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  1. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @sukreen and @gayu312, thanks! Yes she is so pretty!. Hope GHS is enjoying the summer and not over working! Can't wait for her Breath 2 album!
    Baeksang Arts Awards is tonight.  GHS was second in the most popular actress in a drama category but at Hancinema poll where it is frequented by many International fans and no payment is needed to vote, she is at the top! 
    Out of 1031 votes (you are only allowed to vote once), she got 612 votes, which is 59.36% of the votes! What does that say of her popularity among International fans?!! So casting directors, please take note!
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  2. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @cheerkoo Thank you for finding and translating for us that blogger,sun7et, who defended GHS so eloquently and rightly. Also Thanks to him/her for blogging her/his opinion. I applaud her/his courage to speak up!
    I hope more good citizens in Korea will follow her/his example and speak up and not let those antis bully and prevent others from working hard and living their lives freely according to their passions. Instead of being judged and compared all the time, why not encourage people to be happy and to have freedom to express themselves.
    I feel sad when I read articles like this. http://www.hancinema.net/korean-children-unhappiest-in-oecd-despite-material-wealth-42373.html How can we have happy people if we don't  have freedom of expressions? The fact is even as adults ,they are being criticized when they don't fit the mould or express themselves differently.
     I just want to express my appreciation to that blogger for vocalizing her/ his stand on that matter. 
    I concur with this statement,  This passion is the momentous force that can move/change the world.
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  3. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks @cheerkoo for bringing that Daughter Ost. Beautiful song and lyrics. I really think she could write lyrics as a part time job! Btw Breath/Sum album is not available at YesAsia anymore. Guess we have to message GHS to release more copies! kkk
    Here's the translations from Pop!Gasa.
    I guess you’re well and over me
    I’m writing about my day once again
    My eyes get wet at the sunset
    Again today, the red tears flow into my cup
    There’s no time to look back in loneliness
    Every day, I go into your dream
    Drunkenly falling asleep tonight
    Is there a tomorrow that’s better than yesterday?
    Does hope become despair?
    And memories become sin?
    I hear the sound of you breathing in my ear
    I can’t take this break up
    Why do I have to live?
    The songs that you used to sing to me
    When it makes my heart wet
    Must I die?
    Is my heart here? Are you here?
    Nothing lasts forever
    Where is my heart? Where are you?
    Nothing lasts forever
    Did my heart leave? Forever, you are…
    I hear the sound of you breathing in my ear
    I can’t take this break up
    Why do I have to live?
    The songs that you used to sing to me
    When it makes my heart wet
    Must I die?
    I hear the sound of you breathing in my ear
    I can’t take this break up
    Why do I have to live?
    The songs that you used to sing to me
    When it makes my heart wet
    Must I die?
    Is my heart here? Are you here?
    Nothing lasts forever
    Where is my heart? Where are you?
    Nothing lasts forever
    I can’t take this break up
    There is no me forever
    There is no me, who was yours
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  4. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @cheerkoo Take some deep breaths sis. I am sorry you have to read such trash journalism. It is annoying to read articles by reporter who is obviously an anti, who uses every opportunity to bring our girl down. I think perhaps best not to give that anti reporter any attention  and leave trash where it is. We all enjoyed her acting as YooRita! 
    Although GHS is not leading in Baeksang Popularity Award Poll as Sunnies rather save our money to support her music album and Blood dvd etc, just look at how much she is leading in the Hancinema poll! Sunnies, let's vote! You can only vote once. Fighting!

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  5. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    @gayu312 Thanks for the good news about the Blood dvd and also lovely pics of our girl at BIFF! I can't get enough of her pics. I love the color and length of her hair! With the yellow jumper, GHS is brighter than the sunshine! 
    Also thanks to the persistent efforts from the @BloodDVDteam ! Your efforts paid off! 
    Let's be effective fans! Sunnies, please support it by ordering it ( ofc within our means!) and promoting it!
    We also have to start saving for her new Breath 2  album! 
    Have a nice week, Sunnies! Take care. 

