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    Honestly at this point I don't believe anything that come out from Choi & her pig, I mean lawyer. If that woman can lie left & right, fabricated non existent evidence, edit text, photoshop pic, break entry into somebody's house, what make us so sure all those text mssgs or at least 80% of it weren't fabricated? If she cud easily edited those text mssgs, she cud just make up all those text mssgs claiming KHJ sent to her or she cud have steal KHJ's phone & sent the text mssgs from his phone to herself. And the only proof she had claiming KHJ was her bf was the text mssgs, which KHJ initially denied when the assault case was first reported, but somehow a few days later he chg his stmt abt never dated her.
    And now I suspect she & her conman lawyer don't even have KHJ's private phone number, that's why they contacted Keyeast first instead of contacting KHJ directly, like if she's truly his gf as she claimed  Also I dun really believe Keyeast abandon KHJ, but more like conflict of priority i.e. Keyeast wanted to deny all the way but KHJ refused becos beside his reputation he's protecting sumone else, that 'K' or 'J' or whoever she is, the one Choi wud now mention here & there, which for me is an underlining thread to KHJ for not meeting her demand. Now  she  mention this other woman is a celebrity, more than ever I suspect KHJ is protecting that person. Imagine if she was working on a project at that time, if her name is link to KHJ in any way, its over for her, not just her reputation, her image but her career as well as the work she's working on....I dunno but the recent mention of K &J & celebrity woman when her demand wasnt meet by KHJ and when he counter sue her made me feel the main blackmail isnt her pregnancy but the woman she saw with KHJ. Afterall all the threats, the content everything was reported 'excusively' by some third class media, and there was never an official stmt by the police nor the prosecutor or the court officials, so meaning this Choi can claimed whatever & the media can write whatever.
    Anyway I hope attny Lee will fight all the way and drag both Choi & her p1g, I mean lawyer, to prison & reveal their real identity in the process.
    Isnt it odd, that between 2 lovers, wether its a lovey dovey talk or a fight, she never once mention abt talking/ fighting tru phone, and wudnt a girl wud tell her partner abt something very important as her pregnancy face to face, or the very least via phone call? Its not like ttelling him she has a flu !
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    I suspect, just like his buddy Won Bin, he's gonna be independent, rather than being control by a management company. Its stated that thus far since his contract with UAA expired, has been on his own. I believe with his status & financial stability, its abt time he becomes a CEO of his own company, a company that manage his own activities before taking in other artists. If this happen, than SHK can join his company 
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    pleez excuz me...I simply need  to get this off my chest...
    Crazy, delusional Choi hired a P1G to be her lawyer, thats why they went to 3rd grade scumbag media to present her case.....and when theyre cornered in their own game, they cry virtous & 'willing' to withdraw their case....a case that wasnt even a case, just like pregnancy without a fetus 
    6000 text mssgs from KHJ? Gimme a break!!!  He is a rich man for heaven sake!!! Why does he need to text his gf when he can afford to pay 600million won blackmail money? I'm sure thousand dollars monthly phone bills isnt much to him especially if he's in love & in a relationship. I bet a busy guy like him wud just call or even video call her, and it wudnt be a big deal to him to do so even a few times a day!
    So instead of text mssgs why not she just use recorded phone conversation?  She cant cud she?  Becos KHJ nevernever did call her!!! She is just a crazy woman who delude herself having a relationship with khj. If she can break into KHJ's hse in July 2014, how hard wud it be to get hold of KHJ's phone, so she cud  keep sending mssg to herself using his phone/ number. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but as I recall KHJ has this habit of frequently changing his number. So 6000 text mssgs, I wonder from how many numbers...
    Another thing, abortion in Dec 2014, pregnant again in Jan 2015? What exactly does her womb made of? Metal? Cut the crap!!!...I've had a couple of miscarriages, it took at least 2 months for the womb to heal & strongstrong enuf for another pregnancy & I bet it isnt much different from abortion. More than anything if she truly got pregnant twice within a month, a single girl like her, its screaming 'sl¥t ' 
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    Choi Ji woo is back on small screen....cant wait..
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  6. lxands added a post in a topic Song Hye Kyo & Mr Translator   

    Extremely good looking guy & a handsome couple indeed but out of the blue ? 
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  7. lxands added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] The Time We Were Not In Love 너를 사랑한 시간 Thanks for Watching!   

    Its SBS, honey, we'll be lucky to even get a minute full of a lip moving kiss close up  and the sex scene we'll see (if they have one) is gonna be an innocent kiss for a 2nd then moves on to the morning after with both fully dress, smiling shyly at each other 
    Wish this drama is for tvn becos with these 2 leads , they can really burn the screen 
    Lee Jin Wook is his real name. What I mean is one of his ex gf real name. I think its no secret he once dated CJW.  CJW is her stage name, her real name is Choi Mi Hyang, so I cant help grinning when in one scene he teased his noona that perhaps he shud call her Mi Hyang noona instead..
    And yeah, how cud I forget Bogoshipda aka Staiways to Heaven ost...poor guy ppl must have teased him left & right 
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  8. lxands added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] The Time We Were Not In Love 너를 사랑한 시간 Thanks for Watching!   

