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  1. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Flower of the Queen 여왕의 꽃   

    Totally agree with everything you said there, @jadecloud  .  More than how he dealt with Lena, which I can even accept as some sort of "we are both culpable in this" response from him, the way he treated YS was what made him the worst human being out there.  There was a lot he could have done not to cause the poor girl more grief, even if he wanted to cover things up - and he didn't even think of moving a finger out of compassion to an innocent girl that he once had a part in giving life to, whether he wanted it or not.
    @enjinks and @jadecloud, my earlier comment about women chiming in on the abortion matter was in general because I think men's and women's opinion on that matter tend to differ a bit.  And also because I have always felt that women's opinion counts a bit more in that matter.  After all, no man can ever feel how it is to have something growing and moving inside, and worse still about the empty feeling afterwards.  I speak also from personal experience as I know what my wife went through at just over 4 months when the doctor was forced to recommend an abortion to her.  Would have been the 2nd of 3 children, but we were blessed with two and I am able to forget. But it was not easy for her at all.  I realized then, that there is no way for a man to ever fully understand a mother's feelings.  And the way IC was speaking about it made me quite angry and disgusted.
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  2. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] KBS - Bluebird's House 파랑새의 집-Saturday&Sunday   

    Tell me about it, @tanitatt.  We can never forgive the PD/writer for the the way they wasted that actress.  She looks great, and she can act lights out for both serious and humorous scenes (the best scene of the whole drama was by HD and YJ when they acted as BF-GF!!).  The sad thing is that it wasn't so much of trouble to make her relevant.  There was the easiest set-up for it, as she is the best friend of ES.  They even wasted so much time in so many scene with both JW and YJ.  Just write 3 or 4 damn lines from JW that showed that the guy was keeping a flame alive for her while he was busy doing all this, and just show him confide in her a couple of times, and that would have done.  The kind of lines Kdrama writers can write in their sleep.  For instance, here is what they could have had as a conversation between YJ and JW a couple of episodes ago:
    "Yeong Ju, I am sorry... I want you to know what I feel.. One feels things.. but feelings don't always lead to actions, when the feeling is not at a time when one must feel it". 
    "Oppa, what do you mean?" ...
    "I mean, I have been a loner in my feelings, YJ". 
    "Oppa, it's loneliness only when one feels it by oneself. When one's feelings are felt by another, one is never lonely". 
    "YJ, You mean that you--"
    "Yes, oppa.  It's like that. But I know that all I can do is to feel your feeling" ...
    So on and on. Pretty easy ... I am kidding of course!  But it was the easiest romance that they could have built. With no effort. I just don't see the logic behind their reluctance to do it. Despite having wasted screen time and shooting time with so many scenes involving YJ, and many involving both YJ and JW..  But it is not the first time that KDrama writers have made us frustrated at their stubbornness about some story lines (or lack of it) that nobody wants but they want to thrust on people for no reason.

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  3. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Flower of the Queen 여왕의 꽃   

    @jadecloud,  I don't think she was talking about Lena in that preview line.  Lena is looking at the album pictures of YS, and I think YS is talking about the mom who raised her (whose picture was on the page).  Of course, there is no subject word in the sentence for us to be certain, but I'm fairly sure from the album picture and the tone of how she is saying it, that this line should be "Although she didn't give birth to me, she gave me so much warm love as for me to never once feel it".
    So, this may not be after she decided to pretend to Lena that she knows nothing (though chances are that they won't immediately openly talk about it to each other in the next episode itself)
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  4. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Flower of the Queen 여왕의 꽃   

    She didn't speak anything negative about YS in the first episode.  She was only thinking to herself (after that initial bit about "everyone has a most glamorous day... this is that day for me" etc), that "my happiness was short-lived... thanks to meeting the two people sitting next to me".  It may have looked like she was referring to both of them giving her trouble, but why she said it, is somewhat clear by now.
    Anyway, you made me take a quick look at the award ceremony scenes in the first episode.  Interesting to see it again now.  Clearly, YS and Lena do not act like they are mother and daughter and nobody in the audience seem to act like they were (though we know now at the end of Ep 40, that Lena and YS were indeed aware of it).  When Lena announced that she is giving the MC spot over to YS, the chairman's reaction said it all - "what crap is this? Boils porridge and makes it dog-food"  [and of course, the "ever-reliable" MBC subs didn't even translate the idiom].  He looked puzzled. I doubt he would say that if he was aware of YS being Lena's daughter.  And YS was not sitting at the TNC family table, but with the fashion designer dude. Her not being at the TNC table might indicate that she might not be officially engaged to JJ yet or that the engagement had already been called off.
    I also noticed that Incheol and evil-wife were at one of those few banquet tables in front of the seated audience (in fact. at the next table to the TNC food family table)  They probably wouldn't be there if everything is out in the open yet.  Actually I am not sure why they would be there at all, in any case. Anyway, they have a blank look on their face and in one shot, IC did show his discomfort when Lena said she wanted to thank everybody in her life in the past year.
    So, we have to assume that we are quite close to catching up with the starting sequence of the drama.  The only thing that surprises me a bit is that the effeminate fashion designer dude (Julien) hasn't appeared in the show yet, and the way Lena was calling him loudly at the start of the episode ("Julien, Julien") seemed to indicate that she had known him for a while as their designer (and also, he won't be at a banquet table, and acting like he was having a heart attack about Lena's disappearance, unless he was with them for at least some time).  So perhaps we have a little bit more to go, before catching up with the first episode items.  Perhaps we will go through a period of standstill when none of them talk about YS and Lena being mom-daughter before we get to the award ceremony day.
    I also saw something that I never noticed in my first viewing of Ep.1.  YR was indeed there at the table with mom and dad, and was shown only on some quick moving camera shots.  The actress' music group (Rainbow) was performing on stage without her. It must have been fun for the girl not to have to dress up and do the dance with her group but watch them in front.  May be the only performance where she would ever get to do that!
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  5. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Flower of the Queen 여왕의 꽃   

