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  1. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    I don't understand why everyone is shocked. In drama land - be it k-drama or telenovelas or whatever, death is not death unless you see a body. And even then death might not be death (like Mr. Baek is Back).
    Now I would be much happier if this is a fake Ma Do Hyun that Ms. Cha and the lawyer cooked up by giving someone plastic surgery and not MSI's real husband.

    On another note, if I cannot have my way and they make him the real MDH then maybe 1) He is so upset at what his father did to MSI and to SBN and her family  that he supports them or 2) He dies from a fatal aneurysm.
    Either way, this is going to get ridiculous and angsty all over again.

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  2. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    tatka said: I like Mistress Cha because she is a complex character. She is definitely not a typical villain. Most of the bad things that happened she just let happen, not getting herself much involved — she can't get involved in Ma family vicious matters, because she needs to be trusted when time for her revenge comes. She is very cruel with Mi Oh, but she didn't force her to make an abortion in prison, she didn't steal the child while Mi Oh was in prison, she didn't make her serve 15 years instead of 2… Mi Oh did almost kill DJ, although it was an accident. When one has an accident while driving and almost kill a person — shouldn't he or she be penalized? And a car is not a knife in a hand. Something that happened in the past made the revenge her only goal in life and now she thinks that the end justifies the means. But she is not cruel for the sake of cruelty.
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  3. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    Based on the Episode 19 preview - could Ms. Cha's fiance have died in the same fire as SBN's husband?

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  4. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    viyra said: And SBN didn't even get surprised with NWS full name as close to that of her late husband Nam JaeSook???
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  5. keitachan added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] CSTV Greatest Marriage -최고의 결혼   

    zaabu said: @Kim Yunmi, thank you for your long explanations fact, reality and plight of single mothers in relationship to where SK is in terms of change, progress, women's rights, the power of the rich and just how ineffectual the government system is in protecting the weak. The plight of single mothers, however is not unique to SK and most of us are not naive to the realities unwed mothers face in societies that pay more attention to status. My question about why women perpetuate the plight stems from a conflicting way women are often portrayed. Mind you I do ask these questions having been born out of SK with very few visits under my belt. In that way I acknowledge that I may indeed miss much of the nuanced cultural meaning in language and behavior and how families are largely constructed. Nevertheless, I get this impression that women in SK wield some power to some extent, are highly educated, and have voice...especially as they gain seniority in family and in professional settings. So to go back to my question, why don't we see more women Taking a stand? You said it's because people are afraid of change? But that would indicate that at least they are aware of the problem and are just helpless to change it. In the context of this show, it does not even seem as though they are aware of the problem. I guess being a psychologist, I wanted to understand how they justify their behaviors knowing that they themselves are mothers. I sort of understand the broader issues of power, wealth, and societal and cultural forces at play...but I still don't understand why, in the face of all the evidence of how TY has turned out, his mother would want to subject her grandson to the same environment. Really, does she think her son TY has turned out well (given the status, and all the previlages of wealth and having been born of both sets of other words the ideal environment they are advocating for Dan!!!!). I guess it would be good to see such a woman wrestle with some of these decisions, at least show that they understand the external threats but are also aware of the internal threats to the family within their own closed doors. The show is doing well with the external conflict but really has not done much in terms of showcasing the internal turmoil. Instead we see characters who are extremely set in their own opinions which leaves no room to even consider change!
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  6. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    In episode 18 they kept referencing a pop-up store. What is that? Is that like a kiosk?

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  7. keitachan added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] CSTV Greatest Marriage -최고의 결혼   

    valsava said: The title to this drama don;t fit.. I haven't seem one great marriage at all even with TY parents.. Well To All Happy Holiday's And Have A Very Merry Christmas    
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  8. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    Could MSI's mother-in-law have been the one to put NWS in the orphanage after his father died? Ms. Cha sure looked scared when SBN and MSI's mother-in-law met upl.

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  9. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    What is the big deal so many have with BK? She did not ruin MDJ's relationship nor is she interfering in anything. This whole people should find out she has a child and CAR should be sorry is not really relevant. Even if CAR knew the nephew is her son it probably won't matter too much. What she gains from MDJ marrying BK (namely MDJ getting the company) is everything she dreams. I don't see her happily giving that up. And what is so unusual about an aunt holding her nephew? What is so suspicious about that that would send CAR digging into BK's background. I just don't get the fuss.
    The problem with MO was not that she was pregnant but that she is poor. That is the reason CAR objected.

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  10. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    Could 911 know something about the fire? It is a little strange that they keep insisting on her being around. She could be the missing link that let SMN know that Ma is the enemy who killed her husband.

