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  1. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    Hi everyone! I've watched ep. 10 with subs and it was a more interesting episode than ep. 9. I particularly liked that IA was going to let Madame Butterfly's son go because she knows he is a good person and is innocent in all this. It showed that she had matured a bit and wasn't so keen on revenge that she would do anything and harm anyone for it. This was further proved by the fact that she didn't make a scene when the General and his daughter came to pick KH up. I like that she decided to trust him and didn't whine like she did before. Judging by the preview it seems KH will find out about IA and the PM's son next episode and after that he seemed to respond to the General's daughter more... I wonder if that will be the reason they will break up... though it might mean nothing since previews are frequently misleading. I continue to like the PM. I'm glad he isnt hungry for power and he seems to care about his children's happiness more than his position. I also found his comeback to his wife funny when he told her maybe she should go find the traitor since she is so cunning or something like that. I just wish he were a little more useful, since while he doesn't agree with his wife, in reality he never really does anything to stop her... Oh, I also think he doesn't know about IA's mother's death. When his wife said she had only laid hands on one person, that person being his woman and he asked what did she do, she quickly corrected herself and said she had made her leave or something to that effect, so I think he might still believe them to be alive together somewhere..I agree with @valsava that IA should tell the truth to the press about the PM's son and not take the blame herself but I wonder if a love scandal might not be even worse for her career? Maybe it would be best if she told them she was attacked by antifans or something and spin this so that she could get the public's sympathy. Madame Butterfly really is crazy! She even wanted to pour acid on her face! And to think that IA had just told her son to go back, so if she had done nothing everything would have gone back to normal probably... I just hope IA gets to finish her movie and become rich and famous like she deserves and she won't lose everything she just worked hard for. @xopo17 The dialogue between KC and PM's daughter was funny! Especially the mummy part! lol But for me, the funniest moment of the episode goes to the ahjumma who now owns IA's old house, after KH and M. Butterfly's son go asking for IA and she says something like "Young stapping men keep coming to the house. This house really must have belonged to an actress". LOL )And I agree with you about M Butterfly's son's song thing too. Not only is his english funny but apparently he only knows one song - "Knocking on heaven's door". lol He was singing that same song the first time we see him I believe.. )
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  2. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    @xopo17 Thank you for the detailed description! I can't wait to see the episode now! I always like the scenes when KC, KH and IA are together, though the two brothers always end up fighting in the end... Lol at KH being kept prisoner by the General and his daughter!  ) Apparently someone has to get hurt in every episode and this time it was IA's turn... I've seen the preview for ep. 11 (thank you @maria9b7) and she seems to be in pretty bad shape. It must not be easy to film those scenes. I'm so happy IA prepared a room for KC with all his things! 
    About the off topic thing, maybe someone didn't like me comparing the comb scene with something from another drama... I just found it funny, the things they use in kdramas to fight the bad guys. I'm sorry if anyone thought it didn't belong in this thread.  ^^
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  3. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    @xopo17 Lol! I had noticed the pink comb but then I forgot about it while watching the fight. Powerful weapon indeed! "I'm gonna comb your hair to death!"  ) Pity they didn't show us him fighting with it...he could have been like LMH in City Hunter fighting with a spoon. Another funny moment was when KC gave the PM's daughter the toilet paper while they were having lunch. lol
    Did ep. 10 finish airing already in Korea? How was it? Better than ep. 9? Is IA's house nice? I hope they are all gonna live there together like they did in the old times though I doubt that will happen...  
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  4. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    Hello everyone! I've just finished watching ep. 9 and I guess you all were right. It's not really my favourite but it's a good episode nonetheless. Don't really have much to comment on though... The last scene was really symbolic of the 3 leads relationship wasn't it? KH hurt in the jeep with the General and the daughter, IA running after him and KC running after her... There weren't a lot of lighthearted scenes this time but I found it funny when IA and KC were in the car and they were reminiscing how KH would play Joseph and Jesus in their school plays while IA would play the part of the fallen woman and KC would play the shepard or the man who threw stones at her. lol!
    @xopo17 Thank you for the behind the scenes pictures! Glad they are having fun on the set! CIP in the bottom picture is seated as if he were on a throne not a swing while RSY is acting like a little kid. lol

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  5. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    Hi everyone! I haven't seen today's episode yet but just by reading everyone's comments I'm happy that KC rescued KH just as we all predicted and we finally see some bromance scenes. Judging from everyone's response this episode wasn't so exciting but I like the preview for ep. 10 (thank you @maria9b7). There are a lot of scenes with our 3 leads together which are always my favorite and does Madam Butterfly do something to IA in the end? Is that why KC is so upset?! Will have to wait for tomorrow for the subs to understand better. 
