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  1. cattx added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려   

    :-B waiting for recaps...but did DInreally say she wouldn't give sleaze-ball husband a divorcee??Say it isn't so. Once a cheater alwayes a cheater.. How does the song go....let go, let it do ) DI, girl friend, let him go! ...the last thing I want to watch for a lot of episodes is DI holding on to the likes of her husband...if you can call him that...hasn't she been supporting him while he studies....women will never learn which ever spouse wants to study they should also have to work....even if it is a couple of hours ....this type of situation is no joke and not just in dramas....I could tell you the number of women that have been shocked to find that whilst they were sweating their ' two-shishes' off to put their spouses through school end up regretting they day they made that decision. Hope only two episodes are spent on DI trying to hold on to sleaze-ball.... DI might have been weak when thinking about divorcing her sleazy husband, but she isn't weak when it come to helping young people,,, she could walk away but she doesn't....I'm glad about this side of DI.....I love the way she physically lets the bullies have their day in court through her, fun to watch. It's the first time I've watched a female character been given the skills to physically whip some bottoms.... ~O) :-bd ^^ :> any word if this drama will be subbed?..
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  2. cattx added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려   

    :-B excellent recaps at Dramafeed. Thanks Dramafeed. Thanks @jadecloud for the info on HR's character....HR and ES's too early to make suggestions about a character....but I would hope that HR ends up with an amazing life with her son and without her spouse...I'd hope that she would meet an amazing man that would enrich her life and have her spouse regretting the day he looked at his ES. ES is the worst kind of person those that are on the outide look as if they wouldn't hurt a fly but are rotten to the core.....throwing coffe at HR's face...she is lucky HR didn't ream the coffe cup down her throat..... :-O [-X b-( :-\"
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  3. cattx added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려   

    :-B that said I really, really like DI and JW characters....they had me at hello, actually at the scene when she is about to carry JW on her back and then dumps him........gosh, I'm hoping this drama gets subbed. [-O<
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  4. cattx added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려   

    :-B no way would I like an open ending either. I enjoyed the first episodes I've watched, but it really is to early to know if this drama will be a 'keeper'...I simply mean by that that I would keep watching till the end. I like the OTP couple. I never would have thought that these two together would have me smiling. But, they do. The cheating husband and the 'no-morals disgusting sleaze' deserve each other and I hope to see very little of them......I'm a bit worried as to how the 'sleaze-couple' ....will affect the the OTP couple since one will be the sleazy, cheating Ex and the other sleaze is the sister ... :-/ ~X( WILL take a creative writing team to pull this plot off...add to that an greedy older brother that lusts for his SIL that lives in the same household.... makes for a house full of disgusting, greedy, sleazy characters.....
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  5. cattx added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려   

    :-B I have my fingers crossed hoping this drama gets subbed. I have enjoyed all of the episodes up to now even without subs. I admit to dropping the most recent 50 eps except for What's up with my Family? I high hi hopes that this will be a really good, funny and entertains drama......please, please, sub [-O< [-O< [-O< Somebody...anybody... ^^
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  6. cattx added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2014/2015] Rosy Lovers 장미빛 연인들   

    :-B personally, I think there has been a dry spell on really good, even great dramas...lately. Like some said, sometimes there are dramas that have something, be it secondary characters, or subplots that keep me (viewers) watching and holding on to hope after hope, wish after wish that the drama will take a turn for the best.......BUT, I couldn't find anything, any subplot or any characters in this drama to like or to keep me watching. Oh, yes, there was the baby actress that was cute as a button....but, I wasn't going to continue to watch solely for cuteness overload. No way, no how. I stayed informed about this drama through this thread and came back only to watch the last two episodes. Thank goodness, I didn't waste my time with this drama. Just as with Twinkle, Twinkle.....nothing missed.....on a side note......I have never understood kdrama titles.....they just don't make sense....rosy lovers.....Really
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  7. cattx added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] My Heart Twinkle Twinkle 내 마음 반짝반짝 Thanks for watching...   

