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  1. kathymon. added a post in a topic [Opinion] That K-Pop Booty & Other Carnal Cliches: 5 Music Videos That Grossed Me Out   

    Just wanted to point out that Jay Park is no longer considered a KPOP artist, but a KHipHop artist. So standards wise, some of his songs and music videos definitely won't fit into what we know as 'bubblegum pop'. And in saying that, Mommae is a song about bodies and appreciating the body that he sees, so it would be odd if the MV didn't show some hella fine bodies.

    Don't take me the wrong way though, I definitely agree that there's a certain point where 'sex' or 'sexy' is overused in KPOP and all these sexual innuendoes need to stop. And if I'm gonna watch a MV sexualizing both women and men, I'd rather if be obvious and in my face rather than a bunch of sexual innuendoes.
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