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  1. Akira53 Status Thread

    Last Updated: 7/7Please let me know when you've sent your payment or recieved your items by posting in this thread REMINDER: All cash payments must be sent within 7 days. If you need more time let me know and I may make an exception. I will PM those who I haven't recieved any payments from on day 6. I cancel the transaction if payment hasn't been sent within 7 days. PAYPAL MUST BE SENT WITHIN 48 HOURS. c= confirmed transaction, s=sent payment/package, r=received payment/package Do not buy if you can't pay!!!! transactions in Progress: marymm: Mickey mouse shirt. C8/7, S8/13 bbyxwinnie: F21 green top. C10/27, S10/30, R11/6, S11/7 Eerie: AE thongs. C2/26, R2/27, S2/29 Allthatdazzles: VSPINK 32AA Bra. C3/15, R4/1, S4/1 mslylya: Gap halter top. C8/12, R8/16, S8/16 xlxlizzaxlx : polka dot tote, Kose, Basis, Clinique DDM. C9/3, S9/9 X--Pikachoo--X: Sumbilinal Threadless shirt. C9/3, R9/8, S9/9 penguinlove: Movies Threadless shirt. C9/6, R9/12, S9/15 sweetiegrl168: F21 top. C9/14, R9/16, S9/18 cannedpeaches: Aerie bra. C9/9, Nerdyyy: Majolica Majorca mascara. C7/2, R7/2, S7/6,     swhispers: Sable es, F21 top. C8/21, R8/27, S8/31 MeriendaTime: Majolica Majorca LE. C9/11, R9/21, S9/25 agenth: Black top. C9/13, R9/14, S9/21 pandriuma: Kanebo Kate items. C10/5, R10/11, S10/15     jenniferoc: Maybelline mascara. C11/28, R11/30, S12/3 cindyhtruong : Smashbox e/s trio. C11/29, R12/2, S12/11 Jouayang94: Black tube dress. C1/23 BLACKLISTED joyousx0o: AE tube top. C4/9, R4/9, S4/12 cat.dentures: VS black hiphugger, AA bra. C5/12, R5/12, S5/13 mxzie: Kate Gel liner. C6/6, R6/16 Finished Transactions: STR8UPGSTATUS: trade Hollister Halter top for Billabong shirt. C12/02,R12/08,S12/13,R12/18,WL12/18 blueangelsll: VS Lotion. C12/08, S12/09, R12/15, S12/18, R1/12, WL1/23 baybeetx3: Wet Seal Top. C1/14, S1/16, R1/19, S1/22, R1/25 x_swt10v3: trade Roxy skirt for mac nuts. C12/10, S12/13, R1/26, WL2/26 blueangelsll: VS thong. C1/23, S1/28, R2/1, S2/7, R2/16, WL2/16 cannedpeaches: Mark cleanser. C1/13, S1/31, R2/10, S2/13, R2/19, WL2/19 eixenelyam: Coca Cola Top Red. C1/18, S1/23, R2/15, S2/23 shoegazing: Blue AE shirt. C3/7, S3/10, R3/16, S3/19, R3/24 pokieelicious: VS bra. C3/24, R3/30, R4/6, WL4/6 juicebox: Threadless shirt. C3/24, S4/6, R4/12, S4/14, 4/25 FirstTheWorst: Threadless Shirt. C4/22, R4/26, S5/2, R5/10 imurnumba1fan: Laneige Strawberry Cleanser. C4/22, R5/5, S5/8, R5/11, WL5/11 STR8UPGSTATUS: Mickey Mouse Gmarket bag. C5/8, R5/14, S5/14, R5/19, WL5/19 nganie: Kona Coffee mac nuts. C5/11, S5/11, R5/11 (PP), S5/15, R5/23 STILL NEED FEEDBACK dbsg_tvxq: HCO White LS shirt. C5/8, S5/9, R5/14, S5/14 �����‚��“����‚�š�� rain-a-sky �����‚��“����‚�š��: Threadless (Goldilocks/Death) shirts. C6/1, S6/2, R6/5, S6/6, R6/9, WL6/9 STR8UPGSTATUS: Threadless Flowers in the attic shirt. C6/12, R6/15, S6/16, R6/22, WL6/22 thinkingofyou: Grey/white