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  1. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    Thank you for the translation. This one gave us a headache trying to figure it out. 
    @Ldy Gmerm,
    Well said and I'm in agreement this cancer issue has dragged on long enough and if PCW doesn't find out soon I'm also taking a break. To me the eps have been slow and dragging with really nothing happening. All that's happening right now is one person per ep is finding out about GSR's cancer walking around sighing and weeping. The way things are going now PCW will be the last one to find out when it's almost to late to save GSR. I did not sign on to watch a tragic love story of two people kept apart because one is a noble idiot. Then to have all the other people around them for their own selfish reasons sit by and let this woman just about die or die. I'm going to hang in for a few more eps just to see if this writer turns this mess around. If not I can't watch the ugly nasty dirty things that people have done gives them another chance and to redeem themselves due to the tragedy of a woman's life. 
    CYK knows PCW no longer has any feelings for her but because she wants him she'll take him anyway she  can get him. She is trying to play on this man's lost of GSR to get him back. This woman has not changed one bit and is still as selfish and egotistical has as ever. CIS only helps build this twits ego which makes her believe if she wants it she'll have it. Never mind what she did to hurt PCW as long as she's not hurting. 
    SBG's guilt and his ego is what drives him to want to save GSR. He does care that she lives but even with her being sick he still has not changed his mannerisms towards her. He's still ruff and gruff with her and treats CYK like a piece of delicate porcelain. He also knows the love GSR had for him is gone but his ego won't allow him do what he knows is right and that's telling PCW. Instead he does things that gives her more stress and hurt wanting it to be him and only him who saves her. 
    I hope things continue to happen the same as before with CYK trying to get out of the country with PCW is stopped dead in it's tracks. CYK and SBG  need to see and learn lessons that they've  never learned. When you love someone sometimes there are sacrifices you have to make. A relationship is healthy satisfy and a loving one when both are willing to make sacrifices for each other. PCW and GSR did those things for them and they didn't embrace and appreciate the love and devotion that was given to them. Their selfish actions brought two people together willing to give and do for each other what their selfishness actions destroyed. Not only does SBG and CYK need to see and learn their parents also need to see the actions of two people who truly love each other. Everything they have done and taught their children cost them to lose someone really special. Nothing they can do or say to fix it because it's now to late.  PCW and GSR are just as precious to their parents as their children are to them. What they have done, allowed and helped their children to do to these two comes with consequences  they all have to face up to and pay for. 
    Another thing is all I can see that will come from SBH and IYO is more nastiness hatefulness. They have used and abused GSR and now that she's sick and to them she was nothing but worthless and her illness proves it. 
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  2. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    Written Preview Ep 101
    봉국이 간암이라고 오해하고 있는 정분은 상해로 출국하는 찬우에게 수래와 봉국이 재결합 한 이유가 봉국의 간암 때문이라고 말한다. 한편, 수래는 마중과 정분의 오해를 풀기 위해 봉국이 아닌 자신이 간암이라는 사실을 말하고, 마중과 정분은 큰 충격에 빠지는데...
    Bongguk This is why a misunderstanding and that this chanwoo jeongbun to surae and bongguk is to leave Shanghai by recombination of liver cancer called hepatocellular carcinoma say because bongguk. On the other hand, surae telling the truth is that their non-bongguk to solve the misunderstanding meet with jeongbun liver, pick-up and jeongbun is ppajineunde big impact on the ...
    The usual translator I use is not working right now but here's another translation from another translation site. I'll post the other one when the site is available 
    liver cancer is the kingdom of heaven-misunderstanding, Chung said in Shanghai, to leave Korea and Chan-woo, and bong bong is the kingdom of heaven is reuniting with say the liver cancer. On the other hand, it can be a pickup and can settle the Bong is the kingdom of heaven is not the fact that liver cancer, pickup, and it's a big shock to the minute.
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  3. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    Thank you for the translation
    CIS is just as crazy and delusional as his daughter. SB is dead because of CYK and he only sees things as a quarrel between a couple. So to him the child's death and how she died means nothing. There is something wrong in CIS's thinking process to even have thoughts that she should try to get PCW back. 
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  4. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    @Ldy Gmerm,
    I don't think SBH has been completely knocked off her high horse yet  Even though LJA and family deserve what SBH has done to them SBH still has not realized the wrongs she's committed. She didn't loan Yuna to GSR she gave her to GSR.. She and her family have treated GSR like she was trash under their feet all because of her.  It is only fitting that she be the one to spill the beans. Her being so nasty ends up being what saves GSR's life. 
    CIS is the maker of every single thing that the people in his family have done. He made these monster and still patching up and letting them continue to do things that will hurt other people. CDG should have been fired and brought up on charges but no he gets to keep his job and title. Then SJ is still reporting to CIS so this new guy is just a smoke screen. It's why the new guy told CDG to just wait a little until PCW left. CIS is still running that company from behind the scenes. He is up to something and has some plans he's working on but as always this family always cancels out each other's plans. 
    Which brings me to this. Can you shed some light on the conversation with CIS and CYK. I couldn't make heads or tails of the article. Was CIS discouraging CYK of pursuing  PCW right now and to just wait awhile or was he telling her to just give up. If he was telling her to wait awhile holding on to PCW for his daughter is also part of his plan. 
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  5. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    Written Preview Ep 100
    수래는 봉희를 찾아가 간암이라는 사실을 밝히고, 유나를 데리고 어디든 떠나달라고 부탁한다. 한편, 봉국은 대경의 수술비 제안에 갈등하다가 결국에는 수래의 노트북을 뒤지고, 대경에게 디자인 도안을 유출하고 마는데...
