish! They manipulated my emotions for the whole 15 episodes lol. First episode doesn't count.
    I was as pleasantly surprised as you are by the relative liveliness of this thread XD I wonder if's due to the show's popularity or to the cast's popularity. You seem to be a fan of the drama. I'm happy I watched it. Didn't feel like I wasted my precious time. I don't know about the first IRIS but the second one sure isn't one tenth as good as TBWD to me.
    Thanks dear for taking the time to let us know you're reading. Glad to know we're causing some smiles. Ecs-shi is the left party here while I'm the typical fan in love with the drama. We didn't intend it to be so but somehow writing our thoughts on the show turned into a comparative analysis (in the most loose sense of the term). You might've noticed that already XD Please drop in with your insights whenever you feel like it. We'll be doing the whole drama and since you've watched it more than once, I'm sure we'll come (or have come) across some of your favorite scenes at some point
    I just noticed that we started this marathon on the same month the drama started 8 years ago. I'll consider it my way to celebrate the drama's 8th anniversary

    I admit to laughing too much reading your post. I shouldn't since you mostly bashed my favorite set of episodes but truth be told. I'm trying to make this an every Tuesday thing so till tomorrow. Yeah..I tagged you to say just this. Feels weird.
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  6. dr25 added a post in a topic [Drama 2007] Time Of Dog And Wolf 개와 늑대의 시간   

    Sorry. I can't keep my fangirl mood in check cuz every time I try to forget, a character reminds me. It's their fault. And I know SH isn't exactly in his best in this shot but the fact stands nonetheless. 

    hehe.. well said JW.
    Episode 5
    The character of the father helps emphasizing the emotional luggage SH needs to carry while undertaking his mission as a spy within the Cheongbang.
    You have to give up everything you've lived for! Your name, your memories, and everyone you loved! It's about your existence disappearing! […] Do you even have a clue how hard the task is going to be? You have to become friends with those you hate. If you meet the one that killed your mother, you have to act like a faithful follower. Do you really think you can handle all that?
    Whenever there’s revenge there are two notions present in my mind. One, yes! Go get your revenge and set every bit of your foe’s world on fire.
    The other, just let it go or it’ll burn you down before you know it. Grudge hurts its holder more than it does anyone else. This is no exception. SH couldn’t go on with his life because his grudge weighs him down. Initially, he coped with it as he grew up but meeting Mao again triggered it to surface ten times heavier. It’s as if he didn’t know about the hatred piling up inside of him before Mao unleashed it. To get his revenge, he’s willing to throw as much as his whole life away. Hence, he faked his death, and got a new identity in the hope of getting closer to Mao.
    New Identity details thus far:
    Name: Kay. Nice!
    Status: low-life Mauy (kick-boxing) Thai guy.
    Rank: at the bottom of the Cheongbang gang pyramid.
    Time spent in undercover service: 2 years
    Who’s in the secret circle? General Manger. Daddy. And meeee  Mom, MG, JW none of them knows. So we got some heart-wrenching reactions to SH fake death. *sniffs*

    What's the significance of this painting again? << That was what I thought when I first saw this scene last month. But now I know it's our introductory shot to the painting from which the story got its meaning. This painting is called Time of Wolf and Dog (or Time Between Wolf and Dog). The latter makes more sense at this point of the story. MG gave us his critical opinion of it in Ep 3 but the show only shows it to us now. When SH is about to transform himself into an undercover gangster 'Kay'.

    Episode 6
    This episode is full of turning points for many key characters.
    JW has finally come to accept SH death. Something she must do to keep moving forward. She paid his grave a visit which is something she never did during the past two years and left the watch he gave her there.
    One reason she wanted to move forward is our MG openly confessing his emotions without the, “It’s a joke.” plot twist he adds every time he does so. No more jokes at work too as he proved himself a competent agent by closing a long-term case his sunbaies had trouble closing for years. Good for you! I don’t know about the “he wants to fill SH place” assumption Daddy and Teamleader suggested. It seems to me more like him trying to continue his brother’s dream. He never had one in particular so why not help his brother live thru him? On his first day at the International Affairs Department he stood in front of that monument addressing SH. The way dad and Teamleader put it makes it seem like a futile attempt on his side to take over SH’s place. Like out of jealousy not out of love. I disapprove of that assumption.

