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  1. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    oh my gosh ..i'm listening to Younha new ost and all i can think about is YA's face..perfect drama perfect ost ..i just ..i can't ..they can't play this song when YA went to see EunB..i'm gonna cry a river for three days..they can't do this to me ..NOOOOO 
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  2. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    okay's Monday guyssssssssssss..
    i came from tumblr where i saw this..and i was like : please God..please writers make them happen ..
    my heart skipped a beat when i saw this shot ..KSH says that it's Eunbi and Taekwang from episode 9..
    okay ..i think she will be sick ..but there is no way not even 0% that Taekwang won't notice that ..that boy has nothing to do in his life except for watching her and protect her from behind..also ..i'm praying that she will realize that Taekwang stands by her side all the time..even when she told him to stop doing that ..he knows that she needs someone to watch over her without asking anything in return he decided to protect her in the shadow ..she will be confuse ?!! i hope so..confusing is good especially when Taekwang keep telling her " i'm not interested in you " or " I don't know why I care " these lines have always been said by the first leading man in every k-drama ..i don't care about you BUT at the end of the day he saves her seeing him refuse to accept his feelings and come with excuses in front of her is just killing me ..because i can't help but want her to see how much he cares..i want him to have his fair chance to win her heart ..
    that's the thing about Taekwang..he is not the typical second male lead but he isn't the first lead either so i have no idea who the hell is he ?!!
    i know..i'm not expecting so much from Eunbi tbh seems to me that Taekwang is the only one who cares because she never really asked him " What's wrong ?!!" consider the fact that he knows her secret she should be more open to him and let him open up for her too..but ..sigh ~
    I know that everyone keep saying that YA will end up with nothing if Eunbi didn't choose love no career ( i feel you guys trust me )..but in the other hand..Taekwang is already has nothing least YA has his father and his friends..see my point ?!! he will never be alone..
    anyway ..this episode will probably for real..i don't know what's gonna happen with YA..he's gonna break down ..i don't want to imagine what he will went through ..i know that we keep thinking that he is poor and everything but i believe that he is strong ..he lost his friend and the girl he loved..he will get injured and stop being a swimmer ( this reminds me of Chilbong tbh from Reply 1994 when his shoulder was hurt so he couldn't play baseball anymore..but that didn't make Na Jeong choose him..sigh ..i used to ship them so much ) anyway ..but as NJH said he will get through these bad times just like the nice boy YA..but i'm gonna cry a river for him :'(
    i can't wait for today's episode..
    take care everyone *Hugs*
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  3. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    oh gosh Really ?!! i didn't know that ..i'm absolutely enjoying the ride sweetie no matter who ends up with whom ..but i'm gonna stick with my ship..thank you for making the loveline clear for me i appreciate that *Hugs*
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  4. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    so i just realized that there are people who actually ship Yejin and Seungchan and i was like : oh i missing something ?!!
    but i don't blame them though ..the queen Gong HyoJin is good with everyone ..she is like ..she is the best.. i have been in love with her since forever..and if her and KSH were in another drama i would ship them..but as long as i have Cindy ( IU ) in this drama ..why would i ship another pairing ..?!! so YES..i hope that they will stop doing this already ( sorry guys no hate ) i love Yejin and Seungchan's scenes because they're funny and everything..but Romance ?!! no least not for me..i hope that Cindy will let down of her facade and confess for Seungchan in the most unexpected way ..they both need love ..she found him and i hope that she can find her way to his heart ..we have 8 episodes left there is no time to waste..just let them be together already ..damn it ..i swear the chemistry between them is REAL..sigh ~ 
    i can't get over The way that she gazed at him in the umbrella scene..gosh ..that scene was beautiful nuff said
    that's my ship guys ..that's my ship <3
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  5. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    hi guys..
    okay tbh i wasn't so interested in this drama even though i adore all the cast for real..but the first 2 episodes were meh to me..
    but this week..
    and episode 4..seungchan and cindy..The feels, the feels, THE FEEELLLSSSS!!!
    gosh i'm so in love with them..and knowing that KSH acts manly around IU all the time make me squeeeeeeeeee..i swear.. at the last scene i felt the butterflies in my stomach..their chemistry is no joke..and can we take a moment to appreciate cindy's beautiful smile.. and their height difference <3
    i can't wait for next week..i'm so excited to see more of these two ..
