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  1. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @geumtrangdi and all the FF helpers, thanks so much for making 2015 KHS Film Fest happen! Look forward to participating in it. Love all 3 movies!
    Yes hope GHS is enjoying her normal life and relaxing with family and friends and taking good care of herself. Miss her so much though! Hope she comes back to Twitter soon so she can continue to share a little bit of her life with us.
    I am not leading the Birthday  Project, just helping it along in any way I can, hoping for it to be successful. Sunnies, let's unite and try our best for this project. Sunnies if you visit any GHS fans sites, please spread the word and give the link. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=136531&page=1 .
    Sis @gayu312 is helping  to inform the admins of some of the regional GHS Facebook pages. Thank you.
     @cheerkoo and Vanilla at DC are the ones who spearheaded  the project. We are grateful for their efforts . Thanks so much!
     Hope GHS will be energized and feels our love  and support for her!
    Canadian sunnies who wish to join, please contact me. Thanks. 
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  2. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    For the GHS Birthday Project, it is up to individual regional groups to organize themselves and get an individual with paypal account to represent them and collect the donations and send them to Vanilla. 
    Some admins of  the regional GHS FaceBook Fan page may be organizing the birthday project for that region. Sunnies, please check with the admins of your regions/ groups.
    To make it easier for Vanilla it is better if we send the money in a group . Alternately, individuals not in any groups can still send the donation to Vanilla  through paypal. It will be nice to let Vanilla know which country you are from.
    Please beware that paypal charge a percentage for sending the money.Those with no paypal account , please find someone with paypal to help out. If you do not know anyone with paypal, you can pm me and I will try to help.
    Let's support this Birthday project within our means. When united and combined, we can make a difference!
    Please, no sunnie is to feel bad if you can't contribute. You can help by spreading the word. There will always be other opportunity to show your love and support for our girl.
    Thanks Sunnies! GHS fighting! Sunnies  fighting!
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  3. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks so much @cheerkoo! That is great news!
    Thanks DC- Vanilla.  So good of you to offer to help us with this donation project!  
    Let's us all support this donation birthday project as much as we can to show our love for GHS ! Doing charity is a wonderful way of showing support!
    Sunnies, let's us unite as GHS fans and make this birthday project a success!
    To make things easier for Vanilla, may I suggest fans group together and collect the donations and send them together to Vanilla  by Nov 2 .I remember snowsummer had said before it take a few days to access the funds.
    Not all Sunnies will be able to do so as a group as we are all spread out. We can also help each other because not everyone has a paypal account.  
    I don't mind collecting for the Canada region.
     Any Sunnies from Canada who wish to contribute to this birthday project, please pm me . Thanks!  
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  4. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks for your efforts @cheerkoo. Too bad no k sunnie step up to try to make this work! 
    Mr Angijong did not respond to my email either. Not sure if he understands it as I wrote in English.
    Nevertheless we can keep trying.  Does any Sunnie know anyone  in Korea who can reliably help us?
    Or is any Sunnie going to visit Korea sometime in November or December who wouldn't mind getting the donation to KLS?? Even if we can't make it in time for her birthday, we can still make it for November or December!  
    If it is not in time to be a birthday project, we can just call it a support GHS project!
    What do you think?  When there is a will, there is a way, right Sunnies?
    In the meantime , let's keep voting everyday, Sunnies!
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  5. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks. Please provide the link to the article.  
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  6. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Happy Chuseok/ Autumn Festival to GHS-ssi and all Sunnies celebrating it this weekend! May you all have a good time with your families!  
    Hope YG will confirm GHS for the Legendary Tycoon soon! Then we get to see her dressed gorgeous, perhaps something like this! Just dreaming! kkk

    credit as tagged.
    Please  keep voting while we wait for her comeback! Thanks, Sunnies ! Fighting! 
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  7. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Enjoy Blood, Taiwan Sunnies! Hope the drama gets many viewers! Will the drama be dubbed?
    It sure was an entertaining drama! GHS had once again shown what a versatile actress she is. There is no remnants of her previous characters in Yoo Rita! She had coolly and bravely made YRT her own! Fighting!
    Miss her so much! Hope she comeback soon with a good project! For the Chinese drama, we just have to wait for official confirmation from YG.
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  8. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hi @yyim. Welcome to GHS thread. Is the donation project  you want explanation on?
    We would like to do a worldwide donation campaign to The Korea Leukemia Society in GHS' name to celebrate her birthday on Nov 9 as she is the ambassador for that society. This is something close to her heart and we like to show support for GHS and also do charity in this way. 
