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  1. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Dear Talented Beautiful Chingus ChangMiners-Healerites-Family!
    I wish you all a good night, and only the most beautiful dreams. And when you wake up tomorrow morning, be sure to first of all think of something very good, with love in my heart, and think of all the best that we wanted to see in the life and destiny of our most beautiful charming Couples ChangMin.
    Bring them our main bright sun-that every day of their happy smiles painting the heart and creates a beautiful special and unforgettable world in our lives!
    I wish to all of us tomorrow to greet the new day refreshed and full of Sealy and inspiration to continue to use all the great skills of CSI in a beautiful kind inquiry and learning sign language our sweet ChangMin!
    Dear Chingu @@ReemKanabta Thank you so much for all your wonderful gif, and all the wonderful analysis
    it really is priceless, and even though I did not mention it before, I usually prefer to thank all Chingus together to someone suddenly does not hurt, but today I will say I always admire all your large attachments of love, kindness, our Perfect Couple ChangMin, you also lot in life probably employment and family affairs is perhaps no time at all, but you will always find time for all of us, to please than something unusual and it's always very nice and thank you so much for everything, we really appreciate your every message and amazing signs love ChangMin, so you inspiration for all well for the future and take care of yourself and always let in your life it will only be happy and let destiny gives you all the greatest gifts, all must be very good at all!
    Also, I seem to miss important that you also write fanfiction! Thank you for this from all of us here as well, even if every day you are new and great ideas for all your wonderful works.
    With love and respect to hug you!
    Dear Chingu @tehlimauI do not even know how to describe all my enthusiasm,for your grand fanfic,so just write what what feeling heart,when reading this splendor as our Chingus too!
    Firstly many thanks to you for your amazing talent to write all so magical that it all can feel the heart and imagine that all this will be, or has been, in fact, in real life, it's really true talent, every fanfic great gift and what this is about our Magnificent couple ChangMin, and let this huge source of all the most romantic, present and unforgettable feeling that they always look in their smiles in their conversation, without words, only through their hearts and souls let this inspiration enables you to create the most beautiful and amazing real fanfiction on, and let as many as possible happy future updates and possibly joint ChangMin things that I'm sure expect one day our beautiful Gorgeous A couple ChangMin, will give you more and more inspiration in everything!
    I also hope you are happy, in real life, the man who wrote such beautiful things, picks up specific words that penetrate directly into the soul necessarily obvious surrounded by good people in my life and thank you for what you have us all here!
    With love and respect to hug you!
    @All I also love, appreciate and admire all of our very talented, wonderful beautiful, especially my people ChangMiners-Healerites, good, wise people really a lot here in the thread ChangMin, I also know so many amazing ChangMiners with Facebook,Twitter,IG and all what they do for our ChangMin, it's always a great aura of love and kindness and I will always say everything ChangMiners-Healerites-Chingus-Family for me the best people and the best shippers for meeting (even online communication), which I am very thankful always will! You are very dear to me and all that's really what I feel!

    The desire to think everything good that tomorrow we can get a new hint of our birds love ChangMin, at least from the wise handsome JCW, I'm sure will soon be something that is sure to bring us all ChangMiners shippers, a lot of happy emotions, so just by with all heart and with all pure love our ChangMin, every day, let's wait for this and create happiness for yourself here in the thread of love ChangMin!
    Big luck for all beautiful people here!Big hug with proud,gratitude and love! 
    Our beautiful sweet perfect couple ChangMin with each passing day makes our hearts beat faster and it's powerful magic and love of our
    We love our beautiful ChangMin couple nice and clean so thanks for the strong love and support for them all! Love is in the air everywhere, even where there is at least something about our very romantic and very sensual couple ChangMin!
    And, above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around us because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unexpected places.
    Those people who believe in the magic of love, because of destiny, and that for each of us in the life of the nicest events and important meetings take place only on the destiny, they can be sure all the special, in love with the beautiful signs and hints to special and delicate real feelings between our ChangMin feel heart, and all ChangMiners, I know everything is always the most important feelings of the heart that always tells us the truth so let it be more with each new day even more!

    important words, in the photo with a memorable kiss (from 16 episodes Healer) that really feels in special every glance and word JCW and PMY about each other and what I am absolutely sure, that this beautiful magic feeling of love now blooms every day between JCW and PMY and creates for them a brand new, bright, happy world of particular where there is only they, wherever they are important for each other!

    Changwook+Minyoung  Heart to heart,Hand in hand, together fairy road Love and happiness!

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  2. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Our wonderful, Sweet bruin @Ahpheng Chingu, you really, as the good wizard always appear immediately and bring a lot of happiness to us all ChangMiners-Healerites Family, a lot of heat on your wonderful ChangMin Meme, it really is a talent to pick every dialogue, so perfect, that it would it was so interesting and always memorable for all of us and by the way all your creative Meme are very popular all over the internet (IG, Twitter, Facebook and so on) and many people are very fond of, and are looking forward to each of your work!
    Grateful for his ability to bring endless happiness and warmth to all of us Chingus here every day we all look forward to what else is new and interesting, you can write,about our Best Couple ChangMin, in your Meme, and each time it is all the more surprising and indescribable!
    Admiration you for all of us all, Your Great Meme ChangMin better healing of any difficulties every day and always just a huge aura of happiness, love and kindness,we all feel it!
    Hug with love for you from all of us here!

