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  1. rhaps added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2016] Cheese In The Trap 치즈 인 더 트랩 | 1st Poster on pg 24   

    Hi, thx for the explanation . CITT sounds quite interesting. I guess I'll try to look for the webtoon and read some. I was attracted to it because of PHJ, but then, I got curious after reading the summary of the story which said that 'Yoo Jung has some dark secrets'. I wanna know whether he is just some kind of rebellious kid pretending to be good or whether he is involved in a more serious mater. Thx, for the info
    Yup, one of the things why I don't really like romance drama is because , usually, they are using the same formula over and over again (the girl and the guy dislike each other at first, but slowly they are attracted to each other. The main guy is an arrogant selfish jerk, the girl is spunky/badass/cute/innocent, the second guy falls head over heals to the main girl, and the second girl tries to get the main guy). That's why, I'm not interested to watch some popular dramas, despite how well-known the actors are or how good the ratings are. CITT seemed to have a good story and casts. Now, I can't wait until 2016.
    How stupid of me.@ororomunroe  posted the link to the webtoon on the first page. Thx for links  . I'll read it.
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  2. rhaps added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2016] Cheese In The Trap 치즈 인 더 트랩 | 1st Poster on pg 24   

    Hi there ...
    I rarely watch dramas, but weeks ago, I got so bored and started looking for one. Since I like action / thriller, I laid my eyes on Bad Guys and got 'impressed' (fell in love ?? *LOL*) with PHJ   . That was really the first time I knew him (and my best friend said,"And where have you been all this time??"   -- nope, I didn't watch You from Another Star ) .
    Now, I'm patiently waiting for this new drama CITT, and noticing that many people loves it. I'm curious about the story now. Is the story really good ? I'm actually not a fan of romance dramas (except for some, like She was Pretty), and I heard that CITT has some mystery and thriller too. Is that right ? I hope I can read it with English subtitle.
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  3. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    I haven't logged on to soompi for a long time, since I've finished SWWTN and I'm run out of Junki's series (I've been rewatching Two Weeks again and again .. that's the only  Junki series that I can't get tired of ). I came here just to take a peek and see how everyone was doing and, wahh .. there was this update!
    Thanks a lot to @‌fruitkatsu, @annamchoi, @donadoraxoxo and everyone who has helped and contributed to this photobook! This is wonderful!! Thanks again !
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  4. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hi gals!,
    Finally, I got back here. I haven't have the chance to watch epi 19-20 with subs, but I've watched the RAWs and read the recaps. Honestly, the last 2 episodes don't live up to my expectation. This is the first series when I don't mind if LJK's character die. Watching him defeating Gwi, after defeating his evil self, then remembering his romance with YS while smiling happily, while the cave was crumbling, I just thought that those scenes were beautiful. Even if he died, then I wouldn't mind .. coz he died after achieving his goals and experiencing happines. Then, after he came back again, I was also glad . But then, I read the recaps that they didn't even explain about how he had lived on, and why he came back after a year, etc2 ? This really reminded me of Iljimae and Time Between Dogs and Wolves. Regarding the writer is TBDW's writer, so I'm not surprised .. that is his(her?) style. Then again, I didn't like TBDW's ending because it was so ambiguous. And now, SWWTN's ending is even more ambiguous than that. This writer really has made me frustrated
    As a whole series, I'm kinda disappointed because this series has a lot potential to become good, but as @‌lho688 mentioned, there are sooo many plot holes that makes me frustrated     . So, right now, I choose the enjoy the good things about it, since it does have it's good moments The best things are the casts. Love love LJK (dunno how many times I've said it ) , and love all of the main characters. The supporting characters are also good, and perhaps this is what had made SWWTN an okay show despite the plot holes. Almost all of the casts are good and memorable. SH is the best one. Although I still prefer her to betray SY and becomes a villain, but until the end, her character really shines and is pleasant to watch. HJ is funny and refreshing. He and SH are like 2 opposite people beside SY, who give a balance mixture of seriousness vs comedy, and make SY team as a group of interesting people. Hak Kyung, Junghyun, and the Hunter are characters who only appeared shortly but still have made a memorable impressions. Love them all.
    Another wonderful thing about this show is the costume. Love love them, especially SY's and SH's. Junki looks great in a hanbok, and they are able to make him wear beautiful ones that makes him looked so handshome and charismatic. SH's hanbok are very pretty, and I sometimes rewatch her scenes just to pay attention on what she wears.
    And the next good thing about this show is this thread. It's been fun discussing her with you, gals . Thanks for all of the wonderful posts, comments, recaps, translations, memes, images, MVs, fan projects, and everything. It's been great being here . Hopefully we can meet again someday and discuss about another great series
    That's all for now. I need to read this forum backward to know what I had missed.
