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  1. kate-kane added a post in a topic [Current Philippine Drama 2015] On the Wings of Love (Episode 77: The Ex is Back tonight!)   

    Ooh, I had no idea there was a soompi thread for this series. It goes to show how well it's managed to capture an international audience, or an audience that's centered, mostly, around kdramas. It isn't very surprising considering that On the Wings of Love certainly has some kdrama elements in it. When I first saw the trailer a few months ago, I knew it would garner quite a few kdrama watchers. And it did, both here and on tumblr. Great stuff.
    I'm looking forward to everyone's posts. Keep them coming. I especially enjoy the analysis and meta. (I do enjoy reading stuff like that) especially with regards to Clark and Leah's budding feelings and the control they have over them, as to not hurt the people that mean the most to them–– their families. While I understand the respect and grateful-ness they have for their families (particularly Tita Jack, who has helped them both so immensely), I think it would be interesting to see how they work through these feelings, their noble idiocy (because that is certainly going to pop up, especially since they haven't even introduced the 2nd female lead yet. Ooh, I can't wait!) and their disapproving families. That's where the core of the story lies and it'd be nice to see how the dynamics shift not only between Clark and Leah but also between Tita Jack, Clark and Leah –– who at this point, I believe, is really the core, and the center of the story –– the true family. If it that makes any sense.
    Anyway, sorry for rambling. I'm very excited about this thread & since we have until January, it should be an interesting journey until then!
    P.S. Looking forward to those kisses too. Oh Jadine, you never fail with the kisses!
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  2. kate-kane added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님   

    It's been very obvious with your posts (even before this one) that you prefer and have a soft spot for Soon-ae. You definitely sound irked because everyone is criticizing your favorite character. And to add to that, you've also mentioned before that you dislike characters like Bong-sun so obviously you'd want to pick on her back.
    It's true Bong-sun has been unfairly treated–– by the writing, by the narrative, by the lack of development for her character. Bong-sun is a character who was sacrificed and pushed aside to lift and develop Soon-ae's character. Why does everyone feel bad for Bong-sun? Because the writers have done nothing with her. If you were to count the screen-time given to Soon-ae versus the screen-time given to Bong-sun, Soon-ae has won that, even if you merely judge it based on the first 4 episodes alone. It's extremely problematic. The show has failed to provide a balance for both of the main female characters on the show. I don't care what anybody says, Bong-sun and Soon-ae were introduced as main characters, and they should be as such. The writers have somehow conveniently forgotten Bong-sun's own side of the story, her grandmother, working with her co-workers, being able to see ghosts–– episode 10 mentioned her not seeing ghosts anymore "because of [Soon-ae]" but it didn't exactly tell us why, which is an example of how they're treating Bong-sun's character lately; with one-lines. We get developments from her side by random one liners, not actual, poignant scenes, unlike Soon-ae, who is interacting with Bong-sun's co-workers, and Sun-woo.
    Both girls are in the wrong for lying to Sun-woo. I am pretty sure no one is saying Bong-sun is off the hook for teaming up and conniving with Soon-ae. Unfortunately, because we barely see the real Bong-sun (again, a writing choice), we're to assume that she is "okay" with everything. We don't even see Soon-ae go into Bong-sun anymore. We pan to black, and bam! Soon-ae is in Bong-sun's body. Bong-sun is resorted to simply plot-device, which is where the problem, and our complaints lie.
    As for your second point: Soon-ae developing feelings for Sun-woo doesn't negate or justify the fact that he has no idea he's talking to, and sharing sincere honest moments with, a different girl. It absolutely doesn't. Just like Bong-sun, who has feelings for Sun-woo, isn't off the hook for lying, Soon-ae, who has now also developed feelings for Sun-woo, isn't off the hook either. No justice there.
    I know you aren't a big fan of Bong-sun, but she is the owner of the body Soon-ae is using, and Soon-ae's current situation, being a ghost, having not experienced life, inevitably having to say goodbye to a life she so dearly tried to hold on to, and ~feeling attached~ to a man, does not give her the license to take over someone else's life. Just because Bong-sun has given her permission to possess her body doesn't equate completely dismissing Bong-sun's character as a whole. The writer needs to realize this.
    "Hope that sly NBS will also apologize long and hard for allowing the man she's crushing on to be used for her own selfish reasons!"
    Bong-sun is as much at fault for lying to Sun-woo as Soon-ae, remember? Both of them are in it for their own "selfish" reasons. Soon-ae is as "selfish" as Bong-sun is.
    The "discomfort" that people feel in this series is not because of a different type of tension in kdrama, or whatever you'd like to call it. It's an actual discomfort having to watch Sun-woo continuously be sincere and honest with a woman who isn't who he thinks it is. His sincerity is being wasted. It's to increase the emotional value, and sympathy for Soon-ae's character, so when she eventually departs, we'd feel sad. Unfortunately it isn't working that well for some of the audience because, once again, it lies in the back of our heads that Sun-woo still has no clue.
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  3. kate-kane added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님   