    Addressing SH in front of the monument. This ain't the face of a jealous brother.
    SH/Kay made a huge breakthrough as well. After saving Mao from a classical damsel in distress situation he pleaded to be a direct subordinate of his and Mao approved. Now he sees his enemy several times a day as he put it. I’m just worried all those secret meetings with Daddy are being monitored by someone on Mao’s side. It’s like Mao to try toy with an amusing lil fella. Fool him into believing he took him in because of the, “Thirst in [his] eyes”.  Maybe I’m paranoid.
    The kick-boxing fights were waay too fake. For although LJK is a good actor, his punches were fake. Well-faked or not, still fake. He didn't look like a wrestler either. The wrestler (or kick-boxer) confronting him was probably a real Thai Mauy guy so he looked like one. The thing is however acting wasn't his craft after all. So one could kick-box the other couldn't. One can act the other couldn't. The one who could fight for real, couldn't actually punch LJK so he had to fake it. Very poorly at that. Which resulted in an awfully fake fight scenes. Wrestler-shi was clearly waiting for LJK to make his move so that he could pretend to fall. Messed up chinja XD I keep using the actor's name not the character's cuz that there was certainly actor LJK not agent SH. Former agent SH wouldn't have had other kick-boxers going easy on him lol.
    Roadrunner. First of all… how I like the nickname Cuz like a roadrunner Ajushi seems fast and has the survival abilities of a cockroach as the Japanese say (in J-dramas at least). One could easily underestimate his abilities for he doesn’t look all that much. The name suits him well.
    I appreciate his help a lot but there’s one thing I keep asking myself: where does his heart lay? I think he was the one to warn Mao of SH’s mother ambush back then so his help for SH now is out of…guilt?
    The episode concluded with SH picking up the watch JW left at his grave. Now he knows!

    See. You put it in a funny way but that was what I was talking about. He had a hairstyle as agent SH that was neat formal-occupations friendly. Then he changed his hairstyle when he became Thai kick-boxing Kay. Into a sorta messy one. One that wouldn't take much time to make with the right technique yet has a bit of work done on it. Someone with Kay's unpredictable life style (sudden fights here and there) would sport. Since he also works around night clubs and prostitutes where there's lots of glamour, he can't just have a natural straight hair. So they gave him something in the middle. Now that he got into the gang, he started sporting a hairstyle befitting of the officially instated gangster him lol. Stylists are sooo invested in the story I tell ya XD. And it's not only SH who got a new hairstyle in correspondence with his new status. MG did too.

    Hottie of this this set of episodes
    I thought this one was too convenient for the story's 'natural' flow. It's like the show wanted JW to give it back to him now, although she had no idea he's leaving, so that he would have a token to hold on to when he's away, y'know. We saw her unearth it from her old belonging. It could pass as JW desperate efforts to turn him into her boyfriend. Like as soon as they reunited, "I still have your elephant, our childhood elephant, take it and carve it for me cuz I need to find a way to force you to think of me. This could be it." Then, oops. accident. Cut to Kay in Thailand holding his childhood sweetheart's token as the only thing that links him back to his old real self. I respect the symbolism but not the cheesiness. Again I'm probably too jaded while I shouldn't. That was brand new plot enhancement techniques back then. Shame on me.
    You make it sound as if Father said leave SH out of the undercover mission, take MG instead. He never did something like that. I didn't feel sorry for neither of them. I was happy for them actually. Chief's threatened to punish MG for leaking info to his brother if the Father doesn't allow SH's undercover mission to start. Father knows his sons well enough to make such call on their behalves. Had he gave in to the threat I wouldn't have taken him seriously ever again as a veteran NIS agent. There were only two possibilities. He knew Chief was bluffing so why give in? Or he ain't bluffing, in which case so be it. If he has to make a son 'temporary' unemployed to prevent another from possible death then fine. Fire MG. Let's not forget, SH's foster father was friends with SH's biological father. The latter was an undercover agent and the former watched what happened to his friend after he became one. So his fear is totally justifiable. Also what if he agreed to let SH go undercover to prevent MG's punishment. What would be MG's reaction? Suppose he were a reason why Father couldn't stop SH from throwing his life away, would he like it? If something is to happen to his brother in that secret mission, would he forgive himself.  No, I bet MG would've said the same thing to the Chief. Punish me but don't you dare send my dongsing SH on that dangerous mission.
    Last week I marathoned Falling in Love with Soon Jung. It had another elevator scene where JKH's character playfully cornered a girl he likes one-sidedly. He didn't just lean close to her like in here. He used his leg as a circle around her o_0 I'm saying...I don't think it's totally coincidental '.' JKH-shi you thought no one would remember your other creepy elevator scene and connect the dots? lol. Now that I think of it Cruel City had one too. That elevator scene in the drama teaser! It was meant to look sexy in a forbidden fruit kinda way but if I add it to the sequence here, there's indeed a pattern JKH-shi. XD I'm half serious about this.

