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  1. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Mask 가면 | Thanks for watching!   

    This hs got to be the nuttiest episode in  drama I have ever watched, Chase scene with police believing they are after a wife murder, everyone in that nutty family is trying to kill you and what lets just take today for our self. I can't speak for anyone else but should a real life incident takes place like this in my life I'm not stopping till I reach police headquarters.
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  2. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부   

    Maybe my idea that this has all been a training exercise for DH and JY to take over the family business is not as crazy as I thought when I mentioned it. No matter whats been going on JY and DH keep surviving and yet if they were a real threat it would have been simpler to just kill them, but no one has even tried to kill them so I kept asking why. When I first thought that would end the story but on second thought JY could have been killed leaving DH to seek revenge. They are being groomed to be the next chairman and his missus. The shadow's and the loan sharks have served their purpose and now the Chairman is setting up to go into the banking business. The bank that DH is currently working for is going to be their capital , it will fail because of all the loans that can't be repaid chairman and crew will move in and take over. JG and the chairman's secretary will be the fall guys for the illegal business. DH will be the new president and JY will be his madam all with a new identity. I know this sounds a bit far fetch but after 12 episodes we don't know anything about DH and his background, all we know is that he loves JY and will rescue her at all cost, but we have saw nothing to even remotely suggest that her life is in danger. 
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  3. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] I Remember You 너를 기억해   

    I can't recall which episode that it is in but he was the one that took the case file and gave it to the planning director for safe keeping. It was after the murder of LH dad.
    Episode 12 was the best it got me so excited with all the twist and turns, the ending made me wonder how would the criminal know to seek LH out at the police station after all he mostly resides in the US so that would be quite a leap. But then I remembered that LH had his friend investigate the team because he believed one of them to be a killer, the only thing ever mentioned was that one was an orphan. I went back and rewatched the first 10 episodes and the only thing I saw suspicious was that in episode six EB handed SJ a report about a crime scene and SJ pointed out he did not list his own name when he had practically been the first person on the scene he gave a lame excuse that satisfied SJ but it did make me wonder if he could be the bad guy, instead of exposing himself he uses hired help.
    I know it's flimsy but the idea of one of the team being a killer as well seem interesting. 
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  4. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] I Remember You 너를 기억해   

    I think LJY likes playing mind games when he learned Min secret he came to the house and killed the father to save LH I think he is protecting both of them and in truth saw LH as being more like himself. Because in truth the brothers were being neglected by the father, LH did the cooking, the cleaning, the bill payments and made sure the father kept his appointments as well as take care of Min. Their father was prepared to lock LH away the same way LJY had been unaware that LH was the only one that could keep Min in check. After seeing LJY story which reminded me of Flower's in the Attic I wondered if his family and the help that he killed was the reason he had been locked up. or did he murder other people. If not I can see LJY killing them I don't see how he could have gotten rid of all the bodies on his own. In truth we don't know that he killed anyone. after all the woman was telling what happened yet she supposedly was knock out after releasing him.
    The two people who were in on LJY escape was the planning director and team leader's dad but we give no thought to them at all, we know that for years she never tried to find Min but yet lead LH to believe she was doing everything she could, but what reason would she have for not looking for him. We know she took care of LH but there doesn't seem to be any affection between them. Did she look out for him because LJY asked to or did she feel guilty about the fathers death and the role she played in it? 
    I just have a feeling that nothing we believe is the truth will be that and we will get one hell of a shocking wrap up.
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  5. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Mask 가면 | Thanks for watching!   

    This drama raps up this week and I just finished watching 18 with subs, where I can really appreciate the total evilness of SH this episode did make me wonder what kind of values people like this are raised with that they find murder the solution for their problems and feel justified in committing said murders. I mean even the father is OK with the idea of his daughter being a murderer.  The mother is upset with the idea that SH may have cheated on her daughter but everything else is good to go. Not one of these sociopaths shows the slightest remorse or guilt by the things they have done and that's what I find truly disturbing. 
    I take it that we will never know what was done to SH family that made him this extreme or who the men were chasing MW and his mom  and why they were there. This drama should have been titled House of The Criminally Insane, because not one of them wore a mask or cared who knew what as long as their aim was accomplished. Even MW after learning everything this pail of lunatics have done only wants to see SH punished, again like he thinks MY is just a little lost.
    All the time JS was fooling around with that door I kept thinking pull the mattress over to the balcony doors shove it over the side and jump, instead she wasted time banging on a door that common sense should have told her would not be answered. If SH and MY some how are punished for what they have done that would be the shocking conclusion to this for me. 
    Also I often wonder where do you find those driver/secretaries that often commit murder and various other odd jobs of destruction and what kind of salary do they get?
    I will be waiting with bated breath to see how this concludes. 
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  6. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부   

