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  1. RanP added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 9 on Sept 2   

    My take on YJ's reaction after Cynthia talking was her thinking of the possibility of TH having developed romantic feeling for her. She said it before everyone who loved her died because of her. She even told TH not to care for her too much. I think it's only after hearing Cynthia, she realized what's happening, that what used to be only a deal may turn out to be more. and because she cares for TH, she realized she would be the cause for him risking his life for her. She can't take it another person she cares for may die for her again. Hence her shock in the end, and my guess she'd try to finish their deal in next ep by giving TH money and after that she'll push him away. and surely TH will oppose it, but i can't see what reason he can give her to persuade her to let him stay by her side to help her get revenge. the deal was to get her outside only. granted I loathe noble idiocy like anyone, but here what YJ did was understandable and it's just proof how much important TH has become to her, even if she isn't in love(imo she isn't, yet), he's still her savior, her first true friend. Beside, i want to see how TH will act too, will he just give up like that or persist to fight for and with YJ? grahhh just give me all the angst, the cute, everything i'll swallow it all for this otp ^^
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  2. RanP added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 9 on Sept 2   

    Another random thoughts, how TH knew that YJ survived? and that she's the bandaged girl? after waking up he just walked to her like that. maybe i missed sth?
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  3. RanP added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Yong-Pal 용팔이 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST | EP 9 on Sept 2   

    Leave all logic at the door aka all the medical stuffs, I still find the development between TH and YJ a little... rushed? i mean he definitely felt sympathy for her situation, and how they resemble each other in some way. but it's not at the point.. i can't explain, they're just friends now or doctor/patient, but the way TH acts is like he's known YJ for a long while and deep in love or sth. i mean, dreaming of her? or maybe i'll just blame it on Joo Woon expressive eyes lol and his and KTH chemistry this OTP has so much potential to be epic and memorable, hopefully the writer won't ruin it by rushing/forcing it just to attract more viewers since they know it's one of the drama selling points rn. Edit: saying all that, i'm not gonna say no to more cute moments of them LOL
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  4. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