    What MG was actually doing with his laptop during that big secret mission  Drawing a fish that close from taking the bait. lol My MG. Good to now he still has his humor after SH's supposed death. The slacker inside him has been tamed but lives on still too.
    I hope the show will continue to give you more favorite lines/scenes/characters/subplots..etc
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    I need to ask you this before I post my comments tomorrow. Would you hate it if I kept counterpointing you all the time? Knowing what I wrote already and what you've been writing so far, I think each one of us will be a representative of an opposite party. For while I can see the imperfections of the drama, I managed to somewhat connect with the writers. Enough to take their work seriously despite its expected flaws here and there. I hate to admit it since I ought to be more objective but it hurts my heart to see you have a kinda low opinion of it XD (correct me if It's not exactly the right word I should be using). I'll be hence differing with you over a few central points. In our previous project we shared a basic admiration for the drama as a whole despite disagreeing over this and that. Here however it's not the same case. The reason I'm asking is because I don't know how well you can take constant disagreements. One side of me trusts that you do take them very well, the other side is afraid my usual blunt way of saying things might give you the wrong idea. Especially since all we share is words, so if any of us took the other's words the wrong way....That wouldn't give a nice impression. Anyhow, let me know your take on this. I'm mostly writing under the effect of seeing that Word War at that other Soompi thread the other day breaking over differences of opinions. While I know I'm not taking any of it to heart or disagreeing out of disrespect, I thought I let you know as a precautionary measure for the many differences of opinions forthcoming. Yeah I'm probably overthinking things again. Can't help it. I feel better this way. 
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    11 Hours ago TvN official Instagram posted this Apparently from Reply's script reading session.
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    Just finished Ep 11 without subs That new OST singer's voice tho! So beautiful! I was taken aback for a second. Kept on rewinding the last scene just to listen to it. *^* Any idea who sang it? As far as I know TvN take their time before releasing the OSTs, anybody has an idea when is that gonna happen Thanks in advance. 
    And now Chef is the one who's seducing NBS LOL. Waiting for my HDs for captures. Joon gave us another heart-melting must-capture smile this episode too. Speaking of him..You think the burnt back subplot was a fan service or was it just my brain seeing things my way XD ? Sorry my post is mostly an artificial account of how much I kiya-ed at Joon. Maybe when the subs are out all end up saying something of substance. chuswahamida. 
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    One last gif…of this ex-convict I fell for
    Ep 19 & 20
    Episodes’ theme emotion (two years ago): sitting at the edge of one’s seat out of fearing for the lives of every character one has taken a liking to cuz all of them were put in life or death situations :/
    Episode 19 highlights:
    1- We get to know that ES took a bullet for KS.
    2- After an encounter with JM and an entire police unit, shooter K killed himself.
    3- With that, JM’s vengeance spree finally came to an end and so did his resentment towards his dad.
    4- Everyone reacted to ES’s news and its consequences in their own befitting way.
    5-  Initial investigations pointed out DW’s involvement in the incident so he’s suspect Cha. Do. Woo. for this episode.
    6- Mazingr is released while uncle is still in custody.
    My dear ES! It’s so like her to try taking harm away from others even if it means getting hurt in the process. When she used to meet up with everyone her brother has hurt, she took their cursing as long as they accepted her apology. Masochism (since we're at the topic of psychological assessment) has nothing on her. If anything it would be that promise she made her Mom. It kinda melted into her character as she grew up to make her the ES we saw.
    Serves him right! One baddie down at last. Why did he kill himself? Fear; in escape of DW’s wrath? I can barely suppress a laugh at the thought that blowing his own head off seemed less painful in his mind than whatever DW might’ve done to him. If not fear then hero worship? ‘Please forgive me master. I’ll die for my mistake’?
    JM- oppa… After the shooting incident, he went home (the only person who goes home in this episode). There he goes thru his Dad’s belongings for the second time but with a different heart now. He has forgiven him, clearly misses him, he’s finally allowed himself to mourn his death. No longer the-father-who-abounded-me-isn’t-worth-shedding-tears-for attitude because now he knows what his father wanted him away from since he came face to face with it/them as a dream team member.  
    The character has come a long way. He learnt that his father cared for him. I wonder if his playboy side has to do with it. It’s a long shot cuz not every womanizer has Daddy issues but this one…maybe. In his mind, if dad left him cuz he (probably) didn’t love him enough, he can make anyone fall for him and be the one who leaves first hence his Casanova persona. Furthermore, he was the rash one (he and Shin). Now, the lawyer who attempted murdering K with his illegally bought gun, willingly dropped the gun when he was inches away from killing him.  Having like 10 police members around him is a reason to hold back but it’s also his connection with lady cop.  He trusts lady cop to legally take him down on behalf of both of them. Why else would the show spend time showing us how the detached JM became close to her. He even told her once how he wishes his dad’s case were handled by someone like her. Over the course of 3 years JM impetuousness remained mostly intact, however, under the influence of his good Korean friends a change for the better accrued. He can wait for things to unfold if he trusts the person who told him so. Like he’s been doing with Shin and now Lady cop.
    JM is a very interesting character. If we were to have a prequel centered around him, I’d certainly watch. This is PL's second role, with his first being limited in scenes, I can definitely forgive some of his acting weak points. Like the sorta forced cry over his father's picture. Even my bias eye couldn't miss that.
    I think what he did is a linguistic phenomena known as code-mixing. I'm quoting Wikipedia.
    As far as whatever I learnt uni goes, it is quite natural for a bilingual to occasionally lean back on the language s/he has a better command of. In JM's case that's English. I tend to code-mix a lot myself. Not out of laziness nor cuz I don't know how to say it in the other tongue it's just how it is. Words from one language sneak into the other whether consciously or subconsciously.
    If I'm to evaluate how good writer-nim was at handling JM's bilingualism, I'd say she did quite well. For instance, JM's only blusters in English (subconsciously) when he's 1) angry 2) frustrated 3) just talking very casually like in this case above. Or (consciously) 1) when he doesn't want the person in front of him to understand 2) when he flirts cuz that'll make him look like he's a sexy and probably rich foreigner 3) he doesn't know the word in Korean.
    Since grief has stages so is the following account of each character’s reaction.
    Cha Do Woo’s Reaction
    A- Upon hearing ES’s news DW  rushed to the hospital holding his hand against his heart, literally. Cuz ES is his heart and now she’s/it’s hurt. I feel bad for ES but I’m happy he’s finally hurt. And because shoving people on the floor while screaming, “Where’s Chae Eun Seo?” brings one unwanted attention, Shin had no trouble singling DW out.Thoughtlessly, He then marched to welcome him. Do it for both of us please. While they were at each other’s nicks, a doctor asked ES’s guardian if he could donate blood. To which DW said, “I’m her oppa; our blood type is the same”. Ummm.. Although DW was just stating a fact, KS didn’t like what that connotes. “Don’t give her his blood, she’ll die if you do. You don’t know what type of blood runs through this man’s veins!”. Ummm…As twins, they share the same blood more than any blood-related lot do alright. The contrast between them thu is like between the heavens and the earth. I’m siding with Shin on this one.
    B- Like pupil like master. DW also chose to practice his right to remaining silent when taken to the police station. Which allowed him to plan his impressive but not creative escape within the distant walls of his head. It starts by excusing himself to the bathroom then slamming the policeman accompanying him against a dirty bathroom wall, or door, or worse. We can’t be sure why that shut toilet door was shuddering *chills*. He could’ve just knocked him out quietly. We’ve seen him cast his ninja moves on his so called friend in episode 3 I think. That would’ve been much more efficient for a plan where secrecy is a must but we know, however, hitting something (since he doesn’t see people as people but rather mere colorless figures) helps relieve stress. Anger is a stage of grief universally acknowledged too. The only stage DW can exhibit.
    I can’t but ask this just for the heck of it. When he said he’d go to the bathroom I knew, even two years ago, it’s a bluff cuz there’s no way the germophobic him would go to a public bathroom but then again he was on the run for 4-5 days, there’s no way he didn’t have to go at some point so… I wonder how dreadful a pain it must’ve been for him xD I can imagine his face at a public bathroom LOL.

