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  1. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    ​Hehe the things that strike you in the middle of the night. Agree, Myeung Soo had her in a cocoon, wadded up in cotton and hidden preciously away!
    To your question - probably both MS and SJ have 'grown up' past their naive stages? Then again, Myung Soo is what is called an 'unreliable narrator' - his view of the past isn't always the clearest, and he's been shown capable of avoiding the truth. He has moments of deep insight (the meal in Ep 5 for instance), but when he does is when he gets coy about his past too.  Maybe this show should be sub-titled: The Mystery of Myung Soo.
    I think Jo Gun's role is a great one. He's all of us, he's the observer, he's the director. He points out what we, as the audience, want to point out, and he pokes and prods where we want to. I don't know about Jo Gun as a lover, or as a beloved character, but I like JG and his inquisitive eyebrows. >.<
    That's what I like about the writing for this show too. It reveals the characters' frailty to emotions and changing motivations as realizations emerge, but it does it in a way that is not confusing at all. We understand why they change, what they are doing, and throughout the crazy, we know what drives them. That's some excellent writing, if you ask me. When a relatively large cast of characters shift around like this, it takes  skilled writer to avoid the audience losing track of who's doing what and why. 
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  2. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    Huh, I just noticed something. The three exes are the same girl in different stages of their lives.
    Rara is the youngest - the free temptress
    Hwa Yeong is the temptress who caught her man. Basically, she's Rara after catching her man.
    Ji Ah is the wise, once-married, now divorced woman. She once was Hwa Yeong, poised on the edge of the rest of her life, but now left alone.
    There is no specific role for Soo Jin, inasmuch as she is forever caught in the writers mind as 'that girl from the past'. She never aged, she never dated, she's preserved as an image of eternal innocence, quite separate, asexualized as compared to the other three. In other words, Soo Jin is portrayed as an ideal virgin. 
    Does that mean though, that Myeong Soo is caught in an eternal cycle? Maybe that's why the plot has him doomed to repeat it if he isn't broken out of it. 
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  3. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: |WGM Chinese Version| We Are In Love - BF Choi Siwon |SUJU| and GF Liu Wen |Victoria Secret Model|   

    Wow @liddi thank you. Though you are busy you have put together another excellent translation. We all thank you!
    *insert mad bowing emoticon that is now lost to us* 
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  4. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: |WGM Chinese Version| We Are In Love - BF Choi Siwon |SUJU| and GF Liu Wen |Victoria Secret Model|   

