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  1. dr25 added a post in a topic: [drama 2009] Story Of A Man / The Slingshot 남자이야기   

    I was through with Ep 19 on Friday. Will draft my thoughts on it tonight before I start Ep 20.
    You know...in the movie The Maze Runner, the maze changes every night. Whatever gets stuck in between its changing walls is gone. That's Soompi now. I'll fix my posts when the maze stops changing. As you know I was gonna ignore the damage but then it changed and the damage is severe so I ought to tend to it.
    I wasn't keen on knowing the answers to the questions we raised above. I just enjoyed wondering --then Ep 19 happened. Since you watched it yesterday you'd remember a certain scene where the two of them throw accusations at each other. It completely left me in the dark.
    As a single person, if I'm using a slingshot wouldn't I need many rocks/eggs to throw at my opponent? Everyone on Shin's side is being used to make his one man slingshot functional, for the greater good. In that sense it is a one-on-one fight (DW Vs KS) yet an all-on-one fight (DW Vs everyone on Shin's side). Therefore the International title makes as much sense as the Korean one to me.
    We should've invited a psychology major to join our discussion. So many possible complexities I need someone to give me at least one confirmed diagnosis.
    I don't feel sorry for K nor for Dad. Despite pitying the rest, feeling sorry for someone doesn't make them less at fault in my eyes. I feel sorry for Hitler cuz he turned from a smiley child into a crazy dictator but heay he's Hitler, lol. She's KA. XD
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  2. dr25 added a post in a topic: Park Ki Woong 박기웅   

    Doesn't I look fabulous today? @ecs707a
    A Korean movie that allows a Chinese to points out the Korean government's shortcomings. Ummm That's new.  
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  3. dr25 added a post in a topic: [drama 2009] Story Of A Man / The Slingshot 남자이야기   

    Cuz the matching slipper was given screentime
    Episode 17 & 18
    Episodes Highlights:
    1- Episode 18 concludes with a gunshot resounding without us knowing if it hit its aim, Kim Shin. *Gasps*
    2- ES is back living with her Oppa under the same roof, his glass castle's, after Cornered DW realizes now more than ever how much he needs a "Heart" (ha!). That is, how much he needs ES.
    3- Father Cha has finally lost the last marble left in his brain.
    4- KA joins efforts with: (1) her father-in-law, presumably, wanting to protect her beloved husband's company from crumbling under his bad (crazy?) management. (2) ES.
    5- Lady cop finds evidence that proves K's involvement in killing the Mayor except she doesn't have him captured yet.
    6- Everyone in the drama boards the ShinSeo ship and acts accordingly.
    7- The drama's main message is finally delivered via the encounter between Shin and DW, "What if there were a hundred person like you [DW] in the world, do I have to kneel in front of them one by one?".
    - 1 -
    - Bloody terrific cliffhanger!
    - I was laughing at how DW was pretty accurately describing the place for KS. "You'll be faced with stares if you turn right. I'm there can't you see me?". Made me wonder how many times he's been there with a shady plan. Or how he and K got together to plan KS's murder. I can imagine the look on his face.
    - Did KS go there with the mind frame of killing DW? He told lady cop he sometimes thinks he should. Too bad I'll never know.
    - 2 -
    - In what seemed to my eye a romantic dinner setting (date), DW tells ES to come back to his side because she's his heart. The light in the darkness that he stands for, as he once said. I kept telling myself it's not meant to be romantic I'm just seeing it that way but then he told her, "This is how you like it; nice and romantic, right?" lol. Poor thing doesn't know what to do with such over-attached twin brother. Of course after that he starts interrogating her again cuz he won't be DW if he doesn't.
    - I felt sad seeing her on the verge of crying in her new room. By now she knows KA being by Oppa's side isn't enough to stop him nor to fill the void in his heart so what to do? Was she watching him for the everyone's sake? Did she move cuz she felt sorry for him? Maybe a bit of both.
    - I wonder how they did this scene... That's DW alright, this is ES behind him no doubt, so either the bike was fake, although its speed looks so real to me; or they used stunts combined with excellent editing skills. In Bridal Mask I can see whenever they used a stunt. But here I'm not sure. Applause!

