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  1. wayne_ added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies]   

    are guys seriously doesnt want to talk about how jonghyun is checking out sungyeon hip/a*s/b*tt when she do the sexy dance ?????? 

    and the shy-but-naughty-and-sultry look that sungyeon gave him.

    her face is totally red that her leg seems so white but her upper body and face is red like tomato 
    and oh? did i see a room there??ohhhhhh what a strategic place to show the sexy dance to your hubby.
    and another analysis that me and my sister made just now when we are watching this ep together lol
    actually this is the first time my sister join me to watch jongyeon so she kinda shocked with all the hot skinship they have when the love fight in the sea segment began.and when we both watch it together,she suddenly scream this 'did he just bury his face into her chest or what?holy cow'
    and im like hold up sis and rewind the segment over and over again lol and i found this

    thanks sis for shouting that out loud and people might think we are watching porn or something...
    and did you guys notice that when sungyeon starts to stradle jonghyun the wave was like not there yet,you can see that based on the water level on jonghyun body 

    and suddenly the footage was cut straight to the jonghyun rest his face on her chest moment,i bet they have this hot moment  before the wave actually came and crashed them lol its a good thing tho 
    i hope the sub will come out soon,im dying to know what are they talking about especially the parasailing part.
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