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  3. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Dear @fyeahjcw Chingu!
    A huge thank you from all us Chingus here!
    All your amazing fan-arts and beautiful gif for our Most Beautiful Couple ChangMin,simply divine, I love your every fan art and all gif, I have a feeling that in each of your fan-art like some unexplained magic happens and JCW and PMY, just perfectly fit into your every beautiful work of art, they create the reality of each other and that's a fact!
    Even Photoshop,made hand talented master always perfect and this all relates to you Dear @fyeahjcw!
    You are very talented, beautiful, in every sense of great contribution to the work of your heart and I'm sure our JCW and PMY real destiny each other, so this perfect harmony and synergy between them, in everything, even in the last photos before they met many of their gestures and lifestyle It is very similar, and it's never just probably have good Cupids love that will always pull together and pull together our Magnificent ChangMin Couple!
    I even pass can not possibly properly how much happiness I received yesterday saw your Amazing ChangMin gif, with playful moments of our  love birds JCW&PMY,which previously was never seen again, surprising even the Chinese fans ChangMiners, did not have these things or they do not want they reveal obvious,so that all the words have gone missing,when I saw it all, and all I wanted to write, I still can not find my thoughts, because I am infinitely all those gif decision reviewed again and again and then again, and so up to the morning!
    Thank you very much, that you are such a wonderful and warm person, we all know through your wonderful gif, even before you came, we all felt it here, thank you that you are with us every day and create a fairy tale for us under the name most Beautiful Couple Perfect ChangMin, in special their happy world, even photo for your magical work, you pick up absolutely perfect!
    Thank you very much and low bow to all of us here!
    Let our charming ChangMin, give you as many wonderful creative inspiration for the future, I'm sure your beautiful work for ChangMin, even they themselves would have liked! ChangMin simply unforgettable Couple they simply do personify feeling love in everything in life so I'm sure they are together and will be the happiest in the best time for this!
     When Love is True ...
    Impossible dreams can come true ..
    Love will find A Way 24/7
    Our Perfect ChangMin Is Love and Destiny!
    We love and appreciate you and all that you do! Big hug for you Amazing @fyeahjcw Chingu!
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  4. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Amazing ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus-Family!
    All good day/evening! Thank you very much for the wonderful updates here in the thread ChangMin, your posts are all very beautiful and pure love as always
    Thank you for the new photos of our beautiful goddess PMY, every day our girl more and more beautiful and become a special happiness, special words and smiles as really a girl in love, can be seen in recent times and I am very happy that we can see her so happy it means that her life at the moment everything is very good and just know that already warms the heart!
    We all are not enough new photo Handsome JCW, and perhaps this is his new photos (I found it just a tweeter), so obviously everything is also very good with Handsome Prince our PMY, he smiles and looks happy, so that's the most important thing!
    Let today charming smiles of our Most Beautiful Sweet JCW and PMY=Perfect ChangMin Couple, warm and delight us all, invite as many positive vibrations love here,in our thread ChangMin, and I'm sure very soon we will get a new update of the JCW, it somewhere in the way most likely!
    All the love, hugs, wishes only the best for everyone!

    Ji Chang Wook just did a photoshoot and Interview based on Qs from fans for KWAVE 20150521
    cr.KWafe Official IG
    Cr:Twitter waffs123

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  5. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Romantic wise ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus-Family!

    I congratulate everyone here to 100 days after the end of the Healer, and I want to say that each of the 100 days after the Healer was very happy,and  pure,endless and beautiful love for our Healer-ChangMin Couple, here on soompi in ChangMin thread, facebook, twitter,IG, absolutely everywhere where there is a theme for our most beautiful unforgettable couple for ChangMin there is only love, faith and kindness of people who just feel the whole truth about the feelings ChangMin hearts!
    All Shippers ChangMin I consider the best, really good and wise shippers!
    Beautiful People all a wonderful day and a great good luck in everything!
    Day - it's just what that part of our lives, but what this piece is more beautiful, kinder, more in love, the whole life will be just as beautiful! We live, breathe, rejoice, love and cherish their loved ones, and smiling every minute, every moment!
    Happiness is always in the most simple things!
    Love, appreciate, thank all of you beautiful people amazing!
    You are a real family for all! You are a real support at any time of life, ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus, give all the power of the spirit, immense happiness and inspiration every day!
    Big friendly hug to all!

    Our happiness is now Most Beautiful Couple ChangMin, because there is already a great happiness that we all have a chance to see in their eyes and beautiful tips What special thing that brings warmth and happiness in our hearts and souls, and I can say with full confidence ChangMiners that shippers, who really knows how to love really beautiful right way, and only good, positive feelings to ChangMin Couple!
    Each of these 100 days were special because we all feel the presence of ChangMin couple in our lives, we all feel the heart of the continuing story  love for JCW&PMY, after healers and history,ChangMin personal history, I'm sure that has a special meaning for them their special world of feelings in their hearts, probably the most beautiful right now, because pure love, she always painted only the most incredible bright colors and flowers!
    I very much hope that every day our charming ChangMin be happier and I hope we will be able also to know it all and feel, and as I wrote earlier ChangMin perhaps the only couple that does not matter, the official recognition of their love for each another, that everything is clear and obvious, and without public recognition, obviously, their beautiful, especially romantic words hints for each other!
    ChangMin, is the couple who talk to each other through their hearts and eyes, and all the secret, they can only tell each other!

