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  • khs7
    Hello sis Dahlia :-) Can I send my CM too? Actually, I wanted to..but I'm a bit shy to msg u & dunno what to do too. I was a little bit busy last wk & just multitasking w/ my fangirling hihi. I hope I'm not too late to send my msg. Here it is..if it's still acceptable. :-) -->> "KHS sshi..I'm always amaze w/ your gifted talents, gifted beauty, wit & generous heart. You're such an inspiration to all. God bless you always. Saranghe! Yoo Ri Ta fighting! " 
    April 5
  • akoito
    CONGRATULATIONS!! KuHyeSun & team of BLOOD the multi-talented actress! You're the Best!
    March 29
  • gigiHS
    hi sis, i don't know if the message below is a good format for public consumption. please feel free to reformat it as long as it doesn't change the message  . thank you very much for all the support you're giving to KHS and us fans ...


    to my dear Ku Hye Sun, 

    im a relatively new fan, just more than a year. im not much into dramas but i saw your BOF drama (and eventually your other dramas as well) and got me searching out for your works and activities. because of you, i learned to love k-dramas and the korean culture as well. SK should be proud to have you as one of their own.

    more than any of your works, i admire you for the person you are - simply natural and beautiful inside and out. 

    i want you to know that im your "landslide" fan. i only follow your works. i love all the people you love and i love more the people who love you because they see the precious person that you are. 

    lastly, i just want to share that happiness comes from within ourselves. if we are determined to be happy, noone can make us feel otherwise. (* speaking from experience *)

    thank you for the love, dedication and hard work you put into your work. because of this, a lot of people benefit and receive blessings. also, we, your fans, get to enjoy them.

    March 29
  • chin7088
    Gud evening! Musta na po? Just would like to ask you planning to sign up sa paypal,pero where ako punta muna? Doon ba sa buy or sa receive? Sorry huh! Ignorant with online application esp pertsining to credits..thanks a lot ! God bless and ingatz po lagi
    March 9
  • chin7088
    Gud morning Ms.Dahlia..First of all,are you a Filipina by chance? Sorry huh! Im also a Filipina ,my name is Chun and im here right now in UAE.Just would like to ask you regarding this snack meal help that was mentioned here,is it on going now and sending money thru paypal is safe? As much as i want to send a help,im hesitant coz ive never opened and send any money thru paypal.Thanks for spending some time in reading this PM. God bless
    March 5
  • cheerkoo
    Thank you so much!! I got the CD!!
    Thank you for your hard work.
    August 2014
  • favour
    Hi Dahlia, just to check with you... is the amount finalized yet? I need to pay you within this week... Thanks
    July 2014
  • nasha_8872

    Tks sis.....appreciate it!!!

    June 2014
  • ginger4clover
    @ GHSforever,

    I hope this is how to pm you I am new at this so bare with me. This inquire is in regards to Ku hye sun support for her up coming movie Daughter. I believe its being done by region I was directed by S_sun to you. I would like to join in support for KHS. Please advise me in how to go about it. Thanks sister in advance for your help. 

    June 2014
  • sullifish
    noona, why no reply my message since may 7??
    been waiting
    May 2014
  • ginger4clover
    Thanks a lot @GHSforever ....

    May 2014
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    Congratulations! You are a LEGEND in Soompi! Thanks for being a great member!
    April 2014
  • sullifish
    see your inbox noona
    April 2014
  • MhyE
    Thanks for the welcome...
    April 2014
  • lovebof


    Just read your message. Super busy. Sorry for the delay. And thank you for your efforts. How much do we chip in for the rice wreath? Please let me know.


    March 2014
  • GHSforever earned the 2500 Comments badge.
    Another day, another comment, another badge.
    January 2014
  • Xuexi_1

    Hello GHSforever, nice to meet you here in Goo Hye Sun thread.  I have been a silent reader, only post once in a while, but enjoyed all the great exchanges here, feel cosy and comfortable visiting this thread.  I am also a Minsun shipper.

    Just wonder if you could send me a accessible link to watch Kim Soo Hyun new drama just started - you who came from Mars.  I could not access sohu link as they only allowed China members to access its site.

    Blessed Christmas to you and Happy New Year :-) Xuexi (Suat)

    December 2013