     damn it I prepared myself mentally and everything but why tears still coming.. ahhh my puppyyy don't wait for her, don't cry! just come to me... i can't T^T this hurts too much
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  5. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    *nods nods* and u know what, i'm sure YJ will miss it and won't see our puppy running to her, just because, evil drama.
    Writer logic, JM has done enough in 20yrs, what more he needs to do, YJ has to realize it that they're meant to be and not some young blood who doesn't know a thing. So JM, just wait for time to harvest!
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  6. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    ahhhh why my puppy still running, where are you going! I dreamt of a puppy last night and it looked so sad. damn if it's not a sign. I asked my boss for extra hours this weekend cause for sure i'm not gonna watch the final live, my heart won't be able to take it.
    That said they better make YJ have a long flashback of everything SC's done for her. because damn it, she doesn't have to choose him but at least recognize his efforts.
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  7. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    hmm I don't understand why people need SC to change? in what aspect? as if there's sth wrong with him from the start? to me every character has their own personality/flaw, and purpose. SC is who he is, naive but honest and true to himself. sometimes too one-minded thinking but i don't see it as a flaw. Like someone mentioned, his character is there as a catalyst in some sort for other characters development, JM, YJ and Cindy, but it's just a part of his arc, as well as his connection with YJ.
    I think SC-YJ scenes were there to show how their relationship evolves from the start to the current stat. SC obviously didn't fall in love with YJ at 1st sight, far from that, but slowly by spending time with her he discovered her other sides. From her making his life miserable at first, to how he's happy just by staying by her side or doing sth for her. He's naive in a way for not demanding anything back, but that's just how he is. When he'll learn to let go and move on in the end, it's also part of his personal growth. What he had for YJ wasn't entirely a waste, because those feelings were sincere. and there's no right or wrong, deserve or not deserve, it's just like liking someone without reason. The thing with it is you can never be sure that feeling will be reciprocated, but doesn't mean the path to it isn't worth it. SC-YJ relationship made both of them happy, SC was happy because he could do sth and be there for the woman he likes, YJ had someone who helped her, made her smile, reassured and comforted her or just there to listen to her. so in the end it's still worth it even if they weren't meant to be more. SC will be hurt but it's not the end for him, he still has his career as producer. I don't mind that his arc was focused on a 'crush' (but not solely), because to me everything he's done was part of his character (that made me love him to bits). In some ways, he inspired others and learnt sth in return.
    When people say they prefer the 'mature' and 'manly' SC when he's with Cindy, lol , i mean to me what made difference is with one he's getting to know and sympathize with her situation, while he's smitten with the other. SC isn't 'manly' when he's around YJ? oh boy he tried to, like being all protective, but because YJ isn't a damsel in distress she ain't let him to lol but that still shows he wanted to be the man for her. Anyway, personally i find everything SC's done for YJ, listen to her problems, help her in any way he can (little thing like carry the heavy box for her when her wrist was injured), re-comfort her when she's down, etc, all that is what a man should do for his woman. other than that, if he acts like a puppy or not, does it matter? man doesn't need to act all macho, tough, 'manly' all the time right? or at least to me. As for being mature, i don't think SC is reduced to anything less when he's with YJ, he may be biased but his maturity can't be judged over sth like that. and since when acting like someone in love is deemed immature?
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  8. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    yea kdrama and its convenient plot device coincidence.
    Idk who but i rather my character stays consistent to his feeling until the end. even if people think such person is better for him, doesn't mean he has to fall for her, because it doesn't work that way.
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  9. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    but.. isn't SC a PD for 1n2d too? just not main PD. I read it somewhere but may be wrong though. anyway i doubt they really let such 'spoiler' get out before the last ep.
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  10. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    awww i'm smiling like an idiot while watching it  i bet i look like SC whenever YJ compliments him. mahhh idc what people say, as long as my ship makes me happy, i'm willingly going down with it to the fond of ocean lol
    I'm not sure if this FMV has been posted
    The first stage of their relationship lol who could have imagined how it turns out later xD led me to think if this were a rom-com movie with them as otp, it'd be so cute, esp when YJ eventually falls for him back despite herself lol 
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  11. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    Even though I understand how powerful long time friend/first love trope in kdrama is sometimes, but i also want to see that with efforts and sincerity can reach one's heart too. now I don't even dream of the perfect HE, just an open ending where YJ recognizes SC feeling and everything he's done and open to give him a chance. Ofc that comes after her and JM had sorted out their relationship. A 20yrs friendship don't just disappear like that regardless of it becomes sth more or not. Nobody can replace the other's place in their heart, but doesn't mean their heart has completely shut down to other people. I refuse to think all my puppy's efforts don't touch YJ even little, no matter how dense she is D:
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  12. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    “Sunbae, you always say yourself to be a tough woman, with a strong personality. But in the two months I’ve been next to you and observing you, you are not as tough as you think you are. Rather, you tend to over-react as a self-defense mechanism. You’re actually a tender, soft and warm-hearted person. Recently you’ve been feeling lonely due to the confusion between your ego and yourself. I think you’re looking for someone who can understand what you’re going through. Someone who can protect you, who loves you without reason, who loves seeing your laugh, who wants to stay by your side. That kind of person. In your eyes, I may still look young, inexperienced and awkward but.. even with me being like this, if you’re okay with me having those feelings for you. I’d like to be by your side. Someone once told me that I wear my heart on my sleeve…yet, my feelings that others could see easily, you haven’t noticed it.”— Baek Seung Chan 
    ​​I put tgther SC's confession, just because. ;__; my puppy
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  13. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    yea they could have done much more for his character. I felt cheated how his story with Yuna turnt out.. I was like okay so what happened to her? and how it's related to his personal life? they showed us how close JM-YJ are but after YJ confession incident, JM apart from avoiding all together, using excuse after excuse to face YJ feeling. I assumed he must have had a story that traumatized him so much etc but the writer really failed to develop their current relationship. While i can see YJ's subtle gesture showing her feeling, on other hand it's harder with JM, it only happens when SC appeared next to YJ, a place he believes that belongs to him(?) or when he knows things about her, but best friends know everything about each other too. How we're supposed to think that their long 20yrs of friendship mean more than anything? To me, it's only JM's 'confession' at the epilogue of ep10 was where i could finally see that yes this guy really has some deep feeling for her (damn CTH and his desperate eyes expression)  It's only logic that these two will end up tgether, but it's a pity it's sth coming out so bland, without any sparkle. You can make a long-time-friends turn lovers relationship passionate and heart-fluttering, just look at Coffee House, which has same PD btw. The male lead was a coward at first and kind of traumatized by their past too, but all while still able to prove us how much he cared and in love with his friend. Sometimes i think if Producer was sth else at first, just usual rom-com, with all those cliche and shipping war. I'd still buy it cause i'll be less frustrated when they're doing sth halfheartedly like this drama, changing the format just to attract more viewers/ratings. in the end the drama is neither a new genre nor a rom-com, just a battlefield for shipping war.

