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  1. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    So true.  Actually the priest was quite specific about whom she should love too. Pretty pushy with her, even repeating "do you love the man who is by your side?" and forcing her to say yes and confess that she is worried of him getting hurt.  Of course, the priest invoked God again and told her like it was her duty to go by what God wants and love the man.  I like that priest, I must say!  We need more of his kind in this world
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  2. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    The actor is actually from Bangladesh, and is indeed an immigrant in Korea which has only very few immigrants from India-Pak-Bangladesh.  He probably speaks the best Korean among anybody from the Indian subcontinent (where I am originally from) that I have seen. Pretty good actor too, who had a rather decent role in the drama Ad King Lee Baek or whatever that drama was.  The pregnant lady certainly did not look like they are from the subcontinent, though the son could well be. I too thought that the wife looked like a Filippino though I am not as sure of that, as I am about her not being from the Indian subcontinent.  I could be wrong.
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  3. jayakris added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Flower of the Queen 여왕의 꽃   

    The frustrating thing is to see that it was so easy for them to have brought things to essentially the same ending, but with a much more satisfying progression to it, that too with hardly any extra shooting or anything, and without even losing the suspense they needed in the last few episodes to keep the viewer watching.  They instead did the worst possible things imaginable. 
    Depriving the nicest character in this drama (Min Jun) of every possible bit of happiness, was just too much to understand.  The guy had already been ditched by one woman at a wedding, and finally when he found another woman a decade later, she too leaves him, making him think he had lost even the baby.  Then he was deprived of any happiness from the first 4 years of his son's life.  Not even an apology from the step mom to him for causing every bit of unhappiness in his life.
    It would have been so much better if Lena had confided in MJ and we found that the miscarriage and divorce and everything was an elaborate set up by Lena and MJ to make YS-JJ happen (by the way, why did those two have to lose the prime years of their relationship with the guy going to Nepal?).  The father saying in the end that he knew it all from Lena and MJ and that it as a sacrifice they made for the family's and company's sake, would have been even better.  That would not have given us the pleasure of seeing retribution handed out to the errant parties, but at least would have made us feel that whatever they got was just desert for their actions.
    And the most pathetic human being in the whole drama, Incheol, is still able to sleep at daytime, do nothing and pay for nothing, as his wife is the one working.  Yu Ra telling them that she does not acknowledge them as parents and finally taking back those words after 4 years would have helped too.  All of this needed just one or two sentences of shooting, but no, the writer and PD are utterly brainless in the end.
    On a philosophical note, I keep seeing that the Kdramas push this line of thinking that "revenge" is not anything good to do, and that forgiving is a noble thing.  I can buy that argument and even agree with it.  But I just cannot buy the constant trumpeting of lying as an acceptable thing "if it is for others' sake".  This just needs to stop.  LYING IS NOT RIGHT, come what may,. Period.  It should be left at that. Even most of the good characters are shown to lie at the drop of a hat, in all these dramas.  Supposedly never for selfish purposes, but they lie. No, that is not okay.  And, no, duty to parents does not justify lying either (as in JJ's case where even he lied, to his brother, for his Mom's sake). This drama was one of the worst, as everybody except Min Jun and the dad lied through their teeth all the time, and nobody really paid for it.  Except MJ and the Dad who in fact got the worst end of the stick.    Sometimes I feel that there is so much of this "ends justify means and so lie if needed" thinking that Asian dramas push as a philosophy.  It needs to stop.  It's bothersome, but nobody ever questions it.
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  4. jayakris added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Flower of the Queen 여왕의 꽃   

