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  1. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿| EP 11-12 On August 7-8 | Fri-Sat 20:30 KST   

    Thank you i can't ship BS with SW like EVER !! i'm sooooo into SA thanks to you ..and i want her to be alive somewhere ..i swear that SA's character win my heart completely..that i can't root for BS with SW anymore ..nuff said 
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  2. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿| EP 11-12 On August 7-8 | Fri-Sat 20:30 KST   

    I don't know about you guys but i'm so done with SA taking BS's body's not fun anymore especially when we can see that SW has already fell in love with SA not BS..what the hell drama ..!! i mean i love both girls but i need more of the real BS..they could just made SA as the main lead girl and get done with it instead of torturing me like that ..i love this drama but the thing with SA taking BS's AND'm not okay with that ..i hope that there will be no more SA in BS's body ..even though i'm doubting that ..
    sigh ~
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  3. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿| EP 11-12 On August 7-8 | Fri-Sat 20:30 KST   

    dear god..finally BS is the story seems more interesting..the two girls can bond and help each other,,sure it won't be easy for BS to see SA at first but in time i'm sure that they will become close..i'm just way too happy that BS is back..i was worried that SA will take her body for the half of the drama..but i'm glad that BS is back yaaaaaaaaaay *happy dance* it seems that since our BS is back she will cause a lot of accidents in the restaurant again..
    now the thing that i'm so worried about ..have you seen that scene when the police guy was in a place and there was a dog..then suddenly the next scene it seems like the dog was beaten to death by someone !! what was that about ..!! i'm worried okay ..i'm seriously worried because of that scene ..
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  4. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿| EP 11-12 On August 7-8 | Fri-Sat 20:30 KST   

    To tell the truth i really like SA's character more than BS..the reason is because we haven't really seen the real BS..i mean she showed up in the first 2 episodes but you know ..i didn't see her ..she was sad and lonely and yes she has a crush on JS..but that's it ..
    i need them to bring the real BS back i want SA to get out of her body like right now..because the more i see SA the more i like her ..then how am i suppose to root for BS and JS for the god sake..!! i will end up rooting for the girl that he fell for who's SA not BS..
    dear writer..just let SA out of BS's body ..BS can see ghosts if SA is out of her body she can help her change by herself..right now i'm confused ..who am i suppose to root for..!! i mean he is going to kiss her for the god sake..please when he kisses her let that be the moment that SA is getting out of BS's body ..i can't do this anymore 
    on the other side..thanks to SA's amazing and funny character we are able to see Park Bo-young's amazing acting..she is totally cute ..i can't even...and there is this amazing similarity between her and Kim Seul-gi..even with their voices..they are both cute and adorable..and tiny ..gosh i can't take it 
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  5. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] ✿ Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 ✿| EP 11-12 On August 7-8 | Fri-Sat 20:30 KST   

    hi guys..
    i just started watching this drama and it's amazing..i can't believe that PBY is finally in a tv drama 
    but i have something to say seems that Kang Seon woo will fall for Na Bong sun's new personality which is obviously because she is Shin soon Ye..
    am i the only one who is bothered by this fact !!
    i mean i totally love both girls but this girl that we saw in episode 2 who challenged and stood in Seon Woo's face is Soon Ye not Bong sun..i need Bong sun to be back so i can really root for her and Seon woo because right now what i see is a start of a relationship between Soon Ye and Seon woo  
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  6. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    oh my know that KSH wanted to pick SungJae ( Gong TaeKwang ) in the end make me feel happy ..see..actually all the feels that we saw from KSH ( Lee EunBi ) in the drama between her and TaeKwang was actually because KSH wanted to choose him..oh my gosh i love them ..thank you So Hyun ah ~
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  7. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    oh my gosh..i just saw the special episode and i laughed so hard at the NG's part ..oh my gosh at KSH whenever he made a mistake..he start screaming like he is singing an opera..i burst in laughing for this scene
    also ..someone please let IU and KSH be lovers in a drama ASAP..!! have you seen that scene when they were too shy to look at each other ..i mean was so obvious that they were embarrassed like they couldn't even look at each other for more than 6 seconds..i remember watching an interview for KSH and he has this thing ..when he looks  at a girl that he really like and she looked at him he just look away because he just can't take it ..awwwwwwwwww ~ i need them to be a couple..i don't mind if they became a couple in real life too..i love them so much oh my gosh 
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  8. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    damn it..the full ost is out but there is no Rock version for Reset..the Rock version gives me all the feelings but sigh ~
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  9. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] High Society 상류사회 | Thanks for watching!   