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  14. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

     I'm sorry but these kinds of comment just boggle my mind. for one, I don't see how SC not falling for Cindy romantically is a flaw of his! why people make it like there's sth wrong with him?? He's one minded guy, honest and transparent in his thinking. yes his petty revenges are kind of immature but it's not sth harmful in a way he has to change. I don't understand why some people(shipper or not) want him to change/ have development, in what? where was he being shallow? flip flop character? huh? True. Cindy has all sort of BG story and suffering and whatnot, to me what her character needs most is personal growth. Falling for SC was in a way the first step of her to open herself to others, she could feel the warm others could bring for the 1st time. All I wish for her character is to grow and get out of her shell, to get face against her CEO without fear and start creating sincere relationships with people around her. If anyone failed to notice but YJ was her big supporter too, despite all her words, YJ cared for Cindy a lot and stand by her side more than once. and Cindy had seen it and having such supporter gave her strength too that makes her be able to change in latest eps. On other hand with SC, from the start he appeared to be that awkward, naive newbie guy, who had followed his crush to a job he didn't mean to. But as seen, he clearly has a mind of his own. He called out JM's cowardice or what he thought to be anyway. because to him who has experienced one sided love, he couldn't accept JM behavior towards YJ. I think his feeling for YJ started changing from the moment he realized her liking JM. I said it before, but it's where he started seeing the other sides of her, how caring she can be too, how she acted cute while drunk, how lonely can she be, etc Unconsciously he tried to be that guy for her and falling for her along the way. But if what people mean by his character development is him to fall for Cindy (who's supposed to be better for him?), then i don't get it at all. Cindy was a source of inspiration to him in a way, like in ep10, he said it himself, just because he likes someone, he can't make that person like him back; then after Cindy song, he'd learnt that if he's wishing and hoping for sth or s/o he should try and show it. because those feeling mean sth important to him and should be delivered to the person he likes, regardless of it to be returned or not. I don't get how people refuse or don't see the sincerity in SC's feeling for YJ. just a crush? puppy love? aren't those feeling from the heart too? i mean, does the 'one true love' overpower everything and the rest is dust and worthless to mention? so what if YJ doesn't return his feeling, it'd been a waste? so he should have changed his 'target' as his character development? just like SC might be the perfect guy for YJ, people might find Cindy perfect for SC, but in the end you can't earn those feelings. YJ said it, sometimes you like a person without a reason, whether the person was meant for you or not. Even though i wish for my ship to sail but i know the chance of it. but it's definitely not a waste, you live, love, fall down, get up, it's all part of growing up. You learn sth from every experience, sometimes more bittersweet but there's still sweetness in the fonder memories. SC may not end up with YJ but he wasn't wrong to pursue his feeling for her, it's not being stupid to pursue for a chance to happiness. He'll definitely grow a bit more mature after all this without in the least changing who he is in the core.  
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  15. RanP added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] ⁂ The Producers프로듀사 ⁂   

    I'd say the same to SC-Cindy .. what? no? why? *in YJ style* 
    ok srly, they may leave an open ending which is most plausible to me. ofc i want YJ to respond SC and get their HE, but realistically it'd be little sudden, YJ only realized SC feeling like at this moment.. and i'd hate it when some people might(if not already) ignore all the building up in their relationship just because of a rushed ending. the possibility of her being open to a chance with SC is as much as the possibility of her getting it on with JM tbh. SC has proved enough of his feeling and sincerity towards YJ, if anybody still doubts it atm. but just like SC said, feeling is not sth you can earn with efforts.. so yea, the ball is really in YJ hands.
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