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  6. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    hi guys..
    so i was reading here and there people complaining about Nam Joo Hyuk's acting ..of course everyone has their opinions and thoughts but for me no one would be perfect at playing YA's character more than Nam Joo for real ..i can't imagine YA's face with anyone else other than NJH..he brought the cuteness of YA's character to life..some says that he is cute and all but when he gets mad he can't give them the feelings..sure i respect their opinion but for me he has been doing pretty good job so far know that moment when you're angry and you're shivering from the rage and you can't control yourself or your you are burning or something..YES every time i see NJH acting to be angry it seems to me like he is for real..because that's how a real angry person looks like ..well, at least that's my opinion ^^
    anyway point is ..this is the first role ,,actually the first LEAD ROLE for NJH..he is young ..and has done only one drama..he is still a Rookie ..but tbh he is doing a pretty good job comparing to some people who keeps getting roles that they don't deserve just because they have been acting for years..he is good even though this is his first big role..i'm soo loving YA because of him..and i'm thankful that they chose him to be a part of this drama..
    as for YSJ ..he brought Taekwang's character to life too..The Taekwang who has stole my heart ..i have seen his previous drama and he is like a totally different person here ..his acting improved a lot and i'm so happy that everyone can see that ..i will never compare him with NJH because i really find them both doing their best in their roles..
    why i'm saying this ..?!! because nobody is born with talent ..everyone has started at some point and learn from their mistakes..and i'm so proud of KSH ..because i remember watching her as Tak goo's little sister in "Baker king kim tak goo" in 2010 she was so adorable and YOUNG and small..and i'm so happy that she reached to this point where everyone saw her talent ..
    and i'm so proud of both YSJ and NJH because they had their first drama a while ago but they managed to improve is such a short time..i can't imagine what they will do next year ..
    sigh ~
    i just adore the cast ..all of them ..even SY ..i love that girl for her REAL and AMAZING acting..good job
    okay that's all i wanted to say ..just passing by to write some thoughts about this amazing cast ..
    take care everyone *Hugs*
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  7. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    ​Awww ~
    thank you sweetie *Hugs*
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  8. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    hi guys..
    i'm so sorry ..even though my post has zero hate against YA but let me apologize if i made you feel that way..i don't hate him at all ..for real he is like a unique character in the Korean dramas history ( trust me i have been watching Korean dramas for 10 years ) he is handsome, kind and have this beautiful heart ..and if you went back to read my post ..i never said anything about hating him or whatever..tbh even Taekwang/Eunbi shippers love YA ..i love him ..and that's rare because you know ..normally when you ship the girl with someone you end up hating the other guy..but YA is different ..and i can guarantee to you that no one hates him here yeah ..feel free to come here and talk ..i won't be around all the time because i will be busy with studying and everything but guys one has the right to make you stop coming here ,,soompi has been a home for everyone and will always be don't stop coming here and write your thoughts about this drama..*Hugs*
    Now ..i read somewhere that people don't want EunB to be alive ..guys i think it's really important for her to be alive..and trust me this has nothing to do with the romance thing ..EunBi already have SY problem..she can't deal with her and with Soo In's issue at the same time..we need EunB so she can deal with her problem by herself..i need both of them to face their problems and to fix/learn from them..IMO i think it's just not fair for EunB to die just like that ..despite what other people think..i believe that she wasn't a bully ..i think that she felt so guilty to the point that she has lost her i need her to come back and tell me what really happened ?!!
    there are so many mysteries in this drama ..that's why i'm saying that we don't have so much time for Romance and that YA knows the truth i hope that Eunbi tell him everything he could help her ..i know that it will be so hard on him ..maybe he will be the one who will refuse to believe that EunB died and start looking for her..
    anyway ..Taekwang/Eunbi's shippers..can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that taekwang is the only one who didn't ask Eunbi "Who are you ?!!" okay it's true that he knew because he heard SY that day but STILL instead of asking her "Who are you ?!" he asked her " Couldn't there be at least one person? One person who calls you by your real name !!" sigh ~ I adore him <3
    hmmm..also i noticed that even though that Taekwang is so - called the second lead ..he hasn't done anything that a normal second lead would know ..he didn't even have a fair chance to get closer to Eunbi ..he is just staring at her from behind why do we even call him a second lead ?!! 
    also as far as i know Taekwang he won't force EunBi on something he didn't force himself on her in a romantic way and that's what i LOVE about i believe that in the next episode he will let Eunbi choose if she wants to stay and talk with YA or leave with him..he won't just drag her away if she didn't want to..WHAT KIND OF SECOND MALE LEAD ARE YOU ?!! i mean even in the last scene ..YA was asking him to let go of Eunbi's hand ..but instead of looking at YA like it's a war or something ..Taekwang was looking at Eunbi because he wants to know what she wants see what i mean ..?!! so i hope that he will let go of her hand if she wants because tbh YA deserves some answers ..
    and can one of them call EunBi by her real name please..?!! i have been waiting for this moment since forever 
    I hope that in next week we will get more answers about everything..and less painful moments ..please !!
