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  1. HERMIT added a post in a topic CALLING ALL GUYS!   

    Thanks to restraining orders, not as much as I used to in the past.
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  2. HERMIT added a post in a topic I try to socialize with people and it turns awkward!   

    I encounter the same kind of problems as you when I attempt to socialize.
    This is why I invested in an air horn and a taser.
    Depending upon the situation, I resort to using either one of these two things to kinda help dispel the awkwardness.
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  3. HERMIT added a post in a topic Girls, what's your minimum height requirement to date?   

    So if I'm reading this correctly, you would consider dating a guy that was 4'10" tall?
    Because once he puts on the 5 inch heels, he'd be about 5'3" and therefore now taller than you.

    Cool, because that means I might have a chance.
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  4. HERMIT added a post in a topic Residents queued for hours to eat at Myanmar’s first KFC outlet   

    I can only imagine how long the queue was for the toilets after the people ate there.
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  5. HERMIT added a post in a topic Good-looking gorilla has crowds going gaga at Higashiyama Zoo   

    As a male, I'm personally more interested to visit the camel exhibits to check out their toes and figure out what all the hubbub is about.
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  6. HERMIT added a post in a topic Top 5 Places You Want to Go?   

    Holy crap ... Jung?
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  7. HERMIT added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..whining Allowed.   

    I'm guessing he's referring to the playing of the national anthem before the Women's World Cup semi-final between the US and Germany - which was played up in Montreal, Canada.  (U.S. won 2-0 to advance to the final. Yay!)
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  8. HERMIT added a post in a topic Top 5 Places You Want to Go?   

    1. De Wallen - Amsterdam, Netherlands.  I've never had a better plate of shawarma since I left this place. But it's probably just the cannabis talking. The nearby Heineken brewery calls - I wouldn't mind touring that place again.
    2. Corcovado - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I want to look up at the majestic sight and just say "Jesus Christ."  And it would literally be true.
    3. Burj Khalifa - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  I guess I just want to seriously put my fear of heights to the test.  I just hope Vin Diesel doesn't crash his car onto the floor I might happen to be on.
    4. Nana Plaza - Bangkok, Thailand.  The cats here could very well kill my curiosity. But my curiosity still remains.  (Is nana44 from here?)
    5. La Rambla - Barcelona, Spain.  Sitting outdoors with some tapas and San Miguel, people watching and enjoying the atmosphere.  Sounds good right about now.
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  9. HERMIT added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..whining Allowed.   

    Went to see Ted 2 this afternoon.  OMG, who the hell brings under-10 year olds in to watch this movie?
    I swear, these two grandma types brought in their brood of about 5 to 6 kids in to watch this movie.  And they sat right next to me of all places.
    For those who already watched this know how obscenity laden the dialogue was from the get-go.  It was cringe-worthy, I tell you.  I didn't know who to feel more embarrassed for - the kids for being shell-shocked by the language and subject matter - or the the adults who probably thought this might have been a good kids movie about a seeming adorable bear.
    (Although, it was hilarious at one point in the film where the distinctly loud and unexpected laugh from a little kid came during a sexually-suggestive sight gag scene. It actually made the scene all the more funny for the rest of the adults in attendance.  I guess it's true, maybe these kids are a lot more wise in their years than we were when we were their age.). 
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  10. HERMIT added a post in a topic Officials: Shark attack victims were in waist-deep water   

    I wonder if they boy happened to be a short 16 year old or if the girl was a tall 12 year old for both to have coincidentally been in "waist deep" water.
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  11. HERMIT added a post in a topic Zoo Employee Receives Backlash For Viral Facebook Caption   

    Geez, the girl should accept being fired instead of standing by her resignation.  That way, she can collect on unemployment.
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  12. HERMIT added a post in a topic Police Shut Down Girls' Lemonade Stand for Ridiculous Reason   

    This reminds me of when I set up a Coke stand and the cops came and arrested me.
    I guess my sign should have said that I was selling by the can instead of by the bag.
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  13. HERMIT added a post in a topic No joke: Emerson College in Boston to offer major in comedy   

    I showed up in person to enroll but they just laughed at me.
    I think that in itself should qualify as grounds for acceptance.
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  14. HERMIT added a post in a topic 23-year prison sentence for woman in slow cooker death   

    I think it's only 23 years considering the circumstances of the crime.
    In this case, she'll probably be imprisoned in a sauna-like cell under purposefully raised uncomfortable heat.  The slow-cooker like process will have her feeling like it was 50 years when she gets out.
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  15. HERMIT added a post in a topic Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide   

    That's cool.
    With that said, let the exodus of homophobes move down into Mexico instead.
    Now watch the Mexicans build a wall at the border.  Oh, the irony.
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