    And speaking here about this new update of our beautiful goddess PMY, about the words that are written there, then of course it is a message for loved one especially men,for JCW, as today 100 days after the Healer and I'm sure the feelings our JCW & PMY for each other very strong, and sincere right now and why so PMY wanted to say: Though I am leaving, but he(JCW) has always, at any distance is in my heart,in thoughts,in best memories,every happy moment together, and even five-pointed star important symbols love Healer Couple,on our PMY, in ear, you can see and maybe ring as symbol love presented before departure PMY is JCW, and how I see our sweet girl PMY, became so strong spirit in all that She can do even such obvious clues that yes,we PMY+JCW,JCW+PMY=ChangMin Couple certainly real love!
    I am so grateful that came at just the right time is the right real handsome man JCW, in life and destiny PMY, showed her a completely new happy world, and healed her, from many previous painful memories past, as only a man that can touch the heart is able to do this, and I'm sure the right attitude JCW special care,and love,helped JCW step by step, day by day, the right win heart PMY!
    I think feelings PMY(on the basis of all the hints especially important words in her updates),can be described with the following words about
    Deeper love I found in you
    And the more I certainly understand,
    You touched my heart
    and  at present altered every plan I made
    And now I feel that I have no reason to be afraid!
    Only real man can show,even of short time seemed like an eternity, to give the most beautiful love, a life filled with unforgettable memories and every possible way able to protect and defend this love and I am absolutely confident,that especial loved man,in life PMY how is only JCW,and I'm sure JCW and PMY can tell each other important words in special way, as Healer really gave them both feel special atmosphere happiness and JCW&PMY, is unforgettable special period life that touched their hearts.
    Strong love and endless support ChangMin Couple No one can replace them, always look to the future, with hope in heart!
    JCW+PMY=Made for each other and their meeting is destiny and they will be happiest with in one day!
    Today, May 20, 100 days after the end of the Healer, I would like very much to our thread ChangMin, each of us to describe our beautiful feeling, to describe all our love to our Perfect ChangMin Couple, tell our story with all heart, about the reasons why they for us the most favorite and most special couple, which can always feel the heart and most importantly let in all the words will become the main
    We see
    We know
    We trust
    We feel
    ChangMin Love and for real!
    True love does not need big words,for her more important is presence!

    For Very Amazing collage huge thanks Chinese fans!
    They really all have good heart, and believe in love ChangMin,are always great here with us also,through their beautiful work and they always write  Most Beautiful Best Couple, in world  is ChangMin
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  6. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Our Dear Chingu most sincere congratulations from all Chingus here, for you and your loved one in connection with this great news, it really is a miracle, and the miracle of life that comes from true love, it is such intimate and personal news, but you will share your happiness with all of our Family ChangMiners-Healerites here, and we to you for this very grateful! This means that the love and the positive aura of our most beautiful sensuality Couples ChangMin, each of us brings something very good and beautiful in our destinies, it is a great happiness that you It is a beautiful and wonderful child, and that all this is happening at a time when our lives present magic and love ChangMin throughout this special happiness, and pride and so I believe that all the good things in our lives right now because there is pure love for our ChangMin, like true love always brings only amazing events in life.
    Our heartiest wishes to you mom to be. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Enjoy this special moment of your life!
    During this particular stage of your life properly take care of yourself and relax from all, only positive vibrations of happiness and love everywhere will accompany you every day during this special period of life!
    This is really just the most kind and wonderful news and we are here as on all of our hearts happy for you !.
    Thank you so much for your happy exciting emotions

    Big hug for you, all most best wishes for you, from all us ChangMiners-Healerites Family!
    And also imagine that our sweet love birds ChangMin, very happy for you, and also with all their heart, all beautiful wishes,they also congratulate you!

    Cr:Chinese Baidu/Tracy
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  7. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Amazing ChangMiners-Healerites Family, for very good mood, all our wonderful Chingus!
    Excellent Dance Handsome JCW and Hans Zhang

    Cr:Baidu Chinese/gif belongs to the owner

    And apparently some point of jealousy as say the Chinese fans Ji Chang Wook was very happy throw feathers, in the direction where at that time it was Hans Zhang, the Chinese fans probably better know all about this, although it is not absolutely needed as part of the show by They said, this is already a great improvisation by JCW personally and I think we can all guess why!

    Cr:Baidu Chinese/gif belongs to the owner

    Amazing Chingus I big hug, and love you! We are waiting for access to the airport our beautiful goddess PMY, I want our girl with her head held high walked through the airport, and finally it was the most happy, radiant, as PMY have so many reasons for absolute happiness Now, as her life is present is simply magnificent and Handsome real man JCW, I'm sure that the feelings for him will warm our sweet PMY, and to give the necessary strength and inspiration for her new Chinese historical drama, and also I'm sure that for JCW, PMY, is the unique girl who can warm his heart in any day just thinking about her!
     ChangMin Couple is Love 
    The most Beautiful natural Best Perfect Couple is only our ChangMin

