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  1. qqq123 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] My Lovely Girl 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀   

    I definitely need to re-watch the last 3 episodes with subtitles - I see they all are already out. Still, I cannot qualify YSN's behavior as logical.
    The drama was nothing exceptional but was nonetheless nice -

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  2. qqq123 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] My Lovely Girl 내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀   

    lupita311 said: Ok, back reading I figured I might be marked off topic, but I have been watching all episodes of this drama because it is Rain, and I waited for his return to TV like the Rain.  I don't get why they gave him this drama or why this cast I mean everyone is so amateurish and the script is so boring I skipped more than 50% of it which is more than I do in some dramas, the business aspects I don't care, the father is off topic and the dead girlfriend's sister coming into his life because of the dog  is not even coherent, I don't get it.  And then L who the only thing he knows is to puff his cheeks and bite his lip when the camera is on him, that could be good as an idol,  but acting is not his forte and I don't know if he ever learn, and Krystal that I don't know who told them that no makeup and your messy hair makes you adorable... I love Rain but I am glad this drama is over if they ask me this drama  moves below plan b and that is a lot.  Now we are going to go into a time jump or maybe they are not going to be together since MY Lovely girl sounds like a memory not a pet name or who knows, but we go to time jump and a year or 4 later they see each other again and poor Rain ends up with a dud.

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  3. qqq123 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Marriage Without Love 연애 말고 결혼   

    bebebisous33 said:..., that YR was serious with JM, ... 

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