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  6. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hi Sunnies,
    I appreciate all the posts and thoughts.
    Please be aware whatever thoughts we post and the words we use on this matter here and elsewhere in sns , blogs,etc  are open to the public. So I ask all Sunnies to think carefully the words we use as it will reflect on GHS' fans and on GHS. Please stay calm and let's not be antagonistic .Also once it is quoted elsewhere we have no way of following it up to explain further.
    @cheerkoo I appreciate you relaying the thoughts at DC. Thanks so much. It took me a long time to understand the cultural differences and the impact netizens have on celebs in K society. You are right that we have to remember GHS is a person with feelings and just judging from her final words on Blood, she was sensitive to what were being said. My heart hurt when I read it.
    We , International fans , don't live in Korea and don't have to deal with the impact of articles and comments but the k fans do  and they are much more in tune with what is going on in Korea. Being aware and sensitive to what is going on in Korea will help us to support GHS in the best possible way. Equally, we hope k fans also are aware and sensitive to how International fans feel.  Like any big fandom there are always some fans who are overboard.
    Collaboration has proved successful in the projects we did together. GHS Fans Union Fighting!
    We are a noisy group! So should we be , after all , we are fans of an amazing person with multiple talents and a beautiful heart! kkk
    In the end, whether we are from Korea or the rest of the world, we must have GHS-ssi interests at heart. As long as we remember that, I trust that our unending love for her will hold us together and we can enjoy being Sunnies!
    PS. I ordered a few more copies of Breath for my friends. How about we start supporting her music album and also save for Breath 2? kkk

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  7. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hi Sunnies,
    I went back to YesAsia where I bought the Breathe/Sum album.
    It is still available for anyone who wish to buy it .
    There are 2 awesome reviews at YesAsia. I hope they don't mind me bringing them over.
    credit David and numinair at YesAsia. Sorry Sunnies, the new format is really hard to manage. Don't know why it overlap the boundary or how to modify it.
    Customer Review of "Ku Hye Sun - Sum"
     Change Content Preferences Average Customer Rating for this Edition: (2)  Page: 1David See all my reviews 

    June 8, 2010
    2 people found this review helpful
    Bright light of Ku Hye Sun 
    I've enjoyed Ku Hye Sun, the actress, since I saw her in "Pure in Heart". I also enjoyed her singing the theme from that drama. Watching her act brings joy to me. Now her album "Sum" is helping me get through a tough stage in my life. Last year (2009) my wife of 37 years suffered two strokes - I thought she was going to die, The stress was unbearable. I managed to make her feel better and kept her spirits up by making her laugh. But I couldn't help me. I was exhausted. 
    I saw that Ms. Ku had released "Sum" and I bought a cd. The effect it had was amazing. I went through every emotion. It made me remember all time we spent together: happy and sad. Each track made me think of our life together. The Joy of marriage, the pain of losing a child, the happiness when our daughter graduated high school and college, the work we did as teachers and our retirement, and what our life would be like now. 
    "Sum" made me cry and smile. It helped me relieve my stress and make this situation bearable. I feel that if "Sum" had this effect on me it could also effect people in any situation. For me it was beautiful music therapy. 

    I wrote this before: When God was giving out talent He moved Ku Hye Sun to the front of the line. 

    I thank Ms. Ku and wish her a full, happy, and successful life.
    Did you find this review helpful?  (Report This)numinair See all my reviews 

    October 2, 2009
    3 people found this review helpful
    Ode to Sweet Melancholia 
    First hearing of Hye Son’s ‘new age’ album I logically thought it would be an instrumental album, although I considered maybe a mixture of gentle electronics and Korean traditional instruments. I was half right, it is an instrumental album in the main (apart from some solo choir singing on 3 and Gummy’s contribution on the last piece), but mostly classical oriented with soft emotional piano music in a somewhat Ravel, Debussy and even Schubert style. Not sure about the ‘new age’ tag though. Although the majority of the pieces are broodingly sad and slow, they’re also youthful and brightly contrasting by spirited piano melodies. Quite beautiful. Think of Debussy’s bright and melancholic picture piano music mixed with sprightly modern melodic childlike melodies which sums up the music here. One thing for sure Hye Son is one gifted lady. I had heard of her multi talents, but proof of the pudding is in the listening here and of you like and love sweet (although quite sad) piano music, especially classical, you’ll love this CD. 
    The album's music (especially the sprightly melody to “Rain”) brought to mind sad films about children, animals and youthful relationships (The Incredible Journey, The Yearling, Old Yeller, The Man in the Moon etc.) with the music pulling at your heartstrings with its mix of sweet, lively, sad and melancholic emotion. The overall music is built around the main opening piece “Rain”, with leitmotif references throughout to the thematic, which does show the yearning Hye Son as to write film and TV scores. Hye Son as written the scores only, and as far as the liner notes mention she doesn’t actually play or sing on the recording as the piano work is performed by Korean pianist In Young Choi and guest Japanese pianist Sasaki Isao with Gummy doing the singing. Hye Son as drawn the cover though, with cut out sketches of hands covering a girl’s face, which suggest opening up to shy feelings (emotion?) by art expression when you bring the cut out hands away from the face. Inside the sketched hands are shown over sketched piano keys. A photo of Hye Sun is also included. 

