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  1. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Park Min Young Beauty,Beyond Imagination,Epitome Of Perfection!
    This More then just BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous diamond!
    This new update PMY just BREATHTAKING,conveys aura special femininity,mystery and attractiveness!
    Update handsome JCW show that eyes his powerful weapon, his eyes tell special story  because of his deep emotions and real feelings, because the Eyes there is most important language and it's most moving words between lovebirds,
    Eyes JCW and PMY captivatingly beautiful and can tell real story their beautiful romantic love!

    Even the position updates our beautiful birds love JCW with PMY, under 45 ° angle (tilt their heads and chins)
    I always think about you
    Yes, I think about you
    Each moment that we spent together is so precious to me
    So I can not express it all in words but I'll show it to you little by little
    I always think
    Every day I think
    When I wake up early in the morning
    I think about you, the happiest person
    Looking at you smiling in front of me
    I love you!


    Cr Amazing collage from Weibo Healer-ChangMin Couple!
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  2. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful Chingus,wonderful evening all,stay healthy,smile always!
    Let your lucky stars continue to shine and make all your dreams come true.
     I love you,big hugs all!
    Let our thread ChangMin each day be filled the warmth, the happiness and the feeling of love!

    "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."
    “No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star.” 
    And Beautiful ChangMin Couple is an Example for this! 
    In LOVE, with this ADORABLE Couple and their, special beautiful world, signs of Love for each other!
    The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched - this just feel our hearts!
    Many Thanks you wise Handsome JCW, for its new update, can see there really cloud in the shape of heart,he really,very romantic Man!
    Cloud in shape heart,amazing see such beautiful symbol of love in the sky!
    Our sweet ChangMin Couple,we ChangMiners, from around the world really very happy see such romantic clues from you, we are very grateful to you for this!
    Really JCW+PMY=love in the air and JCW clear give understand this in his new update, beauty,good caring soul does JCW with PMY special and unique, so important in destiny each other!

    Cr:Weibo Healer-ChangMin Couple
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  3. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    All our Wise, Amazing, Beautiful family ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus,all big Hello!
    Yesterday 28.08 was 200 days, with final episode Healer, congratulates all, now just want say thank you all, that, you there is,Favorite Healer Drama and beautiful ChangMin Couple,connected,people,from around the world as one big family,where there is peace, mutual understanding,respect and love each other and this is causing a real pride,all talented,beautiful and unique people,which from the beginning and each day our ChangMin ship filled most happy,beautiful emotions, true love,our thread ChangMin bloom and there,will be more blossom every day, thanks all you, Amazing people,loving you all,you,best,Hugs all!

    After 2 days, come beautiful autumn,and very soon come reunification two love birds JCW+PMY, look forward this happy day!

    The best gift-your smile
    Best quality-your dedication
    The best award-your love!

    Handsome JCW will certainly lose any sleep by a seductive beauty and feminine charm that showed the goddess PMY, in her new update
    PMY blossoms and becomes more beautiful with each passing day, and probably the biggest reason for that, true love with JCW,because when heart is happily in love all the incredible emotions reflected on face,what we see in happy,charming smile,and  shining eyes our Goddess PMY!

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  4. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful, talented ChangMiners Chingus, all beautiful, sunny day, look at our true beauty PMY, her renewal illuminates our present day,our ChangMin thread good,flowering,happiness and love every day!
    Admiring our charming beautiful appearance and beautiful heart PMY, our girl so happy and I'm sure the reason for this that in very near future PMY will return to Korea and conform to her Handsome Healer JCW, although for them there is no such thing as distance,even between their telephone,because as,can see,our love birds JCW+PMY always with their mobile phones and do not leave their,probably to not miss important messages of love from each other!
    This so romantic and beautiful, is now looking forward to an important update wise handsome JCW, perhaps this also already on the way to PMY and all us!
    Our PMY with a very beautiful, sincere smile and very much she's really happy, I want to it has always been, and that her smile and smile JCW always warm,our ChangMiners hearts!


    Cr gif:banana's Weibo

    Love you all, warm hugs to all! All updates are great,very important and correct, people here very wise,talented, special, many thanks all our beautiful, precious, wise, proud family,our ChangMiners Chingus, you're the best ever!
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  5. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

     Beautiful,Amazing ChangMiners, Hello, my sweet Chingus!
    Wish for all good evening, happy to see such an interesting,important,beautiful updates here Thank you very much Dears Chingus and Low bow, for your talent and warm heart for our Gorgeous ChangMin Couple!
    Always proud of all of you,with love sent for all hugs! All our Chingus here Daebak!

    To all your lovely messages here Dears Chingus, I try to describe my thoughts, how about our ChangMin Couple, I feel, PMY & JCW tips on IG,Weibo too real and, indeed, so romantic, nice to them to solve and feel absolute synergy, telepathy between our birds love JCW with PMY, even at a distance!

    Cr gifs:our Amazing Chinese ChangMiners Chingus,weibo
    And when you see JCW with PMY together here at all is not enough words to describe our beautiful, elegant Couple ChangMin, they are just perfect complement each other, and really create the most beautiful,unforgettable couple with their special, real happy stories!
    It can be seen on a special BTS Healer, with DVD, that JCW&PMY actually dissolve in each other, to balance, in their features,the world of feelings, looking into each other's eyes, gently hugging each other, in the very moment they do not notice anything or anyone around, only to each other, as you may have noticed a real firework of colors and sparks, they gave each other,it's always, I'm sure will warm their hearts and all our ChangMiners hearts also!
    When two people can so quickly find a common language, and to be really on the same wavelength as JCW and PMY, then everything between them,from meeting and all subsequent steps and hints of life,really,power destiny!
    The heart is happy just to know that the JCW and PMY always bright - like the sun, both very talented beautiful and noble people,felt that it was after meeting each other they really learned not afraid of difficulties, found the care and support that so much had never missed this both so sure,our ChangMin one whole!
    Amazing ChangMiners, with absolute certainty, we just keep amazing the way our happy ChangMin ship, the main captains that I think personally is JCW with PMY and all we ChangMiners, always with faith, hope and sincere love in the hearts we will continue to do everything possible, with good hope, for our ChangMin, everything possible,for our happy ChangMin ship!
    Way of true love is never easy, but it is always more beautiful, happier, if the lovers are willing to go on this way to their happiness together,without fear of any difficulty, because in true love there is no such thing as the difficulties that would may not be overcome!
    To feel again the real synergies and beautiful feelings between JCW with PMY, let's see it filled with love ChangMin MV!
    In this MV is all magical moments,on this fire feelings,when everything stopped, and JCW with PMY see, and belongs only each other!
    It's just so beautiful and adorable how our ChangMin couple step by step grow with lovingly, infinitely, possible admire this two love birds!
    To feel again the real synergies and beautiful feelings between JCW with PMY, let's see it filled with love ChangMin MV!
    Many thanks, from all of us ChangMiners for talented author of this sensual, romantic MV, This special MV real treasure!
    JCW + PMY Together They Create Real, Amazing Chemistry&Magic Beautiful Love Like No Other!

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  6. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful Chingus, Amazing CSI ChangMiners,all waiting beautiful tips,from our wise JCW and PMY, in these days,because our sweet PMY, should already be on the way to Korea at this time, so let's look and with great wait long-awaited happy meeting of love,for our JCW+PMY,confident special Handsome man JCW,this obviously now his heart out chest jumps,from awareness that his true happiness,his special girl PMY somewhere quite close to him,waiting for him updates, tips forward for all of us ChangMiners,always We believe our love and infinitely happy ship destiny ChangMin, always waiting for nothing but the best!
    In the meantime, look for new stunning photos our,and JCW unique,beautiful goddess PMY! She's just brilliant,gorgeous and irresistible, all hugs with love, thank you for all the updates here my Dears ChangMiners,All ChangMiners Chingus the best,beautiful,wise people around always one whole,with our Perfect Couple ChangMin!
    Recent picturesque Park Min-young public, elegant posture that caught!

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  7. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My beautiful,wise family ChangMiners Chingus, all wishes a good day and thank you for every your message here, it is really possible to feel your every message that comes from the heart and build, I always see only on facts that every day more revealed for all of us, thank you for all your excellent knowledge and skills CSI,this is really impressive, and always causes pride you all My Gorgeous Chingus, you are truly the best in everything, really everything ChangMiners in perfect harmony throughout, with our most beautiful couple ChangMin most valuable, beautiful in every sense of the people and really shippers with a capital letter,this is a unique ChangMiners! 
    Today when I saw one photo JCW, with his new Photoshoot Grazia, I noticed at once that he really breathtakingly,Handsome,and every time he does get hotter and hotter,JCW really reveals more new and interesting facets of himself,with each his new photosession,but the first thing that I personally would not hesitate to replace,in the chic photoshoot JCW,this girl model with her cool look,from which I really just threw a shiver,so I immediately visualize where our Magnificent,Beautiful PMY,which is really like the bright sun is able to animate any photo,can give the necessary heat,and then the photos can tune quite new,bright colors,her stunning,graceful figure,her unique beauty face,this perfect balance with a unique beauty and grace JCW,therefore God,how happy I see that our beautiful,talented fairy@fyeahjcw,her talented hands,super-fast made its regular amendments to the photo, with photo session JCW,this turned out perfectly,as though it was originally a goddess PMY and no one else is really perfect,for this photo session together with JCW,as the couple is JCW+PMY=form unique absolute harmony,perfect balance of inner and outer beauty,grandeur,just JCW with PMY have one look at the two,I do not even know how to explain it, but sights JCW and PMY,really like a mirror image of each other,even in individual photoshoots,because even before they met they were too compatible,with each other,so that a huge thank you to our amazing fairy our @fyeahjcw, for your talented editing, for our Fire Couple ChangMin,we all ChangMiners,very loves all your editing,because,in them we see a great contribution to your talent and love, for ChangMin,so all your editing has special history,present,and future,beautiful,blossoming love,your editing really real,and really want to ever JCW with PMY could really see the beauty of your edits,each of which tells a separate story of what really,I am sure there now is in life between JCW with PMY, tells stories of their special world of happiness,that is possible see and feel only loving hearts,which possess all our ChangMiners!
    Very much I love you all, my beautiful, talented ChangMiners Chingus,very happy to know each day amazing new the verge of all of you, all of you admirable,send a lot of hugs to all of you,good luck to all of you!
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  8. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful, Amazing Chingus all greetings!
    Below link on Excellent video,with our birds love JCW+PMY, for all us special,off-screen video,from,good korean fans,as far as I could understand,no,ban on publication this video,so I dared for post this here,for,all my wonderful Chingus,that see this.
    This Amazing off-screen playful ChangMin video was originally posted,on Korean Daum, respectively, in public,so I really hope I haven't done anything incorrect!
    All warmly hugs,with love, take care of your well-being is always and just enjoy our happy ChangMin journey,because every day,with you My Beautiful ChangMiners Chingus,we are one whole,we proud,true ChangMiners family shippers,and our main goal,this happy destiny for JCW and PMY,with each other,and all possible positive vibrations,from all us ChangMiners,we should send mentally, for them every day,we should support,and absolute trust our charming JCW with PMY,in everything!
     Destiny JCW+PMY=ChangMin Couple very sensual,beautiful journey to island of their happy love!
    Cr:Daum and also this BTS  with Ji Chang Wook DC

    In my eyes,in my heart,always only you!

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  9. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Speaking about deeply misguided shippers,there emerges only one specific name,namely,all obsessed EK couple shippers,and we all know very well how high the level of their hallucinations and anger on all of us ChangMiners,they always make fun of us and say that we have no reason to our faith in ChangMin, in such moments, I really am sorry that all them bringing out something new offscreen special moments of kisses between JCW and PMY, their sensual love, and real interest in the views on each other, not been able to see, would be if they could see this fire between JCW,with PMY,their so-called ship would have collapsed instantly,without possibility ascent,though as for me reality EK ship even one day, not was,so and speak about this absolutely,no sense!
    If we are talking about respect and really, about the love and pride for a couple,this only ChangMiners shippers who do primarily is always concerned about the welfare and happiness ChangMin Couple, and respecting them as people, ChangMiners those who may experience an incredible aura of happiness and indescribable emotions due to the possibility to see the happy smiles JCW and PMY,and as far as I can see,we ChangMiners shippers really build our ChangMin ship based solely on facts,and therefore we are currently 469 pages,and they really,in love,and not,like others,more 1500 the number of pages,and probable causes,for this,long consultation with cosmos,so thank you all my wonderful,true ChangMiners,that you express your thoughts and feelings on basis reality,just how you feel,and let we not as many pages,as other shippers,but in ChangMin thread all nice,warm,cozy and truly written and made from the heart of each of us,and the atmosphere,that every day is filled with warmth,beauty,in a special way so that the others it is not given,this about those who do not know how to show love and deep respect since it is done every day from ChangMiners shippers,I just really love All ChangMiners,and just be very happy,that we have the best answer to the question of the reality of our beautiful ChangMin, right in our hearts,in our feelings when we think about them!

    Our beautiful, talented panda-bear @Ahpheng Chingu we are very grateful for your daily dose of happiness for all of us, and what's more all of your masterpiece memes, they are a special present at any happy day for us and also when we can be sad, I am sure it is important for healing all of us at any time, just to be able to read them, a set of dialogues a blast, beautiful,talented, always Daebak! Bravo!We look forward always your memes always love, and appreciate you!
    I also think that we have another beautiful and talented creator gorgeous memes there,our @insania Chingu all her memes also able to give the most wonderful feeling and bring a lot of rainbow of emotions for all of us, so thank you so much Insania, and as much as possible inspiration for you future, everything just fine, so there is always forward and only forward to new heights and create the most stunning memes, you are really very talented, thank you share their special talents with all of us here!
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  10. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My talented, beautiful, beloved family ChangMiners, all wonderful day,and let the aura of good mood hovers around all of you, My Amazing Chingus!
    First of all, all we want to thank our wonderful interpreter @tehlimau,you really are amazing, we really appreciate all that you have transferred all the most important interview of healers that give handsome JCW, and that specifically have been overlooked by other translators, who always translate only what is beneficial for them!
     @tehlimau Chingu you have filled our hearts with special warmth, but thanks to you, our wise Tehlimau we were very happy to read how many beautiful and special has been said JCW, about YS, respectively of his beloved partner with Healer PMY, because JCW even intonation and changes his eyes filled with unexplained happiness, as soon as he begins to speak, even through the memories of the Healer Drama about PMY,this is always with love, care, special feeling,especially memories of particular and sensual world that JH+YS=JCW+PMY lived,in the time,that process shooting Healer, and so we can speak that unique girl PMY,really best partner,exactly She's touch,all important strings his heart,and create exactly the most correct synergy with him throughout,so that no matter how the other translators do not tried to cover all of his answers about YS=PMY,and even more, in order to turn over all of his answers, or transfer as beneficial to them only,personally, I think from their side it shows only a profound lack of respect to the actor JCW, because,that personally he clearly said that this YS is his ideal type,that the time spent in the Healer this is the most happy,but I genuinely feel sorry for these people, I do not like cold,envious character people,there are many of those who call themselves true fans JCW,while only ennoble his drama EK,and, oh yeah,about old queen all that said JCW before,they translated,absolutely straight all +even so to speak,what even JCW not was said, well,nothing, they this from myself added,obviously,for more brighter describing,but,about special, beautiful partner PMY, of course immediately take the jealousy and envy from them all straight is obvious that all those straight ardent fans EK,absolutely sure,that all those individuals clearly see how important this is for the JCW there is PMY,and as a partner,and as a girl,which perfect for him,and to be honest I really fed up with the full injustice of all transfers that do some people for Healer drama,omitting all the most important details there,especially,when talking about all those beautiful, romantic scenes between JCW and PMY, so far so deeply, and especially,in heart,memory Handsome JCW,and only thanks to the skills and efforts of our finest ChangMiners Chingus,as our  @tehlimau,and all our excellent,interpreters,that were and there with us,in our special family ChangMiners cause grow pride,and admiration always,so that a low bow,and gratitude  @tehlimau and all our translators in general for all that you have done and are doing for us all, you,your translations are really able to make us very happy,Kamsahamnida!

    I believe, in future also that more and more beautiful JCW will talk about PMY,and I also look forward to the day when our beautiful, Gorgeous JCW and PMY,happily and proudly will go hand in hand together, and not hiding from anyone,because that such wonderful,talanted couple,as our ChangMin,deserves to be and necessarily will most happy,let hearts JCW&PMY always filled love and joy, in general everything will be fine,because,as said our good Chinese ChangMiners Chingus,from destiny of no escape,because These birds love JCW and PMY destined for each other!
    My Beautiful,inspiring ChangMiners Chingus, I really want to, we all returned in our favorite main thread ChangMin, that we was very  happy,in our real ship ChangMin,as always before,so that we all thought to how to make our special world more beautiful and better each Day to attract a lot of love and happiness for everyone here and for our sweet ChangMin, many hugs to all, let's think about the possible Activity interesting contests or something unusual that more good people,with ChangMiners came to us here,because at the moment I'm sure we we have a lot of evidence that our ChangMin is a reality and our dream is to see them happy together as an official couple already quite close to us, so that we enjoy a special joy and special love with our romantic ChangMin every day and who knows what day will give us our dream,possible This day is very close!
    Our Beautiful love birds JCW and PMY,hopes will always be surrounded by only the kindest, wonderful people who will always be ready to support them,and tell right decision for them, sure a lot of good and wise cupids next with them,alongside kindest cupids,for ChangMin and them great cupids this Uri Ajuma,which sharing her photo with them 19 March 2015, and how felt that day is very important for destiny JCW with PMY, it's already on their real history at that moment,about which very well known our Uri Ajuma!
    And the image of the goddess PMY, in this picture this all,as for his ideal type of girl described JCW, in celebrating his birthday,with his fans July 25
    cheerful+short hair+in black color clothes!

    Great editing ChangMin Love belongs to the owner
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  11. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My wonderful,beautiful Chingus, all good morning, as usual, let's start the new week with love and faith in our hearts,because of all the magical, happy feeling to see our JCW and PMY, through their new pictures so happy as we are able to see them directly Now,they are happy,charming smile can all have a positive charge for a long time, are able to give us the necessary energy to wait patiently for them new tips, new discoveries of particularly beautiful stories, thank JCW and PMY,that they are willing to share with good fans their couple, their inner peace, the moments of a new additional material Healer about them can be clearly understood that the JCW and PMY really live their feelings every cell of the body,dissolve in each other,and everything in between is all so beautiful,really, everything has a huge sense of importance, just the fire of love, which can only really be among such people as special JCW and PMY,because this really felt everywhere,that they destiny each other!
    JCW and PMY,prior to their meeting,in the Healer were the two halves of their own worlds, thanks to the most beautiful and loving healer drama as we could see many offscreen BTS video and photos,step by step, their own worlds become connected, in one world for two,and is now confident JCW and PMY one whole, a reflection of each other, their facial expressions,body language, gestures, smiles,both so beautiful,and in tune,with everything,that heart just happy to look at their external beauty and the beauty of the soul,in full harmonious!
    Wonderful Monday all,as beautiful as you are all my Amazing Chingus,and so blossoming as special feeling  happiness,in hearts our ChangMin Couple!
    Many thanks our Amazing Chingus, for all the updates in our beautiful ChangMin thread,for stunning JCW and PMY, new images and video,for just Daebak, positive,in love memes every day, for all the very beautiful and talented editing,wonderful gif, for all awesome,wise reasoning,all that makes each of you in this all felt your beautiful heart, thank you very much!
    I send you a hug with love, with the wishes of a successful, colorful,exciting day for everyone!

    I'm sure JCW and PMY know perfectly well how much love and a particularly warm there in the heart of every good ChangMiner for them, perhaps this force of pure,beautiful love,from us ChangMiners for them and gives them every day more and more,confidence,in what they in ready give as much as possible the important tips,for all good fans,who endlessly believe,in their reality,and does not require,nothing but, just know and feel,that they really happy,believe,we on threshold of another great discoveries all about our birds love JCW&PMY, in soon so just patiently waiting for further action,from our wise, beautiful ChangMin!
    For all you My Gorgeous Chingus,special, beautiful, creative work with love, from our talented,beautiful Chinese ChangMiners, really just amazing editing!

    Cr:Weibo/belongs to the owner
    Cr:Weibo/belongs to the owner
    My Beautiful Chingus also pay attention even manager-friend JCW and manager (or as his called correctly)PMY have here in these photos one style shirt with a heart,really interesting this coincidence, or  this gift from a very special,beautiful girl PMY for manager-good friend JCW and for her personal manager also!

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  12. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful,Talented,Wonderful Chingus Hello all!
    Wow as beautiful,stunningly first day of August (in Korean and China,this already 1 August)this mysterious,dazzling,updates,from PMY
    She's so Amazing,Classy Beautiful,and knew that a very wise girl PMY necessarily give the correct clue what she's the one,real,perfect girl for JCW, She's loves to wear black + with short hair,everything, as this was said JCW,in celebration of his birthday 25 July, so obviously that all this tempting, very beautiful,really sexy PMY image,for handsome JCW!
     O My God after this picture exactly JCW definitively lost rest and sleep,PMY really pretty and feminine,always and everywhere!
    As I remember before was a similar picture with hotel,with Shanghai and from Charming  Handsome JCW!
    Our beautiful,elegant JCW and PMY really created for each other,and follow the right path of their destiny, even in this new update PMY showed that She's always there one whole with  her real man JCW,what she's thinks about him at any distance,because he always together with her,in her heart and thoughts!
    I'm sure it's her update this for her beloved JCW, will be waiting for an update from him tomorrow, I think it certainly will,in the near future!
    Thinks of our good wishes for our birds love ChangMin,in August, let them be as many opportunities to be happy together in their beautiful, especially the world of real feelings of pure love, just let them be the main inspiration and support for each other in all that they have to to do in the month of August!
    All my Dears Chingus wishes a lot of love, kindness,beauty around you, always smiling and let the desire of each of you will come true,I love you all,Thank you very much for happiness, love, incredible, unforgettable feelings that hover in the air in our special thread ChangMin, thanks for the endless talent of all of you,this really means so much to us all! Sending big hugs for all here!

    My Great Chingus You're real special beautiful pearls,my favorite friendly family,in this happy world,that step by step creates real happiness destiny,for our Honey JCW+PMY=ChangMin Couple!

    And, that's the same conversation about the ideal type of girl JCW in this video by link with the celebration of his birthday 25 July of the ideal girl JCW during the celebration of his birthday Here's what he said This cheerful girl,163 growth,who loves black clothes+He lately prefers short hair+She's should be about the same age that and he said Honey JCWCr:Mow 1230But in general among all the girls present fans during the celebration of his birthday the wise Handsome JCW as his ideal type of girl chose girl in black sundress( girl,that in vidio,by link)with short hair,and the age of 29
    So this is certainly understandable,that this loving,warm heart JCW told him the obvious choice,and this his perfect description of all for real life=Beautiful Gorgeous PMY,thanks JCW, he proved again and again,that PMY,and every detail,about her,so much important for him,so deep,in his heart her image!Even at a distance,JCW and PMY always have been,and will,close,and inseparable,in their hearts,in hope, their happy meeting,again!    
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  13. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Wonderful Chingus, good afternoon to all my dears, at least in the thread and quietly, let us revive our special favorite thread ChangMin, this A sufficient that our eyes to the true beauty and our hearts are filled with happiness and pride of our Gorgeous JCW and PMY, and today here Here is an amazing upgrade from dazzling PMY, if we recall the 25 July  in day celebration of birthday JCW seems this Handsome Healer JCW said about the preferences,for his ideal the type girl(of course we all know who she is)wore black colour!
    Confirmation,for this truth comes today where beautiful sexy,goddess PMY renews her IG with photo,in black and very sexy clothes,very alluring and attractive image!
    Bad for JCW he probably now not can breathe easy after seeing such beauty and not be able at the moment to touch her, as long as it is in another country, and our sweet girl obviously loves to do the most important hints to clearly show and prove that yes this only she's in all and always Perfect,Hot girl, for Hot Handsome JCW,and also the external beauty,and the beauty of the soul,our JCW+PMY harmoniously and perfectly perfect balance with each other and  just destined for each other!
    Lot of love,kindness,everything beautiful,all here,and our thread ChangMin, I love you all, I appreciate everything that makes each of you! All ChangMiners shippers really beautiful,good cupids for our favorite charming birds love ChangMin!

    Very Sexy,Breathtaking Beauty Goddess PMY!With each photo more and more beautiful your shining especially girls!True JCW?
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  14. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Beautiful Amazing Chingus, all good afternoon, miss for our friendly, in love and harmony in our discussions of the most beautiful charming couple ChangMin, so hopefully with renewed vigor, we will all be happy in this thread again, because the thread is ChangMin warm place for each of us, there is always so much love, thank you all for making this beautiful world due to your talented, positive,and wise thoughts, your daily beautiful posts,crazy miss all of you my beautiful Chingus and all our happy discussions,that always live,in this thread!
    Dears Chingus You're really talented, so wish as much as possible inspiration  for great things for creating everything beautiful,for our charming ChangMin Couple,our ChangMin that special, unique couple,where even words are not important,their views on each other themselves say about love,care,affection,admiration,pride,so they just have each other, Because when JCW&PMY next,everything seems too beautiful and special, and this can be termed as I belong with you ... you belong with me!
    Even on his birthday celebration  Handsome JCW never ceases to amaze with his sincerity and the fact that so openly willing to express what is really felt, because even about the ideal girl with short hair but I'm sure everyone understands what a beautiful girl from heaven meant a real handsome Wise man JCW, we all know that the JCW very gently and lovingly cared for always lovely hair PMY, this always seemed so real and when before our eyes have further ChangMin BTS, full of sparks and fire of love here more we can understand that everything is real between our JCW and PMY, and will have been because JCW+PMY They are meant to be together!


    And in my opinion not even hide it as we all know very well our Gorgeous ChangMin love to communicate secret codes, passwords and so on in their relationship, and usually if JCW makes an important hint that a day or two usually follows update PMY also an important hint or vice versa if the updated first PMY, then without thinking twice updated and JCW, respectively, yesterday's update Goddess PMY photo with flowers obviously this was an important sign for her handsome Healer JCW,perhaps in terms of what the upgrade wise PMY beautiful way to say JCW: 
    these beautiful flowers for you, you to remember always that our joint love story will flourish with each passing day so beautiful as these perfect,beautiful flowers,that I hold in hands as a sign of our mutual feeling and because our story is the happiest and really,besides that update with the beautiful country of France, and I know from the words of my close other relative who lives there for a long time,France is the country of love, where even in the air hovering scents of love, romance and vivid impressions, and if you go courting couples a romantic trip to make sure you will be together forever, and perhaps in her PMY update hinted JCW, she wants to go there again,but  now already with him her beloved man who can be around her support always, so this is for him,this is now open and bold as ever, and not for anyone before,really feel very real in all these beautiful features hints of JCW and PMY to each other, and all the good people who love and support them so that we wait all most beautiful, most good for them,and always We all should be grateful to them for everything because ChangMin Amazing couple who teach us what is love,that there is destiny!
    Because of our Beautiful pure Healer ChangMin Couple we meet so a lot beautiful, talented, good new friends around the world which We were not able to know before!
    All our loving, friendly, beautiful, ChangMiners-Healerites family lots of hugs! Love you all!All the good course of the day, and the warm, sincere wonderful evening!

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