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  1. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My wonderful,beautiful Chingus, all good morning, as usual, let's start the new week with love and faith in our hearts,because of all the magical, happy feeling to see our JCW and PMY, through their new pictures so happy as we are able to see them directly Now,they are happy,charming smile can all have a positive charge for a long time, are able to give us the necessary energy to wait patiently for them new tips, new discoveries of particularly beautiful stories, thank JCW and PMY,that they are willing to share with good fans their couple, their inner peace, the moments of a new additional material Healer about them can be clearly understood that the JCW and PMY really live their feelings every cell of the body,dissolve in each other,and everything in between is all so beautiful,really, everything has a huge sense of importance, just the fire of love, which can only really be among such people as special JCW and PMY,because this really felt everywhere,that they destiny each other!
    JCW and PMY,prior to their meeting,in the Healer were the two halves of their own worlds, thanks to the most beautiful and loving healer drama as we could see many offscreen BTS video and photos,step by step, their own worlds become connected, in one world for two,and is now confident JCW and PMY one whole, a reflection of each other, their facial expressions,body language, gestures, smiles,both so beautiful,and in tune,with everything,that heart just happy to look at their external beauty and the beauty of the soul,in full harmonious!
    Wonderful Monday all,as beautiful as you are all my Amazing Chingus,and so blossoming as special feeling  happiness,in hearts our ChangMin Couple!
    Many thanks our Amazing Chingus, for all the updates in our beautiful ChangMin thread,for stunning JCW and PMY, new images and video,for just Daebak, positive,in love memes every day, for all the very beautiful and talented editing,wonderful gif, for all awesome,wise reasoning,all that makes each of you in this all felt your beautiful heart, thank you very much!
    I send you a hug with love, with the wishes of a successful, colorful,exciting day for everyone!

    I'm sure JCW and PMY know perfectly well how much love and a particularly warm there in the heart of every good ChangMiner for them, perhaps this force of pure,beautiful love,from us ChangMiners for them and gives them every day more and more,confidence,in what they in ready give as much as possible the important tips,for all good fans,who endlessly believe,in their reality,and does not require,nothing but, just know and feel,that they really happy,believe,we on threshold of another great discoveries all about our birds love JCW&PMY, in soon so just patiently waiting for further action,from our wise, beautiful ChangMin!
    For all you My Gorgeous Chingus,special, beautiful, creative work with love, from our talented,beautiful Chinese ChangMiners, really just amazing editing!

    Cr:Weibo/belongs to the owner
    Cr:Weibo/belongs to the owner
    My Beautiful Chingus also pay attention even manager-friend JCW and manager (or as his called correctly)PMY have here in these photos one style shirt with a heart,really interesting this coincidence, or  this gift from a very special,beautiful girl PMY for manager-good friend JCW and for her personal manager also!

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  2. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful,Talented,Wonderful Chingus Hello all!
    Wow as beautiful,stunningly first day of August (in Korean and China,this already 1 August)this mysterious,dazzling,updates,from PMY
    She's so Amazing,Classy Beautiful,and knew that a very wise girl PMY necessarily give the correct clue what she's the one,real,perfect girl for JCW, She's loves to wear black + with short hair,everything, as this was said JCW,in celebration of his birthday 25 July, so obviously that all this tempting, very beautiful,really sexy PMY image,for handsome JCW!
     O My God after this picture exactly JCW definitively lost rest and sleep,PMY really pretty and feminine,always and everywhere!
    As I remember before was a similar picture with hotel,with Shanghai and from Charming  Handsome JCW!
    Our beautiful,elegant JCW and PMY really created for each other,and follow the right path of their destiny, even in this new update PMY showed that She's always there one whole with  her real man JCW,what she's thinks about him at any distance,because he always together with her,in her heart and thoughts!
    I'm sure it's her update this for her beloved JCW, will be waiting for an update from him tomorrow, I think it certainly will,in the near future!
    Thinks of our good wishes for our birds love ChangMin,in August, let them be as many opportunities to be happy together in their beautiful, especially the world of real feelings of pure love, just let them be the main inspiration and support for each other in all that they have to to do in the month of August!
    All my Dears Chingus wishes a lot of love, kindness,beauty around you, always smiling and let the desire of each of you will come true,I love you all,Thank you very much for happiness, love, incredible, unforgettable feelings that hover in the air in our special thread ChangMin, thanks for the endless talent of all of you,this really means so much to us all! Sending big hugs for all here!

    My Great Chingus You're real special beautiful pearls,my favorite friendly family,in this happy world,that step by step creates real happiness destiny,for our Honey JCW+PMY=ChangMin Couple!

    And, that's the same conversation about the ideal type of girl JCW in this video by link with the celebration of his birthday 25 July of the ideal girl JCW during the celebration of his birthday Here's what he said This cheerful girl,163 growth,who loves black clothes+He lately prefers short hair+She's should be about the same age that and he said Honey JCWCr:Mow 1230But in general among all the girls present fans during the celebration of his birthday the wise Handsome JCW as his ideal type of girl chose girl in black sundress( girl,that in vidio,by link)with short hair,and the age of 29
    So this is certainly understandable,that this loving,warm heart JCW told him the obvious choice,and this his perfect description of all for real life=Beautiful Gorgeous PMY,thanks JCW, he proved again and again,that PMY,and every detail,about her,so much important for him,so deep,in his heart her image!Even at a distance,JCW and PMY always have been,and will,close,and inseparable,in their hearts,in hope, their happy meeting,again!    
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  3. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Wonderful Chingus, good afternoon to all my dears, at least in the thread and quietly, let us revive our special favorite thread ChangMin, this A sufficient that our eyes to the true beauty and our hearts are filled with happiness and pride of our Gorgeous JCW and PMY, and today here Here is an amazing upgrade from dazzling PMY, if we recall the 25 July  in day celebration of birthday JCW seems this Handsome Healer JCW said about the preferences,for his ideal the type girl(of course we all know who she is)wore black colour!
    Confirmation,for this truth comes today where beautiful sexy,goddess PMY renews her IG with photo,in black and very sexy clothes,very alluring and attractive image!
    Bad for JCW he probably now not can breathe easy after seeing such beauty and not be able at the moment to touch her, as long as it is in another country, and our sweet girl obviously loves to do the most important hints to clearly show and prove that yes this only she's in all and always Perfect,Hot girl, for Hot Handsome JCW,and also the external beauty,and the beauty of the soul,our JCW+PMY harmoniously and perfectly perfect balance with each other and  just destined for each other!
    Lot of love,kindness,everything beautiful,all here,and our thread ChangMin, I love you all, I appreciate everything that makes each of you! All ChangMiners shippers really beautiful,good cupids for our favorite charming birds love ChangMin!

    Very Sexy,Breathtaking Beauty Goddess PMY!With each photo more and more beautiful your shining especially girls!True JCW?
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  4. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful Amazing Chingus, all good afternoon, miss for our friendly, in love and harmony in our discussions of the most beautiful charming couple ChangMin, so hopefully with renewed vigor, we will all be happy in this thread again, because the thread is ChangMin warm place for each of us, there is always so much love, thank you all for making this beautiful world due to your talented, positive,and wise thoughts, your daily beautiful posts,crazy miss all of you my beautiful Chingus and all our happy discussions,that always live,in this thread!
    Dears Chingus You're really talented, so wish as much as possible inspiration  for great things for creating everything beautiful,for our charming ChangMin Couple,our ChangMin that special, unique couple,where even words are not important,their views on each other themselves say about love,care,affection,admiration,pride,so they just have each other, Because when JCW&PMY next,everything seems too beautiful and special, and this can be termed as I belong with you ... you belong with me!
    Even on his birthday celebration  Handsome JCW never ceases to amaze with his sincerity and the fact that so openly willing to express what is really felt, because even about the ideal girl with short hair but I'm sure everyone understands what a beautiful girl from heaven meant a real handsome Wise man JCW, we all know that the JCW very gently and lovingly cared for always lovely hair PMY, this always seemed so real and when before our eyes have further ChangMin BTS, full of sparks and fire of love here more we can understand that everything is real between our JCW and PMY, and will have been because JCW+PMY They are meant to be together!


    And in my opinion not even hide it as we all know very well our Gorgeous ChangMin love to communicate secret codes, passwords and so on in their relationship, and usually if JCW makes an important hint that a day or two usually follows update PMY also an important hint or vice versa if the updated first PMY, then without thinking twice updated and JCW, respectively, yesterday's update Goddess PMY photo with flowers obviously this was an important sign for her handsome Healer JCW,perhaps in terms of what the upgrade wise PMY beautiful way to say JCW: 
    these beautiful flowers for you, you to remember always that our joint love story will flourish with each passing day so beautiful as these perfect,beautiful flowers,that I hold in hands as a sign of our mutual feeling and because our story is the happiest and really,besides that update with the beautiful country of France, and I know from the words of my close other relative who lives there for a long time,France is the country of love, where even in the air hovering scents of love, romance and vivid impressions, and if you go courting couples a romantic trip to make sure you will be together forever, and perhaps in her PMY update hinted JCW, she wants to go there again,but  now already with him her beloved man who can be around her support always, so this is for him,this is now open and bold as ever, and not for anyone before,really feel very real in all these beautiful features hints of JCW and PMY to each other, and all the good people who love and support them so that we wait all most beautiful, most good for them,and always We all should be grateful to them for everything because ChangMin Amazing couple who teach us what is love,that there is destiny!
    Because of our Beautiful pure Healer ChangMin Couple we meet so a lot beautiful, talented, good new friends around the world which We were not able to know before!
    All our loving, friendly, beautiful, ChangMiners-Healerites family lots of hugs! Love you all!All the good course of the day, and the warm, sincere wonderful evening!

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  5. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Our Beautiful Unique Goddess PMY 24.07.2015

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  6. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Dear Beautiful Chingus, a big hello to all, albeit a bit quiet in our thread now,but here, even in moments of calm,aura lot of love from all and most importantly,let this always be so,obviously we were lost because we're all just really happy again,and again to watch our beautiful pandas in love, because of the addition of all new material about our sweet playful panda that was once so long hidden from our eyes, and now that it's all,front of our eyes, we can with greater confidence to claim,that's,without all official recognition our adorable pandas,in captivity and full of love with each other and they most beautiful and gentle pandas,in the world, oh how much each new material for us to open our panda they take care of each other,this is so cute,our pandas are always so happy with each other,this is the real happiness,that is hard to describe in words, our most real pandas couple and everything that between they this so particularly beautiful, and words are not there most important, the most important just watch how our pandas with love and admiration looking at each other, generally the whole new material about our panda is that for so long was worth the wait and it's something that can tell all without further ado, just to see and feel all this our hearts!
    Our Honey Pandas Love in the air!
    Please let us turn our attention,that one  with good friend,our Handsome panda liked photo beautiful female panda today!
    Here is the proof!

    On this photo, this is good friend of panda, of our male panda!

    Waiting for your opinions about this my Amazing wise Chingus, all hugs with love,always take care of yourself, be always healthy and happy so as soon as possible, all the best to all of you here!
    All very beautiful dreams and see dreams our romantic,tender,beautiful pandas Couple and tomorrow we will wait for new tips from our love pandas!
    Tomorrow is sure to be interesting and hot in our thread, I believe, and looking forward to this!

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  7. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful Amazing Chingus, Good evening!
    Our Dear @tehlimau Chingu thank you for your beautiful report pandas,it really is too obvious between our playful pandas, and I think,even they ourselves is very difficult to hide their real feelings for each other, our pandas are very gentle, beautiful, and always with a special concern for each other and love their happy eyes shining, our Couple Pandas is Saying Everything, without extra words with their Togetherness!
    Many thanks from all of us and for translation of all important interview handsome JCW, this is a very big job and we really appreciate all that you are doing for us!
    Thank you very much all our talented, wise Chingus, for all your beautiful posts!
    Love you all,always take care of themselves,a lot of hugs all our family friendly here! All the wonderful beauty sleep,let every day and night will be filled with the brightest, beautiful,positive feelings!
    For the good mood of all, a few new photos of our JCW and PMY record in an interview special for Japanese interview,that is dedicated show Healer,in Japan with 31 July! 
    Please note my sweet Chingus, to the position as the handsome JCW stood beside the poster with Healer, emphasizing only himself and his beautiful goddess PMY, even pity YJT, he obviously for someone was entirely unnecessary there, JCW, obviously, quite does not want other man next with PMY, even on the poster, were in this special love story that only between him and his Special beautiful girl from heaven PMY, I think he wanted to show her that he was only her special man, her honey, and, therefore, in particular, stressing only the two of them on the healer poster! Many thanks Charming JCW, even this gesture is so cute and I think YJT aware of real feelings of love between birds JCW+PMY, and does not offend, because as we remember he even write Healer DVD does not go, and I am sure the main reason for this is still that YJT is a very wise man, happily married to his beautiful wife and apparently well known that birds love JCW+PMY a must stay for a single at the moment, he's Cupid for these two love birds of love and there is no doubt, I'm sure YJT yet know with Healer, a special tender feelings between JCW and PMY, so a huge thank him for showing a deep understanding of, YJT is really good, caring Friend and special Cupid for our cuties JCW&PMY!
    You can also see that the Hot JCW started to make a gesture of scissors (especially on the photo where he is with his manager and another man), just as in the 8 Epizod Healer is tempting did PMY, his face so much like facial expression PMY,they so harmoniously, even in their faces, so that our love birds JCW+PMY they really a match made in heaven,so want to they always could be just as happy as we see them now, because for all of us their shippers,the most important  always there will be only their happiness!

    I will always stand beside you.
    I will always smile for you!

    Cr:@yoko 20_15 Weibo
    "Love is composed of a single soul,one heart,inhabiting two bodies."ChangMin is an Example True Love! Always In LOVE with this ADORABLE Couple!The Grandeur and Beauty our ChangMin Couple is Mesmerizing!
    Distance never separate two people truly in love!

    Cr:Weibo/credit as tagged
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  8. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Wise Chingus, all the most beautiful sweet dreams, let tomorrow and each succeeding day will be positive and the most happy for all of you and our birds love ChangMin!
    Welcome for all our new wonderful Chingus,Please feel free to express your thoughts about ChangMin Couple,we're all here you can understand,the language barrier can never be a hindrance to the strong love for this beautiful Perfect Couple ChangMin,we all understand,all that you are trying to express in your posts,thank you very much for your lovely thoughts, thank you for the love of Healer ChangMin Couple,we all ChangMiners really similar, in our feelings,about our Adorable ChangMin,we all feel very clearly that they are real and every day these feelings are only intensified!
    So welcome in friendly ChangMiners family, we are all very excited about the new Chingus, are as strong as all of us here love and believe in ChangMin, our new Chingus bring many new happy emotions, a lot of new information here, so thank you very much from all of us!
    Dear @Achida_phum Chingu,Thank you very much for your excellent report and the text of beautiful love songs that he sang his handsome JCW on Japanese FM, it is clear we can understand for some beautiful girl from heaven,this special song is meant!
    About clod sings heart Charming JCW,this really is becoming more and more clear with every passing day and with each new JCW and PMY important clue!
    This two songs can feel,about story,real story JCW+PMY Love,step by step, from the beginning they have their feelings all started like this beautiful blossoming love in their hearts,and about the difficulties at the moment that it is possible to fully prevent them to be happy and be seen whenever you want, for a distance between the two countries which currently separates them, but not their hearts, that they are always together in their mind,and memories,and the fact that in front of them only the happy future together!
    And then we remember as written in new photo update beautiful goddess PMY,"There will always be a time for providing update Honey!"And we are all aware there is special Handsome man Honey for PMY,of course PMY this her caption made clear hinted JCW and all us,that even,at the highest load her shooting she has will always have time to take care and make the happiest her special,beloved Honey,this is entirely a song about love and yes it is completely possible with every fiber our of the soul in text songs feel about love of our Gorgeous JCW+PMY!
    Eng Lyrics I Love You-Artist:Utada Hikaru/Words:Ozaki Yutaka/song,that singing JCW,in his Japan FM 18 July!

    Wise handsome JCW recently often chooses for its FM songs about love, precisely because really in love with PMY, because She's really been able to change his life and to fill her most beautiful happy colors, when people are in love, always want to be around without a word to understand and feel all this through the aura of love and a happy glow of eyes that are always characterized only people in love, might have guessed even hints JCW very properly show, who really won his heart, body and soul and who does he just not able to forget because the sweet girl PMY really his destiny and no doubt he himself feels this!
    Ken Hirai  Hitomi wo Tojite Close My Eyes
    Always my Love,Your love is in my heart,You're my everything(this words as main meaning of this song in instrumental version of the song from youtube)
    so this is not a sad song, a song that at any distance of lovers can feel the presence each other in their hearts,and special memories, so they are always together, no matter where they are physically,they still always,as one whole!

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  9. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My beautiful talented Chingus, all with the beginning of a new happy week all wonderful mood yesterday we were most happy to see so many wonderful photos of our beautiful goddess Cleopatra PMY(This beautiful unusual image was probably conceived in her update photo with accessory gold maple wreath in her hair)
    Our PMY always She's simply dazzling and with each photo more and more beautiful, really memorable,especially girls for JCW,and today our day will be filled with the brightest colors and happy feelings,thanks to new photos mind-blowing Apollon PMY, her Handsome man JCW,so all a great day, positive, smiles all over,we simply unbelievable overload of beauty and happiness of our charming ChangMin the last few days so let's make come true to every day of the total could be even more and that our JCW+PMY were the happiest always hand in hand,eyes in eye,with special love,in their hearts!
    In the meantime,breathe calmly,Yes he real charming,hot,handsome man,special for the good mood and happiness in the eyes all our beautiful ladies here!

    All lot hugs with love, you my Amazing Chingus,always proud of your great wisdom,insight,and I love you all! Thank you very much for your very interesting positions where so much positive aura,vibrations of love and kindness for Our Gorgeous ChangMin Couple and all us every day!
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  10. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My beautiful, talented Amazing Chingus, and in fact if you think about logically since July 19 is exactly 100 days from the date here of unpleasant scandal with MK, and more importantly it is also a 100 (101) days as Handsome JCW updates made to the background of the beautiful island (12 April),which belongs to all the most beautiful, sensual and unforgettable memories of our love birds ChangMin,remember, we've all been waiting for a response from our beautiful goddess PMY,remember Amazing Chingus, as we would all like to see a similar update island,at the same time from our wise girl,and hints of it have been from our sweet PMY already before(we are constantly see what is wonderful upgrade from the islands)and that's made PMY It is exactly 100 days from the date of the scandal, and I am absolutely sure these her updates July 19 Gorgeous PMY clearly and consistently made this clear for everyone that only She's,and nobody else,real girlfriend Handsome JCW,and all words about spring,and about the memories of spring I sure this is tied to all happy memories,real love story between PMY and JCW, originated and warmed their hearts since with winter,and truly infinitely beautiful blossomed,between them spring,exactly spring,in this beautiful time of year,the time of year that once gave life to our beautiful girl PMY,whose charming smile especially comes alive with the arrival of spring,that's when everything fell into place,this happened,was then that began to happen all the most important, the most real between them,because intended power of love and destiny for our JCW+PMY=ChangMin,always known and will know how to act in the most correct thing right time for both of them,can be felt what exactly spring JCW+PMY finally become one whole for each other,become whole special world happiness,protection and love next with each other,and the more I think about this the more I feel,that this is all very true,because JCW&PMY=destined for each other and only for each other!

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  11. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    What is happening with our beautiful goddess PMY? already 6 updates,for this day,and maybe this is not limit
    She's is incredibly beautiful,and amazing as always! Our girl is clearly a strong love,and we all know ,who this Handsome,true man in her heart!
    All very happy day with great love my beautiful Amazing Chingus,probably for all us this special day?or more likely this today is very special day for our birds love? JCW+PMY 
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  12. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful Amazing Chingus, Hello, I hope all very happily spend a weekend with your loved ones,all the best wishes!
    Thank you all for maintaining our thread of love ChangMin, always in love and positive, all your posts are very beautiful, I hope in the next few days we have even more reason to be happy because of our ChangMin will, as long as all one important point with FM Handsome JCW Japan imitation snow kiss with beanie PMY, as demonstrated by a charming JCW with Japanese girl happy fan!
    Pay special attention lovely Chingus,how tenderly JCW drawn with beanie PMY, obviously this important symbol JCW+PMY love,this white beanie,from time very beautiful,unforgettable snow kiss that so deeply touched hearts our JCW and PMY,the moment where they were so happy, that very special moment where apparently began the real story of their love!
    All pleasant viewing this wonderful vidio,that kindly shared the Japanese fans+Chinese fans and just feel how much love,and kindness invested every good,the true fan of JCW, like they really love and appreciate all that he does from the heart for them,very nice that so many of the really good people from there for JCW,with the all the gifts that they have prepared for him with lot love and from all soul!

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  13. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    our Chinese good Chingus whole day upset and cry(if you take into account their current smilies)because if not all of these unfounded restrictions Healer DVD, the Chinese fans write that then it would be at least something of the beautiful new ChangMin BTS, and photo at the moment with us all, even if it is laid out on the Healer DC, can share those Korean fans that already have available something mysterious healer DVD, because it really is not clear,why come up with all the constraints,even if It is to make a few gif and photos of the new frame,with our ChangMin and just really happy discuss this,in this nothing wrong not,or I really do not understand!
    About Healer ChangMin Couple really always want to write this beautiful,and from the heart,because our couple can always just feel love and kindness in every way!
    So it is possible perhaps such measures in restricting the Healer DVD is taken to avoid negative reactions,that may be required to have much deeply stuck in the unreal world of fans of another ship that's done all these restrictions Healer DVD because they did not have before,and accordingly they can be really very important for the reasons and possibly even security for our beautiful, loving ChangMin!So my Dear beautiful Chingus,thank you all for the most original and brilliant ideas and passwords secret discussions for Healer DVD, I am absolutely sure we will still all be able to happily discuss all the most important, even if it seems that the currently there is no way out, tomorrow will come another day and maybe things have changed,even in these conditions,but if not then do not be sad Dear Chingus,even difficulties not could ever stop all good discussions beautiful,wise, proud shippers ChangMiners,no difficulties are irrelevant when there is all our strong-minded, resourceful,highly talented ChangMiners-Healerites,whom I know,and whom so proud,there is always a way out from all, and I'm very feel something good,for all of us will be in the next few days,our wings ChangMin happiness and love will grow even more, because our Special ChangMin true love in the air!
    Very tender, beautiful ChangMin fan art from talented and loving Chinese ChangMiners, thank them from all of us a lot!

    Beautiful Chingus,good night and beautiful dreams everyone, let everyone weigh only good dreams, and in the morning you will be very happy, happy ChangMin biggest opening so close to all of us, so let tomorrow will be very positive for all saturated beautiful emotions, if you happen sad smiles often look at your favorite people, there is always a happy thing, and in any weather we can always warm beautiful, kind smiles of our JCW and PMY, and that's easy enough to look at their photos and sure our favourite  JCW&PMY, feel all the love, from all ChangMiners-Healerites,so that pure love will always be greater, and the opportunities to talk about our beautiful charming couple will always be the best! Everything will be just fine!
    Best wishes to all of you wonderful people!

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  14. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My dear beautiful Chingus, good afternoon/evening everyone,thank you to everyone for the preservation of positivity,and happiness,and a special love,in this beautiful house ChangMin,despite all the obstacles(in this case the conditions of use DVD Healer) all ChangMiners-Healerites always find very wise out and know how to be grateful and happy in all conditions, well done,very proud of you,all and love you! Lots of great hugs to you all! Keep following,all positive and amazing people now trust each good person and love in the hearts of all the beautiful, proud Shippers Couple ChangMin, all unforgettable, happy feelings and emotions that we are all living together on a daily basis with our most beautiful, romantic couple ChangMin, certainly will prompt each of us the important truth about them, we need to know, every day, all about our ChangMin, all the secrets and codes of love become so more interesting and more transparent, again, for all those people who can read between the lines is an important point, in my opinion, we have a lot of important evidence of the reality of our ChangMin, in any case, evidence our JCW&PMY really really love each other, in all their words of what they say about each other(with all their interviews in total) can indeed be clear to all that,so thank you to everyone Chingus ChangMiners-Healerites, your aura of love and kindness, talented, beautiful creation,sharing your thoughts of the wise, in the wonderful messages every day,really gives stronger believe,in our ChangMin,in addition to our beautiful ChangMin Couple for me a very important road and every one of you, so that every day I am grateful to life,that have the ability to communicate about our sweet couple ChangMin with such amazing, loving people like all of you,this is a great gift destiny,so any day here in our house of love ChangMin have special,and most happy, thank you to everyone,that your important present and exchange thoughts with the beautiful all of us you actually create,that special beautiful world ChangMin, their new real story,even one day without it is simply impossible,I'm sure for each of us, each morning begins first of all drawn with read our beautiful ChangMin thread,because there is always so warm and cozy,even in those days when there is no news of our birds love ChangMin, in the thread is still in aura of positivity and love lives in each message, so it is the love of everyone,our most beautiful couple that really mark the love, so love and the support for all of us must always be the most important and stand out above all the other senses,and especially in our ChangMin Couple no room,for doubt,and there's only all happy and beautiful feel to them, as always, we are grateful for today, because we are able to love more deeply Changming and stronger and be very happy and with a special thrill to wait for new tips from them very soon!
    @CrushOnHealer many thanks for the excellent idea for us to have a secret code for DVD Healer using beautiful smiley panda,really is wonderful to chat with such secret signs,because we are still so close to going to our beautiful wise ChangMin Couple,general view all you need is always on the positive side, and so even more interesting by using emoticons, symbols and codes of love, as we have seen all like to communicate our JCW and PMY and it's really very interesting and in this is really a huge sense of,so that we all shippers ChangMin couples need to learn more to have skills that their love secret code may themselves communicating between us, so we can further understand the real history of our charming ChangMin, thank you for all your messages and,for all your beautiful editing ChangMin, which really special magic of love is present always!
     Chinese fans are very loves as I read your editing ChangMin,in historic style,they called the editing these words, that even the last time JCW and PMY as one whole, and you are perfectly able to show it is just that, indeed, as those two photos from different dramas entirely our beautiful JCW and PMY, and it looks as if this is really a drama, which is the special love story ChangMin,In general, Chinese fans really appreciate and love all of the editing you, thank you, all the beauty of ChangMin it's really just very difficult to put into words, but each of us is easy to feel and love heart!
    @CrushOnHealer Our Dear Chingu Many hugs you and love from all of us!

    Our Amazingly talented writer in writing fanfic @tehlimau  your every fanfic for ChangMin just Daebak, very beautiful,very precisely, and so perfectly described how can really only describe really very talented, wise person, really feeling exactly this beautiful ChangMin Couple , thank you very much and thank you also for all Japanese translations of the interview,this really means a lot to all of us and you made happy all of us happy all the wonderful translations of words in an interview with Japanese JCW, because as it turned out everything important that is where it was and how we Shippers now really very happy because of your translations that you can really feel done with great love and kindness of your heart!
    We love you,appreciate,and thank you very much for everything our Dear Chingu @tehlimau
    Many thanks to our magical beautiful bear @Ahpheng (I hope you're not offended, that I call you Bear)is because of your avatar beautiful,that I really like,and also when I think about bears course immediately submitted to the tenderness and love of our beautiful healer ChangMin Couple, so I think you're our kind, lucky charm, and when you have, we all know and feel all will be well and happy in our couple ChangMin, you bring a lot of good,the protection necessary for all of us strength, so a big thank you from all of us for all your very positive memes, can always soothe and bring a lot of the most vivid feeling for all of us!
    You have an Amazing quality thanks to your wonderful memes instantly make all of us happy here, and also the Chinese fans(who yesterday were very upset,for the same reason that we all)but your talent memes immediately brought warmth in all our heart and lifted mood, all the words in your memes matched your ideal applause you from all of us, it's really a great gift from nature to be able to choose the right phrase that really always want to read without stopping, and several times a day, from all of us and from the Chinese fans a huge thanks to a lot of hugs and a lot of love for you,please always keep the inspiration,for the best success,and happiness around you our Dear @Ahpheng Chingu!
    Not surprisingly,in the heart and memory of the handsome JCW also remains an unforgettable beautiful moment on the roof of the final episode of the Healer, because it really was so real, so gentle, so sensual and beautiful in a special way, as it happens in the real feelings, so feel free to You can tell the time of 20 episodes on the roof for the JCW and PMY really is real, it ChangMin moment of love to a greater extent than the moment of their characters, and even our very beautiful goddess PMY said earlier in her interview,that she really wished that these two could be happy together because their love is pure and beautiful and does not need any of muddy and why I am sure that in these her words the meaning laid more for JCW and PMY, than JH&YS,because think logically because,for JH&YS is no longer any obstacles for their love(especially large obstacles for perfect love story JH&YS never and no was),they always even in the most difficult times were together supporting, and loving for each other,and everything else that we have not shown,can really imagine,for their lives for all of us ourselves, so that probably our sweet PMY meant,that she really wants to love and to be happy in real life, next with JCW, the more I think about her interview that was after the Healer the more I realize,that our two secret lovers JCW&PMY really all very romantic and beautiful, so it's really worth carefully cherish and protect their special connection of hearts and blossoming feelings!

    Fighting Beautiful Amazing Chingus ChangMiners-Healerites,Fighting our Hottest Beautiful ChangMin Couple!
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  15. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful Amazing Chingus, Korean fans really very lucky,because I just finished reading about this from Chinese fans with baidu,and DC Healer,korean fans today they got their Healer DVD and they  are all very happy now!
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