    - 3 -
    - This part was both sad and funny. Cha the father totally crossed the bridge to the other end. Yuri and Nori leaving his side got to him more than I thought it would. How lonely. Where are his friends whom he used to play golf with at earlier episodes? Gone with the company? I wonder thu is it DW's effect on him that rendered him insane or has it been always the other way around? Daddy hasn't been the mentally healthy member in the Cha household which is why I'm loving the shift in character; it doesn't feel the least forced. Heck! Maybe his late wife who hid her son's wrongdoings from the world instead of treating him wasn't all that healthy in brains.
    - I loved it when he just ignored KS refusal and just did things the way he wanted anyhow XD Pour gas on the fire old man, go ahead.
    - 4 -
    - We have two female characters who chose not to run from the consequences their association with DW brought on them. ES & KA. ES's approach is more selfless as she didn't choose to be linked to him in the first place yet she's bearing so many inconveniences in hope of containing/ preventing him from causing more damage to others. While on the other hand KA brought it on herself by wanting to be DW's wife. Selfishly thu, all she wants to protect is her own interests, now being the company. She doesn't care who those anonymous politicians are as long as they're funding her plan to save the company. Where did that money come from? She's fine with letting DW go around like a crazy dog biting everyone who gets on his way but she doesn't want her own son to become like his dad. Ok.
    It's more realistic to just protect one's own interests so I don't blame her but you know how dramas are meant to give us heroes sometimes? ES is the hero in AMS.
    - I knew KA became close with ES when she threw one of her different worlds observations on her by the elevator lol.
    - Is it poor styling or does KA look like she's become sick ever since she met DW?

    - 5 -
    - The more I see of her interaction with KS/ JM the more I fall in love with her character. She manages to crack me up every episode.
    || *KS going back and forth for the hundredth time* Lady cop with her deadpan face, " What? You need to poop?". XD
    - K...Just a reminder "K" in Korean means dog (개).
    - 6 -
    - Gangster Boss gives ES a as a so called wedding present. By doing so he's keeping his agreement with DW to step out of the whole thing and helping KS at the same time. Awww
    - KT tells KS it would be better if he and ES would visit him together if he goes to jail.
    - Father Cha offers ES atop the pile of money he wanted KS to take cuz he knows he likes her. That is one rare moment of insight for Dad. I love how Shin didn't think of how capable Dad thought he is. Instead all he saw is ES getting sold by her own father. Thus, he was angry for her sake. I didn't see anything offending in what Dad said about him. After all he used scam so why wouldn't he accept shady money? And he came to the old man before seeking to empower himself so why is it any different now? The way Dad put it. Plus ES.
    - Sis-in-law telling KS as soon as she saw him turning his sight around the house, "Miss ES isn't here" lol. Everybody knows KS. Just tell her you love her already.
    - And the sweetest call in this whole drama. When ES felt sad and alone in DW house, she called Shin-shi. He didn't pick up. Then he calls her back later saying he wants to taste her food again. Just say, "I missed having you around" you dummy!
    - The ugliest of all reactions is DW's. As soon as he hears ES defending Shin, he believes Dad's lie about their upcoming marriage. So what does he do to the man his sister likes? *calls K to kill him*. I wonder if it's because it's KS of all people or if it's because he thinks no man but him is worthy of his precious ES? He never thought highly of anyone who asked for her hand for marriage.
    - 7 -
    KS has changed. Before he'd push everyone around him away to protect them now he's keeping them besides him to do exactly that. We can't really bow down to every DW in our lives cuz then we're only making them stronger. 
    And his smile at the" The police are stupid, they're arresting innocent Mazinger" statement which the prosecutor didn't appreciate XD

    His clumsiness didn't exactly give a good first impression. He somewhat had it coming.
    - JM linguistic difficulties made me laugh too. "Mazinger was arrested under the the law of  Magic..hghgk...what?" *hands phone to local lawyer. He too had his share of neglect in these two episodes.

    Poor him no one cared to tell him what the heck is that black thing he's about to eat. Funny how he never ate it cuz of some divine intervention lol. I too wanna know what's that?