    :-B it is just a shame to waste good talent....I don't blame the actors for what someone else called 'rubbish'....which I totally second. I stopped watching long ago and only skimmed because it was evident that this drama didn't have any twinkle ....was heading towards nowhere and was wasting the actors and the viewers time. I cringed and felt bad for the actors that were contractually bound to this drama. Hope these actors find a new drama soon to forget about this mess, and be able to demonstrate their acting talents with a Writer that deserves talented actors. I'd give this Writer(s) a new about any job that keeps him/her far away from a 'pen'....and keeps them in the background like being an errand person and getting everyone coffee.....☔️⚡️☔️
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  8. cattx added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014/2015] Love&Secret 달콤한 비밀 Sweet Secret Thank you For Watching..   

    :-B So, spot on the comment about not trusting kdrama titles....never trust Kdrama's so love, no secrets, no shining inheritances, no thousand year inheritance, no my only love, no hearts twinkle, twinkle, no legendary witches, ....LOL...I could go on and on....I skim through this drama sometimes, just to see what hasn't happened......I'm not surprised that I find it lacking is a 100+ eps drama. Are there some favorite current dramas that anyone can recommend...? Not 100 eps drama...long dramas just end up boring me to death.....AR....girl, isn't it obvious you can't leave TF with mom for any amount of time?? Parenting 101. Stepmom back in the house!?! I don't bother to watch the subs....the only one that could be interesting is AR's brother and GF, but there as boring as everyone else. Sorry, for the gripe. I think this drama will be interesting.....hmmm, it's last week. 8-| (:| :-?? (:|
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  9. cattx added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2014] FAMILY SECRETS 가족의 비밀 TVN 9:40 KST   

    :-B thanks to everyone for the seems as if in the Univision version (which is based in Miami) and was in Spanish had a horrible ending, as per what I read. Could be wrong, but that was what I read. Seems as if the different production companies from different countries can switch the outcome of this drama to suit their viewers. Which is a good thing. As we know, the characters in kdramas that are the worst of mankind, are almost always the point that theses loathe some characters, end up looking as if they had been Angels rather than the sleaze that they were throughout the drama. Don't get me wrong, I believe in forgiveness but IF the characters have murdered, destroyed lives and been the worst of sinners they deserve 'forgiveness' in jail or suffering the way they offended, hurt and destroyed other characters lives. I'll keep coming back to this thread to find out how the drama is progressing, and skimming through this drama just to watch the end result of a Spanish telenovela remade by SK.....
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  10. cattx added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2014] FAMILY SECRETS 가족의 비밀 TVN 9:40 KST   

    :-B I was intrigued about this drama when I read it was a remake of a Chilean drama. (Donde esta Elisa?....I gave up watching Spanish novelas a long, long time ago, due to their length, senseless violence and disrespect for women and family.) I decided to skim through this drama because of this thread and, mostly to find out how it would 'translate' and 'transfer' into a Korean drama. Personally, I try to avoid 100 eps+ dramas like the plague, but like I mentioned before, I find this drama interesting mostly because it is a remake of a Spanish novela. I'd like to thank everyone on this thread for your input and translations. I keep coming back to this thread to find out what's happened and then I watch the episodes. I also did a little research and found out that there have been quite a few remakes of this Chilean drama. I started to watch a few episodes in Spanish of a remake of this drama by Univision, but I found myself bored-stiff, (maybe because I'd rather watch a Kdrama, any day over a Spanish telenovela . Nonetheless, I continued to research to find out more about the plot. I'll admit to finding spoilers of the original version. BUT, my question is, if anyone knows IF any of the remakes of this drama( donde esta Elisa?) have had different endings from the original OR have all the remakes been obligated to follow the Otiginal script??? Just wondering.....And, just asking if anyone might know???
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  11. cattx added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014/2015] What's With This Family? 가족끼리 왜 이래   

    :-B It's been awhile since I commented about this drama.i didn't feel the need because if there is a drama that stayed true to itself it was this one: a father that needed to leave to his children a legacy of love and a commitment to upholding family unity. Kudos to the Writer, Pd, casting, actors and the Team....this is a 50 +3 eps drama worth watching unlike some 50 eps dramas that I'll leave un-named. Hope we'll have a new 50 eps drama that will surpass this drama in its ability to have such a memorable character as Papa Cha. :-h
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  12. cattx added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014/2015] What's With This Family? 가족끼리 왜 이래   