    It's been nice talking to you all *wave*
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  5. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hi there!
    Finally, I'm able to be back here. Then again, I thought I was the only one who's confused .. Why is SY still alive ?
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  6. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hi there!
    Haven't finished to read all of the posts from page 399, I have many things to do these weeks. I wish I could join you again here. Never thought that it's Monday already and we'll have another preview . I don't really want to see the previews this time, coz I usually avoid final episodes' preview. Well, a preview for epi 19 is okay, but dunno whether I'll watch the 20. I'm gonna miss discussing here when this is all over
    @donadoraxoxo, @annamchoi, @fruitkatsu, and other friends who help the fan project, thank you very much . Hopefully, SWWTN casts and crews, and especially LJK, love it and respond back . Perhaps they will watch the photobook together in the closing ceremony, with all the staffs and crews? It'll be amazing if they really do
    To loyal fans of SWWTN manhwa (@Kraven, @Meganeko, etc), thanks for the instightful posts. I have thought that the 2nd half of the story will deviate a lot from the manhwa, judging from HR's parts who got increased and the Hunter and SH's stories. Plus, there are quite many characters in 20 episodes, so .. yeah, I knew that it was gonna be tough to maintain the characters' development. Glad to hear that you gals still like the actors. LJK is indeed hard to resist, while LSH and Changmin are the bonuses . That's what I did to Arang. Didn't really fancy the ghosts/gouls stuffs, plus the only main character that I like was LJK, so I just watched it for him and fast-forwarded everything until I reached his parts *LOL* .
    Gotta back to work now, talk later
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  7. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hi friends!
    Havent been able to go here for a while. Just wanna say that I've watched epi 18 with subs and I love it more than 17. This is one of the best episodes of SWWTN for me, along with epi 1 and 6. The ending scene was very touching. I felt touched whilr watching the RAW, but because it has no subtitls*and I was rather sleepy*, I didnt want to be too excited.
    Now it's been confirmed  that, I really like the ending!  . LJK really can play with his expressions. That is one of the things that keeps me watching his shows. The confused and touched look on his face, along with his teary eyes  while realizing that the villagers was helping him was so heart breaking *I repeated that scene a few times*. 
    Ahh..I'll post here again later . I"m on mobile now, cant talk much. I'll spazz here again next time.
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  8. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hi there
    Just want to let you know, that we really appreciate your hard work and efforts . As you said, it's not an easy thing to gather all of people's messages and creations, then put them together into a good photobook, aside from doing daily acitivites. Really thankful for what you've done, and wish you and your family the best !
    Regarding epi 18, thx to all recappers and participants, who had done the recaps, posted the screencaps, and performed the discussion. I watched the RAW version last night, then immediately fell asleep after the show ended. I read all of your posts here while going to work and remembering what I have watched last night (still sleepy .. even at office ) . For me, the show felt good. Eventhough I didn't understand the language, but I didn't find anything that made me frustrated, like LY determining to make YS as a sacrifice or SY sneaking into the palace with 'a human's way' like what we had in the previous episodes. The plot seemed to be moving nicely, and it's refreshing to watch something new and unpredicted.
    Of course, it also helped that SY was the main highlight last night *there..there SY, don't be sad  * . LJK was just good with his expressions. LY-SY's fights to kill many vampires were also good, since I love a good fight and they made a good ones tonight *although I didn't see Gwi turn so many people into vamps .. oh well*. Regarding YS's distributing the Night Scholar's book, I dunno what to say since I didn't understand what they were saying. Then again, having the villagers not being affraid of SY was still ..well .. okay ..by me, since the little girl saw him saving the girls at the gibang *although, after seeing him with bloody mouth and looking strange the other day, shouldn't there be at least 1 or 2 villagers who was affraid of him? *.
    Anyway ..still have to watch this with subs. Until now, this episode feels a lot better than what I was worried, so hoping for a better 2 episodes next week.
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  9. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Yeah .. it's kinda frustrating, isn't it ?? I mean, that scene was cliche (I've seen it in several series) but so natural and so romantic, but they didn't use that chance to the max . I'm someone who prefer natural - sweet - touching romance, and sometimes I feel that some romance just felt 'too sweet' *well, perhaps it's just me*. Ah well, it's still sweet though.