    I don't think he threatened to harm ES. There are plenty of people considered Shin's people. The folks at the agricultural center for instance. Speaking of which. I like that we have a spy among them. Trusting people doesn't mean they're trustworthy but it nonetheless worth giving a shot.
    IKR! Such an idiotic move. Where did your second to none DW-reading ability go at this moment?!
    I see *_* Makes perfect sense.
    ES grew up in a rich family while KA didn't? She said something about the difference between rich kids and poor kids before that statement.
    It's one scene I remember clearly. Still I was taken aback by two things: 1- How scary DW is in it. 2- How keen he's on having his successor. I don't remember he was so invested in the King & Queen thing this bad.
    That's correct. 6 long years.
    Amen. Music directors in PD-nim's dramas are awesome. Makes me want to listen to The King's Face OSTs to see if he really is the decisive factor or if he's just blessed with good music directors in AMS and Kagsital.
    Another justifiable nitpick would be:
    - Why did lady cop leave JM's cell open for ES to hear where they headed? She as a sensible police officer should've not allowed it. If she can tell a taxi has a lurking assassin in it from the way it's parked, she should've noted that ES might end up heading to the same dangerous place KS is headed to because of what she's doing.
    One last post @ecs707a
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  4. dr25 added a post in a topic: Park Bo-Gum - 박보검 - 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom Pak Po-kŏm   

    Park Bo Gum in Talks for Leading Role in “Reply 1988″
    JiwonYu May 14, 2015  On May 15, an affiliate of the drama department told Daily Sports, “Park Bo Gum has auditioned for tvN‘s ‘Reply 1988.’”
    A representative of the actor’s agency Blossom Entertainment also said, “Park Bo Gum has auditioned and had a meeting with the drama’s production team, but the results are not out yet. He is currently waiting.”
    If Park Bo Gum is cast for the drama, he will be the first youthful character in ‘Reply 1988′ so far. Actors Sung Dong Il, Lee Il Hwa, Kim Sung Kyun, Ra Mi Ran, and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri are some possible cast members, and Park Bo Gum is the first young male actor to be in talks of joining the drama as of now.
    This actor has starred in “Bridal Mask,” “Wonderful Days,” “Tomorrow Cantabile,” and more, and will be taking his first lead role in “Reply 1988″ if he is confirmed for the drama.
    This drama is planned to start production in September.
    Source (1) ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ
    Note: I didn't like the pic soompi staff chose for BG in this article (repetitive much) so I chose one after my fangirl heart.
    Oh My God! Would be dream coming true. XD  I haven't even attended to my avatar yet. Nor have I fixed my messed up siggy but I couldn't help posting this mega newwws . Excuse my looks.
     @maiwu Welcome aboard dear Thanks for the new photos. This is my fav. The way he's looking at the camera is just swoon-worthy XD

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  5. dr25 added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] My Unfortunate Boyfriend/나의 유감스러운 남자친구   

    Something doesn't add up :{ I've been looking everywhere for torrent links on my usual Korean websites but there were none for Ep2. Although DramaFever's subs for it are out. Ummm....strange. It never happened with any drama before.

    Anyhow, the drama is both cute and silly; entertains in its own way. I enjoyed the aesthetic sense in Ep 1 for the freshness it brings to the mix. And Minw made me feel for his loss (for a spider) LOL So yah his acting didn't disappoint.

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  6. dr25 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Angry Mom 앵그리맘   

    Hi everyone

    Well, all I have to say about this drama is that although it has too much blood and death threats for a comedy, I know why the script won such high scale contest. It's tightly written and fairly engaging.

    Now. Another merit for this drama is finally giving me a chance to see KHS after Faith. I tried forcing myself to sit thru her later drama Wonderful Days but I couldn't. Although I love the writer too, I couldn't. Which resulted into missing KHS-unni too much. T___T
    I'm glad her acting is being praised in Dramabeans as being her best ever despite the fact that I disagree with that as I find her performance as good as ever

    Baro, ummmm Thank you drama land for landing him a suitable role.

    I'll leave it at this, not getting into analyzing or speculating anything cuz then I'll talk til the next episode is out.

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  7. dr25 added a post in a topic: [drama 2009] Story Of A Man / The Slingshot 남자이야기   

    Ep 15-16

    I'm putting my ability to be succinct to test with this one. This is a response to your last 3 posts @ecs707a as well as my commentary. Pardon the delay. Won't be using quotes unless I def. must do so. Instead, I'll be mentioning the date of your post at the top and addressing each thought in a separate paragraph minding the order in which you wrote it in relation to the rest.

