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  1. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] My Daughter Geum Sa-wol 내 딸, 금사월   

    Hi, All:JH is a very sympathetic and caring person after her initial hurt I think she will forgive them, especially after hearing all the circumstances. SW will be the problem because when she learns the truth she will be on JH side, she already stated that to her she is her mom. SW is a very loyal person and won't easily be swayed by DY issues.
    I hope that OW getting the flash back of the fight with KMH is the beginning of her getting back to normal.  We hit the halfway mark next week and this drama seems a little different in that most of the secrets are getting an early release. With that having been done the second half will be about getting payback and punishment. 
    If OW gets back with her family I can't see the daddy or the brother allowing her to stay married to that piece of crap husband. At this point I can't see how he could ever redeem himself. What I don't get is why does SW keep letting the MIL hit her, Why  does she feel she has the right to hit her.  SW has taken on the debit for the house so technically that makes it her home doesn't it.
    I also find it strange that no one in the house is working but every one is so busy that OW is just wandering around on her own. What would be different if OW had not had the accident. The only thing is she would be going to work. They compensated for the accident and the no account son ran off with the money, but for some reason she never blames her son or herself, hell she even told him were OW hid that money she got from KMH mom and then later blamed OW because he stole it.
    There is no doubt in my mind that SW and CB will end up together, OW will be reunited with her family, but what about HS will she go find her dad or will her mother come for her and take her back to the states? 
    I for one can't wait until the fighting starts and see KMH etal sent back to there humble beginnings.
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  2. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    In the beginning I didn't think the rapist was the killer but on thinking back GY mother just barely escaped from him. He left town because he knew that Young miss knew who he was but stayed in the area. I don't think Young Miss is the killer or the rapist but he just gives them the smile shot. I also have come to the conclusion that JH killed HJ, JH used HJ to get the goods on Seo so she could get money out of him, but that was not HJ agenda, Once HJ knew that JS and JH were her sisters she no longer had a reason to help JH get money out of them. The reason GW drinks is because he helped her get rid of her body, but also discovered she was his sister.
    The thing that was surprising was learning that GW  knew what his father was but did nothing to stop him, and I wondered why the rapist never tried to kill Young miss, since he knows as well. Could it be that the rapist doesn't kill them but the shot young miss gives them is the cause of death? Enough with my speculations.
    Did anyone besides me think that the cops were the dumbest things ever, why would they all run into the post office when the security guards were on the ground outside? I laughed so hard when JS tried to convince SY to stop her investigation, because in what universe would a strangers marriage take precedent over the death of your sister?
    I don't think that old gangster will die in the mountains, it may be cold but I didn't get the feeling it was freezing. A passer by will save him. Seo will think he is home free because now he knows that he is not connected to HJ death, but unless the subs were wrong the old man has a copy of the tape were he is talking about having HJ killed. 
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  3. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] My Daughter Geum Sa-wol 내 딸, 금사월   

    Just watched 21 partially subbed and haven't watched 22 yet. OW had to have something wrong in order for HS secret not to come out. She also SW had to move into OW house in order for her to find the video at some point, I'm guessing it will be the thing that will restore OW memory and give SW the back bone she needs to see HS for who she really is. I did wish that the MIL had abandoned the kids and OW so we would not have to see or be bothered by her antics.
    It would be nice if this age reverting ploy does not last to long OW need to be united with her own family. It would be nice if her husband commits bigamy and marry one of KMH daughters, if not that then maybe him and OW are not legally married. At any rate OW should get with her own family soon and them team SW/DY/OW/GH/SH can be formed.Also SW has been a sap long enough it's time she comes into her own as well, take those blinders off and see HS for the deceitful scum she really is.
    My reasoning for wanting the teams formed is it's time everyone knows where they belong, this is a revenge drama and we haven't seen much of that. DY/GH can't begin to get revenge if in GH case they target the wrong person or don't understand what they are getting revenge for. Granted the revenge is about the older generation but at the same time the younger ones have some issues they need to settle as well.
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  4. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    The thing that keep annoying me is, would someone kill a person just because they found out they were their long lost child. IF HJ and GY have the same father why not kill GY as well, with a serial killer rapist on the loose in would be easy to disguise them as victims, The assembly man is the obvious choice because that would mean he had an affair with his own daughter. That's a reason to kill.
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  5. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    I just finished watching the last 4 episodes because I had started to find this drama not to entertaining. We have three couples trying to be together and facing issues with the parents for two of them, this made me feel what's new?  After  watching however I thought the parents are right.
    HS and CR he worked for her father as a driver and now he doesn't have that HS is ill equipped to even work at a convenience store so how will they support themselves? I think their first priority should be to figure out how they will support themselves. If CR can live off of the meager salary that HS can bring in then  why stop them.
    HG is involved with a woman with a kid who may or may not be divorced, a man who is stalker and abuser so they need to take care of her marital status and his abuse before they even think about a romance
    YS liked JA until she discovered that her son liked her, now she see's her as a gold digging hussy, so now the work place harrassment starts. JA should jump at the chance to work back in the boonies, because one it's a promotion and two it keeps her off of mom's radar. 
    Judging from the preview it looks like CW will find out he is HJ dad which will swing his focus off of CR and HS but then it creates a new problem for them.
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  6. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] My Daughter Geum Sa-wol 내 딸, 금사월   