Top. C6/17, R6/17, S6/19, R6/24, WL6/24 yoh: Black polka dot top. C6/23, R6/23PP, S6/25, R6/30, WL6/30 Misao: Threadless shirt. C7/6, R7/9, S7/9, R7/12, WL7/12 Gingging8: Green polka dot cami. C7/12, R7/25, S7/27, R8/2, W8/2 ilovebeingme_x : AE Grey Tank top. C7/29, R2/29, S7/30, R8/2 Real_Glamour: Paypal Service. C7/26, R8/2, S8/2 starlilguh: VS boxers. C7/22, S7/25, R7/27, S7/28 miss adorablexd: Clean and Clear oil sheets. C7/31, R8/10, S8/15 chicken_oh_so_cute: Toshiba mouse/bra. C8/13, R8/22, S8/24 juicebox: VS bra. C8/9, R8/22, S8/24 xcookiedoughx: Pink cami/white polo. C9/8, R9/13, S9/14 Jenn_ii: Target PO. C9/16, S9/17, R9/20, Ordered 9/21, R9/25, WL9/25 wistful: Missha Strawberry mask. C9/15, R9/15, S9/19, R9/22, WL9/22 bbobbo: Hakugen oil sheets x3. C9/25, S9/25, R9/28, S9/29 patn712: AE green polka dot tank. C9/19, S9/25, R9/28, S9/29 bbobbo: Oil sheets x2. C10/8, R10/12, S10/15, R10/20, WL10/20 rebecca_laaa: Avon eyeliner. C9/29, S10/, R10/3, S10/6 cornxflakes: Beige skirt. C10/23, S10/23, R10/25, S10/26 bbobbo: Oripan soap/oil sheets. C10/26, R10/30, S11/2, WL11/13 fly heart: Blue coca cola top. C10/29, R11/1, S11/2, R11/17 x3mango: Threadless shirt. C11/4, R11/19, S11/19, WL o o x CUBE x o o: Tokyo Fashion Cardigan. C11/29, R11/29, S12/1, R12/8, WL12/8 Sushi<3: Wet Seal polka dot top. C11/17, R11/21. S11/24 oh my pretty boy: VS I want candy lipgloss. C12/10, R12/14, S12/14 iPandaBear: Zipia Oatmeal shirt/black polka dot top. C12/13, R12/25, S12/26, R12/29 LaydeehTee: Kangta/Vaness Poster. C11/29, S12/12, R12/14, S12/17 ★ rain-a-sky ★: 32aa Aerie bra. C11/3, R11/7, S11/13 Eerie: Wet Seal thong, AE/F21 shorts, HCO navy tank. C1/9, R1/9, S1/10, R1/15, WL1/15 uniquesoule: F21 scarf. C12/27, R12/30. S1/2 i KITTY x3 =)*: AE tube tops x2. C1/7, R1/9, S1/10 1nsatiable: Lasenza bra (partial trade: HCO/gap tank). C1/13, S1/15, R1/22, WL1/23 babysunni: Mickey shirt. C1/13, R1/19, S1/22, R1/26, WL1/26 ms c o o k i e monster: AF Cream legwarmers (partial trade: HCO tank + $4). C1/13, R-Tank1/17, R-payment1/19, S1/22, R1/26 innosense78: Blue tube top. C1/28, R1/28, S1/29, R2/8 Eerie: AE/F21 thongs. C2/3, R2/3, S2/5, R2/8 jaehee213: Zipia tie top. C1/31, R2/9, S2/9, R2/13 mystique: Brown AE tank. C2/20, R2/21, S2/22 exoticpeach: F21 socks/cross necklace. C2/22, R2/22, S2/25 msLyn: Cooking Mama 2. C2/20, R2/21, S2/21, R2/25, WL2/25 SwEEtRoSeS90: VS bikini. C3/2, R3/6, S3/6, R3/11, WL3/11 x_love: Pink thong. C3/13, R3/17, S3/18 shaaaronz: F21 Tunic Hoodie. C3/3, R3/3, S3/4, Refunded 3/9, Received 4/3 starfishh: Zipia Ribbon Chiffon Tunic. C3/16, R3/24, S3/31 chruxsh0rtie: Dark Grey Beanie. C3/26, R4/1, S4/1 Kiooku: Aerie babydoll. C4/3, R4/6, S4/7, R4/7 summer_iris: DCH Eye strips x2. C4/8, R4/8, S4/11 penguinlove: Threadless shirt. C4/20, R4/28, S4/29, R5/4 angelkiwi350: AE denim skirt. C4/22, R4/26, S4/29, R5/3 PiffleSprite: White F21 Tunic. C5/4, R5/4, S5/5 rainymood: Threadless shirt, F21 bra, oil