    March 16

    -lol, I came to watch zombi guy finally. What a silly movie! He's the story's only merit. No wonder he finished shooing in a relatively short time.

    -This counts for my 2nd time playing around a dead thread. There were 4 of us at a Jdrama drama thread. It wasn't a rewatch thu and I merely wrote a solo post commenting on a 19+ hours watch. When news of the remake came out some unexpected readers visited. We were writing just for the 4 of us but it was nice of someone to tag us a year later saying they enjoyed reading as well. These commentaries feel like an appropriate gesture of appreciation towards a show which is why I won't mind too if you have another show in mind Although when I take punctuality and overthinking into account, I know I shouldn't start a new project. Ummmm...

    -I considered Bad Guys then struck it off after my sister's review. Will wait for his next project for sure. Glad the drama had exeptional ratings thu.

    -Let me paraphrase your thoughts on dense DW to see if we agree. He has been dense all this time towards ES which is uncharacteristic of the meticulous him. (?)

    -It took me till ep 16 to develop sympathy towards KA. I get what you mean by feeling sorry for her by proxy, DW. I found myself feeling sorry for her too. Not only giving her credit for linking the dots so quickly but also for having the courage to stay and face the consequences. She told her father-in-law that she's well aware of the consequences of running away. I wonder what could those be? Also, from the very beginning she had the courage to approach the rumored gay Director DW. It takes any girl some guts to take the initiative, now an intimidating guy like DW... Making him trust her enough to be his mighty ES's replacement.. I can't but look favorably on that. I can't do it, so credit where credit is due. Do I believe her words to Shin-aa, "I'm not such an awful woman"?, as a matter of fact I do. She seems more like a tragic character now. The curse of achieving everything she aspired after (living at a rich man's house, have money and status as his wife) then realizing that's not making her happy. I'm under the impression that she never sought the pinky dreamy happiness but at the least she sought comfort. A comfortable easy life. So are you comfortable now KA? Is it easy living with DW? I borrow your expression, Ecs707a to say: I can hazard a guess.

    Why deliver such great news with teary eyes?

    March 18

    -For me there are 3 types of fights. The typical slow motion; the fast yet realistic fights like in Rurouni Kenshin live-action (it shows how awfully skilled a fighter is instead of saying he's just a super bada$$ who happens to win every fight just because); the type in between would be this director's type. If we exclude the the settings, there's nothing fancy about his fight scenes which is what surprisingly makes them more intense than the dramatized slow motion ones. When I think of Gaksital's Ep 27 fight all I remember is Kang-to's red eyes glaring at Shunji while holding him by the collar. Something similar to what we have in the physical encounter between DW and KS in Ep 16.

    -A similar shot from Ep 12 got my finger on the PrntScr key. Director certainly loves plying with the light and darkness [theme?].

    KS and JM stepping into the darkness while scheming to beat DW? I'm sure they had their fair share of darkness before they met him but anyhow...more darkness to come. (until that girl who had nothing to do with my theory turned the lights on which messed up my theorizing mood XD )

    -Maybe you're on to something with the family entrapment theory. ES has nothing to do with all this gloomy revenge game but her ties with such oppa and parents. Mom's request and Dad's mess ups. Except that it's a pretty shot any other attempt to see the significance of the visual tunnel failed me. I wouldn't be surprised if Director has a note on him containing beautiful sets for future projects since he cares a lot about the aesthetics of in the scenes. Take a look at this week's collection of beautiful cinematography:

    -I don't have Ep 5 on me and I'm too lazy to scan thru an online episode looking for pics but I do remember the investigator showing JM pictures of his father's accident. Only the verdict was different since the investigation wasn't that thorough.
    Is it weird that I expected you to gif that scene?  Haha.  Run, JM!

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  8. dr25 added a post in a topic: Park Bo-Gum - 박보검 - 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom Pak Po-kŏm   

    8 Male Actors Who Should Debut in a K-Pop Idol Group

    The Song Writers
    Park Bo Gum

    Park Bo Gum is known for his talent in music. He played
    piano for a long time, and revealed that he used to play it every
    Sunday for his church. Not only that, he’s also good at singing! Check
    out this teaser of D.ear‘s song “Forget You,” in which Park Bo Gum sang the song himself while playing the piano:

    Source: Soompi

    That voice gives another reason to like him! I admit not expecting it to be this good His pronunciation of the English lyrics was decent too
    I went over the thread and read all the posts as I said I'll do. @NRGchick You seem to have taken the task of watching his previous productions upon yourself (?) but the links in your posts are broken which is why I don't know which movie you were talking about. I'd appreciate it if you let me know cuz I'm thinking of doing the same. Was he given enough screen time there?

