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  1. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Please help with my survey for a class ~ less than 5 minutes ^^   


    Thank you so much in advance!
    we each need to collect at least 35 responses so all are welcome ~

    wǒ我1bǎ把2tā它3fàng放4zài在5biāo tí标题6de|dì|dí的7qíng kuáng xià情况下8rèn hé rén任何人9de|dì|dí的7zhè这10jiàn件11shì事12de|dì|dí的7mǐn gǎn敏感13  1.我 {wǒ} i; me
    2.把 {bǎ} hold
    3.它 {tā} it
    4.放 {fàng} expand; give out; put; set; set free; discharge
    5.在 {zài} be; depend on; exist; at; in
    6.标题 {biāo tí} heading, headline, title, caption, subject
    7.的 {de;dì;dí} of; target
    8.情况下 {qíng kuáng xià} under circumstances
    9.任何人 {rèn hé rén} anybody, but, anyone
    10.这 {zhè} this
    11.件 {jiàn} piece
    12.事 {shì} accident; affair; be engaged in; business; job; matter; work; case; thing
    13.敏感 {mǐn gǎn} sensitive
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  2. nobody knows added a post in a topic: I met some business majors that were socially awkward and shy.   

    this is what I initially thought but the business world has more variety than I thought [my friend said this to me once and I was like psh yeah right you just love your major too much]

    I'm a current business student, but I don't love my major that much, so from an subjective viewpoint--
    There are the leaders that are outspoken, enthusiastic, outgoing, etc., but to be a leader you also need followers, who will end up being the softspoken people that tend to take instruction well ...
    there are the people that do the sales pitch and are super good at keeping conversation, but there will need to be people behind the scenes to do customer service, research, behind the scenes work that no one really thinks about or considers as business, but is kinda sorta business. These people would rather be the kind to just do work rather than socialise and do handshakes etc.

    On another note, I also used to be very socially awkward [i know a lot of people online like to joke about how ~socially awkward~ they are but they still have tons of friends and are able to make new ones really easily so it's just like jokes but actually being socially awkward is very painful]
    but working, internships, being in university, even some classes that force you to do presentations in front of the class all helped me improve
    sometimes i'm still awkward, but i'm able to cover it up with tricks or know how to follow up and it
    plus other people are secretly weird too so they usually brush it off, so long as it's not too strange too often

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  3. nobody knows added a post in a topic: what age group are you most attracted to?   

    Chrissy Chou said: Haha. I'm in my early twenties and I'm into older men, maybe 5-10years older than me. I don't mind 10+. Lol.
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  4. nobody knows added a post in a topic: is 25 too old to go clubbing?   

    my friends are in their late 20s~ early 30s and party hard here in NY, and I know they still go clubbing back home in korea as well

    unless you look and act very obviously old, no one's gonna pay you any mind

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  5. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Wireless charging [for phone]?   

    ^ I already own a powerbank, which doesn't help because it's the dock connector on my phone that doesn't work, so the power just doesn't go in

    I ended up just buying a random one on ebay ~
    13$ for the charger and the pad you stick on the battery
    it works quite well, charges relatively quickly ~
     I've gotten quite a few questions from classmates and a lot of looks from other people in the computer lab at school

    my only complaint is that the wireless isn't that strong so I need to take my case off [which is thick] for it to work, but whatever ~ so long as I don't need a new phone or take it apart to replace the dock connector

    I bought a black/red one which is super cute cos my cord is black with red embellishments and my case is red too hahahahha
    although my phone charges up to like 95% and then after that it goes back down until 87% still ... i'm not really sure :s it stays at 87% for a period of time even with use so I'm hoping it's just a weird number issue

    so long as it charges I don't really care anymore at this point ><

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  6. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Selfie Stick!   

    i have one too hahahhaa
    even though i don't take selfies

    I thought i'd need it when i went vacationing by myself but i ended up not taking photos of myself ... plus since I didn't need much of a distance for just me, I just used my phone womp

    but I used it recently with some friends when I went to philly and it's not bad ~ just i can't see my camera screen so it's hard to judge if i got everyone :/

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  7. nobody knows added a post in a topic: What would you tell your 16 year old self?   

    i really do like how i turned out now, but if i must ..

    go work a couple jobs in high school ! you'll want the experience for your resume, not to mention MONEY !

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  8. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Anyone not like drinking or smoking?   

    my dad smokes a lot, and i used to reeeeally like the smell when I was little .. hahaha oddly
    then he moved to China, and I got more used to a clean air environment-- now, not only can I not stand the smell, I get terrible migraines all day and can't sleep until I puke in the middle of the night to get it out of my system, just from sitting next to someone that took a smoke break earlier or chatting with someone smoking [standing away from where the smoke blows] for ~5 minutes

