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  1. snguyenova added a post in a topic: [Current Thailand Drama 2014] Love Sick The Series   

    Hello everyone, posting here for the first time =)
    I have just recently stumbled upon this thread and the Love Sick series. I am enjoying both very much.

    I am very grateful to @skeletonworks for opening this thread. Glad to see you and @uglypearl again
    Cannot even express how much I appreciate @kudaranai 's work and effort in translating the novel, as well as @Aekiokung 's willingness to share HIS awesome spoilers. Thank you. You guys rock! =)
    @ohgeorge, thank you for translating the interviews with White and Captain
    @Jie, I enjoy your analysis very much. Please keep them coming
    @lovesickcraze, thank you for letting us know about the FaceQ...such a cute app
    Thanks @everybody for spoiler/news/info about LS.

    Funny thing is, 2 weeks ago I sat down with my little sister to watch LS and the first line me and my innocent sister heard was Phun's 'Be my boyfriend' followed by Noh's 'Go ---- yourself'.Heh (we started with ep 2 and actually watched ep 1 only after finishing ep 7). She obviously got over her initial shock, because now she's full on Pang mode and fangirls over Phun&Noh like there's no tomorrow. Anyway..I told her you guys will probably reach 400pgs today, so she made this banner (thanks to @lovesickcraze) in order show our support for LS and the thread. She says hi

    400 pages! Congratulations & Thank you @all for the posts and your overall contribution to this amazing thread. I didn't mention so many contributors who keep this thread growing every day..Thanks to every member here :-bd

    *back to lurking mode*
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  2. snguyenova added a post in a topic: [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ   

    - Jung Woo syndrome -

    Male fans when diagnosed with one

    And when a fanboy gets more than just a free hug


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  3. snguyenova added a post in a topic: Jung Woo 정우   

     - Jung Woo syndrome -

    Male fans when diagnosed with one

    And when a fanboy gets more than just a free hug

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  4. snguyenova added a post in a topic: Jung Woo 정우   

    My brief summary of the interview with JW, YYS and SHJ:

    The guys kept commenting on how good-looking SHJ is.

    They talk about their free hugs events. A lot of fans came to show their support. The MC says there was a fan who knelt in front of JW, he says he knelt with the fan.

    She asks how they felt when they were told their AM 94 nicknames.
    YYS says it sounded fine at first but when he realized he would be called 'Bong-ah', then not so much. Jung Woo was laughing mockingly: 'BONG-AH, Bong-ah...' (Lol, says the guy whose nickname was Trash)

    X O questions
    First: My looks are better than others' from the cast
    All: X

    Jung Woo thought SHJ would pick himself, but SHJ explains that he ranks Baro the first, then YYS, and that's when Jung Woo throws his board away in frustration. Hehe

    2nd question is about their bodies
    Jung Woo: "If it's 'body' then"… and raises O. :\">

    The host wants YYS to answer honestly (he raised O) and he says that since his character in the drama was an athlete he would say that his is better. However, he also says that he saw Jung Woo's old photos where his abs were really impressive and nothing to joke about. Jung Woo gets embarrassed when YYS says that the editing would later make that photo appear on screen and tries to erase the invisible photo. XD

    The MC heard about 'Jung Woo, the backbone beauty' which cracks him up. He also gets teased about it by YYS and SHJ

    The last question: I am better in kissing scenes than others..
    Jung Woo stays neutral, while YYS and SHJ raise Xs.

    Jung Woo tries to be serious when explaining the technique and his approach when doing kissing scenes. The MC doesn't really get what he means. I think it's hilarious how he uses his hand to stress his point.

    The whole time YYS and SHJ can't stop laughing at JW. He scolds them for turning him into a weirdo.

    Now Jung Woo's turn to tease YYS. There was an article about YYS 'naughty hands'/bad behavior during skinships. He wasn't aware of it at first but then found out about it in the news. YYS doesn't know how to defend himself (also it's JW's payback time and he's enjoying it, haha), so he just says: I am not a bad guy.

    The guys say goodbye into the camera.