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  9. dr25 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Lol I can't but laugh at LJW's, "You don't deserve to live" statement. It reminds me of one famous saying by late dictator, Ghaddafi, "Those who don't love me, don't deserve to live" Seems like JW has the same mind frame really. Even in previous episodes, they keep regarding what he tells them as, "orders". Lol I think I'll call him Ghadafi from hereon on. Btw, Ghadafi's first name means immortal. Ha

    On a side note, I know JS pushed the guy to save him from being hit by a truck but isn't throwing a guy who's beaing treated for cancer on raw cement a bit hazardous? I mean if we're talking medical drama he should be at risk of brain concussion or something. )

    Have a nice day bloodmates. Have to head out now for my test. Wish me luck. See ya tomorrow.
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  10. dr25 added a post in a topic: [drama 2009] Story Of A Man / The Slingshot 남자이야기   

    I actually had it written on papers this time I'm more than glad to be writing my thoughts exactly a week later as per that piece of paper hanging on my closet. One side of me thinks...we're doing this to
    have fun so why shall there be any sort of timing involved. Another side
    of me knows I better think of this with timing in mind so that it
    doesn't join the piles of movies, series, books, manga, I rarely found
    myself going back to finish because I'm reading/watching them for fun. Not that I mind you taking your time with
    it at all of course. You've been on the more punctual end here. I'm
    certainly not complaining.
    Didn't get to see that zombi yet. I wouldn't be surprised if it's fear of consuming the very rare fresh material. Ummm..

    On Ep 13 & 14,I must say 13 is my favorite so far. It had so much hair flipping for all
    kinds of reasons, gif-able moments every 10 minutes or so. The only
    parts requiring some thoughtful analysis would be KA & DW's. I
    surprisingly didn't remember most of Ep 14 scenes which made it extra
    enjoyable. I wasn't filling the fuzzy picture I remember with details
    but rather like seeing that picture for the first time.

    Funny moments:
    - Lady detective remark on JM's nice butt LOL. [already gif-ed that ha]

    -Uncle keenly trying to talk Shin into taking on fraud for a profession because he "has it in him". After the autopsy prank, I second uncle. KS has gotten too skilled as con man.
    -JM & Shin racing to the bathroom.
    - KT nagging the gang leader over not selling his stocks when he told him at every given chance. Didn't he know it's..

    Didn't he notice KT was oozing with confidence when he said he'll give him trice as much?  :x
    - JM to KS, "If a girl calls a guy as many times as you call me, that's called misery".

    Gif-worthy moments:
    - KT's being adorably cautious of the revolving door not to swallow him out.
    - Would it be weird if I wanted to gif JM's running after K's car in which he had the Mayor hostage? I always wanted to see this man play a role as an athlete. That's as close as it gets.
    - KT plugging into Yuri's hair:

    -The fight scene. Good Lord the fight scene! When I'm watching or reading about a bunch of fictitious characters who end up getting on my realistic nerves, that creates two sentiments in me; irritation as well as respect. It feels unfair. They're not real I, therefore, shouldn't be emotionally invested lol. During the ongoing fight between Team Shin and CDW, I got the I-wish-I-could-punch-him-in-the-face feel more than once. For those fictitious characters to just make my wish come true, to hear my voice... For Shin and JM to think: to hell with DW and to hell with rational thinking. I'm gonna beat the S out of that brat period, was like.. Yahoooo! Finaaal.l.l.ly. Of course in Shin's dictionary a punch is aiming low, let's bulldoze DW for killing the mayor haha. Shin couldn't have been cooler. Another dramatic entry after the bow incident.

    That magnificent scene gave us these valuable captures of great DW:

    I intended to make one capture but I ended up with two I couldn't decide which of them I should post. There's a slight difference between the two. In the one with his mouth slightly open he seems more wild. Animal wild. Ready to take his next jump. The other shows more of his usual resentment towards KS that rarely surfaces.