    For those here who don't know much about Siwon - here's an interview that had a nice balance of funny and meaningful. It's with some of his bandmates, and what makes it fun is that one of the interviewers is also a bandmate (Kyu Hyun who is seated on the far left). 
    I found it totally hilarious when Eun Hyuk started spoofing Siwon's english.
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  5. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    It's not clear if she even knows the full story. Anyway, my estimated timeline is also the same cat-fox-lioness-SJ, with a possible HY-SJ overlap. 
    That might have been part of the reason MS couldn't get too close to SJ. Still had untidy ends from HY?
    Death - mysterious. Not sure who died. Some relative of MS or possibly his mom. Because definitely it was his mom hospitalized during MS & SJ's flashback. But it's not clear if it was the same person or not. 
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  6. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    @meh2222 the timeline would be useful to have, no? There are only two time points I am sure of. 
    Ji Ah said "five years ago", and earlier it was established that his first love was Ji Ah. 
    Hwa Yeong said to Jo Gun that MS was "three years ago"
    so far there is no info on Rara's timing. 
    Whats confusing is that Soo Jin's last contact with MS also seemed to be three years ago. The SJ-MS timeline seems to be a long one so there might be overlaps with the others. 
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  7. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    @sanika I feel like there's a story between Ji Ah and MS that needs to be told. I really like the character Ji Ah and I think the actress is giving her a very intriguing balance between sophisticated frosty but lonely and hurting woman. Somehow she's given the character a very intelligent, mature feel. I like her a lot. 
     I mean, she wasn't of a mindset to have him back then, she was the one he cried over the most, so it seems to me that had Soo Jin not come into his life at this time, he might have gotten back together with Ji Ah. Even with Soo Jin back, he was still dancing attendance all over Ji Ah, until he was forced to put words to the attraction he had with Soo Jin wayyyy back then.
    I'd like to hear the story from Ji Ah's p.o.v. Or write it. Why did she dump a good guy in favour of her arranged marriage? What happened in the states? Did she come back empty handed, with no alimony, but determined to go it alone, not depending on a man? Is that why she has the restaurant? Did thoughts of MS ever come to her during her marriage and divorce? Or was she surprised too, that the sight of MS brought back unexpected feelings? Or does the restaurant name, M.S.G stand for Myeong Soo's Girl?
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  8. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    Hi @sanika *waves*
    I think @dingax hit the nail on the head - Myung Soo wants to move ahead with SJ but he's scared/holding back/uncertain/unable to take the lead. We've already been shown that he has had a poor childhood and he doesn't feel to confident around rich and/or smart people. So I think in the first scene it was a mix of sharing and feeling out SJ's possible attitude towards him. When she replied that she would always keep loving her early loves, he had this tiny delighted smile. SO. CUTE.
    Then in the other scenes where he's texting and waiting for SJ, I think it's a simple case of lovesickness. Patently obvious to everyone, including his fellow webtoon artist who happily pointed it out (SO CUTE TOO). Basically, once he started to wrap his head around the idea of dating SJ, he just couldn't unthink it any more, or pretend he didn't want to. 
    SJ's obtuseness is her wall. The huge wall of hurt she built up when she thought she'd been delusional, and her brother-in-law read her the rules of friendzoning for guys. (LOL).
    EDIT: @meh2222 LOL. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Good dramas are too rare for me to waste it by being spoilt. That happened for ep 5, Myung Soo's confession scene, and ARGH when I saw the scene for myself finally, it fell flatter than it should have. I want FEELS and I want them unexpected just like that. I love that Myung Soo hates all the lying going on and felt the urge to just tell the truth, even if it was in very abstract terms. 
    Re: Hwa Young and OI. Jo Gun already pointed out the key problem - she's lying to her fiance. It's not the movie, it's not the potential disaster, it's not even Myung Soo being her ex, it's straight up NOT being truthful to the man she's going to marry. Jo Gun has a very valid point. She heard him. But she still turned around and carried on with her ambition-driven determination to make reality fit her version of events. I hope her fiance dumps her. Right now she doesn't have a single redeeming value. Like someone said earlier, what in the world did Myung Soo and her fiance see in her?
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  9. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    Wow, what happened? Between eps 4 and 5, the drama went from relatively shallow to heart-tuggingly real. What I love about this show is that they manage to make all the motivations grounded in reality. That makes it so much easier for me to understand what could have been an incredibly complex web of lies. I know very clearly what each person wants, and how their usual way of getting what they want is. Therefore, I will also know how the current situation is making it hard for all of them. I can practically draw the excel chart in my head!
    By ep 6 I have hit my personal indicator of commitment to a drama - I refuse to be spoilt in advance. I don't read the forum, I don't look at the raw, I don't look at the promo videos, until I have had a chance to watch the drama for myself. So I finally got through Ep 6 today and I was GLUED TO THE SCREEN. Flutters, squees, omo-omos. I had them all. I am HAPPY.
    EDIT: I just realized that was a horribly abstract squee. But you guys have all said what I wanted, which had me handing out Likes left and right. My version - Myung Soo - cutie, Jo Gun - smartie, Soo Jin - sweetie, Jin Ah - ouchie, Rara - oooh, Hwa Young - OI. There. Short and sharp.
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  10. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: |WGM Chinese Version| We Are In Love - BF Choi Siwon |SUJU| and GF Liu Wen |Victoria Secret Model|   

