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  1. lxands added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    Sorry, I wonder what Reebok teaser you're talking abt? Can you share the link?
    I still wonder if actor KJH hold his cup with his left hand on purpose or subconsciously because he is a real life lefthanded.  And so far Taek seems to be left handed even if not good with chopsticks but then again,  not everyone is good with chopsticks. 
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  2. lxands added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    From the start I always get the idea that SW's mom will eventually marries Taek's father...but although the other 2 ahjumas keep teasing them, they really have no reason to. However after you put it this way seems like they have every reason too now. For Taek's father its companionship,  someone to talk to & take care of him. For SW's mom perhaps her children.  Being married to Taek's father, her children or at least JJ will automatically registered under Choi ahjussi family registry, hence her children paternal grandparents can no longer demand  for the children's custody
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  3. lxands added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    If Taek is the husband is the husband, then his seating is very well place...hubby Taek, wifey DS, DS's first love, DS's secret lover, DS's best buddy, DS's sister, DS's brother,  DS's bestie & if JB was present, DS's neighbour ....So I think the sequence was in order if only Taek is the husband  
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  4. lxands added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    TBH, I starting to like JH's character too as individual & I even feel he's cute with DS. My problems is, for the heroine to end up with a guy she's closest with or lives closest to and started off as bickering couple is too rusty & weary for me especially for Reply series. If they want to make a simple love line & focus more on other aspect why do they still used the over worn concept why not just used a sweet & simple style. A couple doesn't have to yell at each other, be at each other's throat or put down/criticized one another to fall in love. If I want to watch bickering couple I might as well watch the previous reply series.
    Its too predictable, that the most rough in the group will get the girl....so lame.
    Also when I watch the 2015 scenes, no matter how many times I watched, even now when I've accepted JH as the husband, something doesn't quite click with the older version. Not just physical appearance but character wise too. The older one seems a little too calm for JH. Young JH is indifferent, blunt & wud snap DS's head off almost every time he opens his mouth though he's protective of her & discreetly take care of her. The older version is more calm & his talking tone is much gentler  than young JH, even if he raise his voice a bit from time to time. Older DS pretty much the same as the younger DS. Sum thing doesn't seem right.
    I also wonder if hubby walk off to have a smoke is somewhat a hint or significant in husband characteristics. In 1988 we know SW & JH didn't smoke but we didn't know if Taek or DR did. Even we can argue the guys all smoke once they went to college they made the cigarette scene a big deal as if to tell us something. We know SW's mom is completely against SW smoking, thus I don't think he wud risk making his mom upset. JH tho seems like he doesn't care abt anything is actually quite obedient & wudnt do anything to worry his mom. DR is the one whos daring & break the rules every time. As for Taek being raised only by a dad, I don't it would bother his dad much weather he smoke or not. After all he mingled with older men since young, smoking among them weren't such a big deal.
    Then again the chocolate thingy again. Why didn't old JH know who she gave the chocolate to when young JH fully aware of DS's feeling for SW back in 88? If he's JH then he knew abt her crush first hand not from her diary, so surely he wud know who she gave it to....at least he would have guess & not repeatedly ask her who's the guy & then getting jealous & irritated.
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  5. lxands added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    I don't think there's error in media reporting the first & 2nd male leads between GKP & PBG.. the clip above was a promotional interviews which was aired a day or so before the drama begin its airing. Thus they already start filming, so surely the characters are already decided on their importance/leading role. Still, they were seated in order Taek, DS, SW, JH, DR, BR, NE , Friend 2...why not DS sits between JH &Taek or SW? Or if they were just randomly seated why not put DR next to the mc? Why did they still arrange the 3 actors & actress they announced as R88 leads in order?
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  6. lxands added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    I still believe PD Shin has some surprise in store for us. I don't believe he let us find the husband so straight forward.  If he intend to do so then he might just as well revealed his name from the beginning. 
    Also I remember the writer & director are kind of mischief & they love giving misleading clues. Like the one in R94, they keep repeating the groom is very famous.  The famous one is Chilbong but it turn out that  Trash was captured on live tv while doing some emergency treatment for some baseball player or sumthing *roll-eyes*
    In R97 YYJ is a top student & a respected attorney but he's just an idiot when with Shiwon
    So my point is during the first introduction,  old DS said her husband used to be smart,  not necessarily referring to JH &SW but cud also referring to Taek, the genius baduk player, even if DS thought he's king of idiot at the time, or DR, their block's counsellor/advisor. 
    Abt left handed, I'm left handed too. Yes I used chopstick with my left hand but if using fork & spoon I use the right away.... I also hold knife & needles with my right hand. Otherwise doing & holding stuff subconsciously I'll use my left hand. Reason is for using right hand when doing certain things is because practice.  Like for me holding knive & needle was taught by my mom who's right handed, so she used to hold my hand over hers so naturally I used right hand too.. so in Taek case his trainer probably was right handed too, also he use right hand to play baduk so his opponent won't see weakness, or probably its more respectful,  just like hand shake or giving/taking stuff from other party with a right hand.
    And dont worry abt the main thread, it feels more of a Jh-ds shipping thread than a drama thread..they have sumone swoon over JH in every other post. And here is a shipping thread & we also talk abt the drama beside just shipping.  I prefer it here since I can talk abt the shipping or other characters  freely. I cud even criticise any characters without worrying being attacked by anyone here, except that some unknown stranger who came here bombarding us just because we're not crazy abt their shipping 
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  7. lxands added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    Now based on last night ep we can tentatively predict BR will eventually end up with SW since his crush wasnt as shallow as we first thought, tho I still think he's a moron for using DS to get close to BR, but yeah he's pretty much will end up with her seeing how they seem to be a comfort to each other at their lowest time.
    I think same goes to JH since they've been portraying him as the kind, caring cool guy underneath his blunt indifferent exterior, knight in shining armour style, who bickers with the heroine all the way yet protect her with his life..so basically 90% confirmed he's the husband tho physically he doesn't look much like the older version...well at least they don't shrink & wrinkled him...
     However I still reserved 10% becos of this promo pictures