    I swear that JY and CS are the main reason why i watch this drama..can they be any cuter!! i love JY's character ( yes it's JY not YJ because her name is Ji Yi ) but anyway ..i swear that i saw that kiss coming..i love her character so much ..she is honest and straightforward ..she said that she didn't want to like him but how can she not like him when he is so cute !! dear god ! 
    she keeps surprising CS over and over again..also i don't think that they meant to be a cute couple in this drama ..they will have their own issues too..i can see JY having a lot of troubles in the future ..i need to know what he said about her in the preview..i really want to see CS in love with her deeply because now it seems that he is interested in her because she challenges him ..sigh ~ i really love these two <3
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  10. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    Off topic
    i just came here to tell TaeKwang's shippers to go and watch WGM..i mean guys ..i have never watched WGM i find that program kinda meh ..but anyway..i watch it yesterday for SungJae and GOD ..i'm in love..guys you should watch that and trust me you will feel better for our SungJae ( TaeKwang ) after watching it..i mean Joy is adorable and she is so straightforward..she told SungJae that she liked TaeKwang more than the other guy and she thinks that he is cooler boy is completely shy but she say whatever she feels loud and clear ..omg ..her personality is beautiful and she matches well with should watch this..SungJae will forever be my TaeKwang that's why even when he is on WGM i feel like i'm watching Gong TaeKwang moving on from EunBi and met another lovely girl ..thanks god that WGM chose SungJae ..i feel better now 
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  11. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    well sweetie..i will never stop wishing that they will be a couple in another happens you know..i already saw a couple playing as a couple in another drama i will keep my hope for KSH and IU..i mean who would thought that they will be together in a drama after dream high !!
    and i agree with you..we kinda saw that BSC starting to feel something for Cindy..i mean the way he was smiling in the last scene because she was so cute is just adorable..i can't with them ..
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  12. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    They're friends..but friends with awkward atmosphere ..i mean even after all this time they still act shy around each other..i can't believe it ..damn it..they make me want to ship them in real life too..
    guys ..this drama is over ..i like the ending where everyone is happy ..i can understand why some people are disappointed in the ending..i feel you guys ..i feel you *Hugs* but it's over now ..we can't change anything about this drama 
    if i had a chance to change anything..i would make Cindy and Seung chan as a couple..dear god..even until the last episode  the writer kept putting them together in an emotional scenes..their scenes in this entire drama are the best emotional..and Cindy is just so honest about her feelings ..she's not afraid of telling him that she likes him over and over again even though she knows that he likes someone else..i love this in Cindy..her character is so beautiful i can't get enough of her ..
    her scenes with SC today were the best..
    - when that granny didn't know Cindy and told her that she has a weird name then SC laughed at her hahahahha
    - when Cindy was cleaning the Blankets then she asked SC for help ..awwwwwww that scene
    - and when she talked about the world cup game and if he watched it at that place ..then they realized that they were at the same place that day ..Cindy thinks that this is amazing but he said something like so many people were there that day but she said that the thought of being with him at that place even if there were so many people is just amazing ..
    Cindy : " still..even though it's not a big fate but it's a small one and it's enough"
    then he remembered that he said the same thing to YJ 
    SC : " You could say it's fate ..i know you have much longer one with JM with me it's a small one but it's something " he smiles a real smile for her because he know this feelings
    - when JM was talking about ghost and SC was freaked out hahahahahah ..and excuse me when he fell a sleep and then JM pushed him away then his head leaned on Cindy's shoulder..that was ...sigh ~ damn you writers for wasting their chemistry ..they could have been a cute/lovely couple 
    - that scene when they have a talk after he woke up was beautiful..although i don't understand everything..but she told him that she knows that he likes someone else but still she likes him and she doesn't want to lie about her feelings toward him..then they talked about the one-sided love thing ..damn it when they were staring at each other ..for a moment i couldn't breath OMFG..she told him about that time when he said that he would do anything to made up for her about that picture..she told him that when she is back to Seoul..she doesn't know if anyone would hold her hand so she said :
    Cindy :" would you hold my hand for one last time !! PD-nim's hand is really warm "
    i loved this scene completely ..Cindy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~
    - I'm happy that Cindy is done with her damn CEO 
    - OMFG at the last scene..they were so cute oh my gosh ..when he told her fighting and she told him let's play rock scissors paper to see who will carry her things ..and she lose the game ..and he was smiling because she is so cute ..oh my god..she is so cute and he is getting used to all of her reactions that's why he keeps smiling ..i mean he couldn't even leave her behind..i swear that their chemistry is you see that..!! i demand another drama of KSH and IU as the main lead and the main couple and the main cast..the two of them alone in one drama without supporting cast without anything..i want my screen to be filled with them and them alone..dear god..make that happen..i need them together again..sigh ~ 
    even though that Cindy and SC are not a thing..but i love their relationship ..and how Cindy didn't give up on SC..i can see them becoming a couple after few months..i'm sure that SC won't bear not to hold her in his arms he will make the first move this time..kekekekeke
    so yeah ..i'm happy with this ending..because finally my Cindy is happy ..i have not been a regular in this thread but thank you everyone for everything..i hope that we will meet soon in another drama thread
    Take care *Hugs*
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  13. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST most of you said ..those deleted scenes didn't make me feel better at please..they made EunBi look like a cruel girl..i mean even if she hasn't feelings for TaeKwang can't she treat him better as a friend..what the hell are they doing to TaeKwang !! making him look miserable even after this drama ended..damn it ..i will never watch anything for this writer again..they could have shown us those scenes..and i swear to god i would hate on EunBi and ship TaeKwang with happiness..instead of trolling us with the scene when she was confused after the kiss..they just played with TaeKwang's heart and our heart ..damn you writers..i can't even ..i'm so mad right now that i don't know what to say can have the whole drama writers and keep it for yourselves..but TaeKwang is don't even deserve him..even EunBi doesn't deserve him... i'm happy that he didn't end up with her ..nuff said 
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  14. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂ open ending ..!! that's interesting 
    but it could mean that there is no open ending ..and YJ/JM will happen..doesn't mean that BSC will end up with Cindy or anyone though..since one of the couple happens it can be considered as "No open ending" because one of the main couples actually happened ..
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  15. Shajoona added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    Based on my experience in Korean dramas ..Korean writers don't care about what people want ..despite which couple is more popular or what people want to see ...they end up doing what they planned to do from the that article about netizen want Cindy and Seung Chan together was painful to me because it will never happen 
    I hope that TaeKwang will meet Cindy and they will make a great pair 
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