    We can only proceed if we can find a way of getting the money to the KLS. In the past we have joined in projects like food trucks ,organized by Snowsummer at DC-GHS. She is trustworthy and always did an awesome job. Snowsummer had a paypal account which we sent money to. Paypal is an easy and secure way for International fans to send money. We can do Western Union too I guess. That is why we are waiting for her to respond. As of this moment, none so far. If someone trustworthy from DC will step up to lead the project, we welcome it too. 
    We are also trying to contact the president of the KLS  directly but as seen in Cheerkoo's post, her tweet did not appear, thus we hope someone in Korea will help contact him. In the past when we did the first donation project, he did not respond to his email. 
    Thanks @cheerkoo for your efforts. Please keep trying.
    @helkel We may have to take you up on the offer if all else fails. Thanks !
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  9. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hi Sunnies. While GHS is taking her break, her dramas are being shown overseas. Isn't it awesome?.
    Angel Eyes was shown at TVN in Panama from Aug 3 (Is it still airing? Any feedback from Panaman viewers ?)
     Angel Eyes is being shown at TV Tokyo from Sept 1. ( This airs in the morning. Any feedback from Japanese viewers?)
    Blood is being shown in HK starting Sept 18.
    Blood is going to air at GTV in Taiwan Sept 26.
    Please take Care of Us, Captain will be shown at GTV in Taiwan Sept 28.
    Blood will air in Japan Oct 7.
    Seems like a GHS Dramas Fest! kkk   Enjoy watching! 
    Are the dramas dubbed in Panama,  HK and Taiwan? Any Sunnies from Panama,  HK and Taiwan here? 
    Have a good day/night, Sunnies!
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  10. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Gosh I am super excited with the news. Thanks @ZamZam . Let's pray it is true and we hear official news soon!
    For the worldwide donation campaign to the Leukemia Society in GHS' name to celebrate her birthday, we are still waiting to hear from snowsummer and trying to figure a way of getting the money to the LS before we go ahead with the project.
    Take care Sunnies! Fighting!
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  11. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Any other ideas to celebrate GHS' birthday, Sunnies? I think @geumtrangdi proposed a GHS filmfest for the month of Oct, so if you like to do up a schedule for us like which movie to watch and discuss each week @geumtrangdi?
    It will be great if we can access the movies with Eng subs. The only one with Eng subs available at Itunes is Peach Tree. Magic dvd with Eng subs is available for sale but not available for streaming at any legal site? Daughter is not available with Eng subs unless some of you has found it. Cheerful Caretaker and Pieces of Memories are available with Eng subs but You , I can't find with Eng subs but I think @cheerkoo translated for us then.
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  12. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks so much @cheerkoo for posting the donation/charity idea at DC. Showing support to a cause that is so close to her heart and helping those in need will be a meaningful way of celebrating her birthday!  What do you think, Sunnies?Anyone who wish to step up to lead the campaign in their respective area, please pm me or let us know at soompi here. The adminstrators of the various fan pages, will you be interested in participating in this worldwide campaign for GHS birthday?
    No matter how small the amounts, when combined and united together,  we can make a difference!
    GHS Fans Union fighting!
    We appreciate all the GHS events snowsummer had organised and hope she will be willing again to help us lead the campaign.
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  13. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks @cheerkoo for translating the account of the first sighting of GHS in Paju. It is hilarious that while in disguise , GHS nearly got mistaken to be a thief! kkk No wonder before that, we haven't any account of her sighting in Paju! At least he got her signature as proof! Lucky him!
    @helkel yes we are both suffering from the same "disease" ! I wish I had put all her photos , interviews ,etc in a  folder so whenever I miss her, I just go and look into my folder. Too bad there is no hard copy of Breath 2 album. I would have love to add it to my GHS collection.Hope  you and your friend will enjoy Blood together and have interesting discussions on it. That is a great idea- sharing drama watching over long distance!
    Let's keep voting at those sites Sunnies! Thanks!
    Hopefully we get news of our girl soon! Miss her so much!
    I leave you with this lovely pic of her from Vogue in 2010! She is like a doll!
    credit as tagged
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  14. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @shadia71 Thanks for reminding us to vote with the links. 
    I could only vote 3 times in a row per day at those links. 
    Great job, Sunnies. GHS has moved from no. 13 to no. 10! So now she is in the top 10.
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  15. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    I must be missing GHS like crazy as I went hunting for her old pics.
    This one was posted by Minjee, taken from DC.
    Our beautiful white angel in 2004!

    Cr DC
    Hope we get updates of her soon . Pray for a good project for her!
    Wherever you are, our angel, please stay healthy and be happy! We love you!  
    Let's keep voting at all the sites while we wait, Sunnies!
    Take care Sunnies! Fighting!
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