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    Usually hyperpigmentation will fade over time but depending on the person the time and speed of the process will differ, you can use different products which will help in the process
    some natural remedies are lemon juice, you apply it for 10 minutes and wash it off because it's too harsh to keep on your skin for too long
    there are also loads of 'whitening' products out in the market especially if you live in Asia, don't be scared of the word 'whitening' it potentially only means 'brightening', unless you use it over a long period of time your face will not have dramatic whitening effect
    ones I recommend are the Laneige white plus renew line, this really helped me with my hyperpigmentation fade much quicker and making my skin look brighter and more translucent overall
    another product I recommend for stubborn on scars, say you only have one or two scars on your cheek is to apply organic rosehip oil with a q-tip on the scar
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