    Cr:Twitter/belongs to the owner
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  8. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Amazing ChangMiners-Healrerites-Chingus-Family Good morning everyone and a great day in absolute positive and with full confidence that each new day will give us more important tips from our beautiful birds love ChangMin!
    Very happy and important day for all of us ChangMiners shippers began May 18,thanks to updates from our beautiful goddess PMY, PMY obviously so happy on the island of dreams, updated loudly declares Look, I still found our special island of love, and when something we will definitely come here together, it clearly says that to whom all hearts and thoughts, who is the most important man in her life right now, of course, it is absolutely obvious allusion to the handsome Healer JCW!
     I'm sure it JCW, after his appearance in her life, step by step, gradually healed her heart with kindness, love and care and PMY also believe in his sincerity and allowed her heart just love JCW, as well as its obvious allusions to the background the beautiful island on April 12, all just for her alone, for the most memorable special beautiful girl that always, at any distance in his heart and mind, just,Changwook and Minyoung special in the life, and destiny each other and it's just very obvious!
    Nobody can claim our special happy world Healer-ChangMin Couple, a beautiful island, and all the most beautiful, unforgettable love story, every look, every breath, every sensual romantic moment that is associated with the island and other symbols of love, in all Healer belongs only JH & YS, respectively, and in real life it belongs to our most beautiful couple of wise ChangMin, so there will always be a constant and it's fact!
    You can be very far from each other for some time, but at the same time be very close to the hearts of lovers who have always and everywhere beating in rhythm with each other!
    Beautiful Chingus let us wish our beautiful PMY, all the best, good, safe in the shooting of her new Chinese drama, PMY really goddess,and most importantly  very special goddess in heart handsome JCW, PMY precisely the unique girl who is waiting for life, as much as need!
    I'm sure JCW will find a way to be with PMY very close distance even always together, and I'm sure our ChangMin exactly the pair wise, we are confident in each other's feelings (for the period of time already) so JCW and PMY, there will always be only too happy all the success of each other's true love as manifested in the mutual respect and acceptance of each other's way of life!
    The decisive indicator of true love and strong relationship is a high degree of respect, which manifests itself in relation to the loved one.
    Respect is shown to give a loved one the freedom of growth and maturity
    Respect stimulates the favorite to be truly ourselves and to grow and develop for the common happy future.
     Respect as a whole - as their own kind, and respect for private as a person - as a person, endowed with its own properties and characteristics.
    There is no other way to ensure that begin to respect each other, except through constant communication from the heart. A communication from the heart - it is when you talk to each other everything, absolutely everything, what do you think and what is in your heart, and that disturbs you, and that pleases you, speak frankly and honestly.
    Love does not need promises, terms and conditions. You just need one, which can be trusted and He who can be understood in all this, and when there is the right balance with it and she become one
     When you love, there is only the desire not to lose, but there is no fear of losing, there is a desire not to be a lonely man, but there is no fear of loneliness, there is a reluctance of separation, but there is no fear of separation because true love never know fear at anything, it's just full confidence in every act and word to each other and it's just a happy heart, which has full confidence in everything, and I'm sure our most beautiful couple ChangMin, always at the heart of each other and this is the most important thing is that every day of their special bond of hearts,magnetism of the soul will be stronger only bring them closer together and lead a happy destiny road at any distance!
    Love - is a world in which live Wisdom, trust, understanding, happiness, beauty and Patience ... I wish us all to follow our ChangMiners happy ChangMin magical world of love and destiny and testing all these happy feelings every day ...
    Beautiful Wise Chingus continue to be very happy. We continue as always to love, support and trust in our infinite ChangMin!
    Let carving ChangMin Couple, every day will be only good people and good vibrations of love to our ChangMin! Happiness is a choice, it's a state of mind and heart, and it's just indescribable magic feeling all that great happiness that give us our ChangMin, important signs of their beautiful love for each other!

    Love, it isn’t just a dream
    now that you are everything to me
    oh love is the sweetest thing
    I smile at every being with a skip in my heart
    Love, dazzling at first sight
    challenging now everything we thought we knew was right
    oh love, it is our destiny
    we’re caught up in the daze of only you and me
    Yael Meyer –  When You Hold Me Tight (Healer Ost 2)

    Cr:Chinese Baidu by Tracy

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  9. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Happy 300 (301) page love for our Most Beautiful Couple ChangMin, endless enormous gratitude all ChangMiners-Healerites, for each page of the happiest love and emotions.
    I'm proud and I love you all!
    Big hugs to all!

    Many thanks to our ChangMin Couple, every day, in our thoughts and love to them, gives indescribable emotions happy, happy, that, they just eat!
    My dear beautiful amazing best ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus-Family, in my opinion, we have never been delulu, our conclusions are based solely on observable evidence verified and the feelings of the heart, our ChangMin really love each other and this is evident began between the two since the Healer!
    This is a real sensual chemistry between our JCW and PMY, this powerful synergy of course eventually became love.
    I am even more than 100% sure of this, they are happy in their special world, on their island, they defend and protect one another around and just  Healer drama began around the destiny, for JCW and PMY, right now as when -That this  island,that JH and YS were unable to find Healer I am sure they have already found, in real life, and let us remember the words of the wise SJN you need to ask JH and YS, whether they went to the island  for their honeymoon
    I do not think after the end of the drama that would be so important to talk about the characters, I'm sure these words have continued this beautiful love story in real life already between JCW and PMY!
    Oh how romantic and beautiful it all, we ChangMiners, from around the world have the opportunity to be the happiest shippers most special and beautiful romantic couple ChangMin, all tips from them so beautiful, very subtle hints of the most important sense, the fact that the experience of the heart, not one couple, does not compare, with our ChangMin, in their wisdom, and those gestures, that really is an example to all of how to love beautiful, and special way, just all heart, just for real!
    Our wise love birds ChangMin, established absolutely correct personal contact with each other, the contact of these emotional feelings, even earlier, and as a result no doubt between JCW+PMY special love the air right now!

