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    cliffbinder2---said : " She is slowly mending a broken heart and as we all know she is very transparent and it pains me to hear from her "we haven't seen each other since BOF", this clearly is a defense mechanism...
     If  GHS - ssi were worked in the army she would be put in charge with the ciphering , she has a very sharp mind and she never been open with her life . She is an introverted , private person . And how come you can believe that  " "we haven't seen each other since BOF" ?    Then what about all their open meeting at Kim  Jon concert , the tour of promoting BOF  around Asia , the Awards Ceremony in Dec 2009 - drama ended in April , at her art -picture exhibition etc ? Who knows them are aware with all their life style , and don't let themself  took by the wave ! MinSun were , are and will be forever together .  They kept their relation secret  and will do it forward at it is necessary . 
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