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  1. HERMIT added a post in a topic: Teacher naively agrees to let students watch 'Fifty Shades of Grey' in class   

    The principal shouldn't punish them with anything.

    Judging from the subject matter of the movie, I imagine disciplinary action is probably just what the students want.
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  2. HERMIT added a post in a topic: Starbucks manager had a total meltdown in front of customers   

    Interesting video.
    I always wondered what happened to Rosie Perez because I hardly see her in movies anymore.
    I guess she works at Starbucks now.
    Well, used to.
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  3. HERMIT added a post in a topic: Woman accused of removing dead rival's body parts rearrested   

    I don't know why, but this story reminded me of how some people at Hometown Buffet handle the food with their bare hands instead of using the proper utensils or tongs.  Like this story, it's just rude and inconsiderate.
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  4. HERMIT added a post in a topic: China teacher allowed to give birth and ordered to abort   

    Man, the fact that there is a multitude of differing rules for various places/regions has got to be mind-boggling.
    "Hey HERMIT, why are you moving?"
    "Because I can't have sex here."

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  5. HERMIT added a post in a topic: Boy shoots through window, kills friend trying to wake him   

    Well, that was one hell of a wake-up call.
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