    Thank you for the translation, @angelflower!
    I keep thinking about this line by Bong-sun: "I think it's all due to Unni." I keep thinking about where Bong-sun's insecurities lie, and how she still thinks that just by herself she wouldn't have a chance with Sun-woo. Obviously that isn't the case. We, the audience, can see it, but Bong-sun can't. And it's so very important that she sees this all by herself. But no, we're constantly being given Soon-ae-in-Bong-sun, so Bong-sun herself can't see that Sun-woo has been interested in her even before Soon-ae possessed her. Sorry to say this, but the only credit I can give Soon-ae is by breaking the ice between Sun-woo and Bong-sun. Sun-woo has been interested, and obviously had a soft spot, for Bong-sun long before any of these shenanigans even occurred.
    Having said that, this is why it's even more important to let Bong-sun's character shine, and position Soon-ae's character elsewhere, specifically, place her in between the mystery of her death, which is equally just as important as Bong-sun and Sun-woo's love. Bong-sun and Soon-ae are overlapping characters but obviously with different goals–– by having Soon-ae fall for Sun-woo it just feels like Soon-ae is taking over Bong-sun's side of the narrative and it feels so wrong.
    I hope that no sort of manipulation is going to happen to Bong-sun. We're getting enough of that with Sun-woo. (Which needs to be cleared ASAP. I can't deal with Sun-woo not knowing that he's dating someone who is possessed by a ghost, and even going on dates with this ghost.) Bong-sun obviously feels grateful to Soon-ae, but if she continues to think that it's all because of Soon-ae's doing, I hope, cross my fingers, that Bong-sun doesn't start to think that it's Soon-ae the Chef has fallen for. That will be the last straw for me. Bong-sun's character doesn't deserve that disservice. She has her own strengths, and her own charms... I wish the damn narrative would give her the opportunity to showcase that.
    I watched the raw again. I'm so uncomfortable, (and somewhat upset?) that Bong-sun isn't the one experiencing all of these moments with Sun-woo. This is so important to them as a new couple. For example: that last scene with Sun-woo holding her hand, telling her to take it slow. It was meant for Bong-sun, but it was Soon-ae who received it. And yes, I understand Soon-ae is seeing the purity and sincerity of honest love, but it's just as important to Bong-sun, who is the owner of the body, and to Sun-woo, who thinks it's really Bong-sun he's speaking to.
    Sorry for all the feelings. I've had a lot of thoughts about this series for the past two days. I like Soon-ae, but I hate where the narrative is going with her character, in addition to the constant disservice to Bong-sun's character.
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  4. kate-kane added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님   

    Not a fan of this current development at all. I was hoping, and praying, they would stray far away from Soon-ae-falling-for-Sun-woo, no matter how "charming" he is. It's a little troublesome, and somewhat problematic too, that we got maybe 1 minute of Bong-sun, and during the whole date, it was Soon-ae. I mean?? Even if Bong-sun doesn't have enough "courage", it's important to give her that time to develop her character (especially with regards to her relationship with her co-workers. We haven't seen Bong-sun interact with them at all, which is important because this is her job. Her starting to open up would also affect how she deals with her own co-workers), and develop her feelings for Sun-woo–– a developing and trusting relationship between two people at the beginning stages of love. I understand Soon-ae has not lived her life, and she wasn't able to date, but taking Bong-sun's life away isn't the solution to that problem.
    The writers need to give a good balance. The possession isn't going away any time soon (even though I wish it would) because that's the show's premise, but they keep having Soon-ae dominate and it's tiresome. Right now they're focusing on trying to give us more Soon-ae, and adding Soon-ae's pining for Sun-woo, or what Sun-woo and Bong-sun have, to increase sympathy and nostalgia so when/if she finally lets go/leaves we're left feeling bad for her, empathetic, to increase the emotional value of the show. It's a love not meant for her, and it's sad, but it's also Bong-sun's love, and we need to see how that develops too. I wish that Bong-sun was at least in her own body for even 1/2 of the date. I was surprised, and a little upset, when that wasn't the case.
    I will need to watch the episode with subs to make sure, these opinions may change, but they most likely will not.
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