    I think @Auntie Mame's point about DH's mother being married to the chairman made more sense than anything I have came up with or even read here, it would explain why DH is not being killed I also think he is protecting JY, because as I've said before there is no reason the bad guy's keep letting them live. The gangsta woman;s job is to protect her and I don't think she would unless instructed to . JY believes that she is protecting DH by staying away, but the chairman knows all, He knew from the start that JG had killed HS. He also knows that his number one guy is on JG side. I won't even be surprised if he owns the bank DH works at. 
    If the dead woman turns out to be MS I will be disappointed because she was out of the factory before the fire even started, Could this whole drama be an exercise for the criminals to clean house?
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  7. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부   

    After watching the last two ep's and reading some of the comments here it really got me to thinking what is this drama really about. Is it more than a love story? This is what came to me after seeing the scene where DH takes JY to meet the mom, and it's the current JY not the girl from the past. All of this is a test for DH and JY, who will have two choices either to take over the business or be free to live how they want. 
    Take JY since she went missing no one has really tried to hurt her , why. The simplest solution would have been to kill her episodes ago why is she still alive, she is the only real threat to JG so why has he kept her alive. In fact while she was with JS she had it quite cushy and no one was going out of their way to find her. The same with DH why don't they just kill him, we no they are not opposed to killing so why put up with all the bother he is causing when killing him and JY would solve all the criminals problems.Of course the story would end if they were killed but my point is no one is even trying to kill them.  This got me thinking what if they are not allowed to kill them, because they are the future of the business, JY would run the girls and DH would run the rest of the business or if they decide not to then this test would show they can be trusted, that no matter what they won't give up the business. Even with DH running around with YM the most she has gotten is a few hired henchmen who don't know anything to tell.
    At best this would be an interesting twist even if it doesn't happen.
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  8. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Mask 가면 | Thanks for watching!   

    I never watched a drama where every character is nuts, I could care less if MW and JS ever get together, because in JS shoes I would run as fast as I could to get away from that lunatic den. What kind of nutty universe do these nut jobs live in where murder is the answer to everything that makes you have a bad day.  What kind of family Okays the son in laws wrong doing by letting him leave the family home but keep his job. Next week is the end and we still have no idea how or why these people ended up this way. 
    Don't get me wrong JS family is no better because if it wasn't for the brother and father she never would have ended up it the mess that made the deal remotely interesting. Granted she doesn't know that MY killed EH but then again she never asked how she died, but she does know that SH  killed the guy she got that money from and is plotting to kill MW. MY money is still on MY mother being responsible for MW mom death,
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  9. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] I Remember You 너를 기억해   

    You can watch it on Viki it's about 21% subbed
    What he said was: I can read people well.
    The one scene that didn't make sense to me was when SH hit LH on the back of the head and said sorry hyung.  What was that about, because then it seem as if it never happened.
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  10. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Time We Were Not In Love 너를 사랑한 시간   

    I'm not sure HN is in love with Won she leans on him when she needs him and pretty much doesn't give him a thought when she doesn't. She is comfortable knowing he will always run to her if she needs him. She never even considers that he would place anyone in front of her, I'm not saying this makes her a bad person but it does make her thoughtless. I would even go so far as to say that she makes an effort to keep him from being in love. When he was trying to date the flight attendant she made sure that she intervened while all the time she kept saying we are just friends. 
    Won on the other hand knows that he loves HN so he willingly plays the door mat for her, his redeeming quality is he don't try to fool other women into believing they have a chance with him. Just like he has accepted his feelings for HN I think he needs t take that job because his absences is the only way she will be able to understand what her true feelings for him are. 
    I don't give a rats butt for the reason's SH stood HN up at the engagement party because he should of talked with her about whatever misgivings he had about her relationship with Won. If he truly loved her then she was entitled to know about his feeling towards Won. The fact that HN would run to him just because of some post-it notes and the fact he told her he was late but he came to the engagement party should make difference because he still did not make her aware that he was there, and he never told her what the problem was. Are we suppose to feel sorry for him because of Won when he couldn't even discuss the problem with the woman he loved. I don't think so. For me that's to little and to late.
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  11. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿| EP 11-12 On August 7-8 | Fri-Sat 20:30 KST   