    :-B honestly, I could careless for the screen time that is given to KL's in-laws. I don't care about their marriage or their issues. Writer Nim get to the issue of Papa Cha's illness. His children know about his illness, and now his sister needs to know. Stop beating around the bush and grab the bull by he horns.... Have the face to face confrontation between the family about the reality of the situation! Which is Papa Cha's illness and his getting need for the baby issue unless it motivates Papa Cha to hurry up and get his treatment. The reality of the situation has to be met head on .....otherwise, not even the comical scenes will be worth watching. Papa Cha has brought his children together, NOW is the time for him to bring them together and treat them like adults to tell them what he feels, what he wants and what his hopes are. Just because a person has a terminal,illness doesn't mean that they can't have hope..PC should let them know because it will have his family be able to accept his situation better, and they will be at peace with whatever happens. Cry it out together, talk it out together, no more keeping secrets... #-o no more in-laws screen time or lying about being pg....just saying... #-o
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  13. cattx added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014/2015] Love&Secret 달콤한 비밀 Sweet Secret Thank you For Watching..   

    :-B @valsava thanks for the info about locksmiths...watching YY in an apron having cooked a meal for SW ~X( the girl is just too will be interesting to watch SW stop her from entering his apartment and give her a reality check......YY is so toxic, she's hard to watch ...then add Philip, he has no clue what love is but SW sure does....he loves AR just the way she is with her baby....
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  14. cattx added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014/2015] Love&Secret 달콤한 비밀 Sweet Secret Thank you For Watching..   

    :-B Yuni has major issues, she was book smart to become a lawyer, but she is empty when it comes to her soul. How many ways must SW tell her he's not interested in her as a woman. Actually, cut the pity party with Yuni, SW! It only encourages her madness. The girl has mental issues..entering unwanted into SW apartment, acting like a wife....!!! SW dinner....nut rage is her real name......SW for goodness sake, get a locksmith! At least AR, told Philip where to marriage....hope these two, SW and AR won't be separated to long.....I know wishful thinking :-??
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  15. cattx added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014/2015] What's With This Family? 가족끼리 왜 이래   

    :-B Kudos to WriterNim that took the time to let viewers experience the reaction to Papa Cha's illness by each of his children, separate one from the other. It's significant that KJ was the first to find out because he was the most ungrateful, insensitive, and selfish. It's easy to forget who KJ really was, now that he has become a caring and loving son. One would have thought that KS having lost her mother would have been more sensitive and caring towards her brothers and her father. Being more of the 'glue that binds' rather than having been indifferent and cold towards her family. It can be said that KS, now, has also become a daughter that is engaged wholeheartedly in her love for her family. As for DB's reaction to finding out about his father's illness, it was not over-reaction. DB found out in the worst case scenario, he over hears his siblings discussing the matter. :-w Personally, I think DB should have been told sooner, but I'm not disappointed at how he found out and how DB reacted. Knowing DB's personality, it is logical he would go through stages: shock, anger and acceptance. The reason this drama has touched a chord with me is the way the Writer has been able to balance tragic sadness and happiness without becoming a drama only about an impending death. For me, the Aunt has been a loving, supportive sister that should be loved and respected. As for her daughter she is on the level of HJ bumbling, spoiled brat that only knows how to eat and gossip. I feel for her husband, he didn't deserve a lazy, spoiled brat for a wife. Women like her raise more lazy, spoiled brats. As for their non-existent daughter.....that's the Writers fault, there is no reason to make mention of a character that will never see the dawn of the drama. Unless they are bringing 'invisible' daughter later to meet EH. As for HJ, still dislike this character. Due to all of HJ's family screen time, it seems that they have ended up being 'beloved' by viewers? Say, it isn't so?! Surprisingly, Ms. Go has become the 'fariy-godmother' of the Cha family, and deservingly earned a very memorable character. Last but not least, TJ, his character is funny. But, for my personal taste, he is way overboard, almost to the point of being too childlike for any woman or job, let alone a CEO job.
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