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  11. keitachan added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] SBS - Birth of A Beauty 미녀의 탄생   

    To have a happy k-drama experience you have to practice "suspension of belief". That is, just accept things that are illogical, lack sense, lack cohesion or plain stupid that happen in k-drama land. So if writer-nim starts a thread and abandon it, dont look for loose ends to be tied up. Sometimes the viewers are luck enough for that to happen. Most times, just shake your head and accept the nuttiness. Just accept the things that make you scratch your head with puzzlement. For example:
    1. SGR's husband ripped her off. She is still alive so she can create a back-dated document rescinding all his rights to her property but she has not. Her mother has nothing but she has not concerned herself with that at all. Moreover, I do not understand how someone supposedly as kind as she was would have left her mother so vulnerable to begin with regardless of how much she loved her husband. She knew full well how his family is.
    2. Granny apparently had no power to fire the new staff and re-hire the old one in her own home.
    3. Granny has not power and no support outside the company since she can't even call on any help and her assistance did not even get her an attorney. WHo is running her foundation? Doesn't it have an attorney?
    4. HMH's mother knows more about what is going on in the company than HMH who actually works there
    5. LKJ was supposed to be overseas studying but he was in Korea ling enough to move up the ladder to CEO of a large entity like HBS in Winner group. How could SGR have missed that he was not overseas? And she knew all the family secrets, how were they able to keep that he was back so secret for so long?
    6. The explosions came from outside the factory not inside, If they looked carefully enough to find HTH's hair and bag how could they have missed the proof that it was some sort of outside explosion?

    On another tact, I wish that HTH had kissed SGR and not Sara. Since he said he loved SGR then that should have been who we saw him kissing. That would have cemented the claim that it was not about physical appearance.

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  12. keitachan added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] CSTV Greatest Marriage -최고의 결혼   

    I think the fact that it is not doing well in Korea is a sign that it is hitting people in sensitive spots. I have seen dramas that were so makjang it was beyond ridiculous but they had high ratings.
    I do not think the mother acting that way to GY is makjang ridiculous. Parents in the US, especially mothers, used to routinely force their unwed daughters to have abortions or take their children and give them away in adoption. Why is GY's mother doing that ridiculous because she is a mother yet her fathers behavior is considered understandable because he is a man. Mothers behave badly too.
    The fact that this drama is "in your face" with the issues does not make it worse than any other. Maybe the writer feels society needs to be beaten over the head continually with their cruelty to single/unwed mothers.

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  13. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    MinQi said: I actually was wondering where is Bok Nyeo child now?

    I know that her husband is dead, but where is the son(or is it a daughter?) :-?
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  14. keitachan added a post in a topic: [MBC Weekend Drama 2014] The Legendary Witch 전설의 마녀   

    I wonder about the SIL. He was pretty ticked off. He might be up to tricks in his new position now that he knows that not only will the OB use him to sc rew others over but he would sc rew him over too.
    What I am puzzled about is BSN's attitude. She clearly heard that MSI was framed by the OB. Plus, someone killed her family and framed her, how can she be so mild about it? I just cannot understand it. I know she said she had to learn to let anger go but she is barely even curious. Too strange.

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  15. keitachan added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] CSTV Greatest Marriage -최고의 결혼   

    I have to disagree a little with the claims of makjang. I think a lot of the problems lie either with the editing and continuity issues. It seems like the makjang stuff is getting highlighted because there is no continuity. I thought JH said the money to start the clinic was hers not her husbands or am I confused. I do not understand the lack of support JH is providing for GY. Initially they seem close but are now rather distant. I would think being mothers would make them tighter.
    The scene with the mother stealing GY's baby might have seen makjang mess but I think the whole point of that was for us to get her mother's point of view. I still think her mother ie heartless and is adding to her problems and burdens but at least we were given a better view on why she is treating GY that way. I do not understand why GY's mother thinks it was okay to stay in a marriage that scarred her daughter permanently and turned her off the idea of marriage but she finds it shameful and difficult to support her child when she needs her.
    I do not understand the Korean mother's attitude towards her unwed daughter's child. I remember watching another drama where the mother stole her daughter's child and tricked her telling her it was still born. Years later it was revealed that she gave the child away to an abusive family. When the girl found out and got angry at her mother her father berated her telling her that her mother loves her so she should understand why she stole her child. But what I want to know is, why does the mother not understand that the daughter loves her child in the same way she loves her daughter? Why is the mother's love view more important than her daughter's.
    Although I have never been an unwed mother I shudder to think that Korean single mothers are going through even one tenth of that. But then 30-50 years ago the US and most of the world was probably like that. Sometimes progress is a long and difficult struggle.
    As for MY, TY and EC. Well they make my head hurt, literally.
    GY Fighting!

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