    look at his not-angry face
    C- Next place to vent would be…dad’s place! The ultimate source of all evil in DW’s and ES’s life, he thinks. God! I laughed when DW initiated the conversation by saying, “I’m not angry. There’s nothing to be afraid of”. Chee what a relief.
    “But you’re the one who told me to do it, father. [shoot my sister]”. The old man’s lie about ES marriage is what lead DW to try and take a drastic measure against his long-term enemy Shin so maybe he’s right. It’s partially the old man’s doing. Then he goes on, “Just like what happened to Mom. You told me there’s a medicine under her pillow. You told me it’s to make her comfortable.” WHAT!? Wait!! 0_o Daddy was the devil whispering into his ear all along? But daddy said, (I paraphrase)“ I didn’t do such thing. You’re a crazy ba$tard”. The darn Cha family are messing with my head. To hell with both of you..okay!?
    D- Sneaking ES out of the hospital. Cuz if the doctors can’t heal her, she better be with him [til she die?] (or he can save her?).
    Cop lady told KA that he'll crime is "instigating murder". Did you mean that or is it in the scene where she investigates DW before he flee the police station?
    Kim Shin’s Reaction
    A- Initial reaction. The expected yelling and screaming, “Somebody call an ambulance”, said whilst holding wounded ES in his arms. Now you hold her?!
    B- The hospital fight mentioned already.
    C- Staying by ES side. There’s the cutest scene between him and Mazinger. When the latter suggested,

