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  1. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Tomorrow Victory 내일도 승리 7:50KST   

    Aha, @ina111, you got that Ep 3 line 388 perfectly right.  I had heard the last part just as you had, but just did not think he said a name at the beginning and so the sentence made no sense.  The ㄱ of 연락 not being there is probably not that rare for fast speakers who drop particles like 이 that should follow 연락.  That sidekick dude speaks in tongues anyway. I thought it was a simple 대신 at the beginning, which itself made no sense!  I just didn't think that would be a name.  You got it right.  So we will go with that name. Tae Hui.  But, golly, the way that dude speaks! If he keeps showing up, he'll drive me to a suicide. On that other line, what you said again seems right.  I had thought of it, but decided against it. Since you also felt that was it, I think that's it.  Thanks a lot for helping with a couple of important lines that I was really struggling with!
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  2. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Tomorrow Victory 내일도 승리 7:50KST   

    Episode 3 English subs file is done and ready for download at darksmurfsub.com ...
    Pardon any mistakes or bugs.  As I am a lonely soul doing this, with nobody to check with (and no script or anything to be found anywhere) there may be some small mistakes here and there.  There are always some 5 or 10 lines out of around 500 in each episode that sends me scampering to dictionaries.  But I think I have got most of it in good shape.  As always, if any of you good in Korean find any clear mistakes, you can leave a comment at DSS if you are a member (pretty easy to go into the translator or editor module, find the line and add a comment).
    I have watched the raws only up to Episode 6, to avoid confusion, which can happen while subbing, if you know too much of what is ahead.  But I can't wait to watch more though, seeing some snippets here from some of the things you are all discussing. Looks like a lot of things happen fairly soon.  I really like the pacing of the drama so far.  Not much of boring sequences at all. Quite a good drama, with higher production quality than most other daily dramas.
    Qustion - Does the name of Ja Du's mom come up anywhere later, that any of you noticed?  I thought I heard "Lee Seung-Ah" in Ep.3 from HJ's sidekick, but was unsure and didn't add it in the subs.
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  3. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Tomorrow Victory 내일도 승리 7:50KST   

    The Ep. 2 English subs are at Darksmurfsub for download.  Since I am the only one doing it, and I have only very little time, this is going very slow and I may only finish a couple of episodes a week.  But I guess we will do at least that for now, as no subs seem to be there anywhere.  Any of you who know Korean would be most welcome to join and speed up the work.... It takes about 8 to 10 hours of work for each episode for me. So, any help is welcome.
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  4. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Tomorrow Victory 내일도 승리 7:50KST   

    I just finished the English subs or the first episode at darksmurfsub.com ... It's a slow go, as only I am working on this drama, directly subbing it from Korean... We have no Chinese subs for it yet, for any software-translated English subs to be generated (like done for other dramas at DSS). Feel free to download the subs and enjoy.
    The usual disclaimer applies, that DSS is only a community site for subtitle files, and is not a for-profit video streaming site.  Those of you willing to work with us on doing subbing ( or timing the dialog lines, or other things), can see the videos for the work purpose. For other dramas with software-generated subs, any of you can edit the lines for grammar etc, and help us.  No need to know Korean or Chinese, though if you know either, you could do more.
    If any of you can join for subbing this drama at DSS, it would be really terrific.  As of now, I have no more time than to do maybe 1 or 2 episodes every week, at best.  If more people join to translate it, we can help everybody.  It looks like an interesting drama, but nobody else has picked it up for subbing yet, as far as I know.
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  5. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Tomorrow Victory 내일도 승리 7:50KST   

    @ina111, Thanks.  I also don't know Chinese or Japanese, but know enough Korean to sub it, and was only wondering.  I was thinking of doing the subbing at darksmurfsub.com.  DSS usually puts up a software translation of Chinese subs first, before we go in and edit, or fix errors. DSS has not found any Chinese subs either so far.  It looks like nobody has subbed this yet.  But hopefully we will get started on it at DSS soon.
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  6. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Tomorrow Victory 내일도 승리 7:50KST   

    Have any of you seen subs for this drama in Chinese, Japanese or English?
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  7. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Sweet Home, Sweet Honey/우리집 꿀단지 - Monday - Friday 20:25   

    If you are looking for English subs, Darksmurfsubs has watchable English subs for the first 7 episodes right now (till yesterday's episode).   The software translation from Chinese subs that DSS has for 7 episodes aren't bad. The software has been learning for a few years, and has become quite good lately. So, feel free to watch with those subs.  We have also started some manual work on it 2 days ago to fix grammar and clean up any errors in the Chinese subs, but only about 1.5 episodes have been manually edited as of now.  If more of you join, we could have good subs really fast. 
    You are all welcome to help edit the grammar bugs (which are often very clear to figure out) in the software subs.  If you know Chinese or Korean, even better, but that is not necessary to edit the software subs. Either joining us to help in the work, or doing some small donation to help in the not-for-profit site's expenses, would let you get the subs.  If you are helping in the editing work, you can watch HD quality videos to do the work as well, but DSS isn't a for-profit streaming site.
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  8. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Sweet Home, Sweet Honey/우리집 꿀단지 - Monday - Friday 20:25   

