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  1. jojoanna added a post in a topic Joo Won Wins Most Influential Asian Award in China   

    Joo Won is amazing when he sings "Friends" in Mandarin and Korean. Bravo Joo Won..
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  2. jojoanna added a post in a topic [drama 2005] Resurrection/ Rebirth 부활   

    Just started to watch this series last week.  Closing to ending of the drama.  As the drama moves on, I enjoy watching the different characters especially
    Seo Ha-Eun who evolved to be Yoo Shin-Hyuk : Ha-eun is simple-minded yet strong headed. When his twin brother died and having found out from his twin brother journal how he has been living with guilt because he kept the secret of big brother hiding in the car to follow their dad...that really torn Ha-Eun into pieces.  When Ha-Eun became Yoo Shin-Hyuk, he was determined to find out who destroyed his family.  Because HE/SH do not know much about SH's life... becoming SH is not easy and at any time HE being SH could be foiled and discovered.  He continued being SH despite all the hurdles he has to face... 

    Jung Jin-Woo : Ah...he is persistent in chasing Eun-Ha but when she rejected him and told him off, at least he knows when to back off tho not entirely back-off.  But at least he is not forcing himself on her.  As mad as he is with his "step-mother" he does not appear hostile towards her. Just being cold.  He could have been hostile and really shun her.

    Kyung Ki-Do : I think Ha-Eun actually look up to Ki-Do as a father figure, role model more than a boss in the police station.  When Ha-Eun became Shin-Hyuk...I was glad HE / SH took the initiative to help Ki-Do financially. how Ki-Do caught on that SH is actually HE thru the flower basket.  Smart guy indeed.  Also like how even when he knew the change of role, he kept quiet and not push too much.
    Chun Kong-Myung : The detective who helps HE / SH a lot.  Hmmm...why is he munching on so much pop corn puff?  As I watch him, I worry people would recognise him because of that "big bag" of puff he is munching and not so much his face.   When he knew SH is actually HE... he just kept quiet about it and only let on to Ki-Do.  owwwww... he is really a true friend of SH / HE. He's like a guardian angel watching silently out from the corner of his eyes for SH / HE.
    Ahn Jae-Hoon : The faithful sincere secretary of Shin-Hyuk.  Yes...I think he knew tho not 100% positive that SH is not SH but could be the twin brother HE.  Like how he replied when SH/HE asked if he has a question / query... and how he say it is all right to wait for the answer.  

     Actually this series alone has many strong characters and the actors in those role are superb.  If I am to point out all of them.. it would be far too lengthy.

    Enough of those I like and marvelled over...  Now over to those I just cannot stand and so want to "dim them totally out" or rather send them to join the unfairly murdered "SH"

    Seo Eun-Ha :  Yes...I really want to throw her into the gutter or lock her up for good in her lighthouse. She does not know when to stop pushing. Just has to get her way without thinking about others. Just as long as she is "happy" that is a good enough reason for her to push her way.  Many a times when she confronted SH / HE, I so wanted SH / HE to just fire her off the company.  And each time I pray that "big empty head of hers" will not jeopardise SH / HE cover.  On top of that, she does not cover or hide her feelings.  Esp the part where she saw the bracelet on Shin-Yeong wrist.  Can't she just swallow herself up for once.  She thinks only of herself in pain and sad and all the excuses she considered "loving" HE. Does she not know how her own father feels when HE is "dead". Imagine her father confessing to SH / HE how he should have treated HE better and not used all HE's savings, etc. how come her father is not telling Eun-Ha all that and instead is telling it to a totally stranger who just happens to look like HE.  Ok... I would say...nothing new on that considering Eun-Ha's whole world is only Ha-Eun and nothing / no one else matters. at Ep 22...I still wish Eun-Ha to be axed off by Dong Chan.   
    Lee Kang-Joo : Initially I like her until the point when she is being sneaky... sneaking up on people, eavesdropping and pushing her way around just to get what she wants. I was still able to tolerate her nonsense up to the point when she shoot her mouth out at Ki-Do at the hospital about Ganghyuk being killed / dead.  Hey...does this brain of hers not know that Ki-Do just woke from coma and still cannot handle any shock?  Just so she gets her answer...she shoots away.  And I like how Kim Soo-Chul scolded her off as to where is her brain?  Oh yes... triple points for Kim Soo-Chul.  Kang-Joo thinks saying "sorry" is enough. What if Ki-Do die from that shock?  Is "sorry" going to bring Ki-Do back?  Ok... I totally wanted to throw her into the gutter together with Seo Eun-Ha at that hospital point. Prior to that I was actually worried Dongchan may kill Kang-Joo and praying each time when she is alone...she is safe.  However, after the hospital incident, I was hoping she join the unfairly murdered SH in the grave. at Ep 22, I still wish Kang-Joo is axe off by Dong Chan.

    For this two female characters...I want them axed as fast as possible. They are selfish only doing things that serve them not caring about others.  Ouch...double wham to them...

    Now continuing on with the series and each time these two female appears and open their mouth, I auto press "mute".  

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  3. jojoanna added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Hwajung 화정   

    Been a long long while since I chased episode by episode. I have been waiting patiently for the entire series to complete then start watching. But this time round decided to watch Hwajung and now having to breathe and wait for next episode is too stressful.  Feel like knocking head...should have waited yet on the other hand... it has been a very exciting ride watching Hwajung from Ep 01 to 26.

    Not so happy with Gae-Shi playing cupid for In-Woo and Princess Jeongmyeong / Hwa Yi.  I like how King Gwanghae gave the condition to the Later Jin to release and return all the POW.  Now hoping Joo-Won would be back on home ground before Princess decides Yes or No to Gae-shi cupid playing.  My consolation here is
     So I am finger-crossing for the next episode and episodes after.

    Ja Kyung is just too adorable.  He is like the invisible body guard and protector of Hwa Yi.  When you least expect, he will appear like the wind.  Just so glad both Ja Kyung and Joo Won share the same interest of the well-being of Hwa Yi.  I like how Ja Kyung continues to call her Hwa Yi whereas Joo Won revert to calling her "your highness"...

    Idachi is a cute fellow, too... Too many cuties in this series and not complaining. Just need them around to keep the suspense bearable.
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