    Now if we based on the above article, well in most article if you google R88, we'll see the pic &  description of these 4 will come out. Or at least 3 of them, HR, GKP & PBG...isnt this kind of misleading? Can they use these 3 to hype up the drama becos of their popularity aka HR from kpop popular girl group, GKP & PBG rising popularity tru NC, W&C ?..I can understand they include in RHY becos she's indeed the 2nd lead & the sister of the main actress. Now as the story goes we see higher chance SW will end up with BR who wasnt even the lead actress, so its clear why they keep putting GKP pic next to RHY since they are most probably the 2nd otp but having PGB instead of RJY next to HR which imply the main otp isnt it kinda deceiving? Especially if PBG has less screen time that RJY?  Wont they get sued becos of it? For using PBG's name & popularity to hype up the show & enthusiastic fans? Since we know though RJY acted in many films (not leading role, tho) RJY wasnt exactly a household name. Not many fans heard of him prior to R88
    Also I wonder if Taek's character is based on the real life baduk player, are they going to based his life on the real one too? Can they do that?
    Whatever it is, becos of the pic & article like the above i reserved another 10% chance Taek will be the husband. If so its interesting to see how they unfold & slowly changing his character from a naive teenager to a regular full grown man. The fact that he's bolder & has more guts than JH for asking DS out, probably give us a glimpse of Taek we haven't seen yet. One thing for sure although he's tired & exhausted from his Baduk tournament he still make an effort to spend time with DS, even if he eventually fell asleep on her shoulder.
    P/s ...come to think abt it, Taek isnt really naive/innocent...they watch & read porn in his room all the time remember...i bet he join them whenever he's around
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  8. lxands added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    Talk abt similarity, if PD intend to make JH the husband I wonder why he didn't use the actor who acted as the doctor to play adult JH, because both their faces are very similar. From their skin tone, small eyes, face shape & their lips. If he is the older JH then its more believable. 
    As it is now its kinda hard to swallow since face like SW, character like JH  
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  9. lxands added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    Is it just me but I do feel DR has a crush on BR too. If that happens than we have 2 against 2...2 guys likes DS & the other 2 in BR's team. Hmmm...If that happens than our headache reduce to 1/2
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  10. lxands added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    Yeah thankfully they dont kill off any of the Sung's offspring even if they shrink off their only son & aged him rapidly *roll-eyes*
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  11. lxands added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    Korean 18 is 17  in reality. 19 is their legal age for  watching x-rated and 22 for drinking in public ie celebrity doing a liquor advertisement. 
    Sure dating doesn't equal to s3x & liquor but didnt DS said every weekend night BR came home late becos she went drinking. So while gf drrink & smoke what underage bf do? S3x thingy wud depand in the society you lives in & of course religion u believe in. And Korean society is quite liberal. Remember SW teased his mom he was conceived before the parents were married,  & so  was his homeroom teacher.  So dating in Korea isnt far cry from it unless of for minors
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  12. lxands added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    its one thing if the girl & the younger bf met when both already of a legal age but a legal age girl with a minor boy? What are they going to do? She went to a pub and have a drink while he wait outside? She cud even get arrested for having s3x with a minor.
    Dating a minor is bad enuf, but to date a boy who's born on the same day as your own kid sister & has known him just as long, not to mention having seen him crawling around in his birthday suit is even worst..
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  13. lxands added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

     Don't worry its not leukaemia because this is a Reply series, so no dead main casts nor tragic ending  
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  14. lxands added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Answer Me 1988 응답하라 1988   

    If  BR is to end up marrying one of the boys from the block, I hope she end up marrying JB becos I think SW has caused enough trouble between the 2 sisters. The sisters have enough problem on their own without have having SW pouring oil to the fire. Moreover its annoying how he showing no respect for BR's feeling & her choices.  JH is more mature & admirable in this area. Though he knows DS likes SW, he never force her to do anything she doesn't want to, in fact he quietly support her ie re sent the postcard she used stickers instead of stamp for mailing. Also he never make fun of her because of SW likes  BR instead of her.  So for me if SW doesn't end up with DS then he might as well marry an outsider. 
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  15. lxands added a post in a topic [Official] ❤ Taeyang Couple ❤ Duk Sun and Sun Woo Reply 1988   

    I don't see DS giving up on SW, she's venting out her anger to SW. 
    SW childish stubbornness & inconsiderate of BR's feeling & disrespecting her choice will get him nowhere. If there's one good trait in BR is that she's loyal, perhaps the patriotic soul in her. I don't think she'll betray her bf becos of a high school boy confession nor wud she betray her sister for a boy she doesn't love. I think she has vague idea DS likes SW. She's not stupid to see the sudden strain relationship between SW & DS. Perhaps one reason she told SW to keep his feeling to himself. 
    Also I agree that PD Shin isnt like most pd for loca network drama who desperately need high rating, thus willing to crucify their own story just to appeased the fans to generate high ratings & wud even change whole concept of the story. 
    I believe PDShin is adamant with his work & storyline so by end of the day he gets to tell the story his own way, very detailed & clever that fans find it acceptable. So if JH is the husband then true to his words he ddnt hide husband from the beginning,  he was just telling a simple story of what takes hubby so long to finally get together with DS.
    Or as usual the PD did a little mischief to misguided & tease the audience.  A story with a twis which is more exciting & interesting. 
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