    Just started to watch this drama...and one thing I find amusing is that Choi Won's noona's name is Choi Mi Hyang... I dunno if the writer try to be funny or a pure coincidence but it happens to be Lee Jin Wook 's real life former flame's real name 
    My 2 cents for the drama, I love the storyline & of cos both HJW & LJW. However I find the drama is becoming a bit too draggy with this friendship thingy. It seems like going nowhere with the reationship as it keeps going back to square one. They didnt even come close to clearing up the misunderstanding 'I dont see u as a man/woman' thingy between them, let alone anywhere close to reveal their true feeling for each other. Up until ep 10 all I see is SH was the one who made a big efford to reconcile & win HN's heart. He hurt her once but at least he's trying to learn from his mistakes & so does HN, while CW choose to hide with the excuse to not ruining their friendship without realizing becos his suppress feeling for her its gonna ruin their friendship anyway when she has another man in her life, as they are now, their distance is growing bigger
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    Just call the doctor to testify. If he/she refuse then tentatively we know the dr has been paid off to lie, so he/she too shud get an arrest warrant. Anyway how in the world being 7 months pregnant but still cant provide a certified medical documentation ? So my strongest haunch is 1) she's pregnant but not 7 months as she claim, but  earlier or later than the time frame she's claim to be with KHJ, meaning she sleeps with some other man, got pregnant but put the blame on KHJ  2) she's not pregnant at all.
    And they shud reveal her name by now, she dares to play this game why worry abt her goodname. She smeared KHJs name enuf, she shud get a taste of her own medicine.
    Frankly I dun think A & her stupid lawyer have the intention of going to court for real. They were just empty can , making noise tru cheap media to pressure KHJ to pay them off to keep their silence. They never expected KHJ to challenge them back & drag them to court for real. And KHJ now is beyond negotiations. They're actually dead meat now trying to  escape while dragging the case but KHJs lawyer see tru them & officially requested to ban them from leaving the country. Unless the used the illegal boat to escape they cant go anywhere until he case is settled.
    BTW, is  A 's lawyer  graduated from law school? Is he even qualified? He cant be a fraud too right? Then he must be a 3rd grade lawyer who helps his client blackmailing people 
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    The thing is, if Choi is truly pregnant, does she truly carrying KHJ's child? If she's been  doing to KHJ what she did since she press charges & blackmailing, wudnt he or any man wud feel disgusted to touch her, let alone laid with her? She cud have sleep with some other guys, get pregnant & used her old style pregnant & miscarriage, which didn't happen, again on KHJ. If she didn't get pregnant by KHJ in their so called good days , how did she expect us to believe KHJ impregnated her during their dispute days.
    Anyway KHJ we know is a responsible guy, if for some reason he truly bedded her even after her ugly blackmailing, I'm sure he doesn't have the heart  to sue her. But since he did I'm sure he's very confident 1) she's not pregnant at all, since all the fuss with the pregnancy check ups, 2) she's carrying another man's child, and most probably date of conceived didn't match as she claimed. If this happened I bet if the baby is born early she's gonna claim premature...only its a 3 to 4 kg premature newborn or if its late then she gonna go c-section to make it come early or she gonna claim elephant pregnacy 
    I watch a drama recently that remind me of KHJ situation, only drama focus on teens & idols while KHJ on the larger skill. In the drama this crazy fan threw herself infront a moving car of an idol, panic the idol came out to check on her only to have her pulled him into a kiss infront of so many people. When the idol push her she scream he hit her & pretent to pass out, so she was hospitalized. Then she demand a public apology & a quiet settlemen. His company ask him to comply with her demand but the young idol refused thus his company banned him from performing or public appearance until everything quiet down....thus this story really remind me of KHJ. I never believe Choi is his gf to begin with. She cud be his saseng fan who followed him around or just someone he just hang out with. From bit & pieces I understand she met him tru a friend or relative who works in k entertainmen industry. It seems that she asked/begged that person to let her meet him. Anyway I dun believe KHJ is such a poor judgement of character that he actually dated such a horrible girl. However the question is why KHJ feels intimidated by her that he surrender to her demand last year? Sure its for his goodname & image, however KHJ has been tru scandal that jeorpadize his image before but he survived tho he was pressure left and right, yet he just did what he wants. So now I wonder what exactly was he trying to protect last year & earlier this year...that Miss K  that Choi once mention, perhaps 
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