    Actually in Ep. 2 itself, when the annoying mother was yelling at MR's mom for the financial mess (right after the court guys put red stickies on the house items), she slipped in a line "I accepted you even when you were a widow with a child, but what have you done to my son?".   That said right there that MR is not the son of the old fellow.
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  9. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    Totally agree with you on your take, @LavelyShai.  Well put.  The contrast between the three liove stories is probably why they have allowed the pure love between the youngest couple to go on in this form.  There is some clear parallels and some clear distinctions between the love stories and the Moms/Dads involved.  That is really the interesting thing about this drama on the whole.
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  10. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    Relax, friends.  The CEO still hasn't done anything too harmful to JinAe.  Heck, she just gave her one more promotion!  Now as a division head, to take over running their factory in Seongnam.  How much better can it get?  But, it's the first time I am seeing an "evil lady" continuing to give promotions to the girl she doesn't want to accept.  Seongnam is just 45 minutes away from Seoul.  It is not like she sent her away to open a showroom in Argentina or anything.  I like these frequent promotions though.  At this rate, if HJ and JA keeps upsetting the CEO, pretty soon JA will be the "bonbujang" at the headquarters or something!
    But it looks like JA has decided to force the issue and avoid games.  She decided to establish HJ as hers, openly in front of the CEO and Ms.Sin even after being a bit peeved at HJ again putting her on a spot.  She also later stood her ground against the team leader at the office when she asked her to go get something and she said it was not her job.  I like JA's spunk.  The preview shows JA telling the CEO that "if you would accept me wholeheartedly, I will go even farther away that Seongnam" and the CEO says "farther?". I hope she doesn't get nastier and actually send her to Argentina, though
    I liked it when the CEO even admitted to HJ that she was behind the over-time work for JA that made her miss the dinner.  She didn't have to.  She is actually badly conflicted, and is continuing to be pulled in two directions because of her "mom side" (and what she thinks Moms are supposed to do in Korea, I guess!) and her good side.  The son keeps doing things that show that he is too headlong in love, which is when Moms react like this.  I am rather enjoying their characterization of this CEO.  Somewhat new, compared to the extreme portrayals I have seen in Kdramas of such characters.
    HS has now turned into a fisherman?  Terrific.  Now, that's going to go well with the construction company president.  Maybe he will become the top fisherman don in Incheon within one year, exporting Yellow Corvina to China, which will convince the president to accept him. I have no idea where they are taking the puppy love story.  It's annoying.
    I had a laugh when CR spoke Konglish to HS' dad when he escorted her back to her home.  She asked him what she should do, and he goes on a forced advice of the traditional kind, "speaking as HS' dad".  She asks, "but what if you speak as Lee Dong Chul, the 'romantist' and 'humanist'?"... Haha.  Then he says, "go where your heart takes you".
    That kiss scene at the end was very nice, till they showed that awkward camera shot from above.  The weirdest posture you would see from a woman kissing a man!
    @ni8tingayle_4f78, you're so right about the drama cast.  This is a good cast, and that is why we are watching the drama.  The story line isn't terribly original or too exciting/suspenseful, and the writing/direction are all fairly minimalist in style, But there's nothing too offensive in the drama and the cast is doing a good job to keep us watching it.  It is a relaxing drama.
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  11. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    True that he looks very much like her husband. Maybe slightly better looking than the husband?... I leave that for the ladies to determine.  But, as for chemistry, I am yet to see any actress Lee Sangwoo has been paired with who didn't have chemistry with him.  Again, the ladies here may know how that is so . 