    EDIT :
    to tell the truth the reason why i like Taekwang a little bit more than the others because of his character..there is so much depth in his character that made me so invested in him..seeing him falling for EunBi and losing all of his chances to be closer to her hurts's like he is living in his own world ..a world where nobody really cares about him..on the other hand YA is so lovable ..he is well known among the others ..he is a good son ..he has grown up with love ..yes it's true that his world revolves around EunB ..and swimming ..but he got to compare him with Taekwang ..takwang is more miserable..what's worse than a person who knows that people call him crazy kid ..?!! he never received love not even from a single person ..EunBi understands why he behave like that ..and she knows that he is alone and STILL..that bus scene killing me every time i watch it..i can't handle the pain on his face..i hope that all of them will have happiness..i really hope that YA won't get hurt with what's going on..i hope that Taekwang will get some love..even if it's not from EunBi..i want him to feel like there is someone who really cares about him..the only thing i saw until know is people calling him crazy..his mother left him..his father is hiding him from the friends no love..and i see him everyday being pushed away by everyone ..NO ..he deserves to be there please writers ..stop making him look miserable..
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  9. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Current Drama 2015] Who Are You: School 2015 후아유: 학교 2015 | Mon - Tue 10 pm KST   

    hi guys..
    oh's been a long time since i posted anything on soompi..i used to be an active member ..i used to live here ..i had no life in real life..i was literally living in soompi's world LOL
    anyway..i just couldn't help it..i need to talk to someone about how i feel about this drama..i don't know if it's gonna be a long post but YiAn's shippers..please don't read this because i don't want to hurt anyone ..thank you
    okay ..first of all this drama is AMAZING..the ost the story the characters ..everything..i was so excited when they chose KSH as the lead girl..and i was okay with the both boys..i have seen both of them in their first dramas EVER and they did a pretty good job ..and NO me an ahjumma even though i'm only 24 years old but i have never heard of SungJae even though he is an idol and famous..i'm not into K-pop too much to be clear i'm not a Taekwang shipper because i'm Bias or anything like that..done with this..
    anyway ..i was sooo hooked up with this drama since the first episode..the story is so good man really well written ..well, until the writers decided to ruin it with the whole Eun bi falling for Yi An thing ( but i will talk about this later ) the whole mystery and the bullying thing..dear reminds me when i was being bullied when i was young..i was 13 years old ..and those who used to bully me were my so-called friends..i was so alone and desperate so i decided to kill myself..i throw myself in front of a passing car but thanks god i didn't die..then i met that one friend who gave me the power to stand on my feet and fought back..i fought them back and it felt SO yeah i can relate on this story..i can feel Eun bi's pain..this is totally not a joke..i understand her feelings when she went to kill herself..she wanted to end this..she was so tired and so hurt and it felt that there is no hope ..but there was..there is always hope guys..even in the darkest times there is always hope so don't give up..
    back to the drama when Eun bi took EunB's life..i was praying that EunB is alive somewhere and she will be back..i really need her to be alive for more than one reason ..and i believe that she is alive WHY ?!! do you remember that Yellow Handkerchief that EunB's mother gave it to her before she went to the school trip ?!! yes that one..they found it with Eun bi when they saved her so i believe that Eun byul saved Eun bi then took that thing from her arm and put it into Eun bi's that when they found her the mother will be so sure that it's her daughter ..thing like that didn't happen randomly ..i'm sure that EunB is the one who did that on see what i mean ?!!
    i'm not even gonna talk about SY ..i just can't ..but i'm gonna say one thing..i admire that actress for her good acting..dude..she made us hate her so much..good job
    and NOW ..last but not least..the loveline..