    Surae reveals the fact that the liver go to bonghui, Yuna will be asked to take away anywhere. On the other hand, while the conflict in surgery bongguk is proposed large-diameter end, falling behind the laptop surae, Daqing to spill the design drawings and t ...
    Several lay seek Bong-hui Yuna, they disclose they bring they hold where, to leave, they request the fact which is a liver cancer. On the other hand, Bong-guk has conflicts to operation charges proposal of Taching finally several lay notebooks to search, to Taching the design design does not stop to flow out
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  6. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    @Ldy Gmerm,
    The problem is no one in CIS's household and him included owns up and learns from their mistakes and wrong doings. They place blame on everyone else but themselves.  CIS is the root cause of CYK and CDG being as they are. They will never own up to their mistakes until he owns up to his and stop putting band aides on the problems and the messes they make. 
    MJ recorded that conversation between CIS and SJ and tried to get LJA to listen to it but she didn't want to hear it. She's ticked off she's getting no where in her quest of being Madame.  
    Looking at the preview again CDG has a cut on his lip when talking to LJA in their bedroom.  It's probably due to SBG getting ticked off that he would suggest something like that. 
    I agree SBG in his desperation will go back and accept the deal with CDG. SBG is not a reasonable and logical thinker and rushes forward before all the ducks are in line. He's going to end creating more of a mess then being of any help to save GSR's life. NBJ and GSG already think he only got back together with GSR to pay off his debt. This is going to really put his butt in a sling with them. 
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  7. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    @Ldy Gmerm, 
    I think it just might be Yuna that alerts PCW. (out of the mouths of babes) This child knows how her mother was treated by SBG.. She even questioned GSR as to why she even reunited with SBG. In her times of confustion and troubles she has always turned to PCW. Yuna might not know all the facts but what she does overhears is enough to send her straight to PCW. 
    SBG and JES don't like each other so why would he call her and discuss telling PCW. He didn't even want to talk to JES about the test needed. SBG really didn't want to tell PCW and needed JES to validate his reasoning in keeping quiet. If she was in agreement in telling PCW he didn't want to be the one to spill the beans so he would not be the one to go against GSR's wishes. 
    What's so bad about this is SBG and CDG's jealousy of PCW has them messing around with GSR's life. Each one has their own agenda as to why they want to keep this secret from PCW. 
    I don't think they can drag this on for much longer. PCW is pushing up his leave date and if he leaves GSR's life is doomed. If SBG makes the deal with CDG they still don't have a donor. What good is having the money for the operation if there's no donor. Plus the fact that the clock is ticking down on GSR's chances of survival. 
    When PCW does find out the truth he's going to be one ticked off man. Not only at GSR but at the one's who knew and let things progress this far. . 
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  8. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    Written Preview EP 99
    찬우는 자신이 떠나주길 바란다는 수래의 마지막 확답을 듣고, 서둘러 상해 출국 날짜를 앞당긴다. 한편, 대경은 봉국에게 가을 디자인 도안을 넘겨주면 수래의 수술비를 입금해주겠다고 제안하는데
    Chanwoo heard the last of the surae definite answer, please leave me to myself, hurried departure date apdangginda injury. On the other hand, diameter was used to deposit the surgery offered to surae Passing the fall of design drawings to bongguk
    Chan-wu to leave, or oneself, wish several lay last to listen a definite answer, haste, damages advances a departure from a country date. On the other hand, Taching will pass over the autumn design design to Bong-guk, possibility lay operation charges that will pay, proposes
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  9. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    @Ldy Gmerm, @ina111,
    The thing is SBG is not realizing is they don't have the convenience of time waiting on one at a time test results. The more people tested the better chances of finding a match. GSR and SBG have put more energy and effort into keeping this lie going then in finding a donor. 
    As for JES like SBG with CYK what if the shoe was on the other foot and it was GSG. She would also move mountains to help save him. If JES really wanted  to do it she would have just gotten the test done after she checked with GSG that they were the right test. 
    I still think PCW will be the match. He will be the one GSR needed from the beginning in order to survive.  SBG had at one time tried to get GSR to let go of PCW because he thought CYK needed PCW in order for her to survive. 
    As was mentioned in chat GSR and PCW's connection goes deep. These two have tried many times to break up but something always brings them back together. Their very existence is and will be because of each other. 
    What CYK will do when she finds out one never knows what crazy will come up with or will do. CYK has to first own up to what she has done. She has blamed every one she could. Tried to pretend it didn't happen and now she's trying to drink it away. 
    The title of one of the articles for eps 98 is PCW  sick and GSR sobbing asking "Why is like this, me as what"
    As some of us has mentioned GSR just didn't know what she actually means to PCW. 
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  10. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    Thank you for the translation
    I had hope in JES also but she turned out to be a dud.  She is not what one would call a true friend. How can she even be around GSR's parents and brother and even look them in the face knowing what she knows and not say anything. She even went as far as going along with SBG in making sure GSG had those test done without him even knowing why. GSR is not thinking straight and someone has to be the voice of reason. This is GSR's life here they are playing undercover cloak and dagger with. GSR needs all the help she can get and stopping SBG is not thinking of GSR at all. She thinks she's being her friend by helping her die which is wrong on so many levels. 
    NBJ already doesn't think of JES as a good mate for GSG and this is only going to make it worst in getting this woman's approval. Especially if something happens to GSR her parents and brother would never forgive her for keeping this from them. 