    Hello all
    I've been lurking, but had to delurk to just say something today, about what's bothering me about some of these comments about Liu Wen, and her experience with men, since she's a super model, and she lives in NYC etc etc. People who bring this up, usually use it as evidence that Liu Wen can't possibly be showing her real self in this show, since she can't be this shy and this uncomfortable around Siwon. Then there are those who say that she's grown up as a conservative small-town Chinese girl, and that she's truly is completely uncomfortable around Siwon's overt and possibly too fast overtures for skinship, and for emotional vulnerability.
    IMO, the reality is probably a combination of both, and if you watch that recently released Elle video, you'll see both sides of Liu Wen appearing. 
    Consider this:
    There are two kinds of naked - emotional and physical. As a model, Liu Wen's job requires physical nakedness. In the fashion industry, the standard of nakedness is MUCH more casual than outside the industry. Catwalk models need to change outfits so quickly that they regularly strip back stage, before reaching the changing area. There's no time for modesty, not if you want to meet professional standards for speed. Also, there are people who need to access your body, for makeup, for hair, for body makeup, for clothes adjustment etc etc. There is no way you can say no to such things, and everyone needs access to her body to be able to do their jobs. On the other hand, emotional nakedness requires a willing vulnerability, and a trust, that the other person who sees you naked emotionally will not laugh, point fingers, or make a joke of you. Granted, when one is physically naked, one is also often emotionally vulnerable. However, it is possible to divorce the two, or at least to think at a meta-level and to put aside emotional vulnerability to be professional.  I don't believe you can survive as a catwalk model otherwise. 
    So, to the video. During the dance, it is so clear to me that Liu Wen cannot force her body to be comfortable around Siwon. Poor Siwon feels it and cannot understand her physical NO, to him, other than to interpret is as a rejection. It wasn't nice of him to keep pointing it out, I think, but he also balanced that with repeated comforting and assurance (It's ok, I like you, it's ok), so he's forgiven. 
    To me, it's amazing that Liu Wen could not force her body to behave. She is an accomplished model. She has this ability to just know what the camera and the director wants, and she can deliver it. So what made it so hard? Her mind of course. As Siwon said, there is no switch for emotions (he said love, but I am paraphrasing). Siwon kept asking her to be emotionally vulnerable to him, even when she couldn't trust him. Of course, she's going to resist that emotional stripping. Siwon was an a$$ in that regard, sorry Siwon fans. (Full disclosure - I think SuperJunior is adorable, I'm a fan, but that doesn't mean I don't see their flaws). Wooing a woman takes time, and "in a hurry because of a lack of filming time" isn't an excuse for me. I think the next step for him is to take his own advice and RELAX. She'll come to him in her own time. I do understand his other assertion though, that he didn't want to be doing this show in a way that would force an unwilling woman to spend time with him even though she isn't interested. 
    Nevertheless, after their heart-to-heart talk, which I've come to believe was pretty honest (I'll tell you in a while, why I think so), they both came to an understanding. He, that she cannot be so easily emotionally vulnerable, and she, that he quickly trusts. He does seem to be more physically and emotionally open. In SJ, I'll share with you, he's the skinship prince (there's one that's worse). Needy and unashamed about it!
    After their understanding, you can see in the video that Liu Wen found it easier to do both - be emotionally vulnerable and be physically seductive with SiWon. In that video you can see Liu Wen pre-talk and post-talk, and if you compare that with the earlier couple photoshoot, it's even more obvious how far they've come in understanding each other. Good for her, I say. Good for Siwon, I say, because he's learned to give her some measure of security. 
    So, in summary, there is no reason to bash Liu Wen. I really don't think she's lying or pretending to be shy when she isn't, or should be experienced. She IS experienced in being a super model, but I think emotionally, she's still very much a small town girl. 
    And oh, yes, the heart-to-heart talk. No one else was in the room. I know you might find that hard to believe, because there were four camera angles, and some competent switching of scenes, but if you look at the wide view of the room, you can see three cameras mounted on the makeup table in front of them. (they are the tube-shaped black things). One on Siwon for his close up shots, one for Liu Wen for her close up shots, one to encompass the two of them on the sofa, and the final camera mounted on a wall or a stand, higher up, to encompass the whole room. So basically, after Siwon came in for a talk, you can see there's a cut, and then Liu Wen says, seemingly out of nowhere, "now, ok, sit?" That's after they set up the cameras, cleared the room and gave them the go ahead. Then in post-production, the editor simply uses the footage from 4 cameras, and cuts them together for the audience to follow the conversation, just as if you were in a drama. 
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  11. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    aw thanks @OdankItha 
    @changminners - keep on loving and laughing!
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  12. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    ​Hehe I came back already. I WISH I were on vacation, does that count? 
    Meanwhile I am drowning in work. Even when I have free time my mind is wrapped up in work. So I've basically stopped writing ANYTHING for lack of mind space. I just wrote about it here, so please have a look. From now on, even if I do write it won't be anything ambitious any more. Not for a long while.
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  13. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014/2015] Healer 힐러 - Thanks to "Healer" Cast&Crew!!   

    Hello everyone
    Sorry I have been utterly MIA. Work has become very all-encompassing and in my free time all I want to do is NOT face a keyboard and screen... which means it's such bad news for the FF. More information below, for those interested.
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  14. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    Seriously. That GIF you have there @MariaG.
    This is the secret sauce of this show. It's like hijinks, hijinks, HEART. In the most unexpected places.
    He's playing his part in the farcical relationship. She's playing her part in the farcical relationship. He pulls her in for a showy kiss, she's all into it too, and jussssst when they get close... she can't meet his eyes. She gets demure. And sweetly affected. And spazzz.... because he feels it and goes "What's this?" 

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  15. mywebfoot added a post in a topic: [Upcoming Drama 2015] ◇∞ Ex-Girlfriends' Club ❤ 구여친클럽 ∞◆ 1st teaser,poster page 9   

    And oh, btw: so far, I am still tickled pink everytime the "Rose of Sharon" song plays. It's so strange and discordantly perky that I always grin when I hear it.

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