    Because Shin isn’t expressing himself as well as he used to.
    In response, KS started questioning all that happened in the story. Wondering if the bliss of ignorance would’ve been better than his current [victorious?] sad self. Ummm… I wanna know..while he waited in the hospital corridors did he consider himself the winning party since DW is in custody, K is dead thus his victory came at cost but he succeeded or was the cost too great it nullified it he didn’t even think he won at all? Another person he loves harmed by DW and this time because of this fight he started. Technically DW did. Still, had KS not retaliated there wouldn’t have been one. So KS started it (sorta). You get my point XD
    We have a question as old as the Matrix here. The blue pill where the knowledge or the red pill where the happiness(or is it the other way around?). I hate-like how writer Song keeps on throwing those old questions. What if can always start over, like in video games? Would losing be less painful? Or which is better, to die fighting in pursuit of a better life like the late Mayor or to live a life that doesn’t quite make you happy?
    D- After spending 4 days at the hospital an anonymous nurse, feeling sorry for them, arranged for him and Mazinger visiting ES. Someone who doesn’t know the whole story felt sorry for them, how am I supposed to feel? T_______T
    During his short visit, Shin appealed to her protective nature by telling her that if she leaves him behind before he can start that ‘something’ he wishes to start with her, she’d be doing him a great harm. Typical of KDramas with revenge theme. The hero finds love where/when he didn’t expect but sets it aside ‘just til he fishes his revenge’. That is til it’s too late. Always.
    Father Cha Reaction
    A- Denial.
    B- More Denial.
    Kyung Ah’s Reaction

    OKAY… So she came to the hospital. Acted as ES guardian when husband fugitive was on the run. Stayed til the surgery was over then…she never came back. The pragmatic her chose to go run the company in hubby ’s stead.
    The father of all breaks from reality in this series would be her love confession to DW. What bugs me the most is that we the viewers are the only ones tortured by the sound of it. Person in question didn’t hear it. Ex-lover Shin didn’t. Only me. Why me God why?! So that I hate her more? No wait, after a second watch I don’t hate her hate her. She’s more of a person I’d hate to become. I see, now, what route lead her to being selfish cold delusional queen so I am empathizing (affective and cognitive empathy) alright but that’s said, all I see is a figure in a cautionary tale.
    The confession was less of a nuisance this time thu cuz it seemed less inconsistent with her personality. It sounded like this the other time: she dumped the poor non-murderous lover type then went to marry the rich psycho because he’s rich. I can follow til here but then she said she married him cuz actually her heart skipped a beat every time she saw him. Ha *cough cough* BS.

    There are only three logical possibilities I see.
    1- Delusion+ despair worked their thing on her brain. Her husband whom she won after too big a compromise (abandoning her old self/world) is s murder suspect. While she knows for certain ES is the closest person to his heart (suppose he has one) she knows very well he’s capable of murder. This case therefore might bring her to lose him to jail. With that goes her social status and the company’s reputation down the drain i.e. her biggest assets. Plus those shady men overpowering her in the company after she gave them access. What should a survivor do? Curl up and cry over what she got herself into? No. Better pretend nothing happened; she didn’t sacrifice love for wealth (A.K.A that other world she babbles about all the time) she actually loved him when she least expected it, despite his flaws. Ha. Yeah right. She did “come out with a profit” out of all this as she told herself by the end of her dreadful confession.
    2- Writer Song wrote her character poorly. Mostly as a plot tool linking our protagonist and antagonist together. I find this one hard to believe.
    3- She’s one of those bad people who never think of themselves as ones. There are tons of such characters. They just don’t think the bad things they did or the right things they didn’t do accumulated and made them bad people all in all. Which leads us to the question…what is a bad person again? Who gets to decide? The person himself? Others around him? Y’ know,  from the people’s POV it’s a revolution. From the governor’s it’s chaotic treason. Which is which exactly? Dunno. Since the line between good and bad has been drawn to be blurry in this drama I think this one is a fair assumption. So she did love him despite his flaws cuz they're a perfect match.
    - This guy isn't an extra right? I think it's a cameo appearance but I'm not sure, you know him?
    Episode 20 highlights:

    1- KT was stabbed while trying to stop DW from sneaking comatose ES out of the hospital in an ambulance.
    2- Shin’s DW detector helped him realize the details of DW’s stunt soon enough to hop into the moving ambulance.
    3- ES died during the forced ride.
    4- Days later, KT is fine and happy despite hospitalization, Uncle is released, KA is CEO-to be, and DW is being treated, while in custody, for DPD. Wowoc!!
    5- Shady men threatened KA to hand in certain account books after she became the CEO. Gate to a comparative analysis between Healer and AMS.
    6- The episode also contained some Last Episode thingies, e. g. late Mayor’s assistance is running for the Mayor’s position.
    - 1 -
    What the heck were you thinking DW?!! I shouldn’t be upset with him because doing crazy $hit is his area of expertise but still…
    - 2 -
    Took you 6 years to shed your slowness off but I’m glad you finally did Shin-aa. 
    - 3 -
    - When Shin was about to cover ES face with the blanket…he couldn’t do it! He just kept sobbing. RIP Mr. PYA you were an admirable actor. Whatever I say doesn’t even begin to describe how well he did this scene and every other scene for that matter.
    - I respect how KS suppressed his anger toward DW so that he can urge him to go say his goodbyes to ES. The Shin we know would've cracked his head open against that ambulance. 
    Aww Never thought of it this way. Makes her death feel less painful.

    She looked prettier than ever here
    - 4 -
    - Uncle noted that JM's started wearing his father's broken watch. The significance of a watch is usual that the character's time is no longer still at that particular incident. He has moved on. In JM's case it's the other way around. He wore it to remember that particular moment. It doesn't bother him anymore thus he ought to cherish his memories with his late father.
    - How thick-faced must KA be to ask for Shin's help now.
    I vote..act. Which is why I love the ending so very dearly much. Villain DW earned this much. A tie. Even Shin thinks, or so his smile suggests.

    - 5 -
    Writer Sons love for shady big anonymous politicians leads me to try draw a comparative analysis (A Man's Story Vs Healer).
    - There's one character (a fairly wealthy tv reporter) advising another not to fight those who are above,
    - Also she had another gangsters lawyer like JM say,
    The difference in Healer is that we got a whole episode revolving around revealing the identity of such shady big anonymous politicians. I'd consider it a progress in writer Song's level of optimism.  
    - We also have a computer geek in both series. Mazinger and Ahjuma who's none but,

    - Since we're at the subject, here are captures from 2012 drama Nice Guy,
    - 6 -
    - A ray of hope with the former deputy mayor running for elections. There aren't many people voting for him but the number is increasing indicating the common person's increasing awareness of the real quality of whoever claims to be serving them.
    - Q: Product placement. Why not bring him a cap that doesn't have a brand name on it instead of using this ugly way to cover the name? Or do like cable channels and just show the brand.
    I can't see any reason why your theory on DW & KT can't be correct   As for our 'disagreement' I actually admire your effort looking deeper into it to the point that I don't recall on what exactly we disagreed. As far as I remember we agreed that we're saying the same thing but in two different ways that made it seem like we disagree. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    It was worth the rewatch but I'm not gonna venture commenting on a drama I love+already watched ever again. There's too much to say that it takes forever to organize in a written form. Thank you for your insights @ecs707a-shi I enjoyed your posts.

    My contribution to the BTS goodies is mostly PL-related. I got some of them from this thread before the Flood. Good thing I kept a copy at Dropbox
    The presconf