    I made a gif set of JM's side of the fight long time ago (flying hair everywhere ) ):

    - What KA did when KS lashed out at ES awwwww:

    Another addition to DW & K's abnormal bond:
    After being dragged to the police station as a victim of KS's attack DW leaves to the company. There, he takes K to a dark room. With the latter standing in utmost submission the former strikes a few punches and kicks down the former ribs. All K does in return is get on his knees asking for DW's forgiveness with a face with no expressions Does DW grant him that? Well, after scolding him with lines like, "You bugs", "Nothing I do or say is ever wrong", "I'm the only one who decides who dies and who lives", I say he does for he didn't kill him. I might even think he cares about him, might.

    DW & KA moments:
    - In consequence, ES had to go ask DW to cancel the complaint against KS and JM because it's the only way they can get out of custody. DW doesn't like the that because she came to him to help his enemy while she should've come to check on him instead. It didn't skip his mind to use that opportunity to show off his relationship with KA to ES by telling KA to stay as there's nothing they can't discuss in front of her.
    - When KS fond out about the royal couple engagement he sent KA a text
    wanting her to meet him for him to tell her something important. I
    wouldn't consider it a coincidence that the text on KA's phone was read
    by DW first. It could be his hobby to check her phone on a
    regular bases. As a precautionary act DW tells KA what he thinks KS will be telling her, "I've been treated for mental illness for 10 years. Dad wanted me to so I did it. Because I was there when my Mom died, he assumed I killed her. He wanted to stamp me for mental illness and admit me into an institution". I'm in awe. Hats off to his majesty for in result KA answered KS's phone call to relay that she already know about DW mental state and that she's still staying by his side so he shouldn't worry about her or have anything to do with her ever again. DW was listening to to her saying all that. She made sure he does. I smell like gloating already. Enjoy your love confessions dear.
    - "How does it feel for a woman to like a man? Is it worth abandoning everything she had before?", DW asked KA after witnessing, as a lurker, KS and ES being, to his eye, friendly to each other. Later that night, he made the decision to hasten with the marriage and of course he calls ES to let her know. He doesn't have friends so no one is coming and he doesn't want anyone coming in the first place but he'd like it if ES can attend as a witness.This is it. The point of no coming back KA. Your transformation into a first class lady is just around the corner. Hearty congrats!

    KS & ES moments (believe it or not)
    I didn't exactly count them but in sum they evolved around two things
    1- He doesn't like her being around because all he does is planning to destroy her brother and her witnessing him plotting doesn't feel right. He doesn't want her hearing his curses at her brother. Ummm... may I ask why KS? I'm reminded by the very first episode when ES said she didn't see anger in KS's eyes but sadness instead. He seems to be trying to figure out what he sees in ES's eyes. He asked if she's on he brother side? How long has she known about him being a psychopath?
    2- His questions lead him to realize how hard it must've been on our poor yet strong ES all this time. When he asked, "Have you been going around apologizing on behalf of her brother all your life?", my ES started crying. He struck a cord. Carrying her mission alone must've been heavy indeed.



    Reading your response @ecs707a I had one thought at the back of my head: it's good to have a watching chingu. It helps getting one out of his/her own head. Although I share your idea about a pile of many bringing a good difference onto the world, I wrote with the drama's dominant theme of blood money most of the time. Same with DW being simply germ-phobic. That's a befitting shortcut in relation to what I suggested.

    It's on my plan to watch the last episode from my beloved Nine using Viki's subs. I'll keep feeling like I'm missing on something till I check it against it. Speaking of other dramas, I plan to watch Hogu' Love when I'm in the mood for it. Merely and primarily for former Beating Heart member sake. I saw the press conference all is left is the heart to start a new drama. Dunno when that's gonna happen. What is it with BH members growing on me?! I lately marathoned Gunman in Joseon and there was Jeon Hyebin playing the pitch second female. She gave me every reason to hate he character but I couldn't.

    You are right. He was dense in that particular situation. What I was saying is that it doesn't feel like him to be so. A bit out of character.

    Nope, he didn't.

    Ummmm...... [yes I quoted the above to say only this]. Btw isn't it technically cleaner to have a disposable tissue than a handkerchief on you? Ummmm...

