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    One thing that I wish future parents know before having kids: Love them, educate them, otherwise don't have kids. Too many people have kids and can't even take care of them properly. 
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    Sony cybershot HX300 vs Canon vs Nikon (Point and shoot)
    I am currently looking for a new camera. I want something that's good in low light conditions as well as good photo quality. My budget is something below 500$ preferably. I don't want to spend my money on a DSLR. Bestbuy is having a big sale on cameras so I'm looking forward to find something. I read many reviews on sony cybershot HX300 and the reviews are really mixed but when I look at the photos on flickr, the quality seems good. I also love Sony a5000. I really want it but apparently, it is not good under low light situations. So can anyone help me find a good camera? 
    Should I save up and wait to get a mirroless camera ? I honestly want a camera that can take good pictures in a low light condition + good quality image. The zoom is probably the next thing that I am looking for but if i can find something that can take pictures properly in the dark (concerts), it's all good.
    Here's a link to bestbuy's cameras section:;Cameras %26Camcorders;Digital Cameras;im;c1;r1;en
    Thanks for helping.
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  3. Toadie added a post in a topic [Anime/Manga] Tokyo Ghoul   

    There will be a season 3? I've been following/reading the manga. It's so much better.
    My favorite character is kaneki and I'm loving him more on TOKYO GHOUL:RE. 
    Not a lot of people like Tokyo Ghoul apparently......well, it is popular but not as much as Attack on Titan and what not. The plot twist is better shown or presented in the manga in my opinion.
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