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  1. tessieroo added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Heard It Through the Grapevine 풍문으로 들었소   

    Thanks, @baduy - I'm not trusting of any subs these days, no matter which site. Not when it comes to this drama.   
    I'm most likely not gonna get what I want (Attorney and Mama Han behind bars or at least their noses brought down a few notches) or even wiping the smirk off Sec. Yang's face. *sigh* Ah, well. I guess it IS a bit more realistic to show the top 1% being very successful in their financial shenanigans. 
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  2. tessieroo added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Heard It Through the Grapevine 풍문으로 들었소   

    According to Soompi TV subs (at 48.38) when So-Jung asks Jae-Won who the new scapegoat is, he says it's Sec. Yang's brother, the CEO of Han Trust. He then goes on to say there should be no problem but if anything goes wrong, Sec. Yang said to arrest her brother. Sounds like she's throwing her brother under the bus but that's only if something else goes wrong. Unless he's agreed to be the fall guy? 
    From the preview, it looked to me like Tutor Park and Sec. Lee were helping the kids (tutoring again and maybe babysitting?) And I think the older couple from the Han household were there too? 
    EDIT: I find it hilarious that the Han's are furious to learn Tutor Park is still in touch with In-Sang...like they have the right to control who sees/speaks to In-Sang anymore.  Unbelievable. 
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  3. tessieroo added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Heard It Through the Grapevine 풍문으로 들었소   

    @baduy - Ahhhh, I was misreading the situation. My thinking (because of Attorney Han's dislike of Jae-Won) that he was framing (or as you put it, dumping responsibility for HanSong's crimes) both father and son was wrong - it's Senior Song who will take the fall for most of it. That's of course, on the assumption that Jae-Won will take that deal and leave the country for a year. I guess he's okay with his Dad being ousted or does he not know the full details? I recall Sec.Yang mentioning the only person who could sway Jae-Won in the other direction is Mama Han but Attorney Han has no worries on that score. I also recall Young-Ra saying So-Jung (doctors wife) was the first to be warned not to appear at the club for a while. Wonder who warned her?  If it was Mama Han, that tells me she's fully aware of everything that's going on. I'm fascinated by this little investment club. 
    Nor did I realize that as soon as it's a done deal, Attorney Han plans to dump this temp PM asap and restore Baek. *blinks* Missed that completely. I did pick up on Attorney Han semi threatening Sec. Yang about the Han Trust but like Sec. Min said, he intends to let it go or forgive her as long as she cleans it up.  
    Thanks, Sunbaenim!  
    EDIT: I also learned from DF subs that a certain Mr Hong from the convalescence home made a mistake, even though Sec. Yang probably told him what to do/say numerous times. But Sec. Yang and Attorney Han seem assured they'll win in court because of HanSong's connections to local authorities and the courts. I'm already picturing the "evidence" being brought forward in my mind but we might only see the result of this whole mess. 
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  4. tessieroo added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Heard It Through the Grapevine 풍문으로 들었소   

    @baduy - Thanks for all your informative posts, I've really enjoyed reading them! (and finally got to read the ones from the temp forum too)  I have a million questions but I'll just ask one: is Attorney Han setting up the current PM and his son (Jae-Won) for any of this or am I misreading his intentions? And the way Secretary Yang keeps offering large amounts of money from the Han Trust to others makes me think she's either trying to get rid of some of it or make sure there are other names attached to it. I'm easily confused by the white collar crimes involved here although I'm from the US. *heh* 
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