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  1. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hi Sunnies,
    Still listening to her #Breath2 album?  I find these next 2 tracks interesting. I feel relaxed and happy listening to them.
    Track 09. 달빛/ Moonlight  Sounds to me she is happy under the moonlight. I have images of her skipping and dancing in the moonlight! Feels like she is happy. hahaha!  One of my favorite tracks.
    Track 10. 안녕/ Goodbye   This is similar to Moonlight.  Happy and relaxing. Not sure why it is named Goodbye, perhaps towards the end, goodbye to a good time out?
    What are your impressions, Sunnies? 
    Let's keep promoting #Breath2 album! It really deserves more attention. What I like about her music is it speaks to the heart and makes us feel ....Daebak!
    I will be away for a few weeks. Not sure if I will be here during that time. Take care all! Keep up the love for GHS!
    Thanks Sunnies for sharing and for all the posts! I pray GHS-ssi is happy and well and she comes back with a good project soon! 
    Fighting and Fighting!
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  2. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @kgrl43 Thanks for the pics. It is nice to see them and the pics remind me of the many times Sunnies had visited Cafe Manolin and the happy memories of GHS-ssi there in her various activities and interviews. 
    Yes , indeed you are lucky to see it before it closed.  It was on my bucket list! lol!
    Thanks @cheerkoo, you cheer me up with the news of the sighting. Even though there are not any details but the fact that GHS is enjoying a nice cup of coffee in GangReung is welcome news! GangReung seems a nice beach town, seems far away from Paju. Perhaps GHS is using this break to travel around this area of Korea? I remember in one of her post BOF interviews, she used to say that she wants to travel around Korea. Hope for more sightings ! kkk
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  3. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Missing our beautiful princess so much! GHS-ssi, hope you are well and happy!
    No fansighting of her either! Where are the Paju sunnies?!
    Flashback! This Sky Izar cf making was almost 5 years ago! I love her in that and she was so pretty ! 
    If only she has 1 cf to keep us going.......
    credit Ku Hye Sun World

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  4. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @cheerkoo Good insight to her deactivation of Twitter. 
    My take on it is it is like those people who go to mountain retreats or go to the temple to meditate. Same concept. She retreats to the countryside to get away from the city life.  To clear her mind and to declutter, she disconnects herself from the distractions of the outside world. Perhaps for her, she can't do it completely with her schedule but for a short period of time? I feel she will come back when she feels refreshed. It is good for those of us who lead a busy life to go to a retreat if we get a chance, right?  
    Sunnies, let's discuss tracks 7 and 8.  Are you all picking tracks that you like to listen to everyday?
    Track  07. 북극의 연인  Lovers of the Arctic
    The music starts off slow and gentle like walking quietly to something, then the trumpet sounds like big event, then quiet retreat....  Is that how it feels to meet a lover? Your sensitivity increases and everything is louder? 
    This music was played in Peach Tree, anyone remember exactly where?
    Track 08. 솜사탕 Cotton Candy
    We all can relate to this song and the short movie.  Aah! Those sweet memories of our lives. The lyrics are so deep and beautiful. Again GHS is able to touch our hearts with this piece.
    Reposting your post, @cheerkoo, the lyrics. Thanks.
    Cotton Candy--lyrics by GHS (ost from 3D Fragments of Memory film)
    The time that we met
    All the days that we have lived 
    Through the seasons, memories sweet, sweet
    They melt in front of my eyes.
    This moment that we met
    I always remember
    All the days that we loved
    Your name  sweet, sweet
    It melts in my heart
    tearfully, silently, hazily
    to the loveliness sweet sweet
    You are my unending love
    my unending memory
    You clarify my life
    You fill my life.
    What are your impressions, Sunnies? Let's keep promoting the awesome #Breath2 album!  Fighting and Fighting!

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  5. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Sorry @cheerkoo. Not sure why you can't hear it but I can hear it. I am not technical. Perhaps a more technical Sunnie can help out here.
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  6. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks @cheerkoo for the translations. I remember the times when she was very popular. There was a fansigning when the crowd was really huge. GHS is indeed wise to realise that she can only be truly happy to be true to herself and not cater to what others want her to do. I really admire her for having the courage to beat to her own drum. She is a rare gem whom Korea should be proud of. So very kind and a beautiful heart....Love you, GHS-ssi!