    This may not be a big hit comparable to K-pop, but no doubt an excellent musical achievement for Hye Son. It would be interesting if Hye Son creates something totally herself with electronic ambient music. Anyway, “Sum” is worth all its parts, and you’ll like this if you’re a fan of classical piano sonatas most definitely.
    Did you find this review helpful?  (Report This) 
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  8. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Super excited about the Breathe 2 album and mv! Thanks @khs7 for bringing the tweets.
    I was guessing in the temporary thread she is working on her music album and it came true! YAY!
    Let's us all save to buy her Breathe 2 album , not just  buy one, also for family and friends!
    If the first one is anything to by, we are all in for a treat!
    Sunnies, what happy news! Thanks, GHS-ssi!

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  9. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Welcome to all Sunnies back to our home!
    @Geuntrangdi, thanks for bringing the Star Life Series out again! I have watched it several times.
    Time to watch it again! 
    All the parts are my favorite parts! Everything about GHS is lovely. I really appreciate her carefree self. What we see in public is quite different because of her shyness. I never thought I will say this but I miss her with her short hair ! Also miss hearing her carefree laughter!
    The part that touches me the most which makes me teary-eyed is her last words to us, her fans. So sincere and thoughtful.
    but also give love to themselves and their families at the same time. I am so very thankful for that and I feel it is inspirational.
    Instead of asking them to continue to like me rather, I want to say to them, let us meet as companions...companions who do  our very best to live our lives. Fighting!

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  10. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hello Sunnies!  It is great to be back to our home here! Still getting used to the new format....
    @cheerkoo  thanks for the info. I am confused . Are we getting 2 versions? DVD premium with the 20 episodes and BTS, NG n interviews and also Director's Cut DVD with deleted scenes, bts , NGs  , interviews only? I presume DVD premium is more expensive.
    I hope the BloodDvd organiser please explain clearly to us so we know which one to order.

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  11. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hi Sunnies,
    Blood Full Ost album is being released with a cover pic without GHS on it. Maybe I am being sensitive but somehow I feel she is being ignored. She is after all the female lead.  I don't see how I can spend my money supporting it .
    Rather than posting the pic, here's the link. http://www.melon.com/album/detail.htm?albumId=2317723
    Thanks to all for posting  the updates, pics and vids of GHS at IBSA and all your posts. 
    Hope to see more of GHS at  IBSA events this week. Take care Sunnies.
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  12. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks @cheerkoo. I am so glad we have you to translate for us and explain things to us. IBSA chose an awesome ambassador. I did not know anything about IBSA but due to GHS' involvement, I have learned about it.
    I am interested to watch some of the games to see how the athletes overcome their challenges in their sports.
     Also happy to see Yushinkoo back at DC , finding GHS-related news . Thank you. 
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  13. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Thanks to all who updated us with the pics and videos of GHS at the IBSA event. She looks so pretty and well-rested.
    I love her soft spoken gentle voice! Can't get enough of her!
    @shadia71 thanks for the pic. She looks so pretty and sweet!  May I ask where you got the pic and what was that about? She was presented a gift from whom? Is that separate from IBSA? 
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  14. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Found this posted by @theresa_espino at twitter. Thanks.
    GHS won the Best Actress for 2014 poll by Asian Drama Pilipinas, a FB page which provides information on Asian dramas and stars. PH viewers, thank you!.
    Congrats GHS-ssi for your excellent portrayal of YSW in Angel Eyes! 
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  15. S_sun added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    2 weeks after the finale and Blood is still at no 1 for the Weekly Top 10 Drama Watched April 27 to May 3 2015 at Dramafever!
    Blood at no. 1.
    ​Boys Over Flowers at no 8 .
    What does that say about Blood's popularity?!! And also BOF?!! YAY!   GHS fighting!
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