    Maybe it's me but even if SW made a mistake how would that justify her being to blame for someone being hurt who is prowling around on a construction site in the middle of the night. The bigger question should be why she was there to begin with. How could OW even justify being there, I'm guessing she was there to meet SW but why would she go to the construction area, I can't imagine that would be the meeting place.
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  7. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    I truly hope that all these murders is not to keep some stupid birth secret, First off the town knows who JS mother is and that she had a third child so I cant see that being a reason to kill HJ or anyone else. JS just married into wealth and her husband nor her MIL seem to like her much so getting rid of her would be the easiest of solutions.I think for the birth secret to be that important would have to relate to CW and his families wealth.  
    SY and HJ had the same father and at present SY is no threat because she is only trying to find out why her sister was killed, and if push came to shove they could pay someone to be the fall guy instead of having all these suspicious deaths of key witnesses being written off a suicide. Or why is SY no perceived as a threat? Are we to assume that because HJ, GY and GW all have a genetic disease that they are all related, and since SY and HJ had different mothers then she should not be affected? With only six episodes we need to start getting some real discoveries. 
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  8. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    The most important thing about Fabry is the father can only pass it to his daughter but the mother can pass it to bot sons and daughte
    cut just this section from what I read about Fabry.
    Affected fathers pass the defective gene to all of their daughters and none of their sons
    Because men have one X and one Y chromosome, they can pass either one to their children.
    If a man with Fabry disease passes his X chromosome (with the defective gene) to a child, the child will be a daughter (XX) - remember, the X and Y chromosomes determine whether a person is male or female - and the daughter will have the defective gene.
    If he passes his Y chromosome to a child, the child will be a son (XY) and will not have Fabry disease.
    Therefore, men with Fabry disease have a 100% chance of passing the defective gene to their daughters and a 0% chance of passing it to their sons. All the daughters and none of the sons of a man with Fabry disease have a chance of developing symptoms of Fabry disease.
    Affected mothers can pass the defective gene to both their daughters and their sons
    Because women have two X chromosomes, they always pass an X chromosome to their children.
    A woman with Fabry disease has a 50% chance of passing the defective gene to each daughter and son.
    If a woman with Fabry disease passes the X chromosome with the defective gene, her child (son or daughter) may develop symptoms of Fabry disease
    If she passes along her normal X chromosome, her child (son or daughter) will not have Fabry disease.
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  9. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] My Daughter Geum Sa-wol 내 딸, 금사월   

    Today's episode was pretty good . SW and OW finally know who each other are, CB knows that SW is his friend from childhood. For some reason today I wondered if DY was paying SH for all the stuff he does for her. It's time for OW family to find her and get her away from that hubby and MIL. I also think that SW needs to get away from HS, if HS is going to be the bad guy she needs to have to work harder for her wins. The same thing goes for DY get out of that house, make KMH have to work at keeping what he has as well as wonder what you are up to.
    The close proximity makes the bad guys have to much access and the good guys are always scrambling The thing that makes these 50 episode drama's so tedious is it's about a hand full of people with the bad guys doing unspeakable things to the good guys while the good guys walk around as if they don't don't have a clue. The turnaround doesn't take place till the last few episodes and even then the bad guys usually walk away with just a slap on the wrist. 
    HS already knows that SW is MH real daughter and I'm willing to bet she will be the first to discover that DY is the mother, she will partner up will KMH to destroy the family that raised her thinking she will get CB and still have the good life.
    Judging by the preview HS has definitely made an enemy of OW, this will be the second time she has tried to kill her third if the accident that sends her to the hospital was caused by her.
    HS must have inherited her murderous intent from her mother, although she has yet to kill anyone it's not from a lack of trying. At best she should end her days in a loony bin with KMH as her neighbor, if it wasn't for the DNA test I would think they were related. 
    I think it's also time that GH discover that MH is not the enemy but KMH is and start to form team DY because he needs to make up with his son so that when they find OW they can better protect her. Because he will have his hands full straighten out that SIL and MIL that he will inherit. In three weeks we will be at the halfway mark and that's time for some changes. 
    The good guys is this drama have had to fight just as hard as the bad guys for their survival , so start showing how clever a cunning they can be don't just let them get abused week after week and then miraculous find an answer that solves everything.
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  10. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] My Daughter Geum Sa-wol 내 딸, 금사월   

    @my2centsworth: I thought the same thing about CB because when the ex wife came to KMH room at the resort when he was drunk abd git in his bed he woke up and kicked her out, there was nothing to indicated that they ever had a sexual relationship. I think he just bought because he was drunk and didn't remember. So that would be really great for him and SW not to mention what it would do to KMH.
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  11. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] My Daughter Geum Sa-wol 내 딸, 금사월   