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  12. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    Good point, I hadn't thought about it. Maybe she planned it carefully early enough and had picked a different last name for him, as part of the story about a dead husband?
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  13. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    No, I don't think she has figured that out.  She has no idea.  They all seem to think that YS got married and had a baby.  I believe the fact is that YS never married anybody, and just created that story.  No idea how she pulled it off, though. Maybe she was away for a while and came back with a baby, claiming the husband to have died. Had she actually ever got married, HJ would certainly have seen that husband's picture and have known of him as the dad.  We saw him saying he had never seen a picture of dad etc at that early episode dinner with her.  But we saw grandma asking for her son's age and reacting that she must have found another man quickly after she and CU split.  At some point the grandma will find out or figure it out when she sees the DOB of HJ or something like that.
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  14. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    They wasted some 2/3rd of today's Ep 25 on that silly puppy love crap, but I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of it.  The drama is really living up to the name "all about Mom".  We could see both moms turn into hypocrites (like most of you here feel... I just feel that it is somewhat natural).  HG's mom is suddenly getting a hint that something is on between HG and Ms.Sunshine, and suddenly she is wary of Ms. Sunshine who she had a good opinion of, earlier.  The same behavior as YS, if you ask me. And YS is continuing her childish act, trying to do last-gasp attempts to get her son to give another look at a former friend (whom she had known from childhood and "had called a future daughter in law, jokingly" as she told JA). 
    The best part in the episode for me was when the good side of YS momentarily overtook her "Mom side" after she called JA to stall her from coming on time for the dinner. She says to herself "damn, what kind of childish things am I doing?" ... Then the "Mom side" took over again and she goes, "whatever!", and carries on with her plan.  I am so thankful that the drama is not making her an out and out evil person or anything.  They are pretty much showing her fighting a losing fight, but one that normal Moms do fight in such cases.
    One twist we see in the drama is a Dad behaving like a Mom.  CR's dad. So we have two moms and a dad basically doing the same kind of thing.
    I also liked it when HJ drew the right parallel between his case and JA's case, when JA was complaining about her new team-leader calling him "oppa, oppa".  He told her, "she is the one who had a one-sided first live. What's the difference from Sang hyeok and you?".  They both have their team leaders going after their GF/BF! ... Later when YS set up the dinner thing, I suddenly remembered that she is doing nothing different than what JA's mom did, setting up a dinner date with Sang Hyeok earlier.  Should we we be as harsh as we are on YS?  Thy are all the same.
    It was so touching when HG knelt down and said to San - "Don't be scared. This ajussi is here. So is your mom and grandmom".  That whole scene was beautifully done.  The scene with the crazy doc was funny too.
    I just wish the drama would add some substance to what CR and HS.  It is not like they are teenagers.  They are above 25.  A really cute couple, actually.  Both of them can act well too.  If only there was some substance to their characterization and even an iota of thoughtfulness or seriousness in these two, we could actually enjoy their scenes.  The way it is done now, it is just annoying as hell, and such a waste of time.  Just when I thought they just might start making them grow up, they send CR totally over the edge with the silly "let us make a baby, so we can get married" line.  You kidding me?
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  15. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Weekend Drama 2015] All About My Mom 부탁해요 엄마   

    I am still not as upset at HJ's mom as many of you are.  Her reaction to how his son is behaving, is quite natural for Moms. She still has not said a bad word about JA to anybody, if I am not mistaken, and has not even pushed him to split from her.  Neither has she done anything damaging to JA.  After all, even when she moved her out of her own office, she only gave the girl a promotion that she wanted anyway.  She didn't transfer her to the janitorial division or anything.  Her behavior may change yet and she may become truly nasty, and I will be much more damning of the CEO then.  But not just yet.
    She's just annoyed like crazy at how things are going.  She has every reason to. Look, any mother who walked into the house of the son's GF and saw the GF's mother patting her son's tushy will be VERY upset at the son getting that close to the family, even living there.  By the way, I loved her funny line later "that too, the tushy that even I have not patted!" (that is a Mom, right there!).  The guy should get the hell out of that house, period, first, before I will blame his mother for her reactions. 
    When HJ called her at the restaurant and said JA's dad was in the hospital, she showed no anger on her face and her immediate question was "is he alright?" (about the dad). She even looked genuinely concerned.  But the stupid son started saying "oh he is fine, no problem" (instead of saying how scary it was and how he had to stay with them).  That is when her face changed, and she gave it to him like he deserved. "Aren't there any guys in that house? Were you the only one who could help?".  That was absolutely the fair question to ask.  He is forgetting things he should do, while getting caught in the romance and the GF's family.  Romance is fine, but being irresponsible is not fine. Even after the hospital thing, it was JinAe who had to remind the idiot about Mom.  Yeah, I cut that dude no slack, and will cut as much slack as needed for the mom.  Later we see the mom standing up for her son, when the aunt tried to blame him, though.  This is how a mom is. 
    She still has not said much to HJ about splitting from JA, and was not nasty while meeting them together a couple of times either.  Maybe I am jaded from so many kdrama MILs, but this is the least nasty MIL act I may have ever seen.  She is just being a mom wants the guy to first cool down on his romance a bit and take care of his own business, like where he lives and what his career is. She already has enough reason to think that he must have lost a bit of his career drive, seeing him closing his firm and joining the last place she wanted him to go (that too on the basis of a ridiculous bet he shouldn't have taken. how irresponsible?).  When she was with JA's parents, who foolishly told her that they appreciated her special consideration for JA's promotion, she had to tell them that somebody who dreams big like JA would not appreciate that.   She is deliberately behaving in such way as to create some distance in personal relationships, and make this romance slow down a bit. That is the right thing that a mom needs to do, to get the younger people think clearly about life while in romance.  It is what JA's parents should have done with their son and his silly GF, as well as the BF of their daughter.  In my view, sweet and caring as those two parents are, they really are not doing their job as parents.  They are too nice and simple-thinking for their own good.
    I know I may be upsetting a lot of you with a counter view though (I love to argue the counter views ).  So let me wear a flame suit first
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