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  1. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    @FEiEr2702r2702 IT's OK
    More news
    Actress Kim Hyun Joo safely returns to Korea from volunteer work in Nepal

    Following the recent earthquake that shook Nepal, actress Kim Hyun Joo has safely returned to Korea after her volunteer work in the country.
    As of May 18th, her agency S BOX MEDIA confirmed, “Kim Hyun Joo has returned on the evening of 16th with the Good Neighbours volunteer group through Incheon International Airport. Her current conditions are fine and in good health. Kim Hyun Joo showed much sympathy after seeing the earthquake victims and losses for herself. The fear of aftershock has unfortunately restrained their volunteer activities in Nepal.”
    Previously, the actress has left for Nepal along with Good Neighbours volunteer group on May 11th. However, due to the aftershock of 7.4 magnitude earthquake on May 12th, the group had to experience the distress and tragedy through their activities.
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  2. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    yeah there are news from Naver that Hyun Joo unnie arrived safetly home, she is back in Korea. Good Neighbors tweeted via twitter of pics and the news of relief team is back in Korea. I am so happy to see those happy photos of her. She looks so down to earth, In real life she doesnt seem like an actress but just like a sister around you.
    @FEiEr2702 welcome to the thread, please come often and share with us more about our beautiful actress.

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  3. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    visite lovekimhyunjoo.blogspot for more pics of Hyun Joo unnie

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  4. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    some new pics 

    KBS Lady Action ep 2

    credit to baidu

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  5. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    ​that is a show of Model Jang Mi Ra, Jang Mi Ra was at the action show, when she left the school, she saw Kim Hyun Joo coming to the school, so Jang Mi Ra went to greet Kim Hyun Joo

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  6. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    Korean actress volunteers in Nepal, gets caught in 2nd quake 
    When she heard about the earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, actress Kim Hyun Joo knew what she had to do.
    The 38-year-old rearranged her work schedule, just so she could fly to Gorkha on Monday (May 11) night to volunteer for a week. 
    But the Korean beauty, best known for her Cinderella-like role in Korean dramas Glass Slippers (2002), had to temporarily stop helping others - and take shelter too - when the second quake hit yesterday (May 12).
    BBC News reported that yesterday's 7.3-magnitude tremor near Mount Everest left at least 48 dead and 1,000 people injured.
    The first 7.8-magnitude tremor killed more than 8,000 people.
    Korean news websites K-pop Herald, Yonhap News Agency and Allkpop reported she is safe and has since resumed with medical care and life-saving supply distribution.
    Kim, a graduate of Dankook University, is famed for her interest in charity work.
    She is in Nepal through Good Neighbours, an international non-profit humanitarian organisation that focuses on child education, community development and emergency relief projects.
    The outfit has fundraising offices in Korea and the US.
    A spokesman for Good Neighbours said: "Kim Hyun Joo expressed an interest in flying to the region as soon as (she heard about) the earthquake."
    Besides supply distribution, she also reports on the condition of children whom Good Neighbours support.
    Kim Hyun Joo is one of the aid workers in Nepal helping the earthquake victims. PHOTO: GOOD NEIGHBOURS WEBSITE
    Yesterday afternoon, she was with a 15-member medical team heading to an area outside Gorkha when the earthquake struck.
    The Good Neighbours spokesman said today:
    Sources: BBC News, K-pop Herald, Allkpop, Yonhap News Agency
    - See more at: http://www.tnp.sg/news/world-news/korean-actress-volunteers-nepal-gets-caught-2nd-quake#sthash.nof2YxCX.dpuf
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  7. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    @tunquat yeah KBS lady action just has 2 eps, the first ep is about they are learning action, the 2nd ep was the water vs fire. which Kim Hyun Joo chose water, then they practise for their short movie, and that is it. The show is too short, i thought I would see her every weekend too, but too bad it only has 2 eps.
    @JeanStar thank you so much for the news dear, i think they would stay longer than their schedule, like it stated in other news, but i hope Hyun Joo unnie would have a great time helping people there, I hope she comes back safety and I bet people in Korea admire her a lot. 

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  8. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    yeah I hopr she joins more variety shows, love her personality on shows. She is so out going and she can hang out with everyone. Too bad lady action just has 2 eps. huhu

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  9. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    @tunquat she is also my idol and a star who I want to be like. I hope to hear more news from her. I think that people in de entertainment industry are admiring her.
    Do you watch her new show Lady Action, she is funny in that show right?? love her on the show so much.

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  10. LHRCN added a post in a topic: Kim Hyun Joo 김현주   

    More news from Nepal, I hope she is Ok and hope she comes back safety, I love and admire her so much.
    Actress Kim Hyun Joo revealed to have taken shelter during Nepal's second earthquake while volunteering
    Actress Kim Hyun Joo proved to be beautiful both in and out as it was revealed by the International Organization of Relief and Development, Good Neighbors, that she had arrived in Gorkha, Nepal on the night of May 11 to volunteer her services for a week.  
    However, she experienced some bumps in her service trip as on the afternoon of May 12, she was heading out of Gorkha to a more damaged area with 15 members of the medical team when another earthquake hit.  As a result, they had to quickly evacuate to a safe location.
    Good Neighbors had a phone conversation with Yonhap News, revealing, "We just managed to get in contact with the people there.  We've confirmed that they are all safe. As the area has falling rock, we plan to be on standby until stability is secured."
    Meanwhile, this is the second devastating earthquake within a matter of days in Nepal, this earthquake registered a 7.4 on the richter scale and caused a landslide.
    credit to Allkpop

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