    The drama wrap up party with Nuri and Yuri
    Fancam. Here I am dwelling on my memories of AMS while someone was right above their heads when the shooting was taking place. *^* Lucky fans.
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    This one is better than 2013 Korean spy drama IRSI which I dropped because I couldn't bring myself to take its wannabe drama seriously. Now since it's a 2007 show.. maybe if you take the results (emotional/ physical) as given and focus less on the methods, it won't pain you this much? Anyhow, you can see the reason why there was only one bullet in the gun if you go back to the scene where Mao strangles him. As he did that he emptied his gun so the one bullet SH used was the one in the chamber. That's why. I don't think the writers are that dumb honestly. Because not only there are two of them but one of them wrote a hardcore war drama right after TOWAD for Su Ji Sub. This guy doesn't just join hands with anyone. That's my opinion.
    SH seems like the type who knows better. We're told he's smart which makes it hard to accept that he's that oblivious when certain key facts are concerned. I believe we're meant to wonder frequently whether (he knows or not). Because, for us the audience, if he knows everything from the very beginning, where's the room for growth? He'll have to grow during the course of the drama. It's no fun being the omniscient SH. Still if we thought while watching him fight, "He knows less than he should", I doubt that we'll take him seriously. He shouldn't look like he's in over his head. Most importantly if it's always obvious when he knows something, then how can he be an NIS agent. He'll be caught immediately. If the audience aren't that sure of what's on his mind, other characters won't be sure as well. Making him all the more believable. Needless to say almost everything we discuss is but mere assumption. Refutable and full of holes
    Now you know why I used to avoid reading your posts, that usually came first, at A Man's Story thread before finishing mine.
    You're welcome any time
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    Episode 3
    @ecs707a Aooooooooooh! I’ve been sold! I’m already in love with this drama. Heck! What a fast-paced emotional rollercoaster ugh.
    JW’s gangster daddy came back to Korea. Why? Cuz he wanted to see her foster father/his traitor associate. Plus, do business on the side apparently. Both he managed to do quite successively. I think we’re meant to sympathize with him for the soft spot he has. If I were him I would’ve shot foster daddy on the spot instead of conversing with him then going almost paralyzed by the voice of my daughter whom he stole then declared his own.
    (not) Coincidentally, the NIS was tailing blonde-gangster. That lead to SH coming face to face with his mother’s killer whom he recognized via the tattoo on his wrist (ok ok…Iet us let this classical slip) + the burn marks gangster must’ve gotten from when the mother spilled hot Thai drink on his wrist. Aside from the not very creative method, that scene and its consequences got to me. My heart went out for him as all that training and secret agent nerves-of-steel $hit came to nothing at that moment. Again he was that kid from 13 years ago. The shivers that went down his spine despite all his attempts to suppress them. Even mentioning recollections of the story later in the hospital to his dad would render his body unstable.  

    One thing we rarely see in KDramas is the fresh memory pieces. This drama doesn’t recycle. Instead it uses the old memories to convey the current novel feelings/status. Like the shot above—grown up SH is still that child, helplessly, standing between his mom’s body and a gun. Another image..young SH was playing with Ari when the masked killer appeared and killed his joy out of nowhere.  At that moment, we see old SH in his place screaming, “ommmaa”, the same way his younger self did seconds ago. Kudos to director-nim. I feel a director crush forming somewhere in my heart.
    The show sets hyung to be his dongsing’s competitor. Although, as I trust, he would’ve covered for him had his team leader didn’t stick his nose in before he could, the fact that he fell for the same girl prepares us for a two- ends situation with a brother at each. I don’t know how I feel about that.
    Lol JW, I wouldn’t take this girl for a wife. She’s not even his girlfriend but the childhood friend whom he utterly rejected yet she still sneaked a peak at his phone! Really JW? Bless the old Samsung phones for hiding nothing. BTW the NIS set is pretty decent for a 8 years old drama or any KDrama spy drama for that matter. I watched 2010 IRIS and this doesn’t fall short. I was impressed. Also it’s nice seeing veteran actors like Kim KapSu when they were younger. Old dramas merits.

    Umm ...I still dislike you General Manger/Chief for kicking SH out over such reason. No matter how good a cause you have Chief, you don't treat the top on his class like this.
    - The agreement LSH signed before forcefully quitting the NIS dates to 2005. So I guess we're still in the background story.
    Episode 4
    [Marathon Spree Day 3]

    One for the fangirls 
    Yay for meddlesome girl---friends! I came to think bigger of JW after she went to her dad hoping to help SH 3> . If it weren’t for her, oppa would’ve been sleeping with the fishes by now. I’m aware the star of a 16 episode show can’t die at this point but still, tension was eating me up. So thank you JW for spreading the word about SH’s disappearance. One for the gals. I also love how she was the one to decide the one room situation. There aren’t many guys a girl in a KDrama can trust as much. Of course by now she knows he doesn’t work for an IT company. He too was touched After what she went thru for his sake. Lol they did it regardless of the bruises all over his body. XD
    It’s only natural for an agency monitoring a whole nation’s well-being to keep a closer eye on its own employees, I can’t complain. However… darn it! Stop making things harder for every hottie in the drama, would you!? Don’t fire MinGi too over leaking info to SH. What’s the point of building the NIS set if you’re not gonna use it?! Oppa isn’t there. If oppa’s hyung isn’t there too then I suspect they’ll be of lil relevance to me. I don’t care what the big bosses there say. I care about the common oppa man.