    YYS uses satoori to give his greetings and the MC remarks that it's better than Jung Woo's accent. Jung Woo's like: "Really? What exactly are you doing right now?!" before laughing out loud. XD

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  5. snguyenova added a post in a topic: [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ   

    Edit: now I see that @blue_angel_1004 has already explained everything. Sorry I didn't see your post until now. And thanks for explaining the meaning of words from the proposal.

    @Luna and @old_soul , I'll try to explain further from where you left off about Trash's proposal.

    They say that as a parent, at some point or another, you will loose your daughter because when a girl gets married she becomes a daughter to the family she marries into. She would go to live with her husband and his family. This, we know is common even now, especially in eastern Asia. In olden times it's been preferred to bear a son rather than having a daughter, because sons carry on the family name into next generations. Parents never loose a son; the oldest one in particular bears a responsibility towards his parents. Therefore it's not unusual that a married couple moves in with husband's family, which can be considered as part of filial duty. However, for younger sons like Trash and Pasha oppa, whose burden of responsibility is lighter than their hyung's, it would be quite normall to live separately from their parents after marriage, .

    Anyway, it is true that both phrases that Trash used when proposing to Najeong meant 'getting married', but I tried to elaborate on the meaning behind the words and the fact that while one was a question, the other one was more of a request.

    Trash: 오빠한테 시집올래 [oppahante sijib oollae]

    1. 오빠한테 [oppahante] ~ to oppa  
    오빠 {oppa}
    한테 {hante, "to"}

    2. 시 집 가다 [sijibgada] ~ to get married (for a woman)
    시집 {sijib, "the husband's house"}
    가다 {gada, "to go"}
    'sijib gada' literally means 'coming to the in-law's/husband's house' and is used when a woman gets married because in former times, she would go to live with her husband and his family.
    (오빠한테) To Oppa  (시집올래) will you get married? ---> Will you get married to Oppa?

    In episode 12 Trash's mother complimented Dad and Mom by saying that Najeong had grown up and is ready for marriage.
    시집보내다 [sijibbonaeda] ~ to marry off (a woman)
    보내 {bonae, "to send"}
    'sijib bonaeda' literally means 'to send off to the husband's house'
    She also asks Najeong very similarly to how Trash and Pasha Oppa asked her:
    Masan Omma: 우리 집에 시집 안 올래 [uri jib e sijib an oollae]
    우리 집에 {uri jib e, "into our house"}
    시집 안 올래 [sijib an oollae, "will you not marry"]
    ---> 'Won't you marry into our house?' She then added: "Ajumma will treat you well"

    Trash: 오빠랑 결혼해 주세요 [opparang gyeorhonae juseyo]
    결혼하다 [gyeorhonhada] again, means 'to marry'
    literally: 결혼 {gyeorhon, "marriage"}
    하다 {hada, "to do"}
    (오빠랑) with Oppa (결혼해) do a marriage (주세요) please (in jeondal therefore a formal proposal)
    -----> Marry Oppa, please]

    My understanding of Korean language is limited, but I still remember when I heard Trash's proposal for the first time. Notice how he stops each time after 'oppahante' as well as 'opparang'. He stresses what his words mean when proposing. The first time he's asking her to get married to him and I think it very much reflects their oppa-dongsaeng relationship as it mirrors the time he asked her jokingly, back then when they were just Oppa and Jeong. The second time he delivers his proposal formally which is not only an appropriate way to propose, but is also telling of the fact that he sees her as his equal partner. I think that the proposal proves he recognized her as his other half during her visit in Busan. He emphasizes 'with me' and continues: 'please let's marry (do this together)'. Also, how silent Najeong is the whole time, how she let's him do the talking while having that knowing look on her face, all that just makes the moment perfect.

    I know that they broke up later since Trash didn't know how to burden her however, the fact was that the foundation of their relationship had been and would always be the oppa-dongsaeng bond. I guess you can shake heads at his decisions but maybe you shouldn't blame him for choosing not to burden her. That's what parents and older siblings do, they shield their loved ones from hurt and pain. That's how oppas, unnies, hyungs, noonas are or at least should be. And with no doubt, Trash was a great oppa to Najeong, which was one of the reasons why she loved. Just as any older sibling, by default he had been 'the giver' and Nejeong was the receiver like any dongsaeng. That became a problem only when a tragic event, such as death of his mother reveled how negative could be Trash's protective tendencies.