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  6. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    @andy78 Thank you for the character descriptions! I wonder if they will stay true to them though...sometimes the characters seem to change from what they were described to be before the drama airs. I wonder what they mean with IA "she will show great motherhood"? Does it mean she will have a child? If so I wonder who will be the father... I hope KH doesn't become a "cruel and ambitious man". Till now he hasn't been cruel just ambitious... They don' say much about KC except that he will "show a man-love" for IA till the end. Lol! I don't know why but I find that sentence funny. Does that mean that he will hide his love for her till the end? Nooooooo! She'll never recipricate if that's the case!@mslee I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said in your post! I don't understand why KH treats his brother so badly. He cares more about IA's family than he does his own brother! And that was true even before the father's death. Remember when he came back and told KC not to take IA down with him? And from what IA and KC said when they were reminiscing he didn't believe in his brother even when they were kids... I fear this will only get worse as the drama progresses but I hope they'll have a better relationship in the future. I also like the General's daughter and KH together for some reason. And I agree about the PM's daughter and KC, as I already mentioned in another post. She seems far too desperate to catch his attention and her way of flirting is too childish for my taste. She looks more like a younger sister to me so I hope they just stay that way and they limit their scenes together. On the other hand, IA and KC who should have a sibling-like relationship since they grew up together are just on fire when they are together! lol@valsava I think KH will marry the General's daughter whether he wants to or not. I don't know what will finally push him to dump IA but I'm sure we are getting there. I feel a bit sorry for him because he does seem to love her a lot and he is trying to hold on to her by repeteadly telling the General and his daughter he loves someone else but eventually somethng will happen that will either make him mad at IA or the General will "make him an offer he can't refuse". lol
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  7. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    I forgot to add one more thing. Did you guys notice that IA is now wearing KC's necklace? I know she thinks KH left it for her but still I do believe that's a sign! lol KH has already noticed though I wonder why he didn't ask her about it (he probably didn't have time since he was leaving for the States the next morning)...I wonder when KC will see it and if he will tell her it's from him though I'm guessing he won't find out or he won't tell her so soon...
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  8. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    Hello everyone! Hope you all had a nice start of the week! I can't believe it's only monday and we still have to wait 5 more days for a new episode! I'm sorry about the arguments that have been going on in this thread. Hope it's behind us now so that we can go on to discuss this beautiful drama together! 
    So, as usual I've been rewatching parts of the old episodes while I'm waiting for saturday and I wanted to comment on a few things. First of all, while I like IA as a character and thought the face-off with the Iron Butterfly at the end was great, I found her silly and annoying in ep. 8 when she wanted to cause an accident to kill PM's son. I understand that she has a temper but I hope she uses her good brain in a better way to seek revenge in the future, instead of taking it out on an innocent young man. Secondly, I agree with you all in thinking that the Kingmaker is actually the son's father and he obviously has been working with the Butterfly. A pity they didn't marry they would have made a perfect couple! Both cunniving and evil they would have been unstoppable! As far as IA's father is concerned, I like the PM, he seems to be a good father and I kind of feel sorry for him, though I'm curious to know if he was married before he met IA's mother or not. I know he will find out about IA in the future, I just hope he actually gives her a hand when he finds out the truth.
    Concerning KH and the general's plans I have a question. Are they trying to get rid of the military government? Is that what their secret mission is about. Or are they simply trying to get the US government's support so the General can become the next President? I confess that part sort of went right by me I wasn't paying much I wanted to clarify that I actually like KH as a character a lot and I've liked the actor since 18 vs 29 (though the little fashbacks at the end were my favourite part of that drama lol). He is smart and collected and his idea of revenge is probably smarter than IA and KC's at the moment, but I don't like the way he acts towards his brother. He's always mad at him and accusing him of their father's murder, as if KC wasn't feeling guilty enough as it is. And why was it KC's fault that IA was drunk? I don't like that he seems to care about IA more than his brother and doesn't even ask him about what happened to him but just assumes he's been fine and even told him he looks as if he just came from a vacation! I guess their relationship will get even worse when/if IA and KC become a couple... sigh! Give me my bromance! lol
    Lastly, I wanted to say once again how cute the drinking scene (and the one at the house that precedes it) between IA and KC is! With subs it's even better!  Turns out KC used to steal a lot of stuff for IA even kittens, and chicks! lol How can one not root for him to get the girl of his dreams! If the writer doesn't intend for them to get together in the end then she is seriously torturing us by showing us these scenes! Someone already mentioned the way he looks at her but did you guys notice his voice changes too? It becomes so sweet when he kneels down beside her! Sorry if I'm fangirling too much but I simply love those two together! For a second I actually thought he was going to kiss her when she told him she would have buried him in her heart forever! I hope one day soon she will realize how much he loves her and love him back the way he deserves!
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  9. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    I was just skimming through the raw (I wanted to wait until tomorrow for the subs but I couldn't lol) and I needed to say this: how cute was the drunk scene between IA and KC?! I love these two sooooo much! And the flashback was so sweet! He stole a teddybear for her! How cute is the girl who plays little IA?! The way she got all mad when the ahjussi was beating KC up and bit him! lol The scenes between these two are the best for me and I hope we'll have many more in the episodes to come. More flashbacks would be good too! I don't mind if the love between them is a slow-burn as long as we have more scenes of them together like this one. They are so confortable with one another! I don't think I've seen them laugh so much with anyone else. A pity KH had to ruin the moment...