    In This episode SH gave us an alarming confession of his emotional state. Revenge has gotten the best of him, he wants to kill his mother's killer even if it cost him his life, 

    He can no longer go on with his life as long as Mao is still alive; it has become an agony. And now that he's fired from the NIS, he has no way of pursuing him. His feelings of entrapment must be unbearable. So far SH has been driven off an edge, strangled, drowned, operated on, and beaten senseless. I dread what’s coming…
    - Kinda off topic. Products placement in 2007. I see (Pepsi, 7Up, Mirinda). On purpose, or were they that spontaneous back then? Umm...
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  13. dr25 added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿   

    The focus on the ghost in a drama called "Oh My Ghost" doesn't bother me one bit. I don't think the writer made Bong's character to be flat or shallow; so far we've seen where she lived, how she lived, why she lived that way, we got to hear from her only livng relative, heard about her 3 years (?) crush on Chef while she wrote her letter of resignation earlier. We know what she thinks of all that's happening. All in all, I don't see her character to have been drwan poorly in relation to that of SA, it's just that the livliness of SA's character overshadowes her quiet and timid character. So it's not the writer's fault but rather just a natural result of such contrast.
    What bothers me in this would be Bong's lack of envistment in SA concerns. She never asked her how much time she has left. She must know something about the deadline  ghosts usually have being someone who sees them all the time. Dunno, I feel like there's yet depth to be added to thier relationship. 
    Oh and speaking of depth, can't they give Joon a background story? First time he nticed Bong, stuff like that.  Although I might dump SW love story, SA grudge story, and every plot/subplot for that matter, if they were to put more focus on Joon. 
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  14. dr25 added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿   

    Your post makes sense in many ways I think the writers are at it already as NBS is gradually becoming more and more like SA. There's also muscle memory. By the time SA is gone, I'm sure NBS would've have picked more habits/characters treats from her, I believe.
    I too don't think we, the living, shall judge a ghost for her ethics XD And either ways, seducing Chef-nim is the ethical thing to do in her case. Which is better, risk hurting a single person emotionally or risk becoming an evil spirit and hurt tens of people physically? I take the former. In fact I respect SA 's good heart. By doing all this she's taking responsibility for her situation, one she didn't create. Also, NBS isn't at fault too. How many of us changed a thing or two about themselves to get better opportunities at certain important stuff in their lives. Granted, lending your body to a ghost is a drastic measure XD but for someone like her who have been living around ghost all her life, that isn't that different from getting under the knife to borrow someone's pretty nose. What if we can do plastic surgeries to our personalities? Isn't it easier than going thru the headache of reflections and psychological treatment and watching your acts an so on? Like skip all that and change your personality for a more suitable one, temporarily. Whats so wrong about that? Hypocrisy? Phony? Not really. Changing your nose is okay but changing your introversion isn't? Who says so? I bet many will borrow new characters before job interviews lol. What I'm saying is, no. It ain't that bad what NBS is doing. Before the ethical dilemma was whether it's okay if SA forcefully used BS's body. Now its this. Really imagine you're a Business/English major and late Steve Jobs/William Shakespeare took over your body and did that BIG exam in your stead, hah. That's a "Win-win"!! LOL They can go breathe fire in the faces of whoever made those trashy movies in their names afterwords, using your body. I know I've gone and imagined so many things in order to state my point but since we're discussing the ethical stand of an imaginary situation, I don't see why not   More importantly than all that, SW loves both of them, the apparently sad BS (real BS) and the maniac BS (SA). So it's not like he loved another person completely but eventually he's gonna end up with another (Gone Girl mentality). It's something in between.

    I love Kuyng Mo's shirt T^T I want one of these.

    If you ever meet a guy who's willing to hold your handbag like this, know he probably loves you. Why else would he butcher his macho image for your lipsticks and perfume, NBS.

    Give us one for the fangirl Joon Couldn't resist capturing my new supporting character crush. He's like a loving brother to NBS. Kdramas take notes. We don't have to have a love triangle for the things to get sweet His smile at their obvious schemes is worth a bucket of tears shed by tortured third-wheel boring puppies. Really. This smile alone.
    On the cliffhanger. I say it's either or, 1) SA gets out and let NBS go all the way with the Chef. 2) SA does it with him but she still doesn't ascend. A plot twist that'll introduce us to the second arc; catch whoever made her a ghost arc caus that's her real grudge that needs resolving. I wonder if SW knew about her unfortunate incident, would he help her get back at whoever did this to her? It'll be even more interesting to see him help the ghost he fell for. May NBS will join the hunt and develop more outgoing traits along the way. 3) SA will refuse and confess the reason why before the end of the next episode.
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  15. dr25 added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 9 Txt/Vid Previews on pg 215/217   

    Thank you for sharing your take on the matter. I feel a tad bit less worried now. Whenever there's a Korean actor I wish all the best for with a new project, I turn into an over-concerned mother at exams periods. It's like she wants her kid to do good but she can't do anything to help him. He's the one taking the exam after all, not her xD I'm not even that old but this is the only way I could put it.
    Whatever I wrote earlier, I did before watching the long teaser. From the looks of it, now that I've watched it, we're in for a strong beginning. All good signs.
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