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  1. Neney28payao added a post in a topic Breaking: IU and Jang Ki Ha Reportedly Dating   

    Congrats to the new couple! IU you go girl!! Stay happy!
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  2. Neney28payao added a post in a topic iKON Under Fire for Dissing Idols in Their New Song “Rhythm Ta”   

    I love idols and I love Ikon. I don't know about you guys but I don't find any bad in the lyrics. They write their own song and they just want to express theirself. This is their debut album do you think they want to be criticize this early? Beside their whole album was probably approved by all seniors in YG esp papa YG. Other people just love to make some issues. Geeezz!! can we just enjoy, love and appreciate their hard work?!
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  3. Neney28payao added a post in a topic [Variety] Good Sunday - Running Man 런닝맨   

    I love this week episode!! (well I love all episode, hahah) It was simple and yet really funny!! RM betrayal moment is really one of a kind!! I laugh so much when Jin Young said that RM family has a great teamwork but when the camera roll they like different people! Always betraying each other!! The handsome guest Im Joo Hwan is surprisingly really strong!! He can drag are Sparta Kook! Eunhyuk last appearance in a variety show before enlistment aaaawwww! I'm glad He was able to do it. He even said see you again after 2 yrs and RM was cheering him!! The thieves still following the traffic rules! RM really shows good example.
    Ow the best moment? Impala hyung betrayal moment until the end!! Can't wait for next week episode!! RM fighting!
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  4. Neney28payao added a post in a topic JYJ’s Park Yoochun Enlists in Army and Posts Touching Letter and Video for Fans   

    Come back safe and healthy Yoochun!!!
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  5. Neney28payao added a post in a topic Jung Joon Ha Confesses How Hurt He Was From “Infinity Challenge” Music Festival Criticism   

    I watch his performance and he really did an awesome job!! His rapping did improved!!
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  6. Neney28payao added a post in a topic “Monday Couple” Gary and Song Ji Hyo Act Like a Real Couple at Airport in China   

    I think Ji Hyo unnie is just holding Gary oppa hand so that they can't be separated in the Airport. There are many fans in the area. You know sometimes Gary oppa easily become one of the crowd :)
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  7. Neney28payao added a post in a topic Breaking: Tao Officially Submits Lawsuit Against SM Entertainment to End Exclusive Contract   

    May I the only one who is not surprise with this news?
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  8. Neney28payao added a post in a topic Lee Kwang Soo Can’t Take His Eyes Off of Song Ji Hyo’s Dress: “It’s Really Skin!”   

    LOL! Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo are really close!!
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  9. Neney28payao added a post in a topic “Superman Returns” Song Manse Is Upset When His Brothers Get Punished, Wants to Take Punishment Together   

    aaawwww! who would not love this triplets! Aigoo! Free spirit maknae really loves his hyung!!

    I remember in the past episode, Manse was scolded for not eating properly by daddy Song, I think that made him realize how to value food. Daddy song and his wife are having a good job for raising the kids so well!
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  10. Neney28payao added a post in a topic [BREAKING] Sulli Officially Leaves f(x)   

    I'm really praying that Shinee will remain 5 until forever!!

    SM loosing their idol group member!!
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  11. Neney28payao added a post in a topic Yang Hyun Suk Wants iKON to Win Rookie of the Year Award   

    pressure!!! Ikon fighting!!
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  12. Neney28payao added a post in a topic Tao Expresses Loneliness During Time With EXO: “I Was Alone For Four Years”   

    wow! Seriously Tao?! geez! how can you say all of that? Your not even officially out from EXO and you are already saying that!?

    Hands up for Kris and Luhan! Eventhough they left EXO they never say this kind of things!
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  13. Neney28payao added a post in a topic Tao (Huang Zitao) Releases Solo MV, Album Lyrics Raising Eyebrows   

    as an EXO-L it was really upsetting that He just leave like that but maybe He has his own reason. I just wish him well and success!
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  14. Neney28payao added a post in a topic SHINee’s Jonghyun Addresses Accusations of Him Making a Misogynistic Statement   

    geez! sometimes I wonder if those K-netizens are being paid for overreacting in everything.
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