sheets. C5/25, R6/3, S6/4 shaaaronz: F21 Tunic Hoodie. C3/3, R3/3, S3/4, Refunded 3/9 frenz4everevils: F21 orange tunic. C6/17, R7/2, S7/8, R7/20. KiLLAH!: Thong + $3 trade. C7/20, R8/1, S8/9, R8/16 chrissatinee : Gmarket shirt. C8/12, R8/13, S8/14, S8/16, R8/18 angelkiwi350: VS/aerie undies. C8/12, R8/16, S8/16 acoustieSonia: Black leggings. C8/19, R8/25, S8/25 MarsReiko: FMA earrings trade. C8/3, R8/9, S8/16 Jbabaganoosh: True Believer. C8/20, R8/21, S8/23 KiLLAH!: Trade scarf for sunglasses. C8/31, S9/2, R9/6 { `juiicy.sausage_: MAC e/s. C6/30, R6/30, S7/1, R7/12, WL7/12 pinkstrawberrielove: TRADE Majolica majorca mascara > Smashbox ES trio/mascara. C6/23, R7/7, S7/13, R728 shopaholic_gal: Maybelline black es. C7/3, S7/4, R7/13, S7/15 faintbliss: Kanebo Kate Super sharp eyeliner, high black. C6/23, S6/25, R7/6, S7/7, R7/22     1.minute.1.second: Kanebo Kate items. C7/19, R7/21, S7/22 soul wedding: MM lip gloss. C8/1, S8/1, R8/1, S8/4 cherrierus: Majolica Majorca mascara LE. C8/24, R9/4, S9/10, R9/16 wnelek: CS primer. C9/7, R/12, S9/16, R9/26, WL9/26 clemie186: Majolica majorca mascara LE. C9/1, R9/12, S9/16, R9/30 hi_alison: Stila Starfruit lip glaze. C11/29, S11/30, S12/11, WL12.17 xxrawrxx3: Billabong hoodie. C11/29 blacklisted meilove: VS panty/NTX trio. C1/10, S1/13, R1/16 eximius: UD eyeliner. C1/10, R1/11, S1/13, R1/15, WL1/15 h0w_cute*: Sigma quad. C5/7, R5/7, S5/10, R5/14 judyjudychan: Relakkuma towel. C5/4, R5/6, S5/10, R5/17, WL5/17 jaded-elf: Heroine make BB cream C6/15, R6/16, S6/21, R7/7, WL7/7 Blacklisted Buyers eunjoooo: no payment, no replies to PMs landslyd: no payment, ignored PMs alliebear: no payment, ignores pms PrincessStorm: no payment xxrawrxx3: no payment, ignores pms Jouayang94: no payment, ignores pms Personal Orders lifeasjenn- Wet Seal PO. C11/22, PAID 11/28, ORDERED 11/28 complete lifeasjenn- American Eagle PO. PAID 11/22, ORDERED 11/22, SHIPPED 11/26 complete [.Fashion~junkie.]- VS order ($153) TEMP. ON HOLD Eerie- La Sensa PO. C1/10, PAID1/10 ($46.50), ORDERED 1/11, REFUND $42.50 complete Eerie- AE PO. C1/10, PAID 1/10 ($25.75), RECEIVED 1/22, SHIPPED 1/23 complete Eerie- VS order. C2/4, ORDERED 2/9, PAID 2/9, SHIPPED 2/19 complete lis_sing- Threadless PO. C2/22, PAID 2/26, ORDERED 2/26 complete lis_sing- Amazon PO. C2/22, PAID 2/26, ORDERED 2/26 complete Kyoko- Threadless PO ($35). C3/4, R3/8, ORDERED 3/9, SHIPPED 3/10 complete mianhae- Lulu PO ($58). C5/3, PAID 5/12, ORDERED 5/17, SHIPPED 5/21 complete abercrombie_lover- Paypal service ($55). C5/17, PAID 5/23. PAYMENT SENT 5/24 complete milkki- Yesasia PO ($49). C7/28, PAID 8/7, ORDERED 8/9, SHIPPED 8/11 Boi.- Wongfu Productions PO. C8/15, R8/30, ORDERED 8/30 Victorias Secret Order lalalinh: $51.98CC. C7/9. PAID 7/26 sweet--*: $20CC. C7/12. PAID 7/23 ORDER PLACED 7/11 ORDER SHIPPED 7/17 ORDER RECEIVED 7/19 proof ITEMS SHIPPED (sweet--*): 7/23, RECEIVED 8/7 complete ITEMS SHIPPED (lalalinh): 7/26 complete ELF Cosmetics Survey cinnamon12: $13CC PAID 3/20 complete Chii-Chan: $19CC, PAID 3/19 complete ORDER PLACED 3/8 ORDER SHIPPED 3/12 ORDER RECEIVED 3/15 proof SHIPPED PACKAGES 3/22 Strapya Survey WonderBread: $36CC PAID 5/9 complete joongified.: $24.32MO PAID 5/15 ORDER PLACED 4/28 ORDER SHIPPED 5/1 ORDER RECEIVED 5/6 PROOF SHIPPED PACKAGES (WonderBread) 5/10 SHIPPED PACKAGES (joongified.) 5/16