    I wish I wasn't THAT sensitive, but if it guarantees my unwillingness to even try, whatever :/

    as for drinking ..
    I had my first sip of alcohol this past summer in Korea [i turned 21 in Jan] because I really wanted to try makgeolli :x I drank a little in Jeju with my guesthouse mates, maybe 2 sips and I felt my face instantly turn red hahahaha womp I also didn't like the burn down my throat, and the alcohol content was really low, like 5~7% or so :/
    then I tried an 3% alcoholic juice in Taiwan with my relatives cos the can looked really cute~ they all said there's no alcohol taste so I tried it, and it still burned my throat LOL
    baby ~
    after that, I went to a club with my friends in Japan [not that I'm much for partying either] and drinks were UNLIMITED so I tried everything on the menu-- that had no alcohol hahahahaha grapefruit juice, orange juice, water, and even milk
    of course there was smoking in the club so I had to quickly pop 2 advils on the train ride home so I didn't throw up at my friend's place ><

    honestly my personality type is the kind that gets addicted to anything really easily :s
    so I fear that if I do try smoking or drinking with an open mind, I'd go crazy with it and seriously die early from alcohol poisoning or lung cancer cos i'd do it 24/7
    some things I'll try and play around with, but I know my limits :/

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  9. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Do you skip, and how often?   

    I think i skipped like once in high school ...
    it was senior skip day, and I needed to go into the city to buy supplies for the college classes I was taking at night [the store closes at 5pm, so I had to get to NY before then]

    then in my first year of business school I skipped once or twice to complete homework that was due by a certain time

    and in my 2nd semester in jewellery design, I started skipping like crazy
    my school is a bit more strict on attendance and lateness so I would keep tallies on which classes I skipped and how many times [2 is max before your grade is affected], and i'd intentionally skip like every single non jewellery class exactly two times
    sometimes I would go to class, mark in for attendance, take a nap, and when he gave us a break, i'd run out and not come back .. the prof never knew even though there was only like 20 of us :x I'm pretty sure I did this every week once I confirmed that he never found out

    then I think I felt like I went overboard and started taking liberal arts classes more seriously ish, occasionally skipping once or twice if I really needed to get work done
    and fourth semester I'd only intentionally skip one class constantly cos the prof was so clueless. I'd come in late, leave early, take really long breaks in between, do other homework, watch dramas during lecture, and the only assignment he gave the whole semester, I didn't even do. and I still got an A- in the class, which goes to show how worthless his class was

    now i'm in a business major where you can't really skip otherwise you get lost next time you have class
    and before I'd skip because I had to go to studio to get work done for major classes. now my liberals and business classes are my major classes, and there's nothing else I can really do if I do end up skipping other than going home :s

    idk my skip history is really all over the place
    I make sure that if I am skipping a class, it's worth it-- weighing the level of importance in my perspective. if it's just cos something dumb like a party or i'm just too lazy to go, then i'm sure i'd regret it at some point :/

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  10. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Anyone here bring their laptops to school?   

    i only bring my laptop on days i have my internship, so monday, tuesday, and thursdays

    but i don't use it during my gaps.. hahahah
    i just go on the school's computer-- I do extra work for my internship, or try to teach Rhino 3d to myself during my spare time
    but I also don't have that much spare time because I filled it up with my intern/tutoring sessions

    my laptop's battery is pretty much spent, so I don't bother bringing that around, and just bring the charger, laptop, and mouse ~
    i'd recommend investing in a laptop bag or a separate bag for your laptop that you can throw into your bookbag ~ so at least you can hold it if it's too much weight on your shoulders, and you don't need to fumble around for your computer stuff

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  11. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Why do guys with girlfriends look at me?   

    lol ....
    sometimes i stare at someone too much cos they're so ugly that i can't look away

    prolly not your case
    just goes to show, people will stare for the strangest reasons

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  12. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Please take a few minutes of your time for our shopping midterm survey!   

    Thanks everyone so much for your help!
    we just presented today and my prof was very pleased with the variety of countries that results came from [cos we mentioned going international with the product], and I know those came from soompi cos I definitely don't have any friends in switzerland :s

    thank you thank you!
    unfortunately this prof is really strange cos she doesn't give us grades, just bases the grades on how hard she thinks we worked ..... sighhh

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  13. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Please take a few minutes of your time for our shopping midterm survey!   

    Thank you!
    and thanks very much to everyone else that took it!

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  14. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Sleeping in class   

    frnknstn said: nobody knows said: uhh during my first semester of studying jewellery design, I was really ambitious and took 12 classes
    i'd have back to back classes, the second half of the week was especially tough where i'd have night class Wednesday, 8am - 10pm Thursday, and 8am Friday .. plus I commute, so i'd leave/get home a lot earlier than that too

    so my last class of the week, Friday afternoon .. it was hard to stay awake. I was lacking sleep and my energy levels were running low, and it was a liberal arts class and sitting in one spot for 3 hours is difficult for me
    I sat in front thinking it'd prevent me from sleeping, but I fell asleep in front of the prof and all my friends were giggling and wanted to wake me up

    and prof took pity on me and said, "if she's so tired that she falls asleep right in front of me, just let her sleep, don't wake her up"

    T_T sorry ... it went on for quite a bit too .. but my essays were really good and i always did the work and participated when i was awake so I did well in class anyway ahahhahaha

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  15. nobody knows added a post in a topic: Please take a few minutes of your time for our shopping midterm survey!   

    It's estimated to take only about 2 minutes so if you can/want to, please take our survey ~

    Click here

    I only need about 20~30 responses, of course more is better, so if you're willing, please get friends/family to take it as well P:
    male, female, age etc doesn't really matter, it's just there for statistic back up for the report

    Thank you !

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