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  10. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Wise Amazing Chingus ChangMiners-Healerites-Family, all good evening, do not understand what's going on with soompi I dialed 15 times my post have to dial again and again, my attempt number is not even remember what today send post here, so do not worry Dearest Chingus , I'm not lost, I heart is always with you and our ChangMin, and the strangest thing I can celebrate your posts, and send your did not, that's up to this time, probably just what that serious problems still exist in the updated soompi, or maybe I have with the Internet, in general, I want to say, look forward to more great news from our ChangMin, full confidence need to wait only the best news ever, are looking forward to any updates on the new Projects in our beautiful goddess PMY, I'm sure She's still will choose the best and Projects no matter Chinese or Korean, PMY always chooses heart! Thanks for all your amazing and talent, love to read every message, and I am so grateful that you can feel all the love through your words to our ChangMin, ChangMiners from around the world give so much love beautiful perfect ChangMin Couple, through beautiful fan arts, meme, MV, poems, quotes, and other amazing creativity for their unforgettable couple, just always incredibly nice to know such wonderful people, very wise, romantic personalities, all ChangMiners shippers, always a special warmth in heart just to know that you are!
    Very much I love you all, our Perfect ChangMin Couple and our special world thread love ChangMin!

    Take care of yourself, and let us always be just happy in all of our ChangMin Couple, Believe. We Love. Only dream about good things. Inspired by all the most beautiful and happy that we always have to create, see and feel the most important thing for our ChangMin, there are couples who choose the heart, and we can not explain even to themselves why this couple, and not some other, but the answer is actually very simple just people always choose the most genuine and beautiful, the moment that deeply touches the heart, and only what you can really feel our ChangMin,and ChangMiners shippers, the best and true, all of the senses Only the heart, which is always better just tells us the truth.
    They say that their destiny can not be avoided!
    If the two are destined to be together,sooner or later they meet each other on the way, and I feel JCW and PMY heart never brought destiny, does not choose just anyone, it just feels his native.
    Every moment that we spend here in this thread of love Changmin, it becomes a special magic in our lives as our couple CHANGMIN the most natural, beautiful, unforgettable and one confirmation is not important
    this is all just obvious!
    JCW forever, for me best parner, and best real man, in real life, which  perfect, caring, especially men for PMY
    PMY girl who is able to captivate any man, any actor,and she girl, never to forget, because I think it's just not possible, JCW, I'm sure, never miss chance be with PMY!
    I'm sure even with press conference,JCW  feel how special girl PMY,very special way all press conference JCW looked at PMY,studying her every gesture can also be seen, that All that said and done gestures PMY, he was very interested, obviously realizing that PMY, indeed, like a girl's dream, the girl from the heavens (as well as in China talking about the most beautiful especially girls only) and imagine a beautiful, wise Chingus because JCW, in interview after Healer, said that PMY, looks like a girl from the sky (very special girl captivating beauty) and Chinese fans have written that, this compliment biggest,very significant compliment, for the girl,especially for actress, this means all the most sincere feelings and admiration for her, for Chinese viewers girl from heaven, it is the highest recognition of the beauty and uniqueness of the girls, so JCW, obviously with great value to say so on PMY, I am very happy that he is very accurate, very beautifully described PMY and she did, but to so accurately describe the other person needs to be very close to that person,and feel great interest to know and learn more and more deeply this person, but there will always be a special person to solve interesting and charming stronger, every day, and I think my post today and feelings our Charming Beautiful Couple ChangMin, suitable song Westlife - Puzzle Of My Heart
    Every time we meet, the picture is complete. Every time we touch, the feeling is too much. She’s all I ever need to fall in love again. I knew it from the very start… She’s the puzzle of my heart!
    -Westlife Puzzle Of My Heart

    Cr:Chinese Baidu/Tracy
    Ji Chang Wook+Park Min Young=always in the rhythm of the heart with each other!
    "Destiny, we believe in you," A lot of love, beauty, kindness, happy events and good news for the new week in our thread ChangMin, from our most charming couple ChangMin as an expression of love for the Korean gestures, let them smile and optimistic aura will give a lot new, magical, beautiful our happy, special world in this thread
    May we all wake up tomorrow and we will have some happy news and updates from our ChangMin, let's believe in it with all our hearts ChangMiners, the long wait is always rewarded the best news!

    Amazing Chingus good night and beautiful dreams, tomorrow(in Monday) we will continue to investigate the amazing sign of love between our ChangMin, wake up all full of optimism, a new week is sure to be very interesting, not a single important fact can not hide,from sharp eyes all ChangMiners!

