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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a student and I currently work for a company. I'm actually under a contract of 11 weeks and I only work there for 14 hours/week until the end of April (end of the contract).It is my first office job and I was wondering if I should buy a present for my supervisor/manager once my contract is over. Even though it is a short contract, I am really thankful that I got hired there because I learnt a lot of things that I didn't know. Also, should I get something for those employees who trained me too? Many of them trained me so I'm not even sure what to buy (I didn't get along with everyone though, some of them don't really like the work I did for them). Well, is it worth to buy something before leaving? If yes, does anyone have any suggestions on what to offer? Should I get something for everyone (like a huge box of chocolate that everyone can share at the office) or just for my manager? Thanks for helping ~
  2. It'd be great to tell a little bit about how your interview went and for which company/enterprise and position you applied at EDIT: Well, I guess we can't "fail" an interview I totally agree with most of the people here.   
  3. Quick survey @ Forever21 No service fee! POLICY:-Serious buyers only as always-Buyers must be buyerlisted at least 4 times to participate in this survey -Do not pm me! Post in this thread if you have any questions-Final sale, no refund/exchange.-I can cancel this survey whenever I want-Confirmation = exchange of phone number/address!-If you back out/cancel your order after confirmation, you're auto blacklisted.-Not responsible for lost/damaged items.-Montreal pick-ups only. MEET-UP LOCATIONS:-Mcgill metro station only.  ORDER FORM: Full name:Soompi ID:Email:Buyerlists proof: 1.Item:Size:Color:Qty:Price: Sub-total (w/o taxes):Questions/comments:
  4. Uneducated parents

    "Uneducated parents are the worst."What are your thoughts about that or simply uneducated parents/people? To me, it's kinda true. My dad isn't educated at all and he's terrible. He can't control his anger when he's mad, he doesn't know to say anything nice to children (he's the best at yelling at us, criticizing us, saying we're stupid) and he's obviously not supporting us at all. He's really lucky that he's married to my mom. Seriously, i just can't take his anger sometimes and wow, i can't believe i'm going to travel with him in a few weeks.I have friends who already moved out because they just couldn't take their rude parents and they are 'asian parents' with no education.
  5. ^Title says everything. (Storenvy is pretty similar to ebay/aliexpress)If yes, what do you mostly buy? Do you have any favorite stores/sellers on there?I haven't bought anything from there. Not sure if it's really worth it.
  6. This is not about love relationships/bf but about family issues. I remember posting about my brother having anger issues. Well, since last year,this brother just became worse. When he gets mad, he still breaks things. He likes to yell at my mom when she doesn't dothings for him...He even needs my mom to wake him up for school/work....Sometimes, my mom forgets about it or even remembers the wrong time to wake him up, so he gets really mad and throws things everywhere.I know that my parents have very bad parenting and i know the reasons why they aren't so good at it and i wishmy (inserts the most awful words) brother would understand that. I also wish my mom would stop doing things for him but if she does, my brother is going to go crazy and he'll think that my parents don't like him anymore -_____-(i know that because he often says it). He's not a don't talk about puberty. He's going to be 22 next year. I'm going to university soon and i've been trying to find peace at home to study but can i study when someone yells almost everytime andthrows plates on the floor? Am i being too sensitive because i get easily bothered by my brother's anger at home?I'm just wondering if there was a possibility to change my brother's behavior in some me, it just looks impossible I'm alsohoping that i'm not the only one who has to deal with such a person when i go home. Oh and i don't have enough money to live on my own too and university is already expensive as hell .
  7. Known for his various covers and his acoustic arrangements *all photos belong to Sako Tomohisa and Sony Entertainment* Official site★Blog★Twitter★Facebook★Mixi Nickname(or known as): 少年T (ShounenT) on Nico Nico Douga Real name: Sako Tomohisa Birth: December 26, 1991 Major Debut: March 28, 2012 under Sony Music Entertainment Genre: J-Pop/Ballad/Rock (actually, it could be anything)  Family: His younger brother(Malon/Maron) uploads dance cover videos on Nico Nico Douga Some covers....Check them out!(Not the complete list*) Hello, How Are You? [ハロ/ハワユ] Yurufuwa Jukai Girl [ゆるふわ樹海ガール] Chocolate train Just Be Friends Pierrot Step to you *can be easily found on youtube or on niconico  ●●●DISCOGRAPHY●●● ●●●Singles●●●Ai Kotoba 2012.03.28 Zutto 2012.06.06Tracklist:1. (ずっと) Zutto2. (君色花火) Kimi Iro Hanabi 3. (それだけでいい) Sore dake de ii Hanbunko 2012.08.08Tracklist:1. Hanbunko2. Aitakute 3. Arinko Kimi koi calendar 2012.10.03 Tracklist:1. Kimi Koi Calendar2. Mata Ashita3. Usotsuki4. Kimi Koi Calendar (Instrumental)5. Mata Ashitaa (Instrumental)6. Usotsuki (Instrumental) Bokutachi no Uta (僕たちの歌) 2013.01.10 Tracklist:1.Bokutachi no Uta2.Tsuki no Uragawa3.Hatsukoi Bye bye 2013.07.17 ●●●Albums●●● Hajimemashite 2013.02.27 ●●●Mini albums●●● Promise 2011.02.09 Tracklist:1.Promise you2.Todoke3.Piero4.Orange5.As Kimi Boku6.Fire Flower ●●●Other release●●● Spaceship (Soraru x Sako Tomohisa) 2011.01.16 Niko niko Musical "Cantarella" DVD 2011.11.09Features songs by ShounenT and Ototo no Ane
  8. my inbox doesn't seem to workMy friend sent me messages and i didn't receive any of them. When i tried to send her a message, it didn't work too(she didn't receive my msg). How can i fix this problem? or what's wrong with my acc? My inbox isn't full...