    In my opinion there were two things that needed to be done in order solve their problem, and thankfully both did happen: First, Najeong needed to say that she had always been ready to support Trash, like being there for him and sharing his pain. She showed it in Busan with her silent suppport but it was important that she put it into words, because it was their own will that their oppa-dongsaeng relationship still existed while they were dating and that it was unaffected by their love life. Then of course, Trash needed to prove that he could be the first to ask for help in this new relationship, which he admitted with that text he sent her. The problem was never that Trash still saw Najeong as his sister he had to protect, it was that prior to the break up, they had yet accommodated their long-time friendship to their newfound partnership.

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  6. snguyenova added a post in a topic: [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ   

    old soul said:
    Can I just say I LOVE YOU, @snguyenova?  There's no button for that.  I'm touched because I get one just like Shin PD's.  @the_girl_who! and @blue_angel_1004 will be so jealous. Ha! :x
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  7. snguyenova added a post in a topic: Jung Woo 정우   

    Some habits die hard

    Or is it that he just finds everything amusing? From taxi pt2, checking a mug and camera. Lol

    Gotta love how simple he can be though. And he actually seems quite a deep and introspective guy..

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  8. snguyenova added a post in a topic: Jung Woo 정우   

    For now, this is from me for Wishers and Trash's fans  :-*
    We've got some good stuff from this interview, I must say.. So what do you think is better? Drama or Reality?

    p.s. I knew it was from ep 3! Darn! So difficult to find this scene. I ended up way in ep 11 before it hit me that Trash and Bingrae had their suit jackets on when they went for a smoke... Aigooo, my eyes @-)

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  9. snguyenova added a post in a topic: Jung Woo 정우   

    @dee_dina, I just wanted to say that I really like your avatar  :x
    I've compiled some screencaps from videos of Kim family at Myeongdong (guys (girls?) at Nareki have seen them since I posted there). Take a look:
    Trash and his two sons

    And more

    The maknae had been there at least 15 minutes before they brought him to Go Ara. He seemed very excited to meet her and the whole time was trying hard to get her attention. However, when they took him to Ara he was probably shy since he was very quiet (quite different from when he was shouting earlier so she would notice him)

    Najeong and maknae

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  10. snguyenova added a post in a topic: Jung Woo 정우   

    Hi everyone, it's so difficult to catch up with you guys here or at Nareki thread..

    I'm not sure I'll be able to backtrack all your posts, but I've watched the interview with JW-YYS-SHJ (Thanks! @the_girl_who! for the video :-*) and I liked it a lot. Just so you know, I am writing a quick recap now and will post it here later including screencaps.

    @dee_dina, @heartoppaya, like you guys, I, too, think that I'm probably the only one from my country. Hi5 to that! and let's not feel down just because of it. I actually find that fact quite encouraging for other Nareki/GA/JW fans. Hope more will join us in supporting both actors.

    @reddy1, Thanks for the info about the project. I will go through your summary later to see if there is something I can contribute with. I'm cheering for you guys, though! It's awesome how thoughtful are Nareki/Jung Woo's & Go Ara's fans. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, actually my entry for the previous project was already for both Go Ara and Jung Woo, but I wouldn't mind doing another message for them before their birthdays in February. It's actually a great idea.

    Hm, I'll probably repost this at Nareki thread since half of the post was on the upcoming Nareki project.