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  11. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    Written Preview Ep 98
    봉국과 수거의 간이식 검사 결과가 둘 다 부적합 판정이 나오고, 봉국은 찬우밖에 방법이 없다고 하지만 은실은 수래를 생각하라며 봉국을 말린다. 한편, 정분에게 찬우가 아프다는 말을 들은 수래는 걱정돼 찬우를 찾아가고 아픈 찬우를 보며 마음 아파하는데...
    Both transplanted liver test results of the collection is suitable decision bongguk out, bongguk is no way out but Eun Sil chanwoo think the surae haramyeo dry the bongguk. On the other hand, it chanwoo the sick horses are watching surae is worried sick chanwoo visiting the sick in mind chanwoo to jeongbun
    The liver transplant testing result of Bong-guk and collecting comes out both incongruent decision, and Bong-guk that only Chan-wu a method say there is not Eunsil think several lay, stops Bong-guk. On the other hand, Chan-wu is sick as for possibility lay which listened a speech to worry to cordial friendship, Chan-wu go, sick Chan-wu see and mind hurts
    Hopefully you will have time to unscramble this one

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  12. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    @Ldy Gmerm, @ina111, @tinatrix236, @swiftriver
    A little tidbit of information from the preview from one of the articles.
    Will SBG Save GRS From Dying?
    SBG get's angry with GSR and shouts SHUT! UP, get the test, have the surgery and live. 