    I'm going to start my rant with some of the things the production team does that drives me nuts, OW shows up at the house screaming that HS is GHS until she gets dragged outside, she knows SW last name is the same as her's and HS yet she makes no connection with the orphanage, the same with SW she stands there hearing OW mentioned the orphanage and the directors last name that all the kids were given yet she makes no connection. Even before SW and HS became adopted SW has known what a liar, a sneak, a manipulator HS is but each week we have to watch her fall for HS crap.
    Yea DY asked for a divorce it would be great if most of the secrets get revealed early then the story would have to be more character driven and not be about just the secrets. I don't mean that everyone has to know that DY is SW mother but that SW knows that OW is alive. It was strange watching OW argue with her brother and neither one knowing the truth. The same when she went to her father to try and get some of their things back. It would be great if OW family found her as well and she could take her kids and leave that rotten MIL and the good for nothing husband. She probably loves him because he was so good to her as a kid. 
    I think the DNA test was a set up for the MIL that if she revealed the contents DY would take a new test to show that OW was not her daughter but just something the MIL faked to make DY look bad, but she made the MIL back down because she told her she would reveal all the wrongs done to her and her family the MIL got scared and back down, while the stupid ex wife thinks the DNA was to find another child that KMH had out of wedlock. 
    At this point the thing I would like to see is DY going ahead with her divorce and taking SW under her wing, even with SW leaving MH house that way HS would have to work harder to find out what SW is doing and not have such easy access to her.  When she tries to come in between SW and CB, right now it's just to easy for her to know everything, a villain should have to work harder for results.
    They need a little stress to, so if DY get's divorced and SW gets her a rooftop apt. then HS and KMH wouldn't have it so easy when plotting their wrong doing, and it wouldn't hurt for SW to stop letting HS get away with everything. 
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  12. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] My Daughter Geum Sa-wol 내 딸, 금사월   

    DY decided who her daughter was from the clothes and MH took the word of a child and a torn DNA test that did not identify who the child was. That aside the both of them treated SW like garbage which throws out the common used trope of blood calling to blood. In SW place they both could go to hell. The other drama from this team that makes me worry is the heroine was constantly berated and abused for 46 of the 50 episodes. Yea in the end she came out OK but it was torture watching not fight back most of the time. The same goes for SW. she is loved by her adopted mom but most of the time treated like crap from the dead. DY as her mother is no better because every since SW was a child she found ways to  admonish or make her feel her dislike of her, now that she knows she is her daughter its all smiles and grins. Drama's often forget that to get a filial child you need to be a filial parent. SW parents both suck at this. SW is not dumb, she has known what HS is capable of since they were children, what she does is accept and forgive every thing she does, and that's worse. I fear because of that a lot more abuse is waiting for her down the line.
    DY wants revenge on KMH for the death of her parent's and the theft of all their wealth but if she continues to live with him while trying to get her revenge she might end up dead. We have seen him twice attempt to punish her for some transgression by doing something that could cost her life. Once hang her over the very cliff her father fell from and him getting ready to push her into the pool knowing she could not swim.  Not to mention all the verbal and emotional abuse she has to live with in that house. I say get the divorcee and keep a low profile while smacking him down.
    Also why didn't SW follow them outside it was clear from the name she call HS that she was from the orphanage but instead they have SW stuck on her behavior at the work site, and even that was understandable. First time she see SW playing with her husband and the other time SW is with her kids, granted she was just trying to play with them but the both told her no.
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  13. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] The Village: Achiara's Secret 마을- 아치아라의 비밀   

    I copied this map or Achiara from Dramabean
    I'm beginning to think that the mystery is not the murder but about the birth secrets . I may be remembering this wrong but I thought that JH told SY when they first met that she was not from Achiara and that most of the women were not.  Why is JS doing in vitro to get pregnant and who is her donor? Could the rape/murder's be a way of getting rid of women who were donor's?  I know, how sick would this be? I scare myself sometimes with the things I imagine. 
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  14. IBELIS added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    It's amazing that every off spring of the Lee clan is having trouble with their love life because of the actions of the families of the people they like. I try not to watch this every week because I get to pissed off at the bad behavior of the parents when the disapprove. JA boss reminds me so much of how my sister use to behave every time her son dated someone, single mothers of son's are the worst, especially if they are close. They get jealous and protective like someone is trying to steal their man instead of date their son. The stalker ex is just a nut job, I'm willing to bet he wanted to get rid of her because he thought she wasn't good enough because she is dim, but people liked her because she was thoughtful and kind, and he now realizes he was the boor. Most likely he wants her back but their's a new sheriff in town. He was probably trying to scare her thinking she would run to him for help.
    I often wonder if they have job descriptions in Korea because based on drama's they work until late in the evening and start early in the morning they have to do anything their boss ask, CR dad asking HS to spy on her and then report back, He get's hired to drive for the boss through the company and now he is driving the whole family and being asked to spy as well. I just don't get that. 
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