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  11. snguyenova added a post in a topic: [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ   

    Hehe, wanted to capture this (aka only Shin PD can get soompi's nonexistent 'triple button'):

    This is what you get, Shin PD, for making a memorable drama, being your amazing-honest self during interviews and then posing for a picture with THAT smirk~~~~~

    And you guys complain that we can't press jointly 'LOL' , 'Awesome' and 'Insightful'? The power of Shin PD proves it's possible after all! The guy scored all three at once just by being in the picture..evil mastermind that one. )

    (Posting all this while listening to Marry Me (T-Nj proposal song), so blame Nareki feels for all the crazy.  :-@ )

    Edit: Now she thinks Shin PD is 'awesome' but the_girl_who! was' LOL'ing at first!
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  12. snguyenova added a post in a topic: [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ   

    Shin Won Ho PD and his crystal-clear answers:

    class="at_ttl"'Reply 1994' Director, "Na Jung & Sseu Re Ki Were Meant To Be Together"
    Cable channel tvN's recently ended Friday Saturday drama "Reply 1994" was not a drama but a thriller. Audiences while watching "Reply 1994" kept wondering about the Sung Na Jung and Sseu Re Ki couple, and the Sung Na Jung and Chil Bong Yi couple. The ending was revealed in the final episode where Sung Na Jung and Sseu Re Ki got married.

    "The direction was always there from the beginning," director Shin Won Ho of "Reply 1994" says.

    "The direction of the love line, how Chil Bong Yi liked Sung Na Jung and Sung Na Jung liked Sseu Re Ki, has never changed. "Reply 1994," in addition to "Reply 1997," always has very direct love line embedded in the story."

    Producer Shin Won Ho adds that the reason why the drama kept going on with the triangle relationship of Sung Na Jung, Chil Bong Yi, and Sseu Re Ki was to structure the frame of the drama in an episode format.

    Will the "Reply" drama series continue? Producer Shin Won Ho says he does not know.

    "Whether we do another series or not, we will not make another drama just so that we can do another one of the series," he said, adding, "Whether I make a drama or an entertainment show, I want to make something about people. While watching people like 'Reply 1994,' which has a lot of other stories in addition to melodrama, I realized that my thoughts on making dramas on people were confirmed."
    class="at_ttl" Ko Ah Ra, “I Enjoyed Filming Fart & Kiss Scenes The Best”Actress Ko Ah Ra introduces herself as cheerful and social as Sung Na Jung of the cable channel tvN's recently ended Friday Saturday drama "Reply 1994."
    Even when she was filming her debut drama KBS's teen drama "Sharp" in 2003, she said hello to everybody in the KBS building.

    Producer Shin Won Ho of "Reply 1994" remembered Ko Ah Ra of 15 years old. He transformed Ko Ah Ra's previous image as a goddess into Sung Na Jung.

    Ko Ah Ra in the interview said, "In the first meeting with the production team of the drama, script writer Lee Woo Jung asked me, 'How will we ruin Ah Ra in the drama?' and I liked it a lot."

    Producer Shin Won Ho and scriptwriter Lee Woo Jung explained the character of Sung Na Jung to Ko Ah Ra in detail, and her personality of drooling, eating a lot, and farting everywhere.

    Ko Ah Ra replied, "This is the drama I have been waiting for. Eating a lot, farting, drooling, and the kiss scenes. I will do it!"

    A month before the filming of "Reply 1994" started, Ko Ah Ra started living like Sung Na Jung. She gained 15 pounds, and kept eating without working out to gain more weight. She cut her long hair to look more like a tomboy Sung Na Jung. She wore baggy jeans with no makeup.

    As a result of her effort to make the perfect version of her character, drama "Reply 1994" ended with the national viewing rate of over 10% and she attracted a lot of the attention of the fans and "Reply 1994" audiences.

    Hahaha this one was funny. I've noticed before that Shin PD and Go Ara were similarly straighforward with answers during their interviews but it seems they're also compatible in their twisted sense of humor. )  He casted Dohee for her thick accent and Ara because she was fine with farting.. )

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  13. snguyenova added a post in a topic: [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ   

    I've seen similar news, but don't think that these particular articles have been posted, so here you go:
    ...I really like Go Ara's fighting spirit. Hope she knows how much she's loved.

    class="at_ttl"Ko Ah Ra Cries, “Life Was So Hard Before Filming ‘Reply 1994’”

    Actress Ko Ah Ra's video prior to filming the cable channel tvN's recently ended Friday Saturday drama "Reply 1994" was released.

    Actress Ko Ah Ra in the video shared her objectives and goals for filming "Reply 1994."
    On the cable channel tvN's recently ended Friday Saturday drama "Reply 1994" which aired on January 3, 2013, the behind stories of the drama were released. On this day's episode, Ko Ah Ra appeared in her long hair to the first meeting with the production team.