    It does not look like SBG's rant has fazed GSR at all. 

    GSR is slowing withering away and at some point SBG has to realize he's not the one who can help her. Even though GSR pushed PCW away she's grieving. She doesn't want to hurt him if she dies, but she's lost without him. 

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  13. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] A Daughter Just Like You/딱 너 같은 딸 20:50KST   

    Watched the first ep and it caught my interest. Especially the ending with the divorce papers all wrapped up in a pretty gift box.. Who could blame the woman with a family like her husbands. I guess she's put up with a lot from these people for years and has had enough. 

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  14. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    Written Preview Ep 97
    수래가 간염 관련해 병가를 냈다는 사실을 알게 된 이경은 이상한 낌새를 느껴 찬우를 찾아간다. 한편, 연옥은 집 앞에 서성이는 이경에게 말하는 도중 수래와 봉국의 재결합 사실을 말하고, 이에 이경은 충격을 받게 되는데...
    Naetdaneun surae learned that the sick leave has sensed a strange feeling regarding hepatitis yigyeongeun go find chanwoo. On the other hand, they say the reunion purgatory is the fact of telling surae and bongguk during seoseongyineun reducer in front of the house, and thus are subjected to impact yigyeongeun ...
    Several lay the inflammation of the liver has the sick leave to relate and a fact know the hint be and the Lee Kyung-eun strangeness which became feels Chan-wu goes. On the other hand, the purgatory Lee Kyung-eun hereupon, the while says to Lee Kyung who hangs around before the house tells the reunion fact of several lay and Bong-guk,…

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  15. awsparkle added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 8:30am KST   

    Thank you for the translation of the article.
    JES and SBG are only going to do as GSR asks and not push or make her want to fight. SBG because of his guilt and JES because she's her friend who knows the crappy life she has lived. Neither one of them has realized holding onto this secret for GSR is helping this woman die. Even though SBG and GSG have been tested he's still going along with GSR's wishes and letting time be wasted in finding a donor.  
    SBG does feel sorry and guilty but he doesn't love GSR and it's not motivating or pushing him to move mountains to save her. If the shoe was elsewhere and it was CYK there wouldn't be anything he wouldn't do the save her. With all the drinking she's doing she just might end of needing a liver. 
    GRS's lack of self worth is what has her not trying to fight for her life. She doesn't think she's worthy of being loved and being happy. In her mind it's not in the cards for her. PCW and his love for her is the only one who is going to be able to bring her up out of this not being worthy frame of mind. He is a man of action and is not going to just let her sit by and wait to die. His fighting for her will make her want to fight.  
    As for CYK if she finds out about GSR she will find a way to use this too her advantage. Everything that has happen she has placed the blame on everyone else.  In her deluded mind she thinks she is due to give some payback for her dirt being outed and what happen to her father. Being as self serving as she is I just don't think her offer to SBG was her being sorry for what she did to him. She does holds him responsible for SB's death which resulted in her losing PCW. It would not surprise me if she set out to make everyone involved suffer for what she thinks they have made her suffer. 
    I had the same thoughts about PCW not letting GSR know he knows and just continues to helps her from the sidelines.  
    GSR's family were a bunch of misfits but they were coming together and becoming a caring family. I think if they knew they would do whatever they could to help save their child. This could be the very thing that completely binds them as a family. 

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