    okay YiAn loves EunB ..and EunB obviously loves him..YES she has never expressed how she felt about him in a good way but she loves him..that box in her room with everything related to YiAn is a proof that she loved opening that box Eun bi ah  and knowing that your sister must had feelings for this guy..then end up falling for him what the hell are you thinking girl ?!! are you for real ?!! you said it yourself to your mother "I worry that every time you see me,it might make things harder for you.?" and yet you have fallen for your twin sister's boy..your dead twin sister ..?!! writers better give me a good reason NOT stop watching this drama ..i was really okay with both YiAn and Taekwang ..but then that moment happened..when Taekwang literally completely has stolen my heart guys..i don't know about people out there but Taekwang has this know ..when you feel that he is really the first male lead..he met eunbi first ..he used to be mean with her but slowly opening up for her even before he knew that she is not EunB but Eun bi..also he told her all of his secrets and hide it behind the lying game thing..he is there and everywhere ..he knows her secret and made a vow to protect her without anything in return ..people keep saying that he is the second lead but to me..until the last minute of the last episode..Taekwang will always be the first lead to me..
    YiAn ?!!
    okay he is so sweet..( or was ?!! ) i adore him tbh ..he was okay to me THEN Taekwang happened..YiAn is just so typical for me..i really can't get into his character ..the thing about YiAn that people keep saying ( it happens in life and it's korean dramas..he can change his heart so easily ) he has been in love with EunB for 10 years man ..10 damn years ?!! even a married couple can't be in love all these years..but he loved her and she loved him..okay ?!! so now seeing him going with the  " But i like the new EunB more " thing is making me feel like i really want to kill someone ..okay i get it loved EunB but i hope since you NOW know the whole truth that you would shut down your feelings for Eunbi Because for the god sake you love her damn sister man ?!!..i will never accept it if they just give me an Eunbi/YiAn's ending seems that they're forcing them on me ..going on dates and trying to be cute thanks ..half of the blame is on Eunbi for not telling him the truth and pretending to be EunB to the point that she fell for him..don't do that writers..or if you wanna go down this YiAn's road..okay i'm fine with that ( or not ) but stop torturing my Taekwang's episode 8 and he's still alone..?!! no friends and no parents ..NO LIFE ..?!!when Eunbi needed someone he was there..without questions without judgment he was there for her ..and she was nice with him and everything but made her think about YiAn to the point that she can't see who's really there for her ..she can't see Taekwang's pain she can't see that he is lonely..she didn't even bother to ask him why he went to see her so late that night ..HE NEEDS SOMEONE TO TALK TO..he is so tired of being alone..seeing how's Eunbi treating him right now..after he stood by her side..dude, i'm afraid that i might end up hating her ..yes i just said that ..
    okay to the last part ..i will keep my hopes for taekwang dream high 1 ..HyeMi and JinKuk were childhood friends..they fall in love and they have been together for the whole 13 episodes..they went on dates ..she cried because of him there were so many flashbacks ..they even kissed man ..i remember that people were so sure that they will end up together because they were together until episode 13..but then BAM HyeMi realised that she likes SamDong ..the boy who helped her when no one stood by her side..the boy who made her laugh ..they boy who loved her and took care of her Quietly and from behind..just like SamDong i hope that Taekwang will have the happy ending that he's so hard for me to see him watching her from afar ..not being able to say anything to her just like SamDong ..they are literally the real guardian angels for their yeah ..until it confirmed that the writers are planning to break my heart and go with the typical love thing ( Eunbi/YiAn ) i will keep my hopes that Eunbi will turn around and see Taekwang ..
    dude..he has so many issues to deal with ..his father..his mother ..he is sad and lonely ..he needs some love..just give him LOVE writers for the god sake..GIVE HIM LOVE ..
    end of rant ..sorry guys..and for YiAn's shippers don't hate on me..Taekwang has stolen the show for real ..the only thing that keeps me excited for this show aside from the mystery is yeah i need more of him ..because this week his scenes were too painful to the question you think that he will have a chance to confess his feelings or he will just keep looking at her from behind ?!!
    Taekwang/Eunbi shippers ..let's have a hug please..i really need it ..and excuse my bad english ..
    take care everyone <3
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  10. Shajoona added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Doctor Stranger 닥터이방인   


    there is no way that i would take it don't worry ..and i will stick with calling you sweetie though
    and thank you for liking my post me i respect yours too and whatever you write is your opinion ..i'm not going through your head and try to change your mind..

    enjoy watching the drama and keep the hope for your ship <3

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