     This podcast I posted on page 1655 , thanks to @meow13 and @ochloe. Maybe there are more we did not hear about? Please listen to it, dear @cheerkoo. Thanks so much! 
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  7. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @cheerkoo Thanks for hunting down those positive articles and giving us the links. We appreciate it very much. Sunnies let's show appreciation by clicking on them and also if possible click on the heart symbol to increase the like counts. I was able to click on the one about cyber bullying.
    Can't wait to see her pic and hear accounts of her talk at Interrobang event. July 31 is not coming fast enough! kkk
    K Sunnies, please show up in as many number as possible to show support for GHS and let her know we love her and miss her so much!
    @myhanh75 Thanks for the vid. Strangely I miss her with short hair too. She  was radiant. She looked adorable and somehow her personality showed more!
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  8. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @shanzay01 thanks for finding the vid. I am happy even if it is only a few seconds glimpse of our lovely girl !
    @sukreen Yes I miss her old tweets! Maybe she is growing plants/ doing a bit of farming in Paju.
    Sunnies, are you still listening to Breath2 album? Let's discuss track 5 and 6. Both evoke such raw emotions! Fitting for some drama scenes! I wish they use some of her music for dramas. It will make us feel the scene more!
    Track 05. 사라지다   Gone/Disappeared
    06. 편히봐요, 우리    See you comfortably
    05. Gone/Disappeared This track brings up sad memories which one does not want. There is some discomfort feel in it. Guess it happens to all of us sometimes, the unwelcome sad memory. Perhaps that's why it is titled Disappear.....06 See you comfortably I really like how it starts off with the sounds of a new day , the sounds of  a flock of birds flying off in the morning. It is a happy-paced piece. Contrast to track 3 and 5, one feels comfortable and happy while listening to it. Without realizing it,  I play this track the most. lol ! What are your impressions, Sunnies?  Let's keep promoting #Breath2. Thanks Sunnies!  Fighting!Gosh I miss our girl so much! GHS-ssi fighting!   
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  9. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @cheerkoo, you brightened my day with the latest info. So happy and relieved to hear that we will see our angel on July 31 and she is not stopping all activities.  I wish I am in Korea too to attend that event! Even when I won't understand what is being said, just to  feast my eyes on her for a whole hour! kkk
    Thanks so much , also for the info on Paju.  Feels like GHS picked the perfect place for herself to re-energize and relax her mind and nourish her soul. The kind of place one can take one's time to think and pace one's life, and be close to nature.
    Thanks Sunnies! Yes we shall wait for our angel and keep supporting her!
    #Breath2 fighting! GHS fighting!
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  10. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Sis @meow13 still has them at her DM channel.Thanks   Episodes 1 and 2. Enjoy! I love her sweet gentle voice! 
    Thanks @Wafad for bringing this up again. I am watching them again. I could listen to her gentle voice all day! kkk
    With @cheerkoo's translations, I was able to have an idea of what was going on. Thanks again @cheerkoo.
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  11. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Welcome to GHS thread @Geolyvseven and thanks for the nice post. I agree with you that there is nothing to stop her moving into the drama directing realm except perhaps getting the investment and the TV stations to take a chance on a new drama director. She definitely could also write daebak drama scripts!  
    Sunnies always respect her decisions. We will wait for her and always be here for her. 
    While waiting, let's keep supporting her by clicking on the GHS news related articles. 
    Let's continue to promote Breath 2 . We could  each get 1 friend/relative  listen to one of her track. If he/she  like it,  get him/her to buy her album or the tracks liked . In this way we share and spread her music.
    Also Peach Tree is available for viewing , through purchase or rent, at Itunes. What do you think Sunnies?
    Administrators of GHS fan pages, if you like the idea , please post at your page. Even though it is a small effort , we are doing something for GHS , who has given so much to us. 
    Thanks @cheerkoo for translating that lovely story of SudKuh and our angel involvement in the miracle. So heart warming!
    Thanks Sunnies for all your posts. I am missing GHS already. It helps to read your posts. 