    Just watched the final episode.  My God.  We are all pretty well trained to expect that the Korean drama writers are absolutely incompetent idiots when it comes to finishing dramas.  We all know that the last 3-4 episodes are the most painful to watch in these 50 episodes family weekend dramas. We all complain about them crunching things together, and refusing to show us proper retribution to the bad guys (even which is okay with me if they at least show the good people being happy).  We all know this.  We see it coming.  But we wait for the situation to improve with at least some of these idiot writers.  But then we find that, drama after drama, and year after year, it only gets worse and worse
    And now we get the kind of extreme excrement we got in this drama.  They just took the cake for doing the absolute worst possible finishing job that even the viewers who are most pessimistic on these writers could imagine. They brought it down to the last 15 minutes and then gave us some more BS in the last 15 minutes with a 4 year time advance.
    The worst job of ending a drama that I have ever seen.  The worst.  Bar none.  And I have seen a lot of dramas for years.
    Un-- friggin-- believable.
    I know that they care only for the ratings and are very short-sighted on it too. They know that in the final few episodes, they are pretty much assured of some reasonable ratings which never go all that much higher or lower, so they can show whatever they want.  When the TV executives let these PDs/writers get away with this and continue to make fools of the viewers, they are only letting their own drama viewers go away.  And it's not just the foreign viewers; even the domestic viewers are quite upset about it these days, Kdramas have lost so many viewers in the last 10 years, but it will not get better if these drama executives let dramas finish badly like this all the time.
    And it is nearly EVERY friggin drama out there these days.  Like "Blubird's House" a couple of weeks ago. Now this one.  And the third train-wreck "make a woman cry" that also finished today, which I am about to watch to complete my misery.  All three dramas were really great for about 75% of the way and then fell apart in the most unimaginable ways.   It's like, imagine the most unsatisfying ending possible, and we get something even worse than that,
    They just don't care for the viewers once the rating stabilize, and that is the truth.
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  5. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    Bingo.  Like everybody else, let me also express my agreement for that classic post from "the immortal" @mrdimples.
    Kdramas make kissing into some sort of extreme rarity that can happen only after a minimum 12 episodes of romance.  I understand the romantic impact of a delayed kiss to the viewer and all that (and actually like the cuteness/pureness of it), but the reality is that people might kiss early or late, and there is no such formula for falling in love (or kissing), as mrdimples just said.  Heck, I proposed to my wife the day after our first date and kissed her - and not exactly in the PG13 Kdrama style either.  And, oh, it was my first love (and hers), and the first kiss for both of us too.  I am still happily married to her, over a quarter century later. So, that can work too.  At least the writer didn't do it that fast!
    [No, I am no great kisser, and we never bothered to kiss much afterwards either.... but that's besides the point ].
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  6. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    I found the conversation between TH and YJ interesting, when he took his IV out and walked over to her room and tried to get her to drink that stuff the Xray nurse couldn't get her to drink.  After he tried to say that it was good for her to have food etc, the conversation turned serious.
    YJ - I do know that it was with trouble that you took me out of the 12th floor.  I hate that because of that, things happened that shouldn't have. Now, I cannot get back to my position (of power, that is)
    TH - Because you didn't join hands with Chairman Go's side, you mean?
    YJ - It doesn't matter with whom...
    TH - If only you recover to being healthy, then in this world you can again--
    YJ - (interrupting) You really are naive, I guess.  Authority (power) isn't anything definite. Now I am a dead person. The authority will get re-assigned. DoJun and President Go having joined hands, there is no opening for me to interject myself. Now I am their common enemy.  With the media also getting controlled, won't I end up handing over the power to DoJun? Even the hospital staff who helped will get hurt. You will get hurt most. I will get hurt and end up dead again.
    TH - Then, are you saying I really should hand you over to President Go?
    YJ - Probably...
    TH - Don't you know? They are both crocodiles. As soon as it's known that you're alive--
    YJ - (turning to face him) I am also a crocodile. Crocodiles have always lived among crocodiles. Moreover, because of you I have now been pushed out of the water.
    And we get an aerial shot of water (the lake) by the side of the mansion where the dinner meeting happens.  Nicely done, I say.
    TH looked puzzled at what she really meant through that crocodile talk. Kinda like her giving up and saying "maybe you shouldn't have done all this. I will anyway not get anywhere with this".  But good writing there.
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  7. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    Not sure if the real-time recap friends mentioned  on detail. YJ's dad had asked the director and chief Lee to keep her from waking up till he himself died.  I think he didn't want to face her, as he feels guilty about it (though I don't think that is how he put it).
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  8. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    Tell me about it. Same here. Though I have learned a fair bit of Korean, I have gone wrong enough times that I am also not 100% sure, quite often. But I find your translations of some of these conversations spot on, though.
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  9. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    @Shajoona, I think she said "because of a woman, that man gave up big money. Cash from somebody else to save his sister"  [It wasn't said as "about to give up".  It was definitive that he did, and also making it sound like the sister was not saved, though she could still be alive].  Could you check once more to see if you hear what I am hearing? 
    That was somewhat important, because YJ's face changed to one of real concern at that point (when she looked at CY) and it stayed so till the end when she said "what have I done?" to TH. She may be thinking that TH's sister could've died already or something. Weren't the friends here a bit unsure of why she said that ending line, during the live telecast?
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  10. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    Since the text preview says that some suspicious patients in casts were admitted to the VIP floor, it seems somebody planned to create a gang attack up there.  Which side it is, is unclear from that (and the preview video also), I think.
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  11. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    Here it is:
    "Nurse Hwang gets angry and shows unpredictable behavior, on overhearing the conversation between the Hospital director and Chief Lee who set up a scheme to kill Yeojin, as ordered by Dojin.  Unable to do anything in her lying state, Yeojin watches Taehyeon, trembling in fear.  Meanwhile, as some suspicious patients in casts are admitted to the 12th floor, Taehyeon hears something unthinkable from Chaeyeong."
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  12. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    When I translated that text preview line yesterday, I was quite worried if I got it right, because the line didn't really make much sense to me.  I wondered why she would show strange behavior if it was the pager that malfunctioned!  In fact I was rather sure that I must have misled all of you about it...  @mrdimples even quipped that may be it was the robot nurse who malfunctioned.  But now we know that we both got it right.  Haha.  I was all LOL seeing the nurse go crazy!
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  13. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    Just a clarification on the time the half-brother gave his underling, to get JY killed.  It was 48 hours.   The maid heard it and told his wife, so she also knows.
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  14. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 10 Preview on pg 230   

    Here is a translation of that text preview. Hope I read it right:.
    "Taehyeon finds Yeojin to have regained consciousness!  While Taehyeon panics about the deterioration of Sohyeon's health, he hears the news of a liver transplant donor being found. Despite the dejection about the exorbitant cost of the surgery, he goes back into the restricted area with renewed determination. Meanwhile, as Nurse Hwang showed some strange behavior about Yeojin's pager that malfunctioned, Dr. Lee asked her to shift (duty) to Taehyeon temporarily."
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  15. jayakris added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려   

    I think DI and JW are very close to getting back together, but in the end the writer may use the dying wish of her ex-husband as the reason for her to finally pull the trigger.  I think they need some sort of a reason/excuse for it to happen, and that may be it.  Just a thought....

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