  2. OPI, MAC, Beauty products, Revlon-Buyerlist +86,~0,-0 -Bolded items are ones I really want -Please, NO surveys. -Post pictures and descriptions with prices.  Do NOT leave a link to your shop. PLEASE DON'T POST IRRELEVANT ITEMS.  PLEASE POST ONLY IF YOU HAVE ITEMS ON MY LIST! Galaxy SIII Mint Green cell phone case Game of Thrones Season 1 DVD set BOOKS Veronica Roth- Divergent Make-up: must be new/like new. -MAC Eyeshadow: Poison Pen,Cork Hypnotizing.  Prefer new or lightly used. -MAC Pigments: Violet, Teal..  Sample, full size, or pressed ok. -MAC 217, 222, 219, 266 brush (used/LE, Sigma equivalent ok) -DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom -Marc Jacobs Daisy (any size ok) -NARS Lipstick in Love Devotion -MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick- Bare Again, Blossom Culture, Supreme Style -L'oreal Infallible eye shadow: Endless Java, Bronzed taupe -ELF Studio Powder Brush
  3. Rules 1. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items/payments once sent out. 2. Serious buyers only!  No backing out once we exchange addresses.  I will not sell to buyers with negative feedback.  Buyers must have a minimum of 300 posts on soompi.  NO exceptions (unless you pay with paypal) because I've been scammed too many times. 3. Acceptable Payments: *Non-cc Paypal w/fee *Preferred* Paypal buyers will ALWAYS get priority. *Concealed Cash, USD or JPY.  Other currencies accepted with an additional $5 conversion charge. No coins, no change given.  AYOR. *USPS Money orders *DO NOT CONFIRM IF YOU CAN'T PAY! 4. Trading for  WISHLIST ITEMS ONLY!!  Please do not request to trade if you are not willing to purchase. 5. Prices are negotiable, but please be reasonable. 6. S/H is included to the US (first class mail).  Canada add $1, international add $2.  Delivery confirmation can be purchased for an additional $1.  Shipping can be upgraded to priority for an additional fee.. 7. I am Whitelisted and verified (+109 -0), buyer list (+84 -0) 8. Leave any questions regarding measurements, item condition, etc here!  Don't PM me. 9. Please reply to my Pms within 48 hours or your item will be put up for sale again. 10. Please ask permission before using any of my images. 11. When sending your payment (any method) please include your username (at very least) and what you ordered. 12. By confirming your order (exchanging addresses) you have read and understood all my rules.  Ask all questions before confirming. Blacklisted Buyers: eunjoooo landslyd alliebear PrincessStorm xxrawrxx3 Jouayang94 baby_kiss_04