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    ♡♡ 걸스데이 (Girl's Day) - DreamTea Ent - Official Thread
    Music Core | Inkigayo | Dance practice video revealed!
    From left to right: Hyeri, Sojin, Yura, Minah

    Name: Sojin
    Korean Name: 박소진 (Park Sojin)
    Position: Girl’s Day Leader
    Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment
    Birthdate: May 21, 1986
    Education: Yeongnam University (Mechanical Engineering)
    Blood type: AB
    Hobbies: Cleaning, Searching for a good song, Compose Music and playing the piano
    Skills: Making abstract painting.
    What she likes: Dress, Cuttlefish, Violet, Disney Animation and Reading Magazine.
    What she dislikes: Annoying things, Dirty, Bugs and Rats/Mice

    Nickname: Yura (유라)
    Korean Name: 김아영 (Kim Ah Young)
    Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment
    Birthdate: November 6th, 1992
    Education: Ulsan Art High School
    Blood Type: O
    Height and Weight: 168cm & 49kg
    Ability: Well-balance body shape (?), Outstanding dance skill
    Interest: Music & Entertainment
    Hobbies: Painting, Dancing & Listening to the music

    Name: Minah
    Korean Name: 방민아 (Bang Minah)
    Position: Girl’s Day Main Vocal
    Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment
    Birthdate: May 13, 1993
    Education: Jinsun Girl High School
    Blood type: O
    Hobbies: Watching Movies and making facial expression
    Skills: Singing, Aegyo (acting cute) and Piano
    What she likes: Eyeglasses (Nerdy glasses), Hats, something tasty (foods) and animals.
    What she dislikes: Getting nag at and weighting scale

    Name: Hyeri
    Korean Name: 이혜리 (Lee HyeRi)
    Position: The youngest
    Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment
    Blood Type: AB
    Birthdate: June 9th, 1994
    Education: Seoul Performing Art High School
    Height and Weight: 167cm & 46kg
    Hobbies: Watching movies and reading a book
    Speciality: Marathon
    Former Members:
    Name: Jihae (left the group in October 2012 to focus on her studies and for personal reasons)
    Korean Name: 우지해 (Woo Ji Hae)
    Position: Girl’s Day Rapper
    Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment
    Birthdate: May 14, 1989
    Education: Seong Kyun Kwan University (School of Dance)
    Blood type: B
    Hobbies: Exercise (Gym) and Yoga.
    Skills: Korean Dance, Modern Dance, Ballet and Hiking/Climbing.
    What she likes: White, Thinking when she’s alone and shoes (High Heels)
    What she dislikes: Flat Shoes, Snakes and people who curse.
    Name: Jiin (left the group in September 2010 to pursue an acting career. In 2014, she joined a new debuting girl group Bebop.)
    Korean Name: 이지인 (Lee Jiin)
    Position: Girl’s Day Vocal
    Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment
    Birthdate: March 13, 1992
    Education: Anyang Art High School (Theater and Music)
    Blood type: O
    Hobbies: Cooking, Listening to the Music and Watching Movies
    Skills: Sport dance, acting, dancing and singing
    What she likes: Giraffe, Going on a trip, Cats and talking in the front of people.
    What she dislikes: Spiders, insects/bugs, carrot and lies
    Name: Jisun ( left the group in September 2010 to study music. In 2011, she changed her stage name to JN and joined the girl group New.F.O)
    Korean Name: 황지선 (Hwang Jisun)
    Position: Former Girl’s Day Member
    Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment
    Birthdate: October 17, 1989
    Education: Keukdong College
    Blood type: A
    Hobbies: Stretching (before dance/exercise), Reading and doing choreography routine.
    Skills: Free dance (a 20th century dance form that preceded modern dance) and Calligraphy.
    What she likes: Shopping, Posing for the camera, to coordinate (clothes style), Dancing and Hip Hop Style
    What she dislikes: The heat, Extreme cold temperature and bad odor/smell.
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    FANCLUB/FORUMS/FANBLOGGirlsdaydaily Fanblog;5girlsday forum;Girlsday Thailand Credits:Cafe Daum, Naver, DreamTea Ent, girlsdaydaily & Girl's Day International
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