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  11. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Amazing ChangMiners-Healerites Family Good evening! As always, you are the best detectives, experts of all the secret signs of our secret best, beautiful couple, ChangMin!
     Many thanks to all for the search of all important parts of this beautiful love story ChangMin! I love you all wonderful Chingus! All big hug!
    Each photo or GIF,our JCW and PMY,clearly shows how happy our ChangMin, apparently they enjoyed every single moment together, and it is their particular happiness, even at the screen through a Gif, or through each photo feel!
    I am confident that our ChangMin Couple completely charm each other and love each other, and it was obvious even to the most basic of their views on each other, and maybe we ChangMiners, have no idea how fast they become close, and when they began to fall in love, but that feeling is definitely there between them, I never doubt, all this is evident in their eyes, and beautiful secret messages/codes/ puzzles.
    Such a beautiful girl like PMY, it is impossible to miss in life, because then you can cry and feel sorry indeed for life (as told our YS, her beloved JH, in the healer, Episode 15) PMY real treasure, the best gift of life and destiny, truly unique and unique girl with the most beautiful dazzling smile, with beautiful appearance and soul, PMY,and Handsome JCW, I believe that special man,awaited the man, in her life who can finally give her real happiness and give true love, since it is the same wonderful a man, a real man caring, which has already given a lot of happiness and unforgettable memories PMY, herself pleasantly any good praise in his address, PMY always proud of her hero JCW, and this for me indicator of true love, which is always expressed in support of special attention to each other, admiration, pride, success of each other, and in their eyes, I read: My Man and My Woman, not for the public, not for advertising, but in his own happy world secret love, so that everything is still possible say, let them say the two songs that fit a special feeling for our most beautiful Couple ChangMin, these two songs might feel the heart and one can assume that, two beautiful songs, songs of sensuality, our romantic JCW and PMY,wanted to say to each other or have said,or even say, in the future! And in general, they do not need to say anything,because they are just to feel and understand their special feelings for each other! ChangMin, a couple that has special strong connection, in their hearts, even without words, everything is clear, in particular their Most Beautiful,Sensual Couple!
     Jim Brickman - Beautiful as You

    From the Moment I saw you,
    From the moment I looked into your eyes
    There was something about you
    I knew I knew
    That you were once in a life time
    A treasure near impossible to find
    And I know how lucky I am to have you
    Cause I seen the rainbows that can take your breath away
    The beauty of the setting sun that ends a perfect day
    And when it comes to shooting stars, I seen a few
    But I've never seen anything... As beautiful as you
    From the moment I saw you
    From the moment I looked into your eyes

           Tara Maclean - You   
    You in my life
    In my dreams
    In my heart I know its true
    That I belong with you
    Because of you in my world
    In my arms
    I have everything and now
    I can`t imagine what I`d do
    Without you
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  12. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    @All Beautiful Amazing ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus-Family!
    Good evening, good mood, thank you very much, for all your lovely found evidence,for all the wonderful creative works, great pride, all our talented Chingus, thank you everyone,for all that you every day,make, for our Most Beautiful Wise Couples ChangMin,our love birds probably do not yet know how far-sighted eyes ChangMiners, world over, not one important detail, not when you can not escape the eagle eyes all ChangMiners shippers, the most important thing is that all the evidence ChangMiners shippers looking with good intentions, and all the importantly, this is the heart dictates, the kindest, the most astute and subtle sense is ChangMiners worldwide, unfortunately a lot of wonderful people,who shippers ChangMin, can not be here with us, and especially because of the language barrier, but I hope that with each new day in a special world, in the thread ChangMin want to join as many good people, I'm sure once we are here, then, in a sense, we are all very similar, in the form of our thoughts, feelings, and it is so great to be able to share with amazing people from around the world our common love for ChangMin Couple, it is every day, so I wonder every day here,as holiday, in the most beautiful, and happy ChangMin ship, Thank you all Chingus, for the creation of a special comfort here! 

    By the way if we talk more about the symbol love Our Healer-ChangMin Couple, a five-pointed star, the symbol of the Chinese fan during the meeting (April 30) Healer were (there were a lot of pentagonal stars) on the back side (from the back) shirt Handsome JCW, I unfortunately could not find the photo, but it is already laid out our wonderful Chingus, time-threaded ChangMin Couple, obviously this is very important sign of an unforgettable symbol love Our Romantic ChangMin Couple!
    Also, here's an amazing tips for our Chinese
    Our Most Beautiful Fascinating Couple ChangMin, have a very similar style of dress during their interview with the Chinese Sina, as always just incredible synergy between them and even we can see Beautiful Wise Chingus, even during a press conference Healer (4 December 2014) Clothes, Our JCW and PMY  have at the moment is perfect, for this couple, they are already at that time were completely on the same wavelength with each other!

    Because, if we take the example of other press conferences OTP Korean drama, then many simply complete mismatch, in clothes and colors!
    Our ChangMin Most special, the Most Beautiful, the most harmonious and the most stylish Couple! In all a perfect fit each other! Really the very Destiny, always,around, on the side our Gorgeous ChangMin Couple!

    Collage Cr:Baidu Chinese ChangMiners
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  13. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful, Happy, Wise Chingus ChangMiners-Healerites-Family!
    Another very important key to prove the reality of the obvious feelings that bloom under way between the two love birds ChangMin!
    I wanted to write about this 11 May, but with all these crossings forum, and that is very difficult to get used to the new soompi, especially me personally difficult, from what has disappeared all of our reactions to each other's positions and our response to all the beautiful MV, gif, all photos for our ChangMin, because from 1 pages have nothing now and only here in the new pages since yesterday have our Like obviously the remaining approximately 275 pages need to affix the reaction again,this is really a pity that all of our beautiful ChangMin appeared without reaction, and in fact, I remember how much people love all of their photos and do absolutely everything for our Beautiful,Perfect Couple CHANGMIN, it's like all of our wonderful memories and certainly honest, here's a new kind of soompi very frustrating!
    But in no case, not our beautiful special world ChangMin, are always and everywhere a special love, special warmth, there will be each new day!
    I love you all ChangMiners-Healerites happy family!
    When I saw that Handsome JCW, holding a star on a Chinese fan meeting Healer to me, in my heart, it automatically association,with our beautiful YS&JH in Healer,with their important symbol love/special feelings for each other, I remember every moment of the history of our beautiful healer couple associated with an asterisk and, that it JCW, made the updates to its Weibo with a star, in his hand, I'm sure, is because so JCW makes it clear that all of the characters, the whole beautiful story Love JH &YS, all that is connected with his favorite YS=PMY, for his unforgettable, especially the history of his heart, and memories, and the answer to all this is very simple, because this love story that touched the hearts of all of us ChangMiners- Healerites, not just a story, it has a special, very deep meaning, and has a special follow-up, in real life, and now between JCW and PMY, and I'm just waiting to see this symbol  love on our beautiful goddess PMY, I was waiting for this very much, and I am clear about what I want to see is a star on her, for me everything is absolutely clear without words, is that the asterisks in the ears of our dazzling PMY, for me, once again, it is very obvious, the real proof of our love ChangMin Couple, and it just a huge importance that the asterisk (in the ears) our beautiful goddess PMY, and (in hands) Charming Handsome JCW has great sense of importance, it's like passwords/important code love, which are perfectly able to recognize, our Sweet ChangMin, for each other, as I said before, between our JCW and PMY, special connection between heart and just a tacit understanding, without official confirmation this fact, for them simply Important be, in hearts,each other in all possible ways to protect their feelings, and they have their own special world of the senses, the real happy world, which belongs only each other,away from prying eyes, they always, and, in all have each other in silence, and truly, and most important, all we can feel is the main heart all truth!
    It is also a symbol love Our CHANGMIN has Island, a beautiful picture is updated JCW 12 April 2015 and 12 May is exactly a month since this important updates happy (that's yesterday Korean time) and also I noticed that 12, becomes an important number, in our destiny ChangMin, after recording Healer DVD, which obviously were visible all of us, the real feelings and real happiness in their eyes and smiles of our ChangMin, was also the 12th, to be exact on March 12, and I am absolutely sure that this number is probably very symbolic for, our ChangMin Couple, as it was on May 12, flew back to her handsome defender JCW, his beautiful, especially girls PMY, never, no such coincidences, this is all very obvious, it's just destiny, which should be around for our ChangMin, that's the main reason all this!
    Beautiful Wonderful Chingus, all very beautiful, happy again, let each one of you will dream the most memorable dreams, our love birds ChangMin! Hopefully now each new day will be special, and happiest for, our Beautiful Romantic Couple ChangMin!
    My love is like a star, You can't always see me. But you know that I'm always in your heart!

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  14. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Amazing ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus-Family Good evening! I'm trying to write in the morning, as a result of problems with soompi (at least for me), I could only read your wonderful wise positions Dearest Chingus, and knocked me to the site soompi constantly regularly today, and that's thank God for this period of time again, everything seems to work, I hope will not be significant problems soompi, always  in our special world ChangMin Couple, such a special atmosphere love,happiness and kindness,and when I suddenly can not enter here,even an hour without carving ChangMin, it's like being without air, and even panic starts immediately!
    Big hug to all Chingus c immense gratitude and love, ChangMiners the Best, the Wisest Shippers and Excellent Detectives!
    Just want to say We have so many reasons to true happiness, for our ChangMiners heart now, yesterday was a perfect Day, after so much anticipation, we have again a huge, important clue to the real feelings between our Most Beautiful ChangMin, this time from our sweet girl Park Min Young, the most important words, in her upgrades without doubt for a special man, her heart, and of course, without a doubt, this is only Ji Chang Wook, and continues today in the special atmosphere of important tips and love in the air, because our beautiful goddess MinYoung Finally it should be returned to her handsome Healer ChangWook, and judging by his mood before it the unique beauty of the girl PMY, best healing, for him, without her, all I can feel, is lost our love birds CHANGMIN COUPLE, something very important in their hearts,this is the true feelings of the heart, when it feels the same as the circle of acquaintances, smiles, good friends around, but when not, that special one, everything else seems entirely different colors, feelings of love It paints a special world of the most vivid colors, namely when heart lives is a wonderful feeling can withstand any obstacles, for your Special One!
    Our CHANGMIN Probably can not be a long time away from each other, so that is probably our sweet secret lovebirds have somewhere met, wise Handsome JCW even made a new update of his IG, tags about ice cream, apparently hinting, that it burns inside of all the seen the beautiful goddess, in very beautiful sexy clothes,and now He's need cooling, since he probably can not cope with it all, Well, remember how the song ost Healer Eternal Love!
    My heart's a flame
    and it's burning in your name!
    That's all I just feel what's going on with our ChangMin, the heart of both the flame on each other's names, that's why our JCW and PMY, hard to be at a distance to each other, since even in the most beautiful corner of the world, there is no complete happiness without much, loved one, there is a saying: Incomplete Without You, and I think all the hints we have from the JCW and PMY, for each other, and from them, for all of us ChangMiners all over the world, it is quite simply the expression fits in their heart condition is that yearning, in the absence of each other!
    And then all I would like to write about our perfect couple ChangMin and everything I feel about them here in these lines:
    Love really means
    To understand her/him,
    To know that he/she has the soul,
    Listen every thought, to know any dream,
    Give her/his wings, when she / he wants to fly.
    And when you feel
    Helplessness in his/her hugs,
    True love found you!
    1 beautiful gif, With Chinese ChangMiners / Tracy I imagine the emotions that I feel confident JCW, when his beautiful goddess heart PMY, a journey without it!
    But the other one gif and my favorite romantic moments, hug,in Healer I represent all those strong feelings, like when our JCW and PMY, at their meetings, after traveling PMY, the hug (19 episodes) clearly show,that our JCW and PMY,to all the depths of their hearts dissolve, each other, it's all perfectly clear, in their eyes,and the emotion, that they convey in this beautiful, memorable scene!
    100% real feeling for the actors JCW and PMY, not just character. JH&YS,go out on the surface,in this scene, and each time reviewing this moment, my heart is always trembling, by the magic, and reality this moment  love, special moment,and absolutely every hug our ChangMin, most sensual, perfect, and unforgettable, because it hugs the heart, true emotions, true feelings, the true flowering most beautiful love ChangMin Couple!

    Our JCW+PMY= CHANGMIN COUPLE They are Best,Perfect,Sweetest,Beautiful,in the whole world!
    and lovely dances!!! 

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  15. AnsOlga added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful, Amazing ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus-Family Good evening all!
    Finally, we in our beautiful renovated house,special world Beautiful Couple ChangMin! From this day let even as much love from all good, talented people here will be very happy for our ship ChangMin, I congratulate us all ChangMiners, we finally Houses in this thread where so many memories and happiness is always there!
    Oh what a happy day,what happy news, finally a new update, in IG on our beautiful goddess PMY, and most importantly, that it almost as soon as Handsome JCW updated his Weibo, and these updates, they are so similar to each other, JCW because he upgraded his mind-blowing beautiful photo of Marie Claire, which were taken during his photo session in Bali and wise Wookie boy must have known perfectly well that his heart goddess PMY, is also going to make it update, and I'm sure that does not happen in such coincidences of life, it's just pure beautiful miracles of love and destiny, this is a special bond between two loving hearts of the people, the magic is always present among our most beautiful couple ChangMin, no matter they are in the same place or different, I feel that this is the way if on the same road of destiny around lately, our JCW and PMY follow one another, in their hearts and more and deeper and deeper is all I have to see each new day only!
    We all know perfectly well Sometimes, in life there are unexplained words, miracles, and usually becomes the cause of these miracles is true love. It is the strongest feeling, and it can only do so, that would be on the face of the whole day was shining smile from ear to ear, but the heart was filled with some nice warm feeling of happiness, and that happiness is all special, special feeling trembling I can clearly feel between our JCW and PMY.
    As always perfect synergy of our beautiful ChangMin, everything is clear without further ado, Beautiful Amazing Chingus, and we all, ChangMiners, from around the world are most shippers Special Couples for whom the best, the correct description of their feelings Feel all have heart, it is the only the truth is that we all, ChangMiners is important to know the truth that it is important to trust the way, our hearts, they always suggest to us the truth and about the blooming romantic feelings just as between a man and a woman, I personally was clear even during show Healer between our Healer-ChangMin Couple, cupids just good from all sides and even then flew heralded Love in the air between our Charming JCW and PMY!
    Yet even from the press conference to the Healer already formed their particular world of the senses, as in many moments of the press conference Healer was absolutely obvious that their views were aimed only at each other and absolutely no partner's views, but like you absolutely clearly understand that it is near you near that special person (male / female), which is already in a short time care your heart, and with every glance you more and more interesting to know that person, in my opinion, our sweet love birds ChangMin nothing, from anyone, especially not hide, just the ones who are able to feel everything in between, who are able to read all the records in their updates and feelings in their eyes, between the lines, all ChangMiners, and then nothing more is required, and while I Happy absolutely every important updates from our love birds ChangMin, and also I'm just happy to be with you all beautiful wise ChangMiners, I love you all! Big warm hug to everyone, every day, let us fill our renovated house ChangMin most special, kind and happy feelings we have seen all those who wait in the end he really gets the happy news (today here is the long awaited update our delightful PMY, her beauty and charm, can not leave anyone indifferent, PMY is that special girl that just made for love, I'm sure a special man in her life JCW, I'm sure our ChangMin happy together!
    Solid shippers most beautiful, ChangMin-Healer Couple, and am very proud, that I can be their shipper and just feel the warmth in my heart, even the possibility of dreaming about all the beautiful events that may be in the lives of our ChangMin in future! I am very grateful for the opportunity, thanks to our ChangMin Couple, found so many beautiful, wonderful friends ChangMiners all over the world!
    ChangMin Love In The Air!
    Just know, that there is nothing more precious to me than you!

    Very beautiful our ChangMin, connect them to their destiny on their island love (as long as in very Amazing fan art) but I feel that one day it will be really in life, found in the tweeter/belongs to the owner!
    Beautiful Amazing ChangMiners,Beautiful Perfect ChangMin,Fighting!

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