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  1. pandora460 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Naeil's Cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레   

    @HiroAyako, love your MV much!!! the bts scenes has once again shown JW's gentleman ways and good rapport with his partner, taking good care of them in a tender sort of way. Its about time JW dates someone if he isnt already, but I wont mind if its going to be SEK. (*ducks* to avoid what is going to be thrown my way by the moaties, girlfriends, wives, mistresses of JW in this thread... just my opinion, ladies..kekeke)
    @farbarri, agree with your favorite scene of episode 6..the Maestro's comment practically hit the bullseye!
    episodes 5 and 6 are great episodes. i had spontaneous tears falling for all the heartwarming scenes, and the lovable student-musicians. i am just loving this drama and one indicator is that i keep listening to Mozart's piano duet in D, K448 and Beethoven's Eroica.
    and I love Joo Won, he is sooo hot in this drama without him even trying! Love the scarves around his neck and the tight pants.. :x  :\"> 
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  2. pandora460 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Naeil's Cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레   

    Joo Won nailed it again by coming up with this new character.  His performance is never wanting, always at par with his role's expectations. (But as a cutie, i am inclined to say he is doing superb acting. )I am glad i am encountering this story for the first time and i don't have to make comparisons (it can't be helped i guess for those who are familiar with the manga and the jdrama) because i can enjoy this one to the hilt.  and boy, i am immensely enjoying the show!!I, too, initially felt SEK was overacting, but coming into the second episode, i realized she was playing into her character.I cant wait for our OTP to eventually fall for each other!And I love the music and the scoring!  I like how they are bringing to fore classical music in an enjoyable manner.I am keeping my hopes that the ratings will improve if only to keep  up with JW's wish; but this drama is number one in my book now!
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  3. pandora460 added a post in a topic: Joo Won 주원 - Passion Heaven (Chinese Movie) & Upcoming Movie "그 놈이다 (Geu Nom-I-Da)"   

    @coolreborn..watched the first broadcast of 7LCS too and i hope they will cut the parts of KSW's parents and not Cutie's moments. )
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