    Ko Ah Ra said in the meeting, "I want to break the preconception people have about me as well. I want to break it, but I also thought a lot about whether I will be able to do it, because the image of Ok Rim from 'Sharp' was so strong," and started crying.

    Ko Ah Ra continued, "I thought about breaking the wall and rummaging through the broken walls to change that."

    class="at_ttl"‘Reply 1994’ Ko Ah Ra In Interview, “Na Jung Is Just A Start, World Is A Mystery”Sung Na Jung's first love, which she acquired after waiting a long time, is similar to the life of actress Ko Ah Ra, who played Sung Na Jung's role.

    Actress Ko Ah Ra at the age of fifteen became a national star for her role as Ok Rim in the teen drama "Sharp" in 2003. However, her life as an actress beyond 2003 was a depleted one.

    Ten years later, actress Ko Ah Ra, who was an ardent fan of "Reply 1997," took the role of Sung Na Jung in "Reply 1994." Now that she is in the second stardom, people are asking her, "What did you think about for those ten years?"

    "My heart was the same. Always," Ko Ah Ra says.

    Ko Ah Ra added, "In the future, I am going to film funnier roles than Sung Na Jung of Reply 1994. There is a mystery world that the fans and audiences do not know about inside of me."

    When the reporter asked about her future plans with dramas and movies, she said there are no confirmed plans as of yet.

    "I am reviewing all of the scripts of dramas and movies currently. Thankfully I injured my leg and have time to rest in the hospital reading scripts and books," Ko Ah Ra said.


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  14. snguyenova added a post in a topic: [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ   

    @ceressi, Thank you for the info. I hope she will recover soon.

    I am yet to watch Epilogue pt2 with subtitles but for those who have seen it, here's an article on viewers' reactions. After watching the raw, I can't say it  left me in awe, though. I think it was fine, we finally got a sweet hug from our couple (yay!), hehe, but stiill can't help but feel that even though we were shown favorite scenes, cast's commentary and funny bts, the epilogue was in a way contradicting the story of the drama.... Just me ranting ^^
    class="post-title"Reply 1994′s Epilogue left many viewers in awe
    Reply 1994 made a special broadcast of the drama’s last epilogue containing some of its best scenes and more special never before seen footages which made many of its drama’s fans be stuck in the ‘korean drama syndrome’. Many of the viewers were in tears and awe as Reply 1994 flashes them back to the 90s with a very wholesome love story.

    The staff and crew of tvN’s Reply 1994 has come up with 3 of the drama’s best scenes which made viewers crave for more. First scene considered the best is a scene that showed true and genuine friendship ties of Samcheonpo and Haetae. The scene was when the both of them were spending time together organizing things for the boarding house. They ended up mixing their things wherein this particular line became really famous, “What’s mine became yours and what was yours became mine, and now I can’t tell what’s yours-mine or mine-yours anymore.”
    Second best scene is when Chilbong came to confess his true feelings to Na Jung on New Year’s eve. Viewers left their jaws open when Chilbong snatched an unexpected kiss along with his serious love confession. The scene broke many hearts as Chilbong shows his unrequited love towards Na Jung.
    The one that made the top of the list is a scene of the “Naregi couple” (Najung and Tseuregi). The scene was shot at the hospital wherein Tseuregi/Garbage was admitted and Na Jung was lying beside him. Garbage said that his feelings are not that of just brotherly love but a love of a man.

    After revealing the best scenes, comments from some of the casts were revealed as well. Yoo Yeon Suk who played the role of Chilbong said, “I actually don’t know how to express my feelings because we received so much love. Thank you so much.”
    Jeong Woo and Kim Seong Gyoon also expressed their deep gratitude to all the people and fans that supported their drama all throughout. On the other hand, Go Ara stated that it was a happy experience for her and the ones who worked with them did a great job. She even wished they have 180 episodes if only it was possible.
    The cast and crew even celebrated their success by preparing a surprise party for everyone. The viewership rankings also showed how much of a successful drama it really was.

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