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  1. Raini yang like earrings, and maybe G-Market clothing =BYeah I'm looking for some Leg/Arm warmers ><; Since it's getting near winter soon i though i'd like the keep myself warm x3; I perfer sellers that are in the US, I live in Philaldelphia, PA and I will be paying in MO or CC depending how much the total is. Please POST PICTURES IN THE THREAD ^o^ Bolded means needed badly x3 Leg Warmers Perfer ones with Pom-Poms; any darkish color (Black, dark blue/navy, choco brown) Under 8$ shipped? Arm warmers Perfer ones with no stripes, darkish color also (Black, dark blue/navy) Under 5$ shipped? Rainie Yang like earrings Post pictures and i'll see ^o^ G-market clothing Post pictures also, {I prefer any polo like, or hoodie like G-Market clothing ^^;;} if you have a survey/pre-order please post the link too x3 Goong like earrings, perferbly those cute lil stud ones =D