    @valsava, do you remember that we felt the same thing near the end of Joseon Gunman ? At that time, we were gonna miss the discussion, waiting for previews, guessing games,  historical talks, memes, MV's and comments from everyone  . Now we'll say good to SWWTN thread too. Luckily, we had the fan project and had collected our memories there
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  10. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Eh .. he is wearing the clothes that he wears when he just come to, in the preview. So, after he faints, he wakes up and realizes that he is not burned under the sun. I guess the writers really try to make him human again. So, perhaps, that vaccine / antibiotik theory is true afterall
    Regarding SY vs Gwi, I love that they really tried to make it looked massive . Everytime they clashed hands or throwed punches, then the camera would be shaken .. as if the whole cave was going to crumble because of them. At that time, I thought,"Now, this is how 2 strong vampires should fight" . I hope they will do better in the last battle.
    LJK is very electric. In this episode (well, in every episode), he really shines .My eyes was literally glued on screen for him, because he is just..interesting. Then again, I love his 'kind' form better than his evil one, coz .. boy, he really looked evil . He would really nail it if he became Gwi, coz he had the evil, devilish, wicked, beastly grin on his face. He looked so convincing as a devil himself, an evil monster who was really evil. I dont like him like that, but he really nailed the character so very well. Wow.
    And his kind form was the opposite, so quite and calm and sad. I've gotta praise the make up stylish, who made them (the evil and kind version) looked so contrast in appearence. Then again, even if the make up sucks, his acting alone had shown the difference. Good acting!
    Then again, ahhhh I'm still rather frustrated about why oh why they didn't make YS vs SY longer??? That was such a good chance for a dramatic touching romantic scene! Ah well .. the existing one was already sweet though .. *but I wish it could be more *
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  11. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hi girls!
    Thanks to all recappers and translators . Really appreciate your hard works.

    Anyway, I so many things to do at work , so I just wanna say a few things  :
    - Love epi 17 : the fightings, SY kicking Gwi, LY's fights. Then again, I agree with someone here *sorry, forgot who ..* who said that she wished that the fighting of Gwi vs weak SY and SY 'vs' YS was longer and more dramatic. I also felt that it was a pity, since it would be better if we could see more of them , especially YS 'vs' SY . Perhaps if SY attacked her a bit, it would be more touching. It just felt too quick.
    - Then again, I still don't understand why Gwi wants to be King openly like that, just because  he wants everyone to serve him. Even if he was affraid that the PM would betray him, but does he expect all of the officials and soldiers to just listen to a vampire ?
    - Of all the good things in epi 17, I'm really worried about epi 18 (and 19, and 20) instead. Does LY really suggest SY to drink all of YS's blood, in order to defeat Gwi ? Coz logically :
    > when you have a drop of blood, then you'll be conscious or at least saved from the bridge of death
    > when you take of sip, then you'll be a lot stronger and going beserk -> he already defeats Gwi, actually. If LY send soldiers to shoot him at that condition, then perhaps he could die.
    > so you want him to drink all of her blood ? Seriously, after he wrongly deducted that YS should be sacrificed, now this is his new suggestion ? Even if it could be true, but then you choose to sacrifice a girl, your own friend, to proof that theory ? What if he is wrong again ? What if SY is not just becoming strong, but truly looses his mind ??
    - And does SY really leave her because of that ? Because he doesn't want to be 'another Gwi', so leaving her is the best thing to do ?
    That's all for now. I really want to post a lot .. will post here again later, though
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  12. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    I've thought about that too. Wouldn't it be cute if they get marry and have cute vampire babies with fangs? *LOL* . Anyway, if SY's blood is completely 'cured', then the chance of having vampire kids would be pretty slim, wouldn't it ?   . Hahahaha .. now I'm really curious about what the writers-nim are going to give us
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  13. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Yay! Expecting tonight's episode to be full of action and new revelations! It should worth the wait after watching epi 16
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  14. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Well, if this theory is true (if writers-nim use this theory ), then YS should have no problem. Even if she is a half blood, her human traits is obviously stronger than her vampire's (remembering my biology lesson at school) . She's just like any other human who grows old and can walk under the sun.
    Regarding Gwi, his vampire trait obviously had won over his human trait (I don't think he would ever consider to defeat his vampire's trait). He had lost his humanity and became a lot stronger than before. Gwi could also choose to become human / vampire, but he wouldn't know that. He would thought that YS's blood will give the same effect on SY (make him stronger but evil)
    And , the real answer would be in epi 17 . I can't wait .
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  15. rhaps added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    OMG, you just gave me an idea.
    What if, YS's blood does not just make him stronger, but it allows him to choose whether he can be a human or a vampire ? And that should depend on his 'human will'. If his human side can defeat his evil side (which grows a lot stronger due to YS's blood), than he will become a human. Afterall, YS's blood is a mixture of human and vampire. It's like a vaccine who can cure a disease (vampire's blood). If SY manages to keep his human traits, then his vampire trait will be 'cured'.
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