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  10. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    @AlanR It seems like KH to me. In the behind the scenes video there was a scene were he was badly hurt and I don't think it was shown in ep. 8 so maybe it's in ep.9 or 10. Judging by KC look of surprise it would seem he is someone he knows so I'm thinking it's KH, though I have no idea why that is happening since I need to see ep. 8 with subs.
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  11. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    @EmoA Thank you for the behind the scenes video! Did they ask the HJE if she liked KH or KC better? Can anyone translate that part? I so wish I could understand korean! They all look so cute in that video! Even the general tickling KH's feet! lol@maria9b7 Thank you for the preview!
    I'll comment on ep.8 tomorrow after I have seen it with subs but I agree that KH isn't treating his brother well. I can understand his initial reaction. I would be angry too if my brother, whom I thought was dead, didn't tell me he was alive but even before that he only seemed to care about IA and not about KC. I wonder if he knows KC has feelings for IA and maybe that's why he is always telling him to stay away from IA? Btw, I agree with everyone who said KC loves IA more. I love the way he looks at her! That's why he'll probably get the girl in the end intsead of his brother. I wonder when IA will find out the necklace she found was from KC. I bet that'll be important for them later on.
    After watching ep. 7 I continue not to like the PM's daughter. The actress is pretty but I don't understand why the character has to act like a kid. It's like her idea of flirting is picking fights with KC, but it's not the chemistry-laden bickering leads usually have, it's the annoying kind. I like her brother so much more. He seems sweet and funny. I hope for his sake that PTY is not his father though the signs seem to be pointing that way. How can such a caring boy come from those parents?! lol

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  12. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    @pandavin Thank you for the screencaps! @maria9b7 Thank you for the videos!
    After seeing these I can't wait to the see episode tomorrow! I'm so happy IA and KC have met! @valsava I agree with you, their chemistry is awesome! I haven't seen the elevator scene yet but their meeting was more than enough! I doubt they will kiss in the next 3 episodes but that doesn't mean they won't share a loveline later. This is a long drama so it's more than possible that they make us wait for them. I read one of the first synopsis and it seemed as if GC is the main lead because it said he was determined to love his brother's former flame for all of his life or something along those lines, so if that's true I'm sure they will happen sooner or later! 
    I hope IA and Madame Butterfly's son (btw I love the name like the character from Puccini's opera lol) don't actually marry. I'm ok with her using him for revenge but marriage would be a bit much, especially if he actually IS her brother. lol But we'll see...
    @mydream8 Do you mean the korean version of My Grandfather's clock? I don't think this version has been released yet...
    @mslee That show has become such a mess! Btw I'm glad that in kdramas women don't sleep with both brothers! Lol!
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  13. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    @valsava I agree about the general's daughter. She is cute sometimes and I'm glad she told IA that KH went to America. I hope that if she and KH do get married he'll grow to love her. She seems so much better than her mother! 
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  14. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    Finally I'm back so I could watch ep. 6. It seems we were misled and KH and IA didn't sleep together. I'm glad since I guess that's a sign KC and IA will end up together! I doubt the two could have been a couple if KH and IA had slept together (this is not the vampire diaries lol). And IA found KC's necklace in the morning! That must be a sign! I mean first nothing happens with KH and then she finds KC heart necklace! It must mean that it's not meant to be with KH and KC is her true love (or maybe it's just my wishful thinking lol) I know KH will leave IA for his ambition so I hope he does it soon so she can move on since I believe it will take some time for her to get over him. Judging by the preview it seems KH and KC finally meet! I hope IA is there as well. I just want more scenes of them together! I don't know if IA will seduce the PM's son...In the preview it seems as if he is interested in her after reading about her in a magazine doesn't it? So maybe she just uses tat to get close to the family.
    @Bijan630 Hi! I totally agree with your post. A lot of people seem to dislike IA but I don't. I know she is impulsive and is in part responsible for what happened to everyone but I can see why she did what she did. I hope she becomes powerful and takes revenge on the people who killed her mother and cousin. KH is already starting to show signs of falling for the general's way of thinking (career over love), but he'll regret it once it's too late. I love KC and I agree he will ONLY love IA...I believe the title comes from his endless love for IA.
    @mslee I like the general's daughter too (when she is not pretending to be sick! She is very funny sometimes and she seems harmless.I actually like her more than the PM's daughter! I might be the only one lol! Everyone seems to like her yet I immediately disliked her and I absolutely don't want her with KC. lol I hate weak spoiled girls and she picked a fight with KC for no reason as far as I'm concerned so unless she changes in the next episodes I'll stick to shipping KC and IA. They are my OTP.
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  15. ginny_86 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Endless Love 끝없는 사랑   

    Oh and I forgot to add one more thing. All this talk about the Korean Tess is starting to freak me out! I mean that story doesn't exactly have a happy ending! I just hope IA's life isn't really supposed to parallel Tess's story or that would be too tragic (though there weren't any brothers there so maybe we are safe lol)
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