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  12. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks @cheerkoo. Gosh HS lives in the countryside so far away from Seoul.  It is peaceful in the countryside but how does she get around with no car? Has her family all moved to the countryside? Thought she is staying with them. How can she attends events without adding in the travel time? Rather inconvenient. Gosh....
    Agree she can't do everything alone. She needs an agency who takes an interest in her works and market it. An agency's support is crucial in the k entertainment world. Since she won't change agency, let's keep up the pressure on YG to take more interest and do more for our girl. They have to promote #Breath2 more. They do so much to promote their idols. Getting her on more talk shows or radio shows can't be that hard.
    Yes her music really suit some scenes in the dramas. I can hear it i my head when I watch the scenes. lol. There must be other ways to market New Age music. Also get her a trendy stylist who knows how to make the best of her beautiful natural features and dress her suitably. They seem to do that for their idols.
    Thanks to @meow13 and @ochloe there is this podcast.   http://podcastfile2.sbs.co.kr/powerfm/2015/07/broadcast/koreagift_song_power-pc-20150702(11-00).mp3
    Sunnies, let's keep promoting  #Breath2 album! Talk about it more in twitter and Facebook and sns. If we each can get 1 other person to buy her album/tracks, we will be helping in supporting her music composing! kkk
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  13. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Sunnies, let's continue our discussions on #Breath2 album, track 3 and 4.
    03. 십년이 백년이 지난 후에
    04. 복숭아 나무

    03. After 10 year 100 years
    04. Peach tree
    Translation from @cheerkoo from previous page.
    Peach Tree--lyrics by GHS--sung by the child actor from Peach Tree
    You are my small peach tree.
    I love you forever.
    You are my small peach tree.
    I love us forever.
    Where is my resting place.
    Don't cry.
    My love is here
    (where) Bright moon hugs the top of my head
    My little peach tree.
    (I believe it is suppose to be a lullaby from the mother who could not bear to get close to her children)
    After 10 years, 100 years. ..what beautiful sad music. It evokes so much emotions. At the start the music is sad and lonely, then it quicken as if the years gone by quick, then the string music brings out the longing feeling, back to the sad and painful.....It fit the sad story of the twins' mom so well . When GHS changed it to the sad love story of the girl asking her lover to come back  no matter how long time has passed , it really pulled at the heartstrings. I must say this track is the deepest and most heart wrenching....
    Sign of a great music piece is being able to evoke such emotions from the listeners! Love it! Ofc we have the mv and explanation from GHS to help us understand the piece.
    .I also wonder if she is also advocating for people with mental health issues which affect memory loss...so sad...
    Peach Tree.  Sweet song and lyrics by a child who wishes for that kind of lullaby from his mom.
    What are your impressions Sunnies? Let's keep supporting #Breath2 and let GHS know how much we love it! 
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  14. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @geumtrangdi thanks for sharing your thoughts on the 2 tracks. Interesting that you think the way GHS sang it is in the same approach as the songs by the 2 young children because I did wonder why she sang it that way, like telling a story from a young girl prospective. lol!
    @cheerkoo thanks for the flashbacks from DC.I miss her bob hair cut! Maybe because she was a lot more active with those adorable cfs then! The phone cfs were fun to watch! Love all her cfs! The only one I did not like was the Toyota cf where she was wearing a uniform and seemed like a sales girl! LOL!
    @robbo4 agree with you. GHS is so expressive. Why we don't see any cf from her is baffling!
    That clip from Blood was hilarious. I love her portrayal of YRT! No trace of her previous characters at all! That is what I call total immersed in her character. It was subtle but the slight tilt of her head which showed YRT's  pride was commendable. Even with some well-known actresses, one can still see remnants of their previous character or maybe they chose similar characters. 
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  15. S_sun added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @cheerkoo thanks for the goodies.  Always nice to see our girl news in the korean sites.
    I think it is not a poll but an article by the Dramafever writer. Lots of fans who like our girl there.
    Here's the link. http://www.dramafever.com/news/-lovely-south-korean-actresses-that-embody-the-word-love/
    Happy to read another blogger who likes Breath 2. I find her music healing too even though some tracks are sad . Breath was also too. Could you please  tweet the article to GHS @cheerkoo ? Thanks.
    A wave to @kgrl43 , nice to see you back posting.
    Thanks to all Sunnies for sharing your thoughts!  
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