  9. Preferably black pearl bracelets. If you sell bracelets set, it's even better!! : ) Otherwise, i'm still looking for wigs (preferably short wig), mysterious eyes sweater from F21 in cream(if anyone can get it for me...srsly, i'll totally buy it), long red cardigan, H&M lace top. If you're willing to cooperate with me and order things for me, please pm me~ (i'll mostly accept whitelisted people) Thank you~!!!!!
  10. EDIT: I went and it turned out really well Thanks guys!Supposedly you volunteered for an event and you are invited to a BBQ party for all the volunteers. The problem is, you do not know anyone besides the team you've worked with but they aren't really friendly. Only your 2 leaders are 'talkable' but you didn't really get the chance to talk to them during the event but you noticed how one of your leader was quite interesting and nice but you would like to know more about her/him. Therefore, would you go to the party even though you barely know anyone there or give up on knowing that interesting person and stay at home? *Your leader is nice, polite, quite good looking and is interested in something you like too. lol..this sounds a bit weird but i'm serious, would you guys have the guts to go to the party and be open to everyone? EDIT: So the end, i decided to go and it turned out very well. The food was very good and i got the chance to talk to him. He seemed a little bit shy with strangers but i didn't mind. I talked to other people as well and had a great time. Yep, i'm pretty happy about it. Thanks guys You were all helpful! and @ NONE.LIKEYOU: "But still, socializing is good. Best to get out there and talk talk talk, because I swear being outgoing beats being shy in the long run." I totally agree. This thread may be closed.
  11. Does he need to seek some help?Sup soompiers, Not sure if this topic can go in the general discussion Anyways, I actually know someone who has serious anger issues but i'm not sure if it's alright in his case. He gets really mad for little things and when he has to repeat something he said, he starts to shout and swear and gets really annoyed. He also throws and breaks whatever it's near him(most of the time, plates or glasses >__>). When i say little things, it's like when my mom tells him to study(my mom doesn't yell at him, she just tells him very calmly), how's he doing at school,etc. Ok seriously, my mom is not even yelling at him and he goes crazy and throws everything. He finds almost everything offending. Like it was the end of the world Do you have a family member with serious anger issues ? and how do you deal with this kind of people ? It's really annoying...
  12. LATEST UPDATE : MARCH 25th.2013->BUY 1, GET 2ND ITEM 20% OFF**excluding jewelry/accessories. Lowest or equal value. [ x ] Friendly, smoke-free[ x ] Full time college student [ x ] Feel free to ask questions ! [ x ] Whitelist: {+3, 0, -0} [ x ] Buyerlist: {+7, 0, -0} **see signature for links/proof [ x ] Selling new items without tags or worn a few times only [ x ] All headers (about me&shop, rules, payment methods, order form,etc.) are edited by me. [ x ] Sorry, i do not model my items. I can take measurements upon request.[ x ] Prices are negotiable if you buy a lot. I can't negotiate for lower shipping fees... [ x ] Serious buyers only. [ x ] Ship items via Canada post (from Montreal,QC Canada) [ x ] Ship within Canada & US [ x ] Can ship internationally if you're willing to pay the extra shipping fees [ x ] All prices are in CAD.[ x ] I only accept CAD currency. [ x ] First come, first served  [ x ] If you're not interested in your item anymore, tell me. [ x ] Post you order form/questions here [ x ] Do not backout after confirmation. [ x ] Confirmation = exchange of addresses [ x ] I'm NOT RESPONSIBLE for DAMAGED/LOST ITEMS/PAYMENTS(CC). [ x ] No exchanges, no refunds. [ x ] I DO NOT TRADE, i will ignore your post if you're asking for trade. [ x ] Check your status below this post.[ x ] I ship out items 24 hours after payment received. [ x ] Paypal+fees (pay through your pp balance = no fees) [ x ] Well concealed cash (at your own risk!) *no ripped bills* [ x ] I must receive your payment within 3 days after confirmation and 1-3 weeks for concealed cash.[ x ] I can facetrade in Montreal only. SOOMPI Username:<br /> Name: <br /> Location/Zip Code: <br /> Payment Method:<br /> Items:<br /> Total:<br /> Questions/comments: