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  1. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Dear, Amazing,beautiful Chingus all positively,beautiful day, a new day is always necessary to start with the most beautiful things, so necessary to charge positive, think only about the good, look at all the beautiful photos of our ChangMin, listen to all the most beautiful unforgettable Healer ost, and clearly understand that all that concerns our ChangMin,there should be no doubt at all, for all our believers, proud shippers ChangMiners important to maintain absolute full confidence in ChangMin! Never doubt, love always wins! 
    Every day should be full of confidence because our most beautiful charming couple ChangMin bound be happy together,and public recognition is not it is so important for this at the moment,let just be happy, even in their own world of love, because it is very evident in their behavior as they are happy and we all just have to be happy for them to be happy as we all shippers simply to see them radiant smiles, their eyes shining, their clear as day all the hints about their feelings, it's much more important and better than any official confirmation!
    Just look at them in the editing of our good talented Chinese Chingus(below),JCW and PMY even in this editing has the same expression,they just made for each other, their every movement, every gesture, they really as a mirror image of each other, the positive ,beautiful, worthy in all respects each other,very talented, charismatic, radiant, giving heat and energy fans,in general,our ChangMin always,and everywhere the best, sincere, genuine, loving, beauty - it's not just the face. It is also the ability to apply themselves, harmony with itself, the ability to relax, the ability in some cases even to laugh at ourselves and be what it is, effectively, unusual contrasts, grace, stateliness, but a lot more then that is absolutely correct balance is always a our ChangMin + they also soul is very very beautiful, and good in absolute harmony with the beautiful appearance!
    Our ChangMin the most-beautiful, sensual, fire Couple just!
    My Dear Chingus, please do not need to worry about anything,just look at photos of our birds love ChangMin, in each of the BTS, in Healer feel special magic, tenderness, love in their views, and each of their smile is just incredible warm and positive in the shower all day, every day, all wanting to charge these rays of love and beauty ChangMin, every one of us proud ChangMiner wish every day,blossom finest positive feelings, in our love for our ChangMin, to more kindle Fire that our Honey ChangMin kindled in the soul of each of us, lets you share happiness, laughter and love for any reason at all, simply from the fact that we have our beautiful romantic love ChangMin Couple!
    Love you all Chingus, thank you everyone for everything!
    The forever Beautiful & flawless our ChangMin! Gorgeous, Perfect match! JCW&PMY Your eyes reflect your outer and inner beauty! Our ChangMin we ChangMiners from around the world love you so much and look forward to your happiness!
    Our ChangMin just perfect white color in clothes,they look incredibly beautiful in a white! I'm sure the idea of Chinese fans is to present them as the groom and bride (in their Amazing Beautiful fan-art), thank you very much Chinese ChangMiners for the happiness see this amazing ChangMin editing! 
    This is a great editing instantly causes sunny mood and a smile on face,I hope that each of you wonderful ChangMiners, at the sight of this magical fan art will have a very warm and happy feelings in the heart!

    I in love with you for one simple reason:others as you,just not!

    Cr:Weibo/belongs to the owner/Baidu Healer ChangMin Couple
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  2. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Our good magic Teddy bear Ahpheng , thank you for your amazing Meme, every day a great happiness to see your beautiful collection of words for our ChangMin, it is your words to each of us can always cheer up, thank you that it is always perfect so I just no words but like all of us here, and I appreciate all the love that you do Dear!
    Your Bear always comes with a nice surprise for all of us, thank you very much for the ability to create a holiday on any day, are you the only good magician for all of us ChangMiners-Healerites, of no one else has, you are unique in all and we are very proud and love you! I bow to for everything! 
    Many thanks also to our Amazing talanted tehlimau ,ReemKanabta for all the great ChangMin fanfiction, all described so real that I'm sure all of it and to be happy in the real history of our beautiful birds love ChangMin, please continue to delight us all such a beautiful description of magic, it's always a great pleasure to read it all, it's all it is very clear that you can imagine in reality, a great pride to be able to read it all!
    Thank you very much! Lots of inspiration and love you shall have to further describe the beautiful love story ChangMin!

    @tehlimau also thank you for all the translations of the Japanese proposals that were interviewed Handsome JCW for Japanese magazine, without you we would never be able to understand the most important beautiful words, there have been described JCW, the fact that he thinks that JH and YS is the ideal love,thanks for everything, you just saved all of us, you made happy all of us ChangMiners-Healerites!

     @ReemKanabta thanks for posting all the mind-blowing hot photos handsome JCW, this man always has a perfect appearance in each photo session,and even in everyday life it has its own unique distinctive style,really charismatic handsome man JCW,for me JCW expressively different from other Korean male actors
    JCW real chic man always knows as combines the all his fine qualities, and that it stands out from all the others, his charming smile, gait,uniqueness JCW present in everything!
    Only real,caring wise man as handsome JCW can make happy to such a beautiful special girl as our PMY,so that all that was in the past, it has forgotten past,just in spite of all previous trials of life that fell for PMY,destiny knew in advance who really designed this beautiful girl,and who really deserves love our PMY and after a time, in the right thing for this time presented her meeting with good, wonderful loving man, JCW,I sure that the love of for JCW will always be in the first place,I do not know why but I feel JCW and PMY made for each other, so perhaps they have in the past did not work out with other people right relationship, simply because destiny always sends often testing every person,even through pain, through tears, through the separation,but maybe this is all just to really bring to what really intended destiny,nothing does not happen just like that in life,on all have reasons!

    @avi1003 thank you for all your lovely ChangMin gif, for a wonderful reminder of the magic moment of our most elegantly beautiful ChangMin Couple, I love every moment of the Award Ceremony for the best pair of 31 December 2014, so it was a happy day, a special magic and love in the air between our ChangMin, all their words, all the great respect, sincerity, pride of each other, all the special love looks and gestures of our JCW and PMY, I will never forget, and here again when I review all of this, everything inside me tremble all these blooming ChangMin feelings for me already at that time they were, as a whole, and really looked like a real happy couple, to the chic clothes for a moment could even imagine ChangMin in the image of the bride and groom,JCW and PMY so beautifully perfect look together,I have even introduced their wedding in my head, actually our ChangMin very real, the most beautiful, the most favorite for all of us ChangMiners, just really happy to see them the most, they deserve great happiness,and I'm sure very soon we all just waiting for more important recognition and hints from our ChangMin, and is a great happiness to see all ChangMin Love gif, many thanks for this!
    Our whole family a friendly, beautiful talented ChangMiners-Healerites lots of hugs with the wishes of all the most beautiful, the best in your life, even next to you will always be the most loved people who truly love and appreciate every one of you, because love is a wonderful feeling it is always the beginning all, so let love and true friendship as always throughout presentedin in our lives,a large precious gift of destiny to be able to at least virtually know you all my favorite beautiful amazing ChangMiners-Healerites, even can not describe all of my happy emotions and feelings when I read the wise positions of each of you, love, respect, appreciate and thank everyone and I am writing all this with absolute sincerity, so thank you all and our beautiful ChangMin for the presence of in my life!
    No keys to happiness,important door(Door, which leads to heart)always open, you only need to understand and feel this,certain past have everyone,but it is always important to put the past behind and move forward boldly for a meeting reality!
    Love should always be the only truly, embrace wholeheartedly if to give something then it is important to do this from the heart, to talk about the most important part of it is possible only through the eyes, without further ado, sometimes in silence more meaning than words,most reality and beautiful this our ChangMin,thanks our charming ChangMin every day we get so much happiness and love, just by thinking about them or creating something for them,each of us can build a good dreaming once see ChangMin reaching open holding hands together in real life,it is in this beautiful couple and attraction special feelings for each other is very difficult not to notice,yes is are many other good couples,yes is a lot of chemistry in other couples,but for me this all does not matter, because our ChangMin always best,they have the most beautiful unforgettable kisses and hug, every scene with them is like a real special history and this beautiful idyll they created their real chemistry and sensuality, and of course those moments, I'm sure gave them a true love in the face each other in each other JCW and PMY find all the most important, their behavior clearly says about all this, it is important just to feel this all ChangMin Love!
    Appreciate the man who at one glance makes you smile,this man is your future ...
    Our beautiful goddess PMY so many smiling because JCW, so a lot of happy emotions it is necessary JCW gave our daughter, she discovered a beautiful new world, I am sure that with such a reliable real man as the JCW our sweet PMY nothing to fear, he always knows how to protect her, how beautiful without words to express all his special feelings for her, and his song I'll protect you clearly says that this is PMY he is ready to defend because it was she who changed so much and gave him what 's called the present love, they both gave each other the most unforgettable memories that are sure as I'm led to these feelings, no matter when, in February, March, April, May, or may even still in the same December or even earlier, but I'm sure now it's love between our JCW and PMY, love will heal all their heart after all the past memories, of love, which has given the hope that it is really possible to be happy together, every song JCW,in FM HK is a song about love and about love for PMY, no doubt this girl made his heart beat faster, even at the thought of it, as is evident even to keep in the hands of her beanie is happiness for the JCW, such behavior is characteristic only of a man in love where the main priority for him in everything and always his beautiful PMY!

    Heart - like a flower:can not be opened by force, heart must open when the real love flowering in all the most vivid colors,and feelings in him...

    Cr:Baidu Healer ChangMin 
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  3. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My beautiful, talented, amazing ChangMiners-Healerities Chingus all congratulations with first day of July, let the month of July will be a month for all the love, joy, absolute positive in everything, we all feel a special love, in the air between our ChangMin, this is absolutely no doubt, so that hope every day we receive new tips from our sweet JCW & PMY, keep hope that our beautiful goddess PMY will congratulate her handsome, caring prince JCW, on his birthday, PMY a very wise girl, I'm sure she will very beautiful and unusual way to give JCW and all of us an important update with important words!
    Have a good mood, health, may all the desires of your heart be granted, highlights of each of you wonderful Chingus,good luck in everything, every day we continue to believe and call endlessly positive thoughts for our Honey ChangMin Couple,only the best,each of us can imagine all the most beautiful is sure to be generally in happy future, in harmony,and love between our ChangMin!
    Our beautiful charming ChangMin will be a beautiful final, which they want, they are masters of their happy beautiful love story, and they are very wise to ensure that in all follow only voice their hearts,love is always important just two loving,let fire feelings between our JCW&PMY every day inflames only stronger and deeper than the distance only will let them know that they are just made for each other, let the aura of infinite happiness, love, beautiful unforgettable events surrounding our birds love ChangMin around to always be happy for them our ChangMiners hearts!
    Love you all my beautiful Chingus,big hugs from the heart of everything!

    Dear Chingus thanks for all the beautiful renovation of our excellent warm home, cozy, carving ChangMin, which always felt love from everyone,very happy see in thread ChangMin new friends ChangMiners-Healerities!
    Welcome All new Chingus in friendly family ChangMiners-Healerities,and thank you for sharing your ChangMin thoughts about the rest of us, we hope you will be comfortable here and you will be happy with all of us in total net beautiful love for our most beautiful unique ChangMin Couple!
    Very beautiful, talented with a great contribution of love MV about our most beautiful gentle natural couple ChangMin a beautiful song that he sang on his HK FM June 20 romantic handsome JCW Fairy Tale(a little lower)

    -Cr:Tracy Baidu
     -Cr:Tracy Baidu
    -Cr:Tracy Baidu
     -Cr:Tracy Baidu
    I've forgotten how long it's been
    Since I last heard you
    Tell me your favorite story
    I thought for a long time
    I start to panic
    Wondering if I had done something wrong
    You told me as you cried
    Fairy tales are just a lie
    I couldn't possibly be your prince
    Perhaps you don't understand that
    Ever since you said you loved me
    The stars in my sky have all brightened
    I'm willing to become, in the fairy tale
    That angel that you love
    Extending my hands
    And into wings to protect you
    You have to believe
    Believe that we are in a fairy tale
    Where there is always a
    happy ending
    I want to become, in the fairy tale
    I will become, in the fairy tale
    Together we will write our
    own ending!
    Cr:Chinese ChangMiners Baidu
    And you can also listen to the original version of this beautiful romantic love songs

    As the most beautiful flower blooming in the world so let love blossom between our beautiful romantic JCW and PMY, and the flowering of this beautiful special feelings between our ChangMin will help us to feel the magic MV,which perfectly complement all the beautiful magic of editing our beautiful talented fairy @fyeahjcw
    Thank you so much for creating this Amazing MV our Chinese ChangMiners using beautiful ChangMin edits our Amazing @fyeahjcw
     This is a great miracle for all ChangMiners,this clip is very important to feel the heart after all the most important thing in that song said heart JCW, so just look MV and understand that our ChangMin Couple all the most important thing can feel without words,even horoscope says our beautiful JCW(Cancer)+PMY(Pisces) This fantastically intuitive, caring and affectionate match!
    They are both deeply romantic and sentimental, and intuitively understand each other, providing the sensitivity, tenderness, compassion and stability, as needed. This is one of the best signs of matches!
    When a Cancer male gets attracted towards the elegance and femininity of a Pisces female, he is able impress her with his gentle love. Both the mates complete each other in every sense. She fulfills his needs of love and care and he never disappoints her with his actions. This love match is perfectly perfect.
    They are blessed by the heaven and hence when they get close, they fit in each other's arms like they are made for each other.
    When they Cancer+Pisces both start a relationship,they are able to hold each other's hands and look deep into each other's eyes. The power of their love adds more color to their life and happiness to their faces
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  4. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Good evening my beautiful talented amazing ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus!So happy to read all of the updates on the real evidence of our most beautiful romantic ChangMin Couple,because step by step, every day common dream of all the beautiful proud ChangMiners see ChangMin happy together, closer and closer all this is now coming true in reality, just it's reality and so beautiful to witness the flowering of this beautiful love story of our ChangMin! I Love,hug, you of all!
    Thank a lot Dear our @fyeahjcw Chingu! You are a wonderful, talented, beautiful person,we all ChangMiners-Healerites very love each your creativity and also your creativity and beautiful gif love and appreciate Chinese ChangMiners, they are very impressed by how perfectly you can do everything so that your editing ChangMin really not to distinguish from the real thing!
    You are our talented beautiful fairy, please be always happy,all your wonderful works from whole heartedly delight many sincere admirers of beautiful charming ChangMin Couple, let inspiration for Magnificent ChangMin Couple every day will be more,your talented hands you create a very beautiful editing and gif, and this is so much to each of us ChangMiners-Healerites,because your editing give sense for each of us magical feeling reality, as our ChangMin can look in their future Couple photosession!
     I truly believe that someday for our most beautiful and special ChangMin Couple will be their  photosession, so as we all do, I continue to look forward to this happy day, I do not know when it will come, but I believe with all heart that this is bound to be, and is happy all of us do your editing because it is always perfect,and so as fact this should be!
    Dear please take care of yourself, do not be sad, we all hope in your beautiful country, France, all is quiet and well in the near future,just need to gain strength and to believe in this,the people in your country wonderful and good, everything will be fine, a lot of injustice in life, but with all bad always protects and rescues love,love always gives strength to move on, to believe the best, love,and friendship between the people here that can always help,overcome any difficulties!
    In France very friendly people, ready to help,and support in any time, so that everything will be fine,sun necessarily shine very brightly in your sunny beautiful country very soon! Do not worry please!
    We all ChangMiners-Healerites with you and love you sincerely! Lots of hugs to you!
    Be strong beautiful country France! Be strong beautiful,good people French people!
    Fighting our Amazing @fyeahjcw Chingu!

    For you @fyeahjcw and all our beautiful talented good Chingus with big love through beautiful collage from Chinese ChangMiners,from beautiful talented Tracy!

    Cr:by Ps Tracy Baidu
    Our Beautiful Sweet ChangMin journey along the scenic,beautiful France,this is good dreaming Chinese fans for the near future ChangMin!
    I am very grateful to all ChangMiners-Healerites for everything that makes each of you, for our love birds ChangMin, so I'll find a way to thank everyone individually, please do not be offended if I forget to mention someone, I appreciate and love each of your post where I always feel the most special of all your good loving hearts for our ChangMin, you are very dear to me: Always take care of you and your loved ones and be happy every day, I hope together we can every day to have only happy emotions of Good Hope for our unforgettable  magic beautiful couple ChangMin!
    Love this beautiful, kind magic and this magic of love between our special ChangMin in the air, in each of the look, a gesture, a word about each other, you can feel that our ChangMin as a unit and let always be so, that just see and feel that our ChangMin most happy,just their presence for each other felt in all and that's the most important thing!
    JH+YS =JCW+PMY =Most Sensual Beautiful Couple ChangMin =Happiness Ideal True Love!

    Cr:by Ps Tracy Baidu

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  5. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful amazingly talented Chingus thank you very much to everyone for maintaining the fire of love here in the thread ChangMin, all your posts are great and I love every post, I can feel absolute love and support for our ChangMin!

    Everything remains positive on the full,all beautiful in our ship ChangMin,sun smiles brightly for all of us, the sun is in the happy smiles our birds love ChangMin!
    At the moment, we should all be happy, from what we have so many important real evidence about our ChangMin and we all feel,all this truth, all the answers gave us FM Handsome JCW, in Hong Kong 20 June,most important answers from JCW,and now our ChangMiners hearts filled special happy emotions, calm and full trust in feelings romantic beautiful love between our ChangMin,so nice to have the opportunity to observe (through moments FM), even at a distance of this beautiful love story ChangMin, our hearts just always warmed their sincerity around, always even thought about our ChangMin give warm shower!
    Personally, I do not care about anyone else out there in the interview to the magazine saying handsome JCW, I believe that all the important words and feelings in every song that he sang with all his heart, with all the love in his voice on FM in Hong Kong clearly proved all of which the heroine of all the dramas, where he appeared was indeed a special and unforgettable for him and the girl is the heroine Healer YS, respectively is our PMY, that has a special beauty, the true femininity and attractiveness!

    For me enough of the fact that he likes smile goddess PMY, because her smile is really most beautiful (for me of all Korean actresses)PMY really the most beautiful, charming, because her special flowering beauty. that captivates everyone around is in her heart, in her blossoming smile, in her sincere kindness,and caring for others, PMY always looks good in any situation is only pride and admiration for all the same It refers to the JCW, PMY and JCW complement each other just perfectly!

    Kindness, love, and absolute trust  has the main advantage ChangMiners shippers,I wish that this always was,because all ChangMiners really beautiful,positive,wise person,that causing pride,thank you all ChangMiners,you all is the Best for me!
    Let our thread ChangMin will always be beautiful, happy magic emotions, let it be our special place, our special world where there is absolute happiness and love to the for most beautiful charming ChangMin Couple!
    My dear Chingus, wise, Handsome JCW personally made an important clue for us as shippers in beautiful sensual song that he sang in his FM "Fairy Tale" where he made it clear to all of us ChangMiners, it is always necessary to believe in a fairy tale with a happy ending for beautiful charming Couple,for our ChangMin!
    It is important to just believe and keep in our hearts only love, pure, beautiful,magical, that we all feel for our ChangMin!
    Fairy Tale Ji Chang Wook 
    I am willing to be
    Angel you like in a fairy tale
    I "open my arms wide
    and turn them into wings to protect you
    You have to believe
    I believe that we will be like a fairy tale
    with a happy ever after, as the end
    Together we write our own end!

    Cr:Chinese ChangMiners Baidu
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  6. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    A big hello to my beautiful amazing Chingus, good wishes everyone a nice cozy evening!
    A huge special thanks to everyone ChangMiner-Healerite with thread ChangMin, Chinese ChangMiners, Facebook, IG, Twitter, for what creates the world, for our Best ChangMin such warm, beautiful, comfortable, from all beautiful your good heart, your wisdom and originality every day with all ChangMiner-Healerite turn in very beautiful history,in the discussions about our ChangMin can feel absolute happiness, and love, so happy I, that ChangMiner-Healerite each has its own unique style of mind and thoughts!
    ChangMiners-Healerites really all very unique and important family for me to have such a feeling that each of us is very similar to what is probably our common love and support for ChangMin, so what is called "Love the voice of the heart, even with all the silence, all the special and real all we can just feel!
    Lots of friendly hugs, with a great love for all my beautiful amazing ChangMiners-Healerites family!
    I hope that the lack of news on the wonderful rumors about our ChangMin, still can not overshadow our ChangMiners happy emotions and our happiness, we have patience and we will one morning seeing the happiest news of our ChangMin!
    My dearest Chingus at the moment please keep all calm, because the silence about these rumors only confirms once again that there is truth in this, no smoke without fire does not happen, all the more, let us remember how beautiful it was described in the news of Chinese about our feelings ChangMin, Chinese press reported that, because if you remember even the Korean press after the final episode Healer written from the first to the last scene was the perfect chemistry between JCW and PMY and it's no joke, it's just their real feelings,that are impossible not notice,and not feel!

    I remember that many of us ChangMiners-Healerites heart was already felt that there is a special love in the air between our sweet ChangMin, that have special looks at them only with each other, so why should we not believe such rumors, because the Chinese side described all really nice and so in fact we all feel for a long time about the special feelings that live in the hearts of JCW and PMY after these two beautiful betrothed destine people met in the drama of destiny, which gave them the opportunity through the characters JH and YS understand and feel what real committed relationship between two truly loving people that love can heal the wounds of the past each other, as well as a beautiful sensual love as between JH and YS can only really live and pass through the heart, such strong feelings emotions can be represented as perfect as our ChangMin in healers, only if you really live all these beautiful fluttering feelings for each other really!
    And most important real evidence that was open to us ChangMiners what is actually a beautiful goddess PMY is really perfect for the type of girl JCW, as we all know, and happy this fact, JCW in his FM recently named the heroine of YS,as the one who is more close to his ideal type of girl, as we all know YS is PMY! 
    And only to think purely logically that all my wise CSI ChangMiners, can you believe that more than JCW and PMY schedule so just took it and suddenly coincided?
    Why not earlier or later then?Why not suppose to or may say,why not in July was the FM for JCW in Hong Kong,but because a break in the filming his beautiful goddess PMY fell just at that time,and therefore, JCW was looking for any opportunity to be there exactly at the same time and maybe it's FM in Hong Kong was the only way yet as JCW get to Shanghai,A very Wise mind handsome JCW had to look for other wise steps here and probably got a offer in London at the fashion show and indeed I personally can understand why the JCW route was so difficult, and so, having overcome all the obstacles he knew that the reward will be in the form of meeting with a special girl there and doubt can not be here! 

    At the same time,in the same country, so close to each other when there is only on the wings of love to fly together,do you really believe that our birds love ChangMin really would have refused such a rare opportunity to see each other because at the moment from filming PMY in China they are often far from each other and it really was one of the most successful opportunities to meet,and I don't think they left that part out,our ChangMin is a Healer a Couple who know perfectly how to secretly seeing each other and I'm sure they even personal places of their meetings already have!
    I personally in such coincidences do not believe that too much of a coincidence,as I wrote in those Chinese rumors the opportunity to see each other in any way and I believe that the rumors about ChangMin's true!

    A even without the Chinese rumors about this are all too evident from the behavior of JCW, constant conversation on the mobile and the way he constantly tried as little as possible to be seen, it is absolutely the behavior of a man who is completely in love, completely in constant dreams of his beloved, which seeks only to be able to spend some time with his girlfriend at the time, and he is willing to risk everything for the sake of this one meeting+all his songs on FM,in Hong Kong about love, about what he had found it so unique, unique, for which the ready to fight and protect against all who might even hair on her head hurt!
    The man never wants to sing so many songs about love on a personal FM, if this love does not live in his heart, well, the whole of the real sensuality and love in every word of his beautiful voice well, it is obvious that his heart not just lives and blooms a great love for the special girl PMY, and this love is there the fire burns in the heart of the inability to shout to the world what I have so very much love this girl!
    I still can not stop looking at youtube the important point FM wise handsome JCW, so nice to really even her beanie with most unforgettable romantic, most beautiful snow kiss with Healer, that that was on FM with hands and not let nobody trusted even for a second, also put his hand specifically to the special beanie his special girl no one dared to pick up, you can feel that,for JCW really,even beanie PMY so much important, as the special symbol that at any distance thinking about this beautiful moment of real snow will kiss with PMY warming his heart, because in spite of the cold weather, snow, on the kiss, our ChangMin was especially warm, because as written, even during the Korean article Healer it was a loving and romantic kiss and it is not surprising that this is the most favorite scene JCW, because I'm sure His heart fluttered especially in this moment, because his feelings for PMY already at that moment believe were real and he just lived these happy feelings for her,so that time is so important and memorable in his heart and memory.
    I believe that the appearance of the beanie PMY in FM JCW, there is a recognition of his feelings for her, there is an important recognition of their feelings for each other, because the only real couples share with each other their personal belongings, and special gentle handling of the beanie once more only It proves that it is really a personal thing his favorite real girl and I'm sure we all feel that this is so, and an official confirmation of this obvious ChangMin love is only a matter of time!
    All important hints and beautiful words, our beautiful goddess PMY presented for all,who are able to read between the lines(that is, for all of us ChangMiners),as evidence of her feelings for her JCW in IG, also very wisely defended her special lover ceased to follow him, so obviously just did not want any trouble for him, but that before stop following him,and other important for her good people to protect them from the general negativity from other highly impressionable shippers wise beautiful PMY wrote very important words, and now I want to remind you my Dear Chingus these beautiful words that the heart beats stronger,because it is so beautiful when they write G'night loves,and do not forget about your lips, which can only mean that, together with these meaning for the word has been sent as a kiss and not for the fans,and, for him only, for the one who revived her heart for someone who filled her world very bright colors, happy emotions, special beauty of their joint unforgettable memories for which the heart This is especially beautiful, magnificent in all respects girls beat faster, and I'm sure that as well as the heroine Healer YS, the time has come when PMY really really fell in love with JCW, when they believed that once again has the right to love and be loved, and build relationships her with a decent man, a real man is not scattered with empty promises, and is also ready to fight for the common bright future, for the love that is not afraid of any obstacles!
    Because love comes to an end when at least one of the lovers decided to give up and refuse to fight for relationships, true love is always the feeling between the two, you know there are strong feelings that even at a great distance from each other tightly bind heart, and the fire of love inflames only worse and to feel completely happy and sometimes even five minutes is enough to see the eyes of loved ones!

    So here my favorite Chingus as I understand  review all photos and BTS ChangMin best and reliable evidence about their reality right before our eyes is their eyes, gestures, facial expressions, smiles on their face 
    In every word about each other,in memory I'm sure their hearts are filled with a special warmth and happiness, let's live in the present, to believe in the best, let us even more to feel the love throughout our ChangMin, because as earlier in the thread here ChangMin one of our beautiful Chingus written a very wise phrase namely
    First love letters written in the eyes,a special thank you for this phrase, because it is exactly all this is about our ChangMin,change their eyes and glowing with happiness when they look at each other and in a special way to look only at those who care heart, those who are really among the million other always remains unique and irreplaceable, the in  heart and thoughts!
    Our Beautiful Perfect Healer ChangMin Couple left a strong imprint on the important heart of each of us!
    In this magical place as ChangMin thread, talented, beautiful and open people in this atmosphere of love, positivity continue to wait for new tips from our romantic ChangMin.
    In the meantime, we continue to wait for new news, let's happy until the last day of voting will continue to vote for our charming Ji Chang Wook&Park Min Young Healer Couple, they are always at the heart of the most beautiful, amazing, true, the most-the best! Their eyes are burning with love and kindness, and this is the best natural beauty in the world, so ChangMin always the most special and beautiful!
    Therefore, every vote in this very important vote because every vote from ChangMiner-Healerite, this is the important bit of our hearts that we are able to give them to be able to see them again, ornate, elegant, stunningly beautiful and happy, one thought to see them again already it brings warmth to the heart!
    Our ChangMin is Love!
    Love, it isn’t just a dream
    now that you are everything to me
    oh love is the sweetest thing
    I smile at every being with a skip in my heart! words Yael Meyer – When You Hold Me Tight – Healer OST PART 2 Lyrics

    Cr:Baidu Chinese 
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  7. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My favorite Dear Beautiful proud ChangMiners Hello everyone!

    Bright, beautiful, very happy day today, though already two days have passed since the FM JCW in Hong Kong, we all have happy smiles on our faces,special happy in our heart, and all thanks to the wise handsome JCW, his beautiful right words, the words that spoke his heart, and individually thank each of you beautiful amazing Chingus, for all your updates in the thread ChangMin on this important for all of us FM, for the all important translations of each special word or article, you're the best I am happy that I can be with you in all the discussions of our happy very sweet, beautiful ChangMin, even despite the fact that very often in our happy ChangMin ship, our beautiful goddess PMY attacked with bad words, fans of another ship, and actually a lot of meanness, a lot of unpleasant things, it is in the the time from the other ship, for all of us, but most importantly, a strong sincere love for ChangMin, it's really, as you can see clearly and feel what is called net beautiful love from all proud ChangMiners shippers from around the world!

    I really like all of us, very grateful sincerity and honesty in all the words that said the wise handsome JCW, its FM, and in my opinion is absolutely obvious that one is very beautiful, kind, unique girl from the beginning of this destined meeting in Healer drama for him was very special from all his past Co-stars, from the very beginning, at the first meeting Healer reading the script very difficult not to notice how with particular interest, as if his heart was instantly captured this charming girl, already at that time Handsome JCW look on beautiful goddess PMY, and virtually every male actor, as I see it, unable to resist the special beauty and unique charm PMY, but I'm sure her heart had chosen very special about this man and this of course without doubt JCW!
    I'm sure PMY, always waiting for just such a truly worthy man who knows how to properly sincerely love her, who can understand all her senses, feeling the pride of all her heart for every happy or sad moment, for every success, in her career actress, her anywhere creative path, and also really flowing through the heart, everything that happens to her, whether it be a very happy period of her, JCW is one who knows how to appreciate the love, carry the rays of all the happy feelings of this beautiful light, illuminating even this happiness of others people around to take care in the first place, not about himself but about the safety and comfort of his beloved, for such a wonderful amazing girls as PMY, and She's special girl,that really dream every man's,but is reality only for a one special man, for JCW,modest, beautiful, worthy of all the girls that even every insult, always responds with a smile on face, PMY so kind, sincere woman,that even,when hurt her, she still happily smiling, just to be happy around her people, for everything,that happened, in the past, for all the attacks on her, from the haters, honestly, I sometimes do not understand how some people can be so much hatred (that's me on all those who dare to attack, who dares to write dirty words) about such beautiful, good,talented girls as our PMY, I am very happy that our PMY chose drama Healer who, as I wrote above, I believe destiny drama, for our ChangMin Couple, very happy from what Healer drama changed her life,and presented to a meeting with the most magnificent, dignified man,who dream of many, but heart belongs only one, as I am sure the real handsome man JCW true destiny PMY,so feel this!
     I love Chinese news from June 20,a clear hint from the Chinese important news our romantic JCW and PMY completely in love, because those Chinese news sources have described all as we all have been ChangMiners feel, and I stand by my opinion, as in the past, I am sure that the wise handsome JCW fall in love first for PMY,and a step-by-step, day after day, right won her heart of a beautiful sweet PMY, because I can say with full confidence that it is obvious that at the moment PMY,completely in love to this wonderful handsome man JCW,she's bloom every day from this beautiful love, our PMY was always very beautiful, divine, attractive from head to toe in everything, but especially the beauty girl always gives it winged sense of true love, you know when it is clear, that there is in the life of the only man who wants to look especially beautiful and attractive, because only the eyes truly loving heart, men can see all this internal and external beauty of the girl, while our ideal PMY and external and internal beauty, in an absolutely perfect harmony with her good, clean,beautiful soul, valuable and rare Treasure our PMY, I believe that the JCW cherishes PMY,appreciates and with all sincerity loves PMY,and and as girl,and as personality also,and take care of every detail that concerns her,and that's the most important thing, and what sort of God haters, forget about them, it's time to relax, the fire of love inflames more ChangMin with each new day, and haters we should,thank them also, because they are even more negative brings our birds love ChangMin, because they say, what they see Chinese fans about the negative side of another ship, so they say thank you very much by your hatred JCW only wants more love and protect PMY, all the words in his song that is ost Healer I will protect you,completely, you can feel that this is a personal appeal to PMY, a special way of expressing all his tender romantic feelings for her, and loudly all (especially haters) do not dare to touch PMY, I'm the man who will protect her, I really believe, that now JCW all its actions and hints builds a very strong foundation for their future happiness with his beloved PMY!

    Chinese fans wrote that personally they've never been able to find the correct description of true beauty PMY and how JCW described PMY as heavenly girls, Chinese fans are writing that this is the highest recognition of exceptional beauty girls,that they are so proud romantic heart JCW,because as they write,only a loving heart can describe the beauty of the girls,they are so happy that these words he said only about our beautiful Gorgeous PMY,JCW accurately describes why even these words, beautiful wise ChangMiners,we can clearly understand how much heavenly beauty girl became,as the air is important for JCW,so strongly that even without the ability to fly directly from Korea,JCW will still fly to China,in any other way,it is worthy of great pride,after all, risking all that can be done only by a loving man and that's the power of his love prompts him always the right path for his beloved PMY because loving heart can never be away from each other for too long and find any way to see each other!
    And we are all well aware that not only for FM,in Hong Kong, though certainly by JCW good soul appreciates,and loves his good fans,but not only for the sake of meeting with fans through all the obstacles, he was so eager to get there,but more for the opportunity of a personal meeting with the special girl PMY, there is no obstacle to love, when two loving hearts beat as one, lovers people can always stand out, because even the positive aura of love from them noticeable,in everything,even in each movement,in each smile, JCW and PMY look absolutely,in love and happy, and that it did not notice it, simply I do not even know who to be, and there seems to know these obvious feelings between JCW and PMY prefer not to notice only the fans of another ship, continuing and further illusions and come up with the nonsense that even personally very JCW, as I read from the Chinese fans, disgusted, but personally I do not care about them, because in life I love only good people,in any way,I saw enough negativity from another ship,even though I was not looking for them,to be honest, I hate this ever had never seen in life from people like in a short period of those fans were all over the internet, where there was a speech about Amazing Healer drama, for our Beautiful ChangMin, personally and many of them bad been written about PMY, so I hope that they -That least understood and restrained by all of us ChangMiners, and our charming lovebirds ChangMin, such a beautiful, clean, kind Couple, as ChangMin deserves only good, sincere, loving attitude to them, I am very happy that ChangMin fully have a greater real love and support from all over the world ChangMiners and very grateful to the Chinese fans, they love and appreciate ChangMin, protect and support in everything, and thanks to them as a whole to each ChangMiner, for a special warmth,that always feel our sweet ChangMin!

    All We proud ChangMiners,breathe,we live,genuinely love all the way,to a residue dissolve,in beautiful feeling our ChangMin,so the most important thing about them but we always feel, reading between the lines of the most important point of all, and all that can really be feel deeply and pass through our heart is really only the reality!
    ChangMiners let's just live with all these emotions of absolute happiness, absolute proud love,for our most beautiful romantic lovers ChangMin, because we got so many hints of the reality of the last few days,without a doubt, our Perfect beautiful ChangMin really real couple now!
    Beautiful Amazing Chingus, proud ChangMiners shippers please your today very important vote,for our best ChangMin, every day they make the day bright, happy, memorable, from sunrise to sunset filled with much love,not couple with more perfect,sensual chemistry,than them! Beautiful Gorgeous ChangMin Couple Fighting!

    Amazing Chingus May each your day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles and the feeling of love!
    God bless everyone!
    I love you Chingus, very much, appreciate, respect, proud of all of you!
    "Where there is true love, there are always miracles, always have faith, in the miracles, in the unexplained magic between the two hearts",all about real magic of love ChangMin only special people feel indeed are those who believe, that such a beautiful couple as ChangMin, do not occur by chance,and at the request of destiny, they can feel all the best ChangMiners special, each of which has an excellent multi-faceted personality wise and who lives only for the feelings of the heart, so never forget that our ChangMin most special, beautiful, unique couple, between them all, and especially fine and worthy of all ChangMiners beautiful talented, loving people so our ChangMin no danger as long as we have all ChangMiners, ready to support and protect them in every way!

    Cr:Tracy Chinese Baidu

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  8. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Handsome Prince JCW sings special destiny song Healer ChangMin beautiful  love story(as write Chinese fans)I will protect you obviously sings with special feeling,with special memories,for his,special heavenly beauty girl,for the only PMY!
    In this magical beautiful song so many feelings and memories about our ChangMin and feel it is really very special personal love song ChangMin, about the beautiful world of the senses of our romantic ChangMin from the beginning of their feelings during healers and their joint new happy story every day, as a continuation of already in real life, in the same rhythm,their of loving hearts!

    Chinese fans also write that beautiful charming JCW and PMY soulmates of each other and that's a fact!
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  9. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Our most beautiful, radiant, charming, sweet ChangMin,We ChangMiners are very happy to see that you are happy!
    ChangMin Blossoming love soars around in the air! ChangMin Love like you, happiness is your name, tenderness, charm embodies both of you, the beauty of a good caring soul makes you special and unique! The most special, real, beautiful should be felt heart!

    So Handsome Happy JCW with charming smile  ? FID = 1034: c4de11b9570fb684aa05b5887814be50
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  10. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Amazing Chingus,Judging by the results of voting for the best couple in the moment, we are not likely to reach the first place for our Healer ChangMin, in this important vote,but my rule never to give up half way and reach the end in any case, I personally try as soon as I can, to vote, from all that I have available for it and I also asked all my close friends in real life, to help in this, and I think perhaps also have to make all of us proud ChangMiner!
    It does not matter how many there will be votes importantly easy for each of us to vote from the heart!
    We must fight just to gain an important part of the percentage of voting I read the Chinese fans that there will still be some close vote from the judiciary Committee of the award and it is important to gain 30%,no matter what others may think let's actively vote for our Best Healer ChangMin Couple, and I ask each come until the last day of voting to give our voices to give our hearts fully for our most Beautiful,Best,most Natural,Most talented Couple ChangMin! 
    Our ChangMin externally and internally absolutely complement each other and are one!Young,cheerful,beautiful,positive,energetic,and they really treasure each of us,they really are the best,because every moment like no one else can feel special sincerity,a special warmth,care about each other,admiration,true happiness for each success,each beautiful kind words about each other,and a sincere sense of pride for that special person that means so much to you,because this is the most present,our charming JCW and PMY they so openly happy every important to the success of each other,I'm sure they support each other in every important step of every day looking at photos of them together(and BTS)can see and feel how harmoniously our JCW and PMY right for each other in everything,they even smile equally clean and beautiful,both of them just a sea of charm,and at the very moment when we can see their smiles,their smiling,clear,kind, happy eyes,at that moment really understand how much beauty in life and give her all the beauty in the simplest things,the beauty for us is our Healer ChangMin Couple,what they called Love,ChangMin is the couple that just without words can always be felt through the heart! 
    Please Vote for our Healer ChangMin in all categories For Best Drama,Best Couple,Best talented actor,For the Best Talented Actress!
    Many Thank you to all
    Vote for the beautiful love! Vote for our sensual beautiful ChangMin, each of us ChangMiner, kindness creates for them that particular beautiful world that leads them to true happiness and every one of our important voice, we can further show our ChangMin we really wish them sincere true happiness, and just imagine the beautiful Dear Chingus, how beautiful are our perfect JCW and PMY together on ceremony Awards, let's refresh one's memory December 31, 2014, let we remember this beautiful magical ChangMin happy day of love,in every glance and word, and in those Minute go and vote for them, because we can create one so that this memorable day come back and became even more memorable experience for all of us and our Gorgeous ChangMin!

    Very Beautiful,and very accurate description of the feelings of love(in the post a little below) today for our happy love birds from Chinese ChangMiners Chingus and as I recall these words were in a wonderful movie A Walk to Remember 
    Love is patient and kind;love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up, does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things through.
    Love never fails!

    A huge thank you to our wonderful talented friendly Chinese Chingus,that they remember these important words and applied them to our most pure,beautiful,perfect ChangMin Couple! 
    I thank them for the pure love and faith every day in our Sweet ChangMin,thank them for all the important tips are important signs and gestures and special thanks and low bow to you for all the amazing beauty in their creativity for our ChangMin!
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  11. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Dear @rachelpark26Thank you so much for posting the long-awaited update of our beautiful goddess PMY!
    PMY really is the most special and the most beautiful girl from heaven
    Finally, the new update from our beautiful sun goddess sweet PMY! She is very beautiful as always she Gorgeous!
    Oh what a beautiful happy day today! Thank you for this day, my heart really beats thrills,happiness right now,in anticipation of new special events beautiful and happy change,for our sweet ChangMin, for all of us proud ChangMiners all over the world, in the near future!
    Dear @insaniaI would have gladly meet your request,but I also translated by Google translator only, as is well known to everyone in the google translator so many inaccuracies and even the meaning of article completely by Google translator is difficult to understand and and,for more accurate translation,was better to trust our excellent,experienced translators with Chinese language,which I am sure very soon, correct,and very accurately translate all, I translated only offer that really gives a more correct translation, and I think it is very important words for all of us,for our Most beautiful romantic ChangMin!
    I am very happy even read these rumors, because really all the features and behavior of our birds love ChangMin,feel that this article is indeed very true!
    Crossed his fingers for all that, I really want,really want with all heart,that our charming ChangMin,could openly love one another! 
    Feeling love is the most magical,wonderful feeling,and if Good Cupid solved to combine in inextricable fibre destiny our Beautiful Special Couple ChangMin,this feeling stands proud,never be afraid of, because it is usually only a sense of fear destroys love,in the couple,and vice versa just more courage inflames the fire feelings in those who are really destined each other,and I am absolutely confident JCW+PMY = Right Destiny,beautiful happy destiny for both of them!
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  12. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    My Dear Beautiful Talented Amazing Chingus all the lovely bright mood!
    You've seen here is the news about our most beautiful birds love ChangMin
    I'm still happily shocked even just by reading these lines here in this article
    Everyone thousand hugs! I love you all very much!

     hit the fire of love. Although the two are often far apart because of work, but in order to see the other side can be described as all possible ways!
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  13. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Amazing Beautiful Chingus All pleasant warm evening surrounded by your loved ones, take care of yourself and be happy every day to the max!
    Let us think that this is a great happiness that our beautiful romantic love ChangMin, currently in the same country at the moment is very close with each other where there ever important not to allow any doubt that our Perfect harmonious reality since ChangMin All this reality is described in their eyes,and the desire each other!
    ChangMin Love in the air, the power of love and support of destiny around with you as we ChangMiners all over the world in our common reality beautiful, pure love and good hopes, for a happy future together!
    Many rays of goodness and love with big open arms for all, let's be happy every moment with our excellent ChangMin Couple, remember the wise living expression of those who know how to wait and to believe in the end to the most wonderful things in life, we are all proud ChangMiners shippers, who have never does not cease to believe and wait for our finest ChangMin, and good cupids everywhere believe true feelings are always hovering in the air over our ChangMin, because they know the feelings between our JCW and PMY very clean, blooming, beautiful, especially because our very ChangMin most harmonious, unique, the most beautiful in the whole and it is obvious undeniable fact!
    Love, friendship, happiness, -all the best gifts every day gives us our Beautiful Honey ChangMin Couple, and our beautiful ChangMin world because the house - is where the heart, and our heart is always with them in our warm friendly ChangMin house (in thread ChangMin, in their every movement I think our JCW and PMY feel the love and support of all ChangMiners-Healerites, and this is always the most important thing is mutual love from them to us and us to them! So it is for us, our ChangMin, their emotions , their feeling is always full of harmonious balance in every way!
    Please Unforgettable vote for our best ChangMin Couple!
    Many thanks to everyone for your vote

    “No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star.” 

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  14. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Dear Amazing Beautiful Chingus our wise romantic handsome JCW 18.06.2015

    18.06.2015 spotted the paparazzi on the streets of Shanghai

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  15. AnsOlga added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~   

    Beautiful Talented Amazing Chingus Hello,May today day be filled with the warmth of sunshine,the happiness of smiles and the feeling of love waiting for good news from our beautiful romantic love birds ChangMin!
    Judging by all the important tips that we have at the moment, we have all the real reasons truly believe and feel that our sweet ChangMin, now together or on the wings of love to each other which is already very close, and it once again proves that everything that is connected with our adorable ChangMin, is never a coincidence, all these sincere feelings, sincere desire be very close, in the same rhythm of the heart,so it's Wonderful ChangMiners patiently waiting for new updates of our most romantic ChangMin Couple,and do not forget that they Healer couple, so perfectly know how to meet each other secretly,to spend time in their special happy world of love,and give all of us the right way ChangMiners all of them,because only we ChangMiners real can understand and feel  special love between our JCW and PMY,feel through our hearts!
    In the meantime, my favorite Dear Chingus remember how happy, new magic experienced,to feel with all heart, gave us a masterpiece Drama Healer much warmth and love through their talent gave us all Amazing characters Healer and at the same moment these unforgettable memories we go and vote for the best drama Healer,I am absolutely sure of drama and actors Healer,still get a lot of awards,Drama Healer deserves the highest recognition,the most worthy of the highest awards!
    Very beautiful design and very beautiful main important words with poster premiere in the beautiful Philippines!
    Cr:belongs to the owner, found in Twitter!

    Please your important vote for our Favorite Masterpiece Healer Drama

    Also, a separate high award deserves our favorite writer Amazing Healer masterpiece of drama,good cupid true love of our most beautiful sensual ChangMin, our unforgettable SJN, we all ChangMiners-Healerites really love, we thank and appreciate SJN very much!
    I think it is very important essential in the life of a wonderful person in the destiny for our Honey ChangMin, it is just the beginning of a new,beautiful and interesting, our Magnificent Couple ChangMin, the memory of the Healer is always very warm, and I personally still can not look the other new Korean drama honestly do not even want to watch, because absolutely no, such bright, beautiful,sweet,tender,romantic couples,as our ChangMin,no reality thrill, in every touch, love in every glance, in other OTP among new Korean drama,not that called real chemistry,and that Fire sparks feelings,as is always between our ChangMin,in every stage of their collaboration, or BTS, and BTS albeit at a given moment, we are not so many,but BTS ChangMin most special,visible as Handsome JCW fascinated, and in love with our beautiful unique PMY, in those of his looks and feel very real in relation to the Minyoung and it is so beautiful!
    The moment in our memory float these unique beautiful sensual BTS, we are going to actively vote for our best couple ChangMin, we have to show so all our love and support for ChangMin, so ChangMiners-Healerites all over the world together and unites going to actively vote for ChangMin(Ji Chang Wook&Park Min Young)

    Cr:Chinese Baidu Tracy

    Please huge request for all those who just love reading our thread ChangMin, but maybe for some reason can not be active here, but still truly love with all heart and thank ChangMin, for every happy moment Healer, who changed each of us Healerites -ChangMiners, because I'm sure everyone who reads our thread ChangMin really love our wonderfully wise healer couple, even if you just like the best Healer OTP, please help us and,vote for them,because they really are the best,and this is a real chance for us all to see our JCW+PMY=ChangMin together at the awards ceremony,
     that We all of us can miss this chance?
    ChangMiners-Healerites around the world wake up, show their sincere love for ChangMin, giving his magical voice only once a day!
    Few true? And for each of our ChangMin your vote is very important now!
    Vote well as our best, beautiful,natural talanted actors JCW and PMY!
    They are a real treasure for all of us and I'm sure we can prove to them how Healer really popular drama,in the world, how much we love,and appreciate, them every night of sleep deprivation,when all working on filming the Healer spend days and nights to Once we all Healerites-ChangMiners,could see this romantic, beautiful the power of true love and destiny action drama,where each scene shot even in very cold weather conditions, even at enormous risk of injury, and still our talanted JCW and PMY were always with a smile on face,in their eyes,there is always true happiness,and they both said: that they were very happy to act in the most romantic and sensual for both of them the drama Healer,every day they did everything possible to give this happiness is also true for all of us loyal fans Healer drama,through love,boundless talent and sincerity,that in their hearts,to them every moment unforgettable,with ChangMin never possible to predict what will happen next, because then everything will be more happy,beautiful, romantic already in their real life, and we just have to make so that it JCW and PMY wore the proud title Best Actor and Best Actress because they really deserve it!
    Please your important vote for our Talanted Amazing Charming Handsome Actor JCW

    Please your important vote for our Beautiful Goddess Charming Special Actress PMY

    Please let us vote for them and not for a moment forget how it can be important right now!
    Thank you very much, kowtow for everything! I love you all Beautiful proud ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus-Family!


    Many thanks to all Our amazingly talented Beautiful Chinese ChangMiners-Healerites,they are very active in voting and very helpful and supportive in every way! Lots of hugs with love from all of us international ChangMiners-Healerites send for you!
    Thank you Chinese fans very much for the beautiful work, for absolute love and support around for Our Healer Honey Destiny ChangMin Couple!

    Cr:Chinese Baidu Tracy
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