    You look cute eating lemon. I wouldn't mind if you kept eating it for another year XD As I never posted anything to his Soompi home, it's good to see that face via your avi. My thought of a siggy is a ten-faced banner but I got sick from looking for the pictures. It's gonna be changing every now and then til I find them. When I do you'll see your image reflected in it :\"> Without the lemon of course.

    Daddy is the expert in predicting DW's behavior while KS is the expert in predicting DW's line of thoughts. Daddy has always known whatever in his son's mind isn't that good but KS is by now capable of giving the closest reasoning  to DW's behavior.

    Am I considered too harsh if I say I don't care to follow KA's reason anymore? I can't bring another brain cell to think about this character.

    Perhaps I was too nice? I called her a former entertainer comparing her to Princess Grace. Maybe I should've named her previous occupation more accurately. Ummm... yes I hate her this much. Maybe I hate her now more than I hated her in my first watch lol

    Excuse the weird formatting at the beginning. Dunno why it happened nor how to fix it.

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  11. dr25 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] ━╃ Kill Me, Heal Me 킬미, 힐미 ╄━   

    Three kisses in a row!


    Edit: This thought is off the top of my mind, obviously XD Will have to get back here for a proper conclusion post later since I feel like I owe a word of thanks to this drama. Posting about it here is all the gratitude I can show so...

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  12. dr25 added a post in a topic: Park Bo-Gum - 박보검 - 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom Pak Po-kŏm   

    Interview with PBG on ShowbizKorea (Christmas Special, 2014).

    I happened to catch the episode on TV when it aired last year. He caught my eye on Bridal Mask, as the hottie whom I thought was too good a brother to be that spy witch's little brother. What a waste. Then I was watching Tomorrow's Cantabile and there he was,
    My Cello Oppa!!!

    So having him grace the screen in my living room without me even expecting it was the perfect present for that evening. He's quite the jovial! I'm glad I got to see what he kept calling his "first interview" and by that contribute to that episode's ratings (even by a one screen count ). I love the fact that it was intended for us international fans as well as for the local Korean fans of course. The way he spoke in this matches my assumption; quiet...comfortable...sensible. I'm not sure I get the 'first interview' thing. Does he mean like his first ever televised interview or like his first interview on the show? It doesn't make sense that he never had a TV interview before, right? 0_o I thought his role in TC was meaty enough to grant him a few interviews despite the drama's surprising low ratings. Anyhow, the Heart-Stealer pun was so after my own heart it made me chuckle in agreement.
    Saw his performance in Roaring Currents too. They pretty much smudged his handsome features which made concentrating on his performance an easier task ) In my mind it was a fairly decent performance.
    I watched his musical performance for KBS Awards Ceremony live via KBS World. He was just too cute playing that piano. He's sexy playing cello but cute playing the piano XD Yes the mere act of playing instruments can be ranked sexiness/cuteness- wise.

    I wish him all the best as an actor, a to-be heartthrob, and a person above all.

    Photoshoot During the Tomorrow Cantabile days for Star1



    His latest news is the cast in the movie  Chinatown, looking forward to seeing him this year.

    Thank you so very much @kaiskloset for starting the thread, and @adikkeluangman for keeping us updated :x Will have to go over the thread to read every post later. I merely scanned thru it to make sure I didn't repeat any content for now.

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    My streaming went smoothe during every boring scene between Manager/Chairman Doctors whom I don't give the least **%!* about but kept lagging when JS/RT were on. Too bad I can't fastforward when I'm live streaming. •_•

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    @noerul20 Yay! You're here! I was just wondering if your brother was in the mood to play games today too. Apparently he isn't XD Thank him on my behalf would you

    I'm reporting as audience for today's live recap Fighting everyone and many thanks in advance!
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    Lol so I read at the comments section in the JS Gaining Fame in China Koala blogpost, "[who and who] can act 7 different personalities better than JS" 0_O Just count how many heated discussions have centered around who should the lead girl choose, SG or CDH? ALTHOUGH THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON actually. If that doesn't convince, look at how many camps (I'm camp SG/Yuna btw ) we have in this thread alone and you'll realize how good JS acting is. Even the comments to KNHM videos on utube have the same camps system going. Everybody is cheering for a person against the same person because JS's portrayl of those different characters compels the viewers to see his different personalities as though they're different people. That's how far ahead he is. So don't give me the "His acting isn't all that much" attitude you bitter fangirls.
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