    @enjinks, you are right that Lena had done quite a bit of backstabbing at one time (some of which I had actually forgotten, that you listed).  But that was all a while back, when she was still in her "do whatever it takes for success" period, before she settled down a bit. That was also before she actually started to love MJ, seemingly the first man who was straight with her, respected her abilities, and showed trust in her that she herself did not believe she was worthy of getting.  That did change her, and a lot more of the conscientious side of her emerged since then. So, what I said about Lena's having a heart is mostly based on what we have been seeing in the last 10+ episodes.  And I believe she was probably closer to this 23 years ago when she had the baby too, before experiences like what she had from Incheol and his mom had hardened her up and forced her to be in the "aggression for self-preservation" mode.  She even showed reluctance to agree with MJ when he asked her in their bedroom (and repeated it later too), to change her greedy ways and live a settled a life.  We could even sense that she actually wanted to do what he was asking, but was still afraid to do do so, going through her own internal tussle on allowing her good side to dominate the bad side.  She was even shown advising YS to be ruthless in life, and again we could see that to her it was her solution to protect oneself from others' attacks.  Anyway, lately, she has been showing that she indeed has a conscience, however hard she had tried to cover it up with the hard veneer of lies and aggression over the years.
    So yes, you're right about the bad side of Lena, which exists with the good side.  But I still don't see how you can equate her case with that of the pathetic human being Incheol, who is yet to show any good side in him.  I guess the best I can do to go easy on him, is to just say that it is all out of his being ignorant and incapable of thinking at any depth.
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  6. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] KBS - Bluebird's House 파랑새의 집-Saturday&Sunday   

    Recap of the final couple of minutes of E46 (min 56 onwards)

    Somehow I don't think JA will get to do what she says she will do, just yet.  No preview at the end of the episode.
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  7. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] KBS - Bluebird's House 파랑새의 집-Saturday&Sunday   

    Pat-2 of the recap of E46 (from min 34 to min 56).  The episode got much better here in the second half.
    Now I have to go and cry.  No, just getting a bite.  Will come back to finish the last few minutes.
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  8. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] KBS - Bluebird's House 파랑새의 집-Saturday&Sunday   

    @valsava, I am sure there is something in the last few minutes which is all the lazy writer and PD have been giving us lately. I think I will watch "flower of the queen" or "make a woman cry" to remove my boredom, and then come back to watch the rest of E46 here
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  9. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] KBS - Bluebird's House 파랑새의 집-Saturday&Sunday   

    I am so upset at the writer and PD just giving us an excrement episode that I simply stopped watching at about half way.  Here is what I typed up for the first 33 minutes.  I stopped there because it has been a wasted 30 minutes in every which way.
    I am just angry right now that this drama is meandering on to being an utter waste of time.  I need to take a break.  I guess I will come back and do the rest in a bit.  But one more of that kind of a repeat scene between JW and YJ was all I could take.  The writer and PD needs to stop taking the viewers for fools.  What a screw job!
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  10. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] KBS - Bluebird's House 파랑새의 집-Saturday&Sunday   

    Recap of Episode 45 today (looks like my recaps are more like translations of most conversations, these days!)
    I liked today's episode.  Nothing too good or too bad, but the story is moving along. Still trying to figure out why TS met ES and said what he said in the last episode. What was his idea? It seems like it hasn't helped him much. 
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  11. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Flower of the Queen 여왕의 꽃   

    I have to completely disagree.  I am a man, so the womenfolk here would need to chime in on what you said about InCheol asking her to abort the baby 24 years ago.  It is just not that easy for most women to decide to abort a baby, from what I know.  And I am not even of a religion that has abortion-related scriptures.  He shouldn't have asked her to abort a baby for such a selfish reason like he had.
    By the way, Lena was not planning to throw away the baby.  I am sure she was aware that many many people much poorer than her were out there raising a child (she was working at a hospital, right?).  She was basically lied to, that the baby will be better taken-care-of.  Then she was lied to again, years later, that the child was dead.  Leana has, time and again, shown that she has a conscience, though she is willing to pull the stunts and say the lies needed to get her way, and she will deal with those consciously trying to block her, with equally harsh responses.  But ultimately, has anybody not blocking her path for no justifiable reason, been a victim of hers?  I have no problem with Lena.  And she does have a heart.
    InCheol, on the other hand is the most detestable guy out there.  It is not his treatment of Lena that I find most detestable, but how he reacted and continues to react to his first daughter.  Trying to keep the family together and covering up having that daughter were all understandable, but he didn't have to be as unconscionably insensitive and unapologetic to his daughter.  Without even trying to see what that daughter was thinking, he was on a game with his evil-wife on doing everything to inflict pain on that daughter.  Then pulling out chump change from his wallet and trying to give her when a rare moment of conscience struck him.
    Again, I disagree.  This is pretty much the most disgusting wimpy character I have ever seen in a drama.  We see a lot of evil villains.  I actually can understand such villains who have decided to do wrong things in their lives because they have certain selfish objectives; and they are rarely wimpy.  This despicable human being, however, thinks that he is right and justified in what he is doing, which makes it even worse. The worst kind of human being out there.
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  12. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Flower of the Queen 여왕의 꽃   

    @valsava, actually he did say that. I am talking about what he just said to Lena at the end of the latest episode, not when the baby was born.  The least he could have done was to just keep his mouth shut and let her cry in E38, but he was making it worse by saying all that.  I mean, how can a man with any level of conscience do that to a mother?
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  13. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] KBS - Bluebird's House 파랑새의 집-Saturday&Sunday   

    I think @kdramafan469 may be correct about that.  We saw the scene of SJ falling and begging for help in TS' flashbacks, if I remember correctly. So he had to have seen SJ dying, whether he caused it or not.  I guess there is an outside chance that somebody else could have told him some grave financial problem or something and left, and TS came in when he was having a heart attack... Chances are low for that.
    Also, you're probably right that HD's first interest is to let this issue go away somehow.  He realizes that nobody comes out a winner for all this to come out in the open.  Most importantly HD and ES.  Nobody else loses anything in the end, all said and done.  They are all fighting their fight and just these two good people suffering.  After all everybody except ES in the two families know of the money theft and TS was no longer even disputing it at all, when HD decided to take charge.  He knew there was no reason (social or moral) to let the world know it, and nobody else would be served any injustice if this was covered up.  He was even willing to try to get his dad to apologize if JW would work with him on it.  That is the kind of mature thinking that JW should have shown.  But the fact is that JW didn't think one bit about what was about to happen to his sister when he embarked on this path, with SYH's help.  I am sure there were ways he could have thought of, to do this all quietly and put a noose around the chairman's neck to force him to apologize.  But for that, he had to take his friend seriously and trust him as the most upright guy and the straightest thinker among all of them. But JW hardly ever showed any trust on HD, nor any sensitivity to HD's feelings, while HD went as far as he could, to help his friend.  I don't even know why HD was even considering the blockhead a friend of his all along and standing by him, even to the extent plotting against his dad earlier (with YJ).  It was not all for his girlfriend's sake.  It was also (and perhaps mainly) for the sake of the guy he considered his best friend. He trusted JW even more than his dad.  But the friend would not trust him to work out a plan, and would not give him much extra time when he was begging.  He didn't even show the courtesy to explain anything when HD asked him even minutes before the cops came in, if he wanted to pull back.  I am sorry but Ji Wan deserves every bit of what he is getting now.
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  14. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Flower of the Queen 여왕의 꽃   

    Yes @gsnarky.  That guy is a piece of work.  I have seen many wimpy characters, and many selfish characters in dramas, but this is the worst combination of selfishness and wimpiness I have ever seen.  The guy has not done one damn thing right, nor has he said one word right, in the whole drama.  As Lena was crying her heart out, the guy tells her, "this is why I told you to abort her. None of this would have happened. You have no right to cry, and you cannot blame me in this".  Un-friggin-believable.  I was hoping that Lena would throw something at him and break his nose, but the poor woman was too busy crying.
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  15. jayakris added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] KBS - Bluebird's House 파랑새의 집-Saturday&Sunday   

    @dexter8010, if you are answering @chocomintcandy's question on SYH and Seon Hui, I am not sure if you are correct. He certainly has a thing for her, and that is why he is doing all this.  He has had it for a long time, though it seems she has become aware of it only very recently.  She doesn't look too unhappy about it either. Also, others like YJ's mom and Eun Su herself have noticed and hinted things to her on a few occasions.  I think ES openly told her once to date him, if I remember correctly, and she didn't protest too much, so to say.  She is just too busy right now to respond much to SYH.  As for him,
    So, there is definitely something between them, but nothing concrete that they have openly talked about.  So technically, you're perhaps right that there is nothing official between them.  Anyway, there isn't much time for the drama to pursue that story line now, so it's all moot - but we shouldn't be surprised if we see at the end of the final episode or something where they both meet and talk about being together, maybe in an open-ended way.
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