    I guess I'm the only one that is finding this drama a little boring a silly. It's not going anywhere. We know no more about the characters lives than we did in episode 1. SA died from drowning why and how? BS is clearly from a family with high spirituality because see and being posses by a ghost is something that runs in her family.I often wonder if the Gma is dead or alive, because if she is alive she should sense that BS is in trouble and come to see about her. I thought that because of BS ability that once SA possessed her that she would also be able to live vicariously through her and become stronger and more self assured, she hasn't changed at all. I also thought that if SJ had something to do with SA death she would have some kind of reaction to him but that also didn't happen. At this point we should have an inkling why all these people are drawn together and what has to be resolved.
    For me the story is just not moving along, after six episode we still don't know anything of importance about these people. In other words whats the story?
    Some of you here see to think that SA might not be dead, but she is without a doubt dead. You can't be a ghost if you are not dead, if her spirit was just separated from her body like an out of body experience she would be trying to get back in it not trying to get laid. Also I think the shaman and other ghost has made it clear she is dead. SA always had trouble finding a body she could go into and the ones she did she could only remain for a short while without making them ill. BS is her perfect fit that's why her possession of her doesn't seem to hurt her. Also if SA was just in a coma her father and brother would not treat her as dead, wouldn't they visit her in the hospital?
    For me if BS does not change or become stronger then what's the point of her other than being a host body for SA, the story may be about SA but it also has to be how BS is also affected. She should be affected the most because of the possession's. Lets see some change and growth in her. SA story needs to also move on because at some point she needs to realize that she is not earth bound because she needs to get laid. It's way past time for the ghost and the host to get a clue about what has happened to them and what is needed to resolve things.
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  12. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Mask 가면 | Thanks for watching!   

    If I lived in such a family I would turn everything I own into cash and run as far away as I could get, this should be the House of Ushers everyone is a murderer. The sis killed the ex girlfriend of her husband, I'm betting her mother had something to do with MW mom's death, meaning who ever was chasing them was sent by her. We have seen SH kill. And all this is done over some one else's money. It makes you wonder how the rich raise their children.
    I don't get why MW is so upset, because EH was not someone he cared for, and JS as we can see from the flash backs told him from day one she was not who he thought she was. Granted he had no reason to believe that she was not EH but on the other hand he can't say she lied about who she was either. I get why they thought that JS committed suicide but I don't get the murder part, there was another person in the car for most of what happened and even if he didn't want to come forward because of the loan sharks he could have phone the police and told them everything he knew up to the point he ran away. The loan shark was only trying to kill JS because he thought he had killed that guy and JS was the witness. 
    After today's episode there are only four more so it's time to start wrapping up some of this intrigue.
    1, Who was chasing MW and his mom and why?
    2. What did this family do to SH's family to make him hate them so?
    3 Will anyone actually go to jail?
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  13. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] I Remember You 너를 기억해   

    After rewatching 8 with more complete subs I realized that LH has been looking for Min all along and it also gave me an idea of why JY is so interested in him. What ever LH told him about Min made him realize that Min had the potential to be a serial killer, The older brother even realizes it and tries to protect him, but the father who is a train psychologist thinks it's the good son.Knowing the father has it wrong and may attempt to resolve and in the process do more harm than good he decides to kill the dad and then watch how the two brothers evolve, but then Min gets in hes car an he takes him to insure that Min turns out to be a killer.The cases are all clues to not only lead him to Min but to make sure that he knows Min is the killer.
    Now what will LH do, will keep the knowledge and protect the brother the way he did as a child or will he turn him in?
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  14. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] I Remember You 너를 기억해   

    For all who thought the lawyer would be Min congrats, the same goes for those who thought that JY took Min. The only thing from the past I would like to see is if LH told JY that is was Min killing the animals and that he just cleaned up after him (because this is why I think he took Min) and I also think the reason JY was so intrigued by LH was even at that young age he recognized that something was wrong with Min and kept it quiet in order to protect him and yet he was not afraid of Min. If JH is JY I wonder if he is still killing people as well because I never thought that if you were a serial killer you just decide to stop one day and you do.
    Adult Min seems really pissed that LH has yet to recognized him but he knows his brother because for one he never changed his name and is now living in the family home. With half of the episodes gone the pace will really need to be picked up because there are so many questions from the past that still have not been answered, Like how did JY escape so easily and what happened to JA dad? What was the reason JY killed LH an Min dad, what was those case files that JS and EH dad